Do Arsenal still need to find a top class centre-back this summer?

As per Jamie Carragher, on Sky Sports, Arsenal still needs a title-winning defender. The Liverpool legend believes that Arteta’s project may need another top defender to join for it to be able to sustain a title charge.

“When you think of title winners, you go through players in my position: Vincent Kompany, Virgil van Dijk, Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Jaap Stam, and John Terry. When I look at Arsenal’s centre-backs, I don’t think they’ve quite got one of those yet”

A Gooner listening to Carragher may argue Saliba is as good as these defenders he’s mentioned. However, Carragher claims Saliba is great but has yet to reach the levels the top defenders he has mentioned are playing at. “When I look at Arsenal’s centre-backs, I don’t think they’ve quite got one of those yet, even though Saliba may become that.”

Notably, the former England international and Sky Sports pundit argues that it is not fair to claim Arsenal’s defence is rock-solid with a fit Saliba, as many think it is. He indicated on Monday night football with the slide below, that, whether with Saliba or not, Arsenal have leaked goals, saying: “It tells you that, after the World Cup, they were looking completely different defensively.

“They were still getting the results, but they were conceding goals.

“Then, without Saliba, they drop even further. Yes, that’s where they have lost it, and with Saliba, they were still top of the league, but this idea that they weren’t conceding goals or looking vulnerable with Saliba at centre-back is a myth.”

As they wait for the Frenchman to reach his peak, they should find another top centre-back to partner him, as Gabriel isn’t his best partner. Why so? Carragher argues Gabriel may never get better than he is saying: “I think he’s got the potential to be a Virgil van Dijk, a Vincent Kompany, or a Rio Ferdinand, that sort of figure at center-back… I’m not quite sure Gabriel has.”

Do you think Arteta needs to splash millions for a top defender like Leipzig’s Jasko Gviordal or Napoli’s Kim Min Jae?

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  1. Yes arsenal not only need additional central defender but also one. with confidence -Gabriel, Saliba , White + a good defender that can combine well . Arsenal. also need. another striker. can. can. combine well with Jesus to deliver goals

    1. Arteta recruitments other than proven players have been mostly average like kiwor, lokonga, Taraves, viera, marqhuinos etc. Selling Jesus and zichenko by mancity didn’t hamper their league position and they are in course to win champions league, so mancity profited mich from those deals. So it’s lesson that we are not good at scouting so better buy proven ones wisely.

  2. Yes arsenal not only need additional central defender but also one. with confidence -Gabriel, Saliba , White + a good defender that can combine well . Arsenal. also need. another striker. can. can. combine well with Jesus to deliver goals . This. is. additional information

  3. I hope a natural right back features on Artetas shopping list which would free up Ben White to compete with Saliba at right CB where he came to prominence, or indeed team up with Saliba in central defence.As I have said on numerous occasions there is absolutely no reason why a left footed centre back is an essential as virtually all the great partnerships of the past have consisted of right footers.Arteta obviously does not share my views in that he has acquired 2 lefties in Gabriel and Kiwior neither of whom are entirely convincing imo.As it is, I suspect the admirable Holding will be moved on and I assume a right footed upgrade will be brought in.Where this leaves Tomi, is open to doubt as he is a very decent defender when fully match fit.A very interesting summer transfer window ahead ,and one in which I trust we will bring in 2 quality midfielders with pace ,physicality, and energy.

  4. If Haaland could dominate De Ligt and Upamecano easily, let alone Gvardiol and Kim Min-jae

    I think Arsenal will look for a new CB, because Saliba/ Holding/ Trusty may leave and Kiwior was shocking in a crucial match

  5. Its a 50/50 percent chance Saliba will sign a new deal and even without the uncertainty surrounding the kid Arsenal needs a commanding center back with arial prowess like Tapsoba.

    Just a few days ago I was force to defend Gabriel Magalhaes after Kiwior had a couple good games.

  6. Would be better to find a top-class keeper first before looking for another centre back.

    At a minimum, we need a competent back up keeper to seriously challenge Ramsdale for the number 1 spot. He has become too complacent and comfortable. He needs to be challenged.

    1. That’s suggesting that Ramsdale doesn’t even try. He’s an international trying to make himself England’s No 1. TBH I think it’s too easy to say stuff like this to explain one or two goalkeeper errors, and if there’s an obvious weakness it’s in his long-distance shot-stopping, which should be able to be coached out.

