Do Arsenal want Andre Onana so that they can sell Leno?

We are all waiting impatiently for Arsenal to make their first moves in the transfer market, but there is very little concrete news so far, although there are more than enough rumours!

But perhaps Mikel Arteta is starting at the back, as it has already been reported that Mat Ryan is going to be joining us on a free transfer from Brighton, but if that is true then it looks like the Gunners are trying to sign two keepers this month.

Andre Onana certainly looks like a good deal as his price is much reduced thanks to his current ban for taking Furosemide (which he maintains was a simple mistake on his part), and as he is only 25, I am sure we can happily wait a few months to see him in action.

But the question remains; Do Arsenal need him if we are already bringing Mat Ryan to the club?

I actually think we do, as if you cast your mind back just six weeks ago, Leno said on “I know that I still have two years left on my contract and I’m also 29. For a goalkeeper, that’s not too old. I’ve still got some years to go.

“I’m very happy at the club. I don’t know what will come in the future, but I’m open to everything. Maybe for a new adventure or to stay at Arsenal. Like I said, I don’t think about my future because two years is a long time. At the moment there are no conversations with the club or anything else.”

So, logic is telling me that if we secure both Onana and Ryan this summer, then it must be obvious that Arteta is considering letting Leno go and have “a new adventure” elsewhere.

If Onana’s ban is upheld and he can’t play for us until the end of the year, then we could simply offload Leno in January rather than in this transfer window.

Can you think of any other reason Arsenal would want two new keepers?

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  1. I bet Arsenal realized Leno needs a strong competitor, so they don’t want to miss the opportunity to sign an international tall GK like Onana cheaply. Leno’s ball handling has improved tremendously in our last five EPL games, so I believe he’ll still be our main GK next season

    1. I am sorry but Onama is levels above Leno. Better commander of the box, more accurate passing, more agile and mobile and he’s got a persona, that Leno doesn’t. Leno will always cost Arsenal 4-5 goals every season. That’s why Leverkusen sold him in the first place. He just couldn’t cut mistakes out of his game..

      1. I haven’t seen Onana playing. But hopefully Partey and Aubameyang can make him settled quickly, if he joins

    2. both Onana and Leno will not want to be on the bench….

      so either one will leave eventually

    3. I do not think so because by the look of thinks leno is not going to have a chance over the AJAX GK

  2. I guess Onana’s seen as a long-term replacement as Leno isn’t expected to sign a new deal.

    Imagine singing his name to the tune of ‘What’s My Name?’ by Rihanna 😄

  3. First off, I remain a “Leno” man.

    But for the purposes of this article, did a bit of research on Onana, as I don’t profess to suddenly know too much about this player.

    One aspect I wanted to find appeared , and stuck out like a sore thumb ;

    ” someone who could easily be asked to function as the eleventh outfielder “.

    With Arteta’s insistence on playing out from the back (and this looks set to continue), the above is a prime attribute we will be looking for in any incoming keeper.

    It used to be all about a keeper’s hands – times have changed.

    We await the results re’ the appeal of Onana’s “Aspirin incident”

  4. After Arsenal’s second successive horrendous league season under Arteta the fans are clamoring for a wholesale purge of the ‘deadwood’ and demanding the owner spends 200mill on new talent this despite protesting about money killing the game.
    Leno is one player being touted as not good enough and needing to be replaced.
    How many players will leave how many will come in?
    Luiz is out of contract and the two loanees have gone back to Madrid.
    But every one else about 25 players has a rock solid contract.
    How ten or more players are going to be encouraged to give up their lucrative Arsenal contract wilI be interesting to see.
    One can only assume Arsenal will be buying or subsidizing a la Ozil many of these player’s contracts.
    Out of Europe the first time in 25 years beaten by our former manager who won the trophy and in Spurs shadow five straight.
    Time to bite the bullet.
    Chelsea sacked a club legend.
    They then hired Tuchel and won the worlds greatest club football prize.
    Are we desperate or still in “transition?
    Be patient. Get behind the team.
    Trust the process we are told.
    But what exactly is the process?

