Do Arsenal still lack leadership?

Arsenal entailed a terrible defeat to Liverpool in their opening fixture of the new Premier League season and one of the biggest debates surrounding the result, was Arsenal’s distinctive lack of leadership. After the match both Arsene Wenger and the players met their critics, with pundit Gary Neville making a major point about Arsenal’s lack of command.

Do Arsenal lack the necessary leadership to challenge for the Premier League? Quite simply, YES!

Arsenal lack the necessary leadership in two areas, firstly the players. The majority of the players are no longer Young Guns, who are yet to have a run in the Premier League, Wenger can no longer play the youth card. They are mostly experienced players, who know what it takes in this division, but don’t know of what it feels like to win this division. Only Cech and Welbeck are Premier League winners in our squad, having both achieved success at Chelsea and United. The likes of Ozil and Alexis may be winners elsewhere in Europe, but in England all they have to show is a couple of FA Cups, which is not the type of experience of ‘winning’ this team desperately needs to take us to the next level. The few winners we do have in this squad is not enough to pull the team through and although they may be experienced, they may not have the commanding approach needed to push the team forward.

Our players also seem to lack vocal command, firstly in themselves not communicating and leading forward with passion, secondly because of the lack of inspiration coming from Arsene Wenger. Wenger no longer fills players with confidence and although they may back the manager, he is not seen to be motivational, inspiration or vocal on the touch line. Wenger is instead seen to be sulking, head in his hands, with not a clue what to direct tactically.

Arsenal came close to turning things around again against Liverpool, but failed in being their most effective largely due to a lack of tactical direction. Arsenal certainly do lack leadership and I feel we haven’t had a true leader in our team since the days of Adams, Campbell and Vieira. We need a player who is vocal, commanding and is ready to lead the side out in confidence.



  1. Yes and am unable to understand the reason for BFG as our captain.
    For me captain should be in playing XI and who can motivate team.
    Against Liverpool in second half, it seems no one knows what to do. Everyone was looking clueless.
    Remember time of Adams or Vieira or even Fab. They were leading by example.
    Now whether it is Vermaelen, Arteta or BFG, they are mostly on bench and sometime not even on bench then how can they motivate team. They can’t do even in dressing room.

    1. Braking News :the player who supposed to sign for Arsenal and change is mind in last minute was Lukaku, the supposed massive buy that Wenger supposed to go mental was Lukaku, he change is mind, after watching Arsenal getting wiped out on Sunday, he was sitting just beside Kos.

  2. Ashley williams would have been perfect, wenger missed another one.

    Ok age against, but he is only around the same age as Adams, Bould, keown, dijon, winterburn were. When wenger took over.

    1. Xhaka is a natural leader. He was captain at Monchengladbach and has been captain for Switzerland, all by the age of 23.

      I’d like to believe that he will seize that leadership role at Arsenal, and after this year he will be our captain for seasons to come.

      But I guess that depends on Wenger actually starting him in some matches first.

  3. If Arsenal let Mustafi slip through and then go and get either one of Toprak and Kjaer, then expect to keep getting humiliated every now and then. These players also play in teams which get trounced by the bigger clubs in Europe.

  4. Leadership starts from the bench and there is nobody “waving”.
    Wenger is not a leader and never was.
    He came at a time where changes where necessary.
    He made those changes, but has not evolve as a manager because he never was one or could not get himself to the level required…!!

    As far as the pitch is concerned, we don’t have a leader because the manager decided players with personality would undermine and expose his managerial weaknesses (which are clear for everyone to see).

    Even his “puppy” number 2, Steve Bould is clearly a weak individual who could not make his wishes transcend the small bench he puts his arse on.

    1. Leadership? ? ⬇

      Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted that the Gunners may be without key names going into their clash with Leicester City this weekend.

      The north London club are already without Per Mertesacker, Gabriel, Danny Welbeck, Iwobi and Aaron Ramsey due to injury.

      However, the Gunners may also be withoutMesut Ozil, Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud.

      Wenger was quoted on the official Arsenal website as saying: “We will try, but when they have not enough preparation they get injured,”when asked whether the trio will feature on Saturday.

      1. You really couldn’t make it up could you! Absolutely ridiculous state of affairs.

        What on earth is going on at our beloved club?

  5. I just signed up for this site although I’ve been a guest for quite some time. I must say that this is a very bad time to be an arsenal fan. Wengers’ decision to name a captain who will play no part in the team this year, play part-time at best towards the end of the season, and who will probably be gone at the end of the season imo is extremely questionable. As are most of his other decisions!

  6. “in England all they have to show is a couple of FA Cups, which is not the type of experience of ‘winning’ this team desperately needs to take us to the next level”

    I have to disagree with ADMIN’s above statement.

    I remember the likes of Ray Parlour, Thierry Henry and Nigel Winterburn all being interviewed about Arsenal’s need to win a trophy, any trophy after going so long without one.