      1. Not saying he doesn’t try. We need to fair and frank in our assessment of all the players. It’s not just one or two errors. There is a consistent pattern of careless goalkeeping errors especially in the second half of the season. On Sunday alone against Brighton he made three howlers.

  7. Depends if Saliba leaves.
    Not been to encouraged by Gabriel this back end of the season either .

  8. Not sure a CB is desperately needed (unless saliba leaves). I’ve often thought Gabriel’s shortcomings have been over exaggerated and his qualities understated by many.
    Bar his big error recently, I’ve also been very impressed with kiwior and think he’s not dissimilar to saliba actually. I don’t suppose the right CB role is natural for for him, but he’s played very well regardless.
    Also agree with those saying a RB signing could free up white, and Tomi can play CB for sure, if we can just get him fit.
    I’d say we have other transfer priorities than CB this summer, unless saliba decides he wants to move on. If we can’t get him to sign a contract, *then* I think a major signing will be necessary.

  9. Here is what we will need going into the Champions League. RB, CB, DM, versatile Winger and Striker.

  10. fortunately we all know JC talks rubbish at times.
    you cant legislate for injuries
    when pool lost Virgil van Dijk the team fell apart and i did not hear him shout pool need a top CB to come in…no
    again we had tommy out and if he was in then i am sure White would have moved inwards
    up until we lost the pair of them we had cover and we were strong and conceded little
    in an ideal world we would have 2 if not 3 world class players to cover every position ..
    oops … thats man city isnt it and we all know 1001 charges lobbed against them for unfair financial play gets you 3 world class players in each position
    no bitterness here and fair play to them as they are a class above all of us at the moment in terms of playing sysle and winning titles but we are not backed by a super rich country and we have to cut our cloth

      1. Jack grelish
        Or natural lb and Rb apart from walker who is also partly a Cb, swap gadiola and Arteta, I bet u the title will be coming to the emirates

  11. Let’s hope Edu just recieved his wake up call. He needs to bring in more than a class centre back. Based on Arsenal’s UEFA ranking, Arsenal are likely to be in POT THREE in the seeding system for the Champions League draw. That could spell disaster for Arsenal if they fail the group stages of the competition. We’ll be back in the Europa League before we can finish singing the Champions League anthem. Arsenal will be in POT THREE seeding system because they have not been in the Champions League for 6 years

  12. In my opinion we only need a CB if Saliba leaves, which I firmly believe will not happen. I do not agree with the criticism of Kiwior at all.

    1. Not sure about Kiwior going down for the first goal on Sunday
      Hopefully a one off
      Even you have o e leg
      Priority would be clear the ball and then go down
      Hey ho
      In the last now

      1. Really? Many here who have commented on Kwikiors role in the 1st goal likely have only played on their PS4… his heel was trod on…with the boots these days like a 2nd skin only a heavy step would have taken it off.
        Should have been a foul, a defender does that and its a penalty.. the reverse and its play Thats why EPL refs are substandard BUT the ones manning VAR should be sent to siberia, how many pts have they lost us?
        Kwikior is leagues better than Holding and that 50 mil mistake White should be sold. No positional sense, slow and whats with the throw ins??

  13. He was stamped on and lost his boot and I don’t believe he went down voluntarily. Very difficult to clear a ball when you’ve been put on the deck. You could be right of course but it certainly wasn’t his fault we lost 3 nil and he was fairly faultless in his two previous games.

    1. TBF I thought by the letter of the law he was in fact impeded ,unintentionally yes but still impeded ,he could t jump as he was trod on ,obviously he made the mistake of not getting up after which maybe cost us .
      VAR looked at it and again it’s up to interpretation from whoever was in charge.

  14. I think the recent news about Xhaka leaving could’ve affected the team on Sunday, he’s obviously a big personality, and the team would’ve been stunned at losing him. I saw that City faltered after they’d been hit with the premier league investigation. Bad news does hit a team and shakes the positive feelings

  15. I think Gabriel is a decent defender, just not a great one. Strong, but loses his head at crucial moments sometimes. Also looks a bit shaky on the ball at times. Unlike Saliba, I don’t think he has great potential.

    If we can sell him I think we should upgrade. Pau Torres, Gvardiol, Bastoni, Colwill (for the future) are some of the names I think are an upgrade on Gabriel.

    I would also add a right sided CB to cover for Saliba. One who you would trust as a starter, and then rotate some more so we don’t overplay our CB’s. Guehi would be a huge upgrade on Holding. Still young and also homegrown. Scalvini, Kim, Timber, Antonio Silva our some of the other options

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