Do Arsenal still need two more strikers for next season? If so, who?

This season, Arsenal began the campaign with four strikers, namely Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nketiah and the youngster Folarin Balogun. But without any European football and an early exit from the FA cup, we only had Lacazette and Nketiah after January.

We all expected Laca and Nketiah to be leaving this summer, but Arteta surprised us all by persuading the English U21 international to sign a contract extension.

So we now have one striker, and maybe we are expecting Balogun to return to the squad, but there is still need of at least one more striker. Currently we all are hoping that Gabriel Jesus will our main frontman next season, but will we still need one more striker to get through all the Europa League games on top of our domestic schedule?

The Arsenal expert Charles Watts certainly thinks we are in the market for more than one. Speaking on his YouTube channel he said: “I still think there is a very good chance Arsenal go out and sign two forwards because there is going to be lots of demands on the squad, certainly a lot more demands that were on the squad this season because of those extra games in the Europa League and things like that, so I still think there is a very good chance they’ll go out and sign two.”

So if we get Gabriel Jesus as competition for Nketiah, surely any new man would have to be prepared to fight for his place in the team, so who do you think could be our next striker target?

I personally think we should go for Cody Gakpo, who can play on the wing as well up front, but would he be willing to come as a third choice striker?

Who do you think Arteta should target next?


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  1. To my mind it is vital that we have more than Nketiah and Jesus, even making the far too soon assumption that either or both will behere, which as yet we should NOT!
    I do not agree with the article saying Jesus should be our main front man either I far prefer a more specialist striker and one who has heading ability.

    To be clear I want and RATE JESUS, but unless we get a striker who is good in the air too, meaninh he has height and strength, then we are wasting our high crosses.

    I discount the not ready BALOGUN as not being much practical use in important comps. As a fill in for Carabao, then yes perhaps.

    And please MA, do NOT make it either of the Everton boys, as neither are remotely good enough for what we are striving to become.
    I am not the best judge of who we can afford, which is why I WILL NOT STATE WHO WE SHOULD GET.


    1. I would prefer either of the everton boys over jesus. Jesus is basically a brazillian combination of nketiah and lacazette. In a man city side, with so much quality and many chances created, he sometimes struggles to find the net, going missing for large parts of the season. We need a fighter type of player like 1 of the everton boys, as no elite striker is going to join us this season.

  2. I think we might only see one forward come in now seeing Eddie as signed a new contract 100k a week (lol) .
    Personally preference would be Bowen from West Ham who can play anywhere accoss the front 3 but I cannot see him leaving westham for anything less than 80million and not even sure he’s for sale ,and OFC we have showed no interest .
    I would have gone for oshimen for obvious reasons but seeing how awful our end of season was would he entertain the idea of dropping down and playing in the EL and the negative tactics from our manager .
    My guess ,going by the betting market is Jesus or DCL ,unfortunately we are not going to be shopping in Harrods anything soon .

    1. The problem we have is that , despite all the good analysis and suggestions people may bring inn , at the end of it all we will not even get one quality striker . I hope this time around it will be not the case . Personally I think if we are going for a participation in EPL we are okay with the material we have but if we’re competing , we need two more world class strikers .

    2. agred DK, as I posted earlier,

      you simply can’t sign Jesus on the heels of re-upping Eddie, as we can’t rely on such a diminutive pair of Strikers up top…I would suggest, based on the overpayment to Eddie that a rather underwhelming option, like Morata, is a far more likely get for this novice lot

  3. Probably yes. Unfortunately I’m not sure any striker is going to thrive in Arteta’s “style” or “system.” He couldn’t get anything last season out of the combined talents of Auba Laca and Pepe so what makes us think he’s going to make the most of whatever attackers we bring in next? He can’t even figure out a way to get our best attackers (Saka ESR Ode Martinelli) onto the field at the same time. Oh and if anyone knows what Arteta’s “system” or “style” is and why it might conceivably succeed, can you please clarify? Nothing obvious is discernible to me other than play out from the back (even when it’s not working and created dangerous opportunities for opponents), pass endlessly side to side around the opposition box (even when nothing is opening up), and occasionally try a quick counter (that more often than not is botched). If we didn’t have some truly talented and creative individual players like Saka ESR and Ode this “system” would have been even more toothless in producing far too few goals.

    1. When you have a slow midfielder operating as your box to box then it also contributes to what you’re saying. Its annoying that Partey is playing as a DM and people aren’t talking about it like its sustainable. Odegaard or Smith-Rowe should always be played as attacking midfielders and not wingers or CM’s. Also Gabriel is overrated btw.

      1. Not so long ago,I posted that we should get a proper DM but was told that we had Partey.

  4. Two strikers is of utmost importance to us right now one of which must be at least 6ft tall and physically very strong to withstand rough and rugged villanry of EPL defenders. That last Newcastle game was lost because they were very very physical and manhandled our front three .

    1. We couldn’t even get the ball to the front three, struggled to pass out from defence. I think that was more the case of us freezing under the pressure and Newcastle being up for it

  5. Most likely we need another 2 forwards:

    One striker to compete with Nketiah

    One wingers to replace Pepe should he leave in the summer

  6. Obvious question do you just need strikers or do you really need a centre forward ? All centre forwards are strikers but these days not many strikers are centre forwards.

  7. Strongly agree with Jon.

    If we should sign Jesus, it must not stop there, the need will be still there for that all out and out no 9, a more complete player in the Victor Osimhen mould.

    Wouldn’t be a terrible idea if we should avoid Jesus and bring in that all round attack dog, financially speaking.

  8. What a complete waste of money that will be moreso when Nketiah is about to sign a new contract. They should also consider very critically the kind of striker to sign because if they get it wrong he will struggle to score goals.

