Do Arsenal still need Thomas Partey now?

So now Ceballos is back in our ranks for at least one more season, does that altogether put rumours to bed about Thomas Partey joining us?

With Ozil back in training, Ceballos joining on loan and Elneny back from his season long loan, where he could stay, and with the added midfielders we already have at our club, do we really need to add another one?

Partey is experienced and has over 150 appearances for Atletico Madrid and at the age of 27 he would be a very good player to add to our already talented ranks, having won the Europa league with Atletico in 2017-18 he also has experience in that competition and could help us add that title to our trophy cabinet.

But that seems more like rumours right now rather than a set transfer that would happen. Although it would be nice to add Partey, I canโ€™t help but think that the players we have in our team should be given a chance under Arteta for a full season and then be judged after that.

Given how having Arteta in charge for no longer than 9 months gave us two trophies and seemed to have sorted out the defence at times, then surely the players will perform even better with a full season of Arteta at the helm.

As Chelsea and other teams are splashing the cash on top quality players, Arsenal has a team that have been together through ups and downs, know each other well and finishing in the lowest position in a long time in the league, yet ending with 2 trophies shows that really, team spirit, togetherness and bonds are sometimes the best thing a team can have rather than just โ€˜namesโ€™.


Shenel Osman


  1. Partey is on another level. The return of those other players makes no difference if you want to improve your overall level.

  2. Partey is absolute must . We would be foolish to miss him. Do you watch him in matches? Look at his long and short range passing and ability to win balls in the middle of the field. He can make Xhaka look ordinary . He has excellent pace, the biggest problem with arsenal is when they loose the ball in the midfield, they would not try to tackle till the opposition reaches our box. The only one who always tries and fails miserably is Xhaka and we get frustrated of Xhaka many just because of this one single reason

    1. Partey is not a must. And xhaka is ordinary (at best). The Partey hype train needs to stop in my opinion. We do need a player with his attributes and ability and we also need a creative midfielder. These are our needs. Just for the record, Partey has 285 professional appearances (without serious injuries at atletico) at the age of 27, which are very few for a player his age and he is supposed to be our savior. Let me just point out that he has only featured regularly (and not always as a starter) in the last 3 years. To strengthen my argument, his teammate Saul, who is 2 years younger than him and also from atletico academy has 403 appearances. So just jump off the hype train and please understand that while he is without a doubt a good player and better than what we currently have, he is by no means an established top level player. I would love to have him at Arsenal, but I would rather spend the most of what is left/will be gained from sales to get a creative midfielder and then if possible, to focus on Partey or preferably a player with his attributes but slightly younger, in order to be in the same age group as the core we are building. Apologies for the lengthy post.

  3. Have you watched Arsenal over
    the last decade? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

    The Ceballos/Xhaka pairing IMHO
    performed above expectations
    after the restart but there is still
    a GLARING lack of steel and
    athleticism in the middle of the
    pitch. Willock, El Neny, Torreria
    and the beforementioned duo
    arent the answers.

    Partey or Soumare if Arsenal have
    any realistic ambition to make top
    four this season

  4. ???????????
    Do you want to go FURTHER down. We need Partey and Houssem Aouar of Lyon. This article is delusional. The present team will finish no higher than last seasons team. We need TOP players. 1 + 1 = 2. This is about fact not fantasy.

  5. Do I need to remind you what happened after that FA cup win under Wenger? Downhill from there.. Dont get fooled by the two trophies we just won! We need multi reinforcements in midfield and Partey is a must!

  6. We won the cups not because we had a good mid, we suffered because of lack of quality. We need players who can dominate, if they in the process influence our young ones to raise their game, we be winners..

  7. Thomas Party at ยฃ45m.
    Guess we have to pay next installment on Pepe and have just signed Gabriel so funds are limited.
    Selling Torerria and Bellerin and others would help, but what the board need to assess, would the addition of Partey help us reach top 4.
    If yes then money would’ve been recouped by start of next season with CL payments.
    No brainer tbh

  8. Shenel Osman, with a question like that, you should become a comedian. I can’t stop laughing after reading this analysis. ๐Ÿ˜…
    Every team both above and below are strengthening. Winning a knock out competition like the FA Cup, although highly commendable, is not like showing the consistency to finish high up in the League table. The League table doesn’t lie and Arsenal finished eighth last season. Arsenal’s midfield continued to be bullied by teams in lower positions of the table, with even Brighton and Hove Albion doing the double over the Club. Without a proven (not just “name”) strong physical commanding midfielder, like Thomas Partey, this will continue.
    By the way it should be remembered that both Portsmouth and Wigan were relegated after winning the FA Cup (that’s not inferring that this is likely with Arsenal!)