    1. “After Arsenal’s second successive horrendous league season under Arteta the fans are clamouring for a wholesale purge of the ‘deadwood’ and demanding the owner spends 200mill on new talent this despite protesting about money killing the game”

      Chelsea’s (notable) INVESTMENT IN THEIR SQUAD POST 2003 ;


      2003 – 111M

      2016 – 116M

      2017 – 185M

      2018 – 118M

      2020 – 128M

      Result (since first outlay listed above) ;

      League Title – 2006, 2010, 2015, 2017.

      Champions League – 2012, 2021.

      Europa League – 2013, 2019.

      F A Cup – 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018.

      Leage Cup – 2005, 2007, 2015.

      Whilst we pride ourselves in using aspiring to use trees for corner flags, but on the back of history want to call ourselves the biggest club in London, we are withering on the vine.

      That good old phrase “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE”.

      Our current squad is at best (long) gone stale, and at worst hasn’t been good enough for many years.


      Taking the moral high ground is one thing, modern day sport is another.

      Are Chelsea going bust ….. no – speculate to accumulate !

      Are we in existence to be winners, are just provide a nice Saturday afternoon at The Emirates ?

      Wisely conducted, we are 4 -5 players away from challenging once again.

      1. I think I read the other day that Chelsea earned 170 million for winning the Champions League.

        More trophies = more prize money = more money to invest in the team.

        How much will Arsenal earn next season?

        1. Spot on Pat – as I say “Speculate to Accumulate”.

          Whilst we work in a sell to buy “self sustaining” morally upright bubble.

          Slight problem with that – most of our “assets” aren’t of much value on the open market.

          Result – process failure !

          1. 👍 👍 👍 AJ and Pat, and this ftom a ub Chelsea that was virtually bankrupt. At the end of the day, unfortunately very few question the source of the original funds on which the success was built.

    2. Remember Arteta bought Leno.and Runnassonn loaned Cellabos another dead squib and you ask us to trust ARTETA

  5. Correct me if am wrong,the last time i watched onana play for cameroon against Nigeria,he looked too short for a goalkeeper to me&some had been complaining of leno&ryan’s heights already

    1. Onana is around 190 cm. 2 centimeters shorter than Martinez and Leno and ie. Buffon.

      7 cm taller than Casillas and 2 cm taller than currently the presumed worlds best GK Jan Oblak.

      Don’t see the fuzz about Onanas height. Matter of fact, taller you get, the slower you get in reaction time and running.

  6. Surely we have more pressing needs than a bloody new keeper ,keeping in mind we had the 3rd best defence in the league ,unless that was all down to Arteta and Leno played no part in that.
    More of our resources should be requiring a new CM CB and LB all other transfers should be a bonus after that .
    Likely hood we see 3 new players in and probably 3 going out with a few more loans going out also going by the law of averages in what we see must summer Windows .

    1. it can never be too much . Onana is 25 so one for the future.chelsea have mendy and kepa but still wants donnarunma

      1. That’s Chelsea though ,we will only have a certain amount to spend so for me other areas have more importance,like I said if after we have cash to spend then fair play go crazy but we all know that won’t happen .

    2. Dan maybe man city and Chelsea has made an official bid to sign Leno since he’s the best in the league. My thoughts though.

      1. Maybe we could get Iwobi back for you buddy seeing you said he was better than Pepe ,my thoughts though

    3. Agreed Dan kit re’ other positions being a priory.

      I’d be happy with a Leno / Ryan combo.

      However, if Leno is off (and it’s a big if) I wonder if one major aspect is down to his lack of ability with his distribution from feet.

      I’m a Leno man, but he is definitely not the best playing out form the deck – which Atreta is intent upon.

      Remember Arteta watched Emerson during his Citeh stint, probably the best passing keeper around.

      It also may be that Leno is playing the “New Challenge” card – personally I hope not.

      1. “Priory” = “Priority”.

        “Form” – “From”

        Note to self – your proof reading is diabolical !

    4. We had the 3rd best defence because our attack was suffocated.

      We need to have the best/near-best defence because of an attack that leaks goals – and that starts with a great goalkeeper, the Ederson kind.

  7. I can only assume that’s the case. Leno’s body language was off during the last few months of the season. He didn’t look particularly happy. Like Xhaka, he may be feeling like switching things up and, like Xhaka, not many fans would be too displeased if it came to pass.

