Do Arsenal’s back-line deserve Wenger’s defence?

Martin Keown claimed that the Arsenal defence lacked the hunger to take on Harry Kane this afternoon, only for Arsene Wenger to refute such claims. The Gunners succumbed to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of rivals Tottenham today, with Harry Kane proving to be the difference between the two sides, with his goal on the 49th minute deciding the game. But that result was actually perfect for me as I had used a Unibet bonuskod to back on a draw at half-time, although I thought Arsenal would show a bit more fight in the second period.

Martin Keown moved to claim that our defence was unable to use the grit and hunger needed to take on the England international striker, but Wenger disagrees.

The manager said: ‘I don’t think they lack hunger to defend.

‘They got caught by a super striker who is one of the best in the world. He scores against everybody.

‘All the defenders in the world must lack hunger then.’

We may have only conceded once, but the marksman did miss a couple of other chances, and their side had many more goalscoring opportunities than we did, and I’m not sure our defence is quite worthy of his defence.

Wenger did not have anything positive to say about our away record this term however, and our travels to other Premier League clubs have most definitely cost us dearly.

Asked about Arsenal’s away record this term, Wenger replied: ‘Very poor. I believe as well that once they scored their goal that played a part. Overall football is about scoring goals.

‘You can say we’re not strong enough defensively – but we also don’t score enough if you look at the top six.

‘That explains it.’

Is our defence to blame for our defeat today? Should Kane have been given less space? Why do we keep struggling on the road this term?

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Updated: March 5, 2018 — 4:29 pm


  1. I blame it on all players honestly not just defence. Kane is one of the best strikes no one can argue with that, but such a performence is not justifided. Tottenham is not best team in the universe. We just made them look good with such a poor passing and second half defending was total (insert word here). League for me is over and looking forward to Europa and Mini Cup as that is only way how to salvage this season. If not Wenger will be as usual in difficult situation.

  2. liverfool signed 75m Van dirk yet they are still leaking goals and cant stop Kane….

    ozil and mkhi was totally ineffective

  3. Cech is old really. His reactions and reflexes are really slow now. Saves no longer look comfortable for him. And now we have a 50mil super-sub in Lacazette, Wenger? 50mil for a super-sub?! Play him together with Auba you old senile! Wasting talent and money.

    1. Cech is still miles above Ospina, though. Miles.

      Wouldn’t mind Oblak, however, if rumours prove true.

  4. We struggle because we have a total clueless relic of a manager and that’s the brutal truth nobody is gonna tell me we have bad players, we actually have a good squad they just aren’t coached! The players have picked up on Wengers mediocrity and now have become mediocre! even Elneny was quoted saying last week we’re still fighting for the title (Classic case of Wengeritus) the old man’s delusions are rubbing off on the players and now the club’s blind loyalty to the Frenchman we are an embarrassment, we can’t keep a clean sheet and can’t win on the road anymore it’s one step forward and five steps back if we weren’t very good at home we wouldn’t even be in the top 10! Wenger must have the AKB’s in a trance because the whole footballing world can see the Manager is finished but according to Wenger’s fan base it’s the players fault! Players can’t be at fault when they aren’t coached properly, thats the managers job that’s what he’s paid 8 million a year to do! Wenger just looks like a tired old pensioner now and what’s scary is this isn’t his last season, how bad does this have to get before actions are taken?

    1. Until our defenders are instructed to mark opposition PLAYERS we will continue to struggle. Marking a patch of grass, also known as ‘zonal marking’, has proved to be completely useless. Kane was unmarked several times in the Arsenal box – do you think Maureen would allow that? Zonal marking means that no one is responsible for anything! It’s a joke system Wenger uses so that he doesn’t have to criticise anyone.

  5. I’m a Spurs fan and quite frankly I was stunned to see Arsenal park the bus instead of playing their normal attacking game.

    It wasn’t the defender’s fault, the players were asked to play a style they aren’t suited to. Mr Wenger made a huge blunder by playing not to lose instead of playing to win. I have huge respect for the man but it’s time he stepped aside in my opinion.

  6. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    After watching the game against Spurs (coverage finished at 1:30am on the east coast of Oz) I got up and watched (on u tube) the discussion between Martin Keown and Rio Ferdinand – 2 men who know about defending. Keown said once you show the attacker your name and number on the back you don’t know where he is and you are in trouble. Both said you have to play tight on someone like Harry Kane, follow his runs and let him know you are there. Appears to be pretty basic, but these two were good enough to implement it.
    It has been said often enough by Adams, Wright et al that Wenger doesn’t coach defense and it obvious that Steve Bould is allowed little imput. However what Arsenal has lacked for many years is height, physicality and “mongrel” attitude in the team. Arsenal are now too small, timid and nice to win the battles against the big boys.

  7. We need dominant midfielders..Dembele really bossed our middle and put the fight out of Ozil and Auba. We also need to adjust the formation to include 52M man Lacazette…if Xhaka gets a spot on the team because of his price tag then the same rule should apply to Laca! We don’t want corruption at Arsenal everyone should be treated the same!!! Lastly, how is it possible Bellerin has no competitor yet he just broke into the team a season back?

  8. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    An additional factor is the lack of onfield leaders in the Arsenal team. Good Arsenal teams always had strong leaders such as McLintock, Adams, Bergkamp, Viera, Henri who would push themselves and their team mates on the field, at training and in the dressing rooms.
    I have heard comments from Thierry Henri that the tackles hefaced on the training ground from Adams, Keown and Bould meant he was less concerned by what he would face on match day
    I also listened to Joey Barton regarding discussions he had with Sol Campbell when they played together at Newcastle United. Barton asked Campbell was there anything different at Arsenal between his two stints there; when Arsenal were winners and later without success. Campbell replied that Wenger no longer wanted conflict in the dressing room where players would dress down each other when they weren’t satisfied with performances. He said there were no strong characters or leaders anymore. Explains a lot!

  9. The feel good factor never last long enough when you ‘re an arsenal fan ,so be prepared for more disappointments ,because as long as Wegner’s their we’ll continue to yoyo.

  10. I don’t know football much just like Wenger does. But I believe to play against better finisher is not justification for you to lose the game.Kane is not messi,or lewandoski,he rely heavily on service.why don’t you prepare a team to cut supply for him,Kane was ineffective at emirates because he lacked service,bellerin awful,xaka,elneny,awful,they gave much time and space ericksen,son,dembele,Davies to find Kane.he got four or five chances he scored one.if aubameyang got the same chances he would score either..and our defence is poor Mr Wenger,.does Jordan ayew of Swansea scores vs everybody??but was unplayable when we played Swansea,,ibe of Bournemouth the same,mustafi,kolcieny,can’t handle any striker anymore.keown is right.

  11. The spine of the team must be strengthened in the next transfer window whether or not Wenger is still in charge.Now that we are no longer in contention for a top four spot Chamber, Holding and AMN should be given an extended run in the team. They simply cannot be worse than a rapidly declining Koscielney, Mustafi and Xhaka.

  12. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Agree Grandad; but who is going to coach them to bring on their defensive abilities?

  13. Ozzie what about the current Manager of the German national team?

  14. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    In the frame fellow Grandad, but I would prefer Ancellotti because he has been there and done it in all the major leagues and won the EPL with Chelsea playing great football.

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