  9. Addition of Thomas Partey, who add the hardest and cover in the midfield which always penetrated, when see Dani is more of attacking while Eleny shines once and take time again to gain. And even if they could Asour from lyon would even make it to perfection, and there you sell Eleny and Ozil.

    1. Some Article this is Sue. I wonder where the thought that we don’t need Partey came from. The writer has been having tempting, deceiving thoughts that are contrary to reality. Lol. We need Partey ASAP. Can’t even be over-emphasised.

      1. I thought we’d see something like this after Elneny had a couple of good games!! No, he won’t suffice, we have to go all out (or at least to Madrid ๐Ÿ˜†) and get that beast!!

        Not ideal, Kstix.. I think we got the toughest draw!!

  10. OT. The carabao cup draw – 2nd and 3rd round – will take place today, after the Brentford/Wycombe game…

      1. Kstix, Arsenal can’t always avoid these Premier League teams in the early rounds. As they say “the luck of the draw”.

  11. I laughed when I read this post, if it was to be me, I would say we need both Partey, Soumare and Aoura in other to add steel and creativity in the middle and to be scoring goals for fun without conceding much goals…. While our opponents are adding to their already strong team, we should not be slacked and weak with the transfer window…..

    1. according to my counting Partey,soumare and Aoura equals 3 which is more than both which equals 2(both).

  12. Ceballos if your aim is mid table survival.
    Partey if your aim is CL qualification.
    Only con on Partey is that he is 27 yr old.
    Another quibble is that after dismantling the scouting network, it seems that there must be players who are of the quality that we need that do not cost the amounts of Partey and Aouer. What about a question of Ceballos or Reine Adelaide or even Nkunku with whom we were very strongly linked last summer.

  13. Yes, if not Willian misunderstood Arteta. The latter didn’t mean Champions League in three years. He ment Championship… If so, it’s okay with second rate misfits. Lost in translation.

  14. Totally agree with your assessment, we are finally playing as a team which as made a tremendous difference. Only got to look at Sheffield, Wolves and Leicester to see what you can do with originally players when they play as a team

    1. With all respect, if it’s Sheffield, Wolverhampton and Leicester we should compare Asn’l with, then we can sit on our a-s and be quite satisfied with the situation. But I want the club to be able to go for the title, and in that case it takes top class players (added to the team spirit).

  15. This article actually sounds like something Arsene Wenger himself would write.๐Ÿ˜‚

    We need serious reinforcement in the middle. That much is as clear as day.

  16. Quite the most unambiguous post Iโ€™ve ever seen. Ozil is not to be trusted and Elneny is not good enough. We must look for Partey and arguably another midfielder as well

  17. Of course we need a player of Partey’s quality, it’s a no brainer for me.

    Also, the Cellabos question doesn’t come in to the equation as stated in the article.

    He has only signed for another season, while we should get Partey on a long term contract, if we do actually sign him of course.

  18. With the level of Artetaโ€™s coordinations and Eduโ€™s, itโ€™s obvious that Arsenal would buy atleast one good midfielder this season,

    I believe Torreira, Elneny and Socratis would leave this week.

  19. The aim this season is top 4, the current midfield cannot deliver that. We need a combative midfielder – this could be Partey but Soumare is not to far off and his profile fits the youth project of Arteta better AND a creative goalscoring midfielder – as much a I love Aouar, I have question mark about his goal scoring abilities however if all midfielders contribute their quota to goalscoring, he seems like a perfect signing for the youthful project of Arteta.
    The only problem I have is the low ball offers we are getting for our players e.g. Chelsea’s Bakayoko is commanding a fee in excess of ยฃ30m yet we are struggling to get ยฃ25m for Torriera – whoever handles player sales/ purchase need to do better!

  20. Arsenal needs partey now even more… Considering how stronger teams in the EPL are, having TP is an absolute must..

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