    I know nothing of Onana but hopefully he’ll represent an upgrade.

  8. Everyone’s talking about bissouma for central midfield what’s peoples opinion on going for JWP. The guys fit as a fiddle, proper box to box, heart on his sleeve and obviously his excellent dead ball deliveries.

  9. For me this is good news. I like leno. I think he is really good but has a few flaws. As gooners we need to be opened to upgrading even on quality we already have.

    And at that price even if we just sell him on after its a bargain

    1. Sbg, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is their strategy in buying Onana, given the drug ban impacting his current value.

  10. Leno’s days seem to be numbered, never the level of Lehman or Seamanm more worse than Almunia.Gladly will drive him off to the port, if he needs a cab. Every season the same costly error here and there and than that sorry look on his face!We can use Matt for the next 5 months and Onana in the new year. Great goalie, will have the faihful singing his name when he plays.83 clean sheets for Ajax in 204 games is impressive. Wish this deal goes through.

  11. One of life’s small coincidences.

    Literally seconds after adding my last two-pennth here – this pops up ;

    ” Bernd Leno is keen on seeking a new challenge away from Arsenal, with the club open to offers. Leno wants to play regular European football but is unlikely to push through a move unless a formal offer is received.”

    Accurate or not, who knows – after all it is the silly season right now.

  12. I like Leno but if he is leaving, so be it. He is a good goalkeeper but he does makes costly errors every season. I hope Arsenal signs another top level goalkeeper to help get his head in the game. If Arsenal do sign Onana and Leno stays, that would be great because that level of competition is needed in the team but I truly don’t see Leno staying if Onana signs

  13. I’ve watched onana previously and i can attest to the fact that he’s a world class goalie.
    Shame about his doping ban though, because getting a goalkeeper of his quality should ensue a bidding war.

    The deal as rumored is too good to be true if am honest and if we can get him for as much as 10mil then its a bergain deal.

    And Matt Ryan for free is a no brainer

    Who can humour me with this Raheem Sterling rumour

    1. Sterling is reportedly on £300k per week wages at Manchester City, so no thanks.

  14. We need a goalkeeper who will save us 15 points a season ( seaman Lehman ) not someone who will cost us 12 points a season (Leno )
    Clean sheets = prizes.

  15. Well! Arsenal having looked to have signed or will be signing Mat Ryan on a permanentdeal this summer. But if Onana will constitute an upgrade to Leno, let’s hope us wish to see him transferred to Arsenal this summer window will go through.

    But if Arsenal are actually interested in him to sign him when the summer transfer window is open in 7 days time us will know.

    The majority of Gooners on JA are looking to be sold on Arsenal signing Bissouma this summer. Well, I am not against the Gooners who want Arsenal to sign him. For, I am a Gooner bandwagon as I follow the bandwagon of Gooners.

    I followed the bandwagon of Gooners who cried aloud on JA last summer saying to Arsenal, sign Thomas Partey. And Arteta and Edu responded to the Gooners yearning and signed him.

    But since Arsenal have for long lacked a regular goals scoring midfielders in the rank of their team. Has it not therefore become pertinent for Arsenal to make amend to their overlooking this deficiency in their midfield this summer to sign at least a regular goals scoring midfielder this summer?

    And address this lack of a regular goals scoring midfielder this summer. If Emiliano Guendai is signed this summer, will he fit the bill in the midfield for Arsenal to regularly be scoring goals for the club in the PL next season? While Joe Willock who looked to have found his goals scoring boots at Newcastle in the PL last season can join Guendai to regularly be contributing their own quota in goals scoring tally for Arsenal next season.

    1. What Arsenal has missed for some time, since Gilberto Silva departed is a specialist DM. Partey is a box to box midfielder similar to Viera.
      Kante was the obvious choice before he went to Chelsea, but Wenger went for Xhaka instead.

  16. So long as that area improves, I’m happy. Like others in here I’m not completely sold on Leno. Martinez outcries showed that a good portion of fans are not completely sold on Leno.

  17. I remember correctly that many here rooted for Leno over Martinez. Last Season. How time flies and it’s another story entirely.

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