Do Arsenal want Ramsey and Wales at World Cup? Maybe not

O)n the face of it and looking at things in the short term, I think that Arsenal fans would want Aaron Ramsey and his teammates in the Wales national team to get the job done and book their place at the World Cup in Russia next summer, or book their place for a play-off that could give them that place. The Wales v Ireland game is certainly one to watch tonight at any rate.

Having the Welsh midfielder come back to north London in good spirits and fine fettle would probably help Arsenal, but I just wonder what the longer term effects might be. There may be no difference at all in the way Ramsey plays for his club, but I for one think that Wales i9s important to him and does affect his form, attitude etc.

So while it might be good from an Arsenal perspective if Wales win the group which is still possible with them sitting just one point behind Serbia, the more likely outcomes are getting a play-off spot or failing altogether, so this evening’s final qualifier at home to Ireland, who are just one point behind the Welsh, is massive.

I do not like the idea of Ramsey having a crucial two-legged play off to think about next month, and if I’m honest I do not like the idea of him getting geared up for the World Cup towards the end of this season, because I feel he takes his eye off the ball club-wise.

What do you other Gooners out there make of the Ramsey situation?



  1. You wicked.
    I want every Arsenal player to be happy and put in the best.
    Go Wales go. Qualify. If that would make Ramsey happy.

  2. Ramsey usually play’s well when it comes to international football but sadly for Wales tonight he played like he plays for Arsenal every week. Must have been those new boots.

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