Do Gooners care whether Arsenal finish in Top 7 or not?

Do You Want Arsenal To Finish in the Top 7? By Dan Smith

So, we now know what we have to do to be in Europe next season. Win the FA Cup and it doesn’t matter where we finish in the League. Yet finishing in the top 7 would give us that insurance policy of qualifying for the Europa League, regardless of the result at Wembley.

To do that we have to win our final two games and hope Wolves and/or Spurs slip up. Even if that happens, we need goal difference to swing our way. That’s how far we have fallen.

We are hoping the likes of Wolves drop points just so we can squeeze into UEFA’s secondary competition.
Remember when supporters moaned about ‘only finishing in the top 4 and winning the odd FA Cup’. Now we ‘only win the FA Cup’ but battle to be in the top 7.

Wolves currently have a 5-goal advantage. Spurs have 6.

It’s more realistic we catch Wolves as they are at Stamford Bridge, while Tottenham are at Palace who are on holiday.

If we tie goal difference, positions are based on goals scored, which would put us ahead of Wolves but not our London rivals (making our mistakes in the NLD even more vital).

We have two matches against sides in the bottom 4 so it’s not unrealistic we get 6 points while scoring a few goals. Yet do Gooners care?

To be fair a section of our fan base has said for a while if it’s not the Champions League they would rather it be nothing.

Yet isn’t that the equivalent of the love of your life dumping you. After they humiliated you in public, moved out, threw the engagement ring in your face, then you find out they are dating someone else ….at which point you weakly claim to your friends/family, ‘I didn’t love him or her anyway!’.

Part of football banter is giving it out, but sometimes you have to take it. Saying we don’t care about the Europa is kind of taking the easy way out in my opinion.

Arteta had admitted his transfer budget will be based on if there is European Football at the Emirates. That in itself is a worrying insight into how the pandemic has affected us financially as the tournament hardly has the revenue the Champions League does.

I would rather be in the Europa, as the first step to our long-term plan of ever challenging again has to be getting back into club football’s most lucrative competition.

If you’re like me and you have zero faith in Stan Kroenke showing any ambition this summer, you have to ask is this current squad good enough to be in next season’s top 4? If the answer is no, then why not give yourself as many chances as possible?

Winning the Europa is far more likely than us finishing top 4.

We wouldn’t be favourites but it’s a trophy you can win with a bit of luck of the draw.

So, do you want Arsenal to finish in the Top 7 or not?

Dan Smith


  1. Dan , I think it’s very important for us to win our remaining League matches to maintain momentum for the Cup Final.If we do that and end up in seventh position, so much the better.

  2. I think being out of Europe regardless of income lost will increase our chances of winning the title next season tenfold. Yes I believe our team is capable of doing it with better organization on the pitch even without new additions.
    Leicester did it with lesser players than we have while beating all top teams except us.

  3. I don’t understand the question. Why would anyone want us not to finish in the top 7? If the answer is so we don’t get into the Europa League then you would also want us to lose the cup final?

  4. The Europa League money seems relatively paltry in relation to significant cash in the Champions League and the finances of the big clubs in general – but every little helps, especially in our supposed cash strapped position. For me though its equally important to have Europa League football to give the youngsters game time and games to develop

  5. It’s not like Roger Federer who as an ageing superstar picks and chooses when and where to play.

    I have been in 2 minds about the Europa league and would now rather be in it than not. I don’t mind by which method we get there but getting there is about building a winning culture and adds to momentum for next season

    1. Winning… And – maybe – be a little, little more attractive at the dance hall, when it comes to get admirers (new signings) for the next season. Eh?

  6. I would like us to be in the EL next season, but doing away with this Chelsea team is going to be a bit difficult for us, considering the fact that they were really poor before we played them in the EL final last season and they still managed to embarrass us and deprive us of UCL. I seriously pray🙏🏼 we don’t encounter something similar this time. #AFC

  7. Here we are, once again, havjng to rