Do Arsenal Women really need another defender?

We recently questioned why Arsenal women aren’t keeping clean sheets. Although goalkeepers are partially to blame, the defense is also to blame. A team’s ability to keep clean sheets is aided by its strong defense.

I’m not saying Arsenal’s current defense isn’t competent; it is. Even so, with another star defensive addition, it can only get better. Why suffer when you can have a quality squad with a swoop of some of the best players?

That said, if Arsenal Women are to sign a defender, why don’t they sign Naomi Girma? The San Diego Wave’s 23-year-old defender is one of the best in women’s football. Given the talent in the NWSL, winning back-to-back defender of the year awards proves she’s the real deal. Girma can effortlessly be a pillar in any defense because of how smooth she is on the ball and how consistent she is. Girma was one of the top five players in the NWSL in terms of passes completed (948) and passing accuracy (88.68%) in the 2023 season.

Arsenal must attract quality if they are to be the greatest. In the summer, Jonas Eidevall spoke of Girma’s outstanding performance in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 held in the summer in Australia and New Zealand, which piqued his interest. We noted the Swedes’ claims and felt he was hinting at signing her last summer, but that didn’t happen.

“I can’t tell you here on a podcast because I think it would ruin all the scouting secrets for Arsenal,” Eidevall said of Girma. “I agree; I think she’s astonishing, a world-class talent.
“What I see is unique with her. I need to save it if I come into recruitment talks with her one day! Not so some other manager can pick that up.”

Arsenal is a large club, and they would no doubt be able to persuade Girma to join them if they set their minds to it. Trust me, she could take our Gunners defense to the next level. The only problem is that she’s just recently extended her contract with San Diego Wave, to 2026…

Arsenal Women have 10 defenders on their books, excluding 3 goalkeepers, albeit 3 defenders are unavailable due to ACL injuries. However, Leah Williamson & Laura Wienroither are likely to return to the pitch for Arsenal in the latter half of this season, though Teyah Goldie is longer term having only sustained her ACL injury this summer..

What do you think Gooners? Do we really need another defender?

Michelle Maxwell

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  1. We lost the centre of our defence with Leah’s dreadful injury & Souza leaving, and with respect to the current pairing, I don’t think we have the same quality, so if if a class defender becomes available, snap her up.

  2. No , Amanda is class, unbeatable in the air , a Spanish World Cup winner if given playing time will prove her worth, Leah will be back and she is the best centre back in the world. Defence begins across all 11 players not just at the back

  3. I would say we need her because we want a squad that should challenge for women champions league next season.

  4. They need a right back to mitigate the error prone damage caused by Maritz.
    They also need a proper World Class goalkeeper and that does not mean Earps either (Overrated)

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