    They all agreed that just winning even the League Cup generates confidence and spurs (sorry for swearing) you on to greater success.

    The trouble is no one told our current players or manager that winning two FA Cups on the bounce was meant to land us the title last season!!

      1. Was going to say that he has a Portuguese agent who has links with Maureen who are also in for him apparently……so we can safely say we won’t be getting him.

        Rumours are that Steve Bould might stop being a yes man and come out of retirement to play CB again and he will have a word with his old mate big Tony to partner up again. Those two got to be a better alternative to our current options surely….

  7. Wenger did not miss Ashley Williams, he bought Holding because he is cheaper and another “yes boss” type of player… We got Chambers for £16millions, and he talks about knowing the market, he could not find his way in or out even if he had a gun to his head and a flash light stuck to his balls. He knows he has been ripped off (and paid over the odds) so many times. His sale speech has become embarrassing and insignificant…

    Mustafi is valued at around €32millions (France Football) by Valencia, but still Arsenal, well, Arsene Wenger decided to offer €10millions less…!!! He does not even know if the player wants to come to us (most of them don’t) before messing with the price tag…!!!

    In order to be competitive and really challenge for major trophies we need to spend between £70 and £100 millions in those last 2 weeks and change the fitness and medical staff… No way it will happen!

    We have apparently sold close to 75,000 tickets for the next pre season tour… If there was a trophy for that we would be number one every season…! I just hope Wenger won’t be the manager doing it.

    I won’t hold my breath because I know he will sign for those 2 more years. Why because this is Arsene Football club and he can do whatever he wants.

  8. Does the author really need to ask that question ?

    We lacked leadership last year and We’ve only signed a young kid who got relegated from the championship with Bolton last year ….

    An extra from from pearl harbour in takuma Asano …

    And another ball playing midfielder who sat on the bench the weekend !

    Yes … We lack leadership !!!

  9. Clubs no Wenger is desperate so will inflate transfer fees
    Wenger’s fault for waiting until the end

    United got Mktiharyan for £26 mil
    Maybe if Wenger had actually phoned Vardy he would have joined us. Wenger didn’t even contact him. Manager is supposed to call the player to entice him to join
    Lots of solid experienced Defenders out there too. We should have got one or two early on

  10. Mustafi is training alone
    I think he is happy to join us
    The only thing stopping him from joining us would probably be Wenger negotiating the fee
    Wenger probably has offered half the valuation lol

    Wenger reminds me of my mum. When my mum starts haggling she always starts way too low

    1. Can’t see grandpa tight fist AW paying 30 million for him though. Wish he would but we know the tight old miser won’t 🙁

      Sad sad times indeed……

  11. Do we lack leaders?
    Lets see
    In the past 2 years 4 of our players have won international tournaments with their teams.
    How wonderful was ramsey for wales?
    Koscienly was a beast until the final.
    Chambers helped the england youngsters to thier first toulon tournament in 21 years.
    xhaxa was one of euro 2016 best performers.
    What we really lack is motivation and good management of our players.
    There is only a reason why cech and ozil were not the players they once were when they arrived to arsenal.
    We constantly switch off during matches allowing our opponents to take advantage.
    Its what we promote from within that really reveals itself.
    We cannot keep on giving reasons

  12. the saying says that charity begins at home! a leader is mr. stubborn a leader? one who only gets up from his chair is to argument with the fourth official, is that a leader? a really moaning manager. he should stay by the touch line encouraging the players and motivating them. – goner for ever

  13. A captain is supposed to lead by example! ??
    And to be fair, most of the player’s have been ‘Following his lead’ with either No contribution or by getting injured themselves! ? ?

    Obviously, the whole setup from top to bottom, is shambolic!

    1. Yeah, I mean Mertesacker isn’t really captain material. After all he’s the one who DUCK on the wall against United..

      Xhaka could be the captain. Hard to tell since HE’S ON THE BENCH. I would even go far as giving vice captaincy to Bellerin. He probably is our most consistent performer and rarely misses a game.

      Captain we should’ve had:
      Vice captains: Xhaka, Bellerin, Sanchez

      1. My guess is that Wenger has finally gotten on to the armband jinx! ? Hence Mertesacker, who was already out injured.

  14. From the management to the players. They lack leadership. Did someone just mentioned Peter Chec? Did you watch the last game? You’re kidding me right?

  15. We also lack a top striker like Lewandoski. Wenger should offer 65m pounds with a 200k per week wage for Lewandoski. Phone Lewi and try and convince him to come over. Ozil will get more assist and Lewandoski will get 30 league goals.

    Coq. Xhaka

    Sanchez Ozil Walcott

    Giroud as back up.

    Can we afford to pay 65m pounds on a player? Yes. With the huge money that is the EPL this season and paying the highest ticket in Europe.

    Will Lewandoski improve the squad? Yes. That is not rocket science.

  16. How do I change my avatar…..I don’t even wear glasses in real life and I am not star shaped….

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