Do French stars dream of Arsenal or playing under Wenger?

Young Frenchman Pierre Barremaecker has stated his dream to follow in Laurent Koscielny, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira’s footsteps and play for Arsenal, but does that dream end when Wenger leaves?

There is much expectation that the French manager will leave his role in the coming years, with a number of fans turning on him in recent seasons, and there is much talk about who could follow him as boss.

Despite our side struggling to challenge for top honours in recent years, and with the ongoing speculation, players still dream of playing for our club, well French players certainly do.

Young defender Barremaecker has admitted his dream to play at the Emirates, although he is currently some way off his chance of making it into our plans, with him currently struggling to break in his Ligue 1 side’s first-team.

The 21 year-old said: “My models are Koscielny and Thiago Silva, for his leader mentality. Other than that, I dream of playing in the Premier League and to wear Arsenal’s shirt, because when I started to watch football, Vieira, Henry and Bergkamp were there.

“If I could one day wear the France shirt, that would really be a magical moment in my career.”

Will Wenger’s exit deter players from wanting to join Arsenal? Will French players that grew up watching Henry and Vieira always dream of North London?

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  1. jon fox says:

    How many quality French players have played for us in the last decade? Answer: One , Koscielny and he was several rungs below the French players from Wengers first decade. We also had Giroud, so the answer is still one! How many quality French players would have come if we had a top team , really title challenging team? Many, with another manager! End of stupid theory!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      sagna, glichey, Nazri are not French

      together they are all not good enough ?

      stop making things up

      1. Phil says:

        Sagna was a good full back and proved to be a good buy for club but he was never in the class of Dixon or Lauren.
        Clichy was average at best.
        Nasri was just a nasty little s**t

        Some more

        Griezman is on record as saying Wenger passed on signing him.
        Lamar turned us down
        Bakayoko turned us down(thank the lord)

        No top French players have signed for us in a decade(with the hope Lacazette comes good)
        Wenger does not have the pull to these players any more.Which is why Sven and Raul were brought to the club.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          With regards to the three players John mentioned, all three went on to win premier league titles with Man. City.
          City obviously saw more in them than good, average and a little S**t.
          Three successes I would say for Wenger.
          The three bought to the table as failures are (IMO) some of Wengers MANY dreadful transfer mistakes.
          Three failures I would say for Wenger.
          Yes, Sven and Raul were bought to the club to do just that, let’s hope they remember not to spend the complete transfer window signing another forward and concentrate on CB and CMD.

          1. Phil says:

            Point of correction Ken but I’m not sure Sagna won ANY trophies with Citeh.In his career in England he won the FACup with us v Hull.
            He should have stayed with us and won another TWO more.
            But that’s splitting hairs.And of course not all transfers work out.Fergie wasted a fortune on some dreadful buys so believe it or not I’m not knocking Wenger here.

          2. Sue says:

            League cup perhaps???

          3. Phil says:

            Maybe Sue-to be honest I can’t be bothered to look it up.

          4. Ken 1945 says:

            Thanks for pointing out my error and Sue it was the league cup in 2014-15.
            Should have checked first!!!
            However this is what I mean about dissing Wengers achievements by not knowing or wanting to know the facts.
            I HAVE bothered to look the facts up and they are as follows for each players record:
            CLICHY (rated as average).
            Arsenal = league winner 2003-4 cup = 2004-5
            City = league winner 2011-12 & 13-14
            League cup 2013-14 & 15-16
            French caps=22
            in PFA team of the year 2007-8

            SAGNA (rated as good)
            Arsenal=cup 2013-14
            City=league cup2014-15
            French caps=65
            In PFA team of the year 2007-8 & 2010-11

            NASRI (rated as a little s**t and agree completely)
            City=league=2011-12 & 13-14
            League cup=2013-14
            French caps=41
            In PFA team of the year 2010-11
            This is what I mean when I say how easy it is to diss everything that wenger has achieved. I understand why so many supporters want the change. You know that I feel the same. But not at the cost of denying the positive thing he has done.

          5. Phil says:

            Ken-that clears that up nicely and why am I not surprised you made the effort and took the time to research this.It doesn’t change MY view of Sagna (who I believe i said was a good buy) or Clichy (who I stated I thought was average).However I now because of your sterling work and complete devotion to delivering the Facts and Stats so precisely have decided to detest Nasri even more than I originally did.Thank you for inspiring this Newly Found Hatred Ken.

          6. Ken 1945 says:

            Phil, didn’t think it would change your mind, but it sure made me feel better. It’s good to know that we have had some really top rate French players in the last decade and not just the one suggested.
            John Ibrahim, well done.

  2. Me says:

    I can imagine every top French player wants to play for a mid table premiership team.
    When are Arsenal fans going to realise that Arsenal are finished as a top team?
    Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke have seen to that..

  3. Grandad says:

    The answer is no.I agree with Jon concerning Koscielney who unfortunately is not the player he was

  4. Hayzed says:

    “Will Wenger’s exit deter players from wanting to join Arsenal”
    What do you mean by that???????