  9. we definately need 2 forwards, we are very thin on real forwards/strikers. also, while we are signing up these two mythical beasts can we make sure that one of them is an absolute dead ball specialist please. it is laughable to see the queue to take free kicks when we do eventually get one, but none of them are absolute masters, badly needed for the past few seasons.

  10. As an arsenal fan, there are things I never learn from my mistakes every year during the transfer periord that is soon here

    1) After the end of the season, I would like to see already after the first week 2-3 world class play on the important positions that were missing (goal scorer this season) and continuously during the summer recruit good back-up in positions where players are often physically worn out. NEVER HAPPENED
    2) Premier league is a tough league. Many clubs have many players who are physically strong, ball wizards, have full control over the entire pitch through the entire 90+ minutes … “please bring experienced players from the league (not like Ben)” … NEVER HAPPENED
    3) For three months I will wait with hope that one of the gossip media is right about one or two good signings, but I’m almost certain I will realize at the end of the window that Arsenal will recruit 2-3 mediocre players, upgraded 2- 3 from the academy and keep Elnany, Xhaka, Laca, Leno, Holding ….. It will be “the same procudre as bringing the year james”. ALWAYS HAPPEN

  11. I’m convinced we will sign two striker/forwards who are both better than, Eddie. Need a big guy and someone who can create goals for themselves otherwise we are going to struggle and I can’t go through another season giving the management the benefit of the doubt…..

    Good luck to Liverpool tonight, I will always support British clubs in Europe…..

  12. I think the rumour is making he rounds in the media that Arsenal will for their next summer campaign promote 3 of their U23 players in: Omari Hutchinson, Charles Partino and Miguel Azeez to their first team squad.
    On new the marquee centreforward signings this summer by Arsenal. Now that they’ve succeeded to keep Nkethia at the club. And who Arteta wanted to keep in his team and has now kept him. For, he did not hid his intention on this but made it a publicly knowledge.
    But I think it’s time us Gooners should start showing our respects to Arteta and his decision made to keep Nkethia. And hope for the best to happen to Arsenal in all competitions next season. After they’ve kept him and hopefully see him playing a big part in Arsenal campaigns when they charge to win titles next season.
    But in addition to Arsenal tying down Nkethia to a new lucrative long contract. Which new 2 forwards do us think and believe that Arsenal should sign this summer?
    On my own part. I will suggest to Arsenal to goall out for the signings of one experience top quality top League regular goals scorer in Robert Lewansownski. And a new youth marquee top League regular goals scorer. Lewansownski who is currently playing for Bayern Munchen looks like a must sign by Arsenal this summer. But if Bayern agree to sell him to Arsenal this summer instead of them to sell him to Barcelona as been rumoured. And more importantly if the generalisimo top League regular goals scorer Lewansownski agrees to join Arsenal this summer.
    This Lewansownski who is reputed for his being a regular top League goals scorer for seasons but who may be advanced in age. But would he not still have his top League regular goals scoring boots to put them on to start scoring goals regularly on the EPL for the Gunners next season if Arsenal sign him this summer? Just like CR7 is still having putting them on and scoring regularly for Man Utd last seasoni. I would think so.
    And for the ypith striker’s signing by Arsenal tho summer. So that Arteta will have 3 top quality strikers at his disposal to use for Arsenal next summer campaign.
    It has been said in some Gooners’ quarters that Arsenal are being linked with the signing of one of Gabriel Jesus and Osimhen.
    But who do us think is the better of the duo forwards and will be better suited to Arsenal style and system of playing the game? The 13 goals scorer in the EPL for Man City last season Gabriel Jesus is said to be a dumuniyive forward. As against Osimhen who is reported to be taller. But how many League goals did Osimhen score for his club last season I really don’t know.
    But at any rate, if Arsenal do the Lewansownski signing this summer or not. I will advice Arteta and Edu to put all options on the table as they concerned Osimhen and G Jesus and consider them thoroughly before deciding to choose from Osimhen and G Jesus to sign for Arsenal this summer. So that they don’t make any mistakes in their choosing to sign one of the pair.
    Or can Arsenal afford the cost to sign both Osimhen and G Jesus this summer? But drop my suggested to sign to them Lewansownski’s this summer? But who if signed could score 20 goals plus in the EPL for Arsenal next swanson.

    1. Not Eddie N, that’s a cert. But this is not totally the strikers fault, our midfield is static and unimaginative. They are not even good defensively, so where’s the improvement?

  13. There will be another striker signing. As for another winger? I don’t really see it. Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Nelson, Hutchinson. Even if Pepe goes I think we will stay with that and may even yet turn Balogun into a wide player as he does look pretty strong coming from the left, as opposed to playing through the middle.

  14. Yeh brilliant Madrid won but Paris be warned plenty of scouse dippers around watch your pockets!!🤣🤣

  15. Just, jealousy isn’t it. Why cheer for a team that is supported by the king and bankrolled by the Bank of Spain? If Liverpool are the only club scamming on the asthma drug front then they are a bunch of cheats but I’d like the see the number of “asthmatics” at other clubs. If they are all doing it then it’s a level playing field.

  16. Jesus is not the best finisher/striker but still I consider him as better from our current strikers. The problem is with our team not only the strikers, most of the time we don’t have a clear formation and we don’t know who will deliver the pass to the strikers?

    In my opinion I think getting Jesus + Richarlison and one more player could change our offensive image in the next season

    1. Don’t understand the obsession of Richarlison by some fans he is very average and definitely not going to take us to the next level also a hot head can’t afford to have him and xhaka on the pitch together we will end a lot of games with 9 men!

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