  5. Yossarian says:

    I guess the prospect of playing for Wenger is attractive to an unproven young player. If you get into his favourites club, you earn huge wages and get lots of football even if you’re not that good.

    If you turn out to be brilliant, then you soon force a move to Chelsea/ManC/Barca/etc and enjoy winning some titles. Win-Win situation.

    However, proven players that are highly sought-after are more likely to be attracted to Arsenal FC after Wenger is gone.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Yes of course,
      just like Ozil, Sanchez, Laca, Abu, Mytk decided to wait for him to go before joining?.
      I could ask you how many players have actually said Wenger was the reason for joining our club, but of course you’ll come back with negatives such as “they only come for an easy ride” or” Wengers pets” etc etc etc
      Give these proven players some credit at least
      You talk about huge wages (forget the favourite club rubbish) and then mention Chelsea/ManCity/Barcelona etc. What are their players earning, peanuts?
      Finally, what you completely ignore is the fact that Wenger no longer has control over signings and contracts, so whats your problem?

      1. andcliff says:

        Well said Ken. This constant anti – Wenger rhetoric is now getting boring. When he does finally go, probably at the end of the season, it will probably go quiet until the new manager loses a couple of games. Be careful what you wish for remember Man U and Moyes, Van Gaal etc,

        1. Phil says:

          Again I can only assume you are satisfied with mediocrity and of course Wenger is in no way accountable for our position.Is this what you are saying?

      2. John Ibrahim says:

        wenger no longer has control over contracts or signings for a long long time….

        Dein and co used to be incharged….then follow by Gazadis and Law…

        now raul and fahmy

        it was in the media..when cashley cole revealed that dein offered him 60k and he almost flipped his car

      3. Rashid80 says:

        Ken 1945 .. what are you smoking? So you’re expecting from a player who joined arsenal to say “we joined arsenal but not because of wenger” that will instantly put them on bad terms with wenger.. open your penut

      4. Yossarian says:

        I agree that Ozil was a great signing (Although he didn’t exactly rush to renew his contract recently) but I reckon you will struggle to come-up with many more examples that actually signed to “Play for Wenger” when they were already established players KEN1945

        Back when Arsene Wenger was still a good reason to come to Arsenal, David Dein did the transfer negotiations, and everybody wanted to come to Arsenal because we were successful, but that’s no longer the case.

        Laca/Auba/Myk arrived now that Sven Mislintat does the transfer business, and no doubt everyone can see that Wenger’s days are numbered. He is not a young man, in case you hadn’t noticed! I would bet that Sven is selling them the “Rebuilding” line, which is what’s actually looking good at Arsenal nowadays.

        I would also point out that with Wenger doing the transfer work, we repeatedly missed-out on top-players that we all know he wanted (EG. Higuaín, Luis Suarez, Lemar…) and that our better players mostly wanted to leave after serving under Wenger for a while (Alexis Sanchez, Ashley Cole, RVP once he stopped being injured all the time, Nasri, Adebayor, Fabregas, Henry, etc. etc.).

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          So let’s look at the “better players” YOU name:
          Cole: part of the Wenger back four that did the double..left for cash.
          Sanchez, Henry, Adebayor, Fabregas etc etc all signed by Wenger.
          Have you thought about the money these players (apart from Fabregas and Henry, both of who by the way wanted to return to Arsenal under Wenger) and what clubs they went to? City, Chelsea and Man Utd. Big money contracts that, at the time, we couldn’t/wouldn’t match.
          We are already, by all accounts, having problems because of the salary given to Ozil. Imagine if we had given into, say, Adebayors demands.
          Of course I know that Wenger is getting older, I still have my power of observations. I also have my power of memory.
          Why did Wenger miss out on his targets if, as you say, he was in control of everything? The simple answer must be that he was not in control of everything otherwise….???.
          I agree that the rebuilding programme is under way and Raul and Sven are excellent parts of that process. Don’t you wish though that they had signed the CB and CDM while they were selling the rebuilding line.
          I really hope they succeed and that when Wenger goes the new manager is successful.
          I DO NOT accept mediocrity and accept Wenger is at fault, just as the board, owner and players are, so let’s wait and see what happens.
          So why DID they join our club? If Wenger is everything that he is accused of being, why would Ozil and Sanchez (as an example) have joined in the first place?
          Don’t smoke, love peanuts and have 20/20 vision. Need to take off those anti wenger glasses and answer your own question.

          1. Will says:

            what problems are we having re Ozil’s salary?

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            it’s being reported that Ramsey (for one) is demanding parity or near parity.
            Don’t know if its true, but that’s what is being mentioned.

          3. Rashid80 says:

            I didn’t say they were against Wenger .. I meant that even if they were against him they wouldnt oppose him publicly.. I am happy wearing my anti wenger glasses .. used to respect the guy but he lost every drop of respect when he blamed the fans multiple times for the team’s misfortunes. I don’t know why some people are still defending him and respect him while he doesn’t respect any of us fans

          4. Ken 1945 says:

            Only if the player turns out to be unsuccessful is it the managers fault.
            If he’s successful it’s down to others.
            That’s how it seems anyway.
            Still we won’t be having this debate once the new manager is installed will we?
            Sven and Raul will take full responsibility for transfers and Hussy will have to deal with contract negotiations. I believe that is a great step it will give the new manager the time to concentrate solely on the playing side.

          5. Ken 1945 says:

            Read the articlein question again and you will see that he is not criticizing the fans.
            What he says is that he can understand them critizing him, but why are the fans not getting behind the team when they need it?
            Perhaps he thought that encouraging the players might just help during a match?

          6. Rashid80 says:

            @Ken, thats what he said this season.. but what about last season? Or do I have to remind you?

  6. Bur says:

    Have those “French stars” no aspirations greater than playing for a failure?

  7. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 (now with cojones - firmware update to increase cojones to Chuck Norris levels) says:

    I don’t know – let’s ask Lacazette

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      No don’t, because he doesn’t count.
      Hang on, I forgot, isn’t he that current full international player being chased by manure,Chelsky etc?

      1. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 (now with cojones - firmware update to increase cojones to Chuck Norris levels) says:

        He’s the one Wenger actually paid up on and ****** it up anyway ???

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          As John Abrhims mentioned, don’t forget Clichy, Nasri, Sagna in you summary.
          Selective memory relapse comes into mind.
          Believe City signed all THESE Wenger **** *** didn’t they?

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            sanago was the star for the French u21…probably injuries kill his hopes and talent off..

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            Don’t confuse the issue with FACTS like being U21 player.
            That’s playing dirty!!!
            But, be honest, he was certainly not up to the level of an Arsenal player was he?
            Never was and never will be. A gamble that didn’t come off.

          3. John Ibrahim says:

            well true..he has the potential, recommended by scout grimandis…took a gamble and signed him

            gamble failed

          4. Phil says:

            So that’s the correct way to introduce a player to the club is it?The Scouting staff take a gamble?We let Afobe leave the club and signed Sanogo.While I agree Afobe has done nothing since his move to suggest he would be anything other than a lower Premiership striker at best he would still have produced more than Sanogo did with the opportunities he was given.

          5. John Ibrahim says:

            managers in general do not do scouting…they listen to scouts recommendations…

            hence you rarely see Pep, mourinho or etc…scout for players…

            if they want a striker, they will notify their scout to look for one…

          6. Ken 1945 says:

            Another very astute observation.
            I believe we have scouts all over the world recommending players.
            Haven’t we recently taken on another two from thetop drawer of scouts?

  8. Mobella says:

    To be very honest, Jon is a man i like on this forum. But i think he is becoming boring with his fine English. Everyone knows you hate Wenger and you want him gone that i share, not the hate part though but to ignore some of his good qualities and he been the reason so many our great players who played and still playing under him choose us is plain stupid. What is also stupid is you thinking Giroud is shit. Aside Rooney and before the emergence of Harry Kane can you name any English player who did what Oli did for us in his 5 years.

    1. Phil says:

      What exactly did Giroud do for us in 41/2 seasons?If Wenger was so confident in him why did he continue to sign alternative strikers such as Lacazette and Welbeck?Why did he prefer at times to play Sanchez and even WALCOTT FFS as the main striker instead of Giroud?Why did he desperately try to sign Suarez from the Scousers?
      He’s gone to those SW London Chavs and done what?
      Am I wrong?I don’t think the facts are.

  9. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    I don’t read this article as being anti Arsene Wenger. Based on the comments above, am I missing something?
    By the way in answer to the question in the article, Barremaeker states that he wants to play in the Premier League at the Emirates and wear the Arsenal shirt, because of players such as Koscielny, Silva, Viera, Henry and Bergkamp. Whether Arsene Wenger is manager or not doesn’t change this.

  10. GB says:

    Henry, 2012. 6 years ago.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Of course Wenger has some pull, it is why Gazidas dragged him along in the first place, that and Gazidas knowing nowt about football or what they want to hear. Gazidas listened to Wenger talking with said player before himself and Law went away to make a muck of things. Wenger was brought back into it before Gazidas realized that he had to get full time people for this as persuading agents never mind players can go on for months before a bid is reached. People blame Wenger for this, he was involved, but not half as much as people make out. It’s not his job and it’s not his fault Gazidas couldn’t do the job. Law skipped over allot of flack, only Mislintat and Raul’s arrival now highlight how it’s Gazidas and Law’s failings more so than anything else. Wenger would be great for that position if he could do it full time, we’ve seen enough over the years to suggest that he’d be every bit as good as Mislintat but probably better. He was the first to try and take a run at Mbappe, Wenger actually helped Mbappe because not long after that meeting his confidence went through the rough. People need to be objective, Wenger is the manager, has a large squad to work with, has an entire seasons football to concentrate for and he only has a small window for when he can put his full intention into other things. And persuading a player that you really think we are his best move versus others who have people on it full time among other benefits, it’s like tying our one good arm behind our back. Gazidas and Law are culpable and owning allot of the claims you see aimed in these types of articles, I don’t know how people cant see that. Just an honest opinion from someone who tries to look at two sides of a coin before speaking about either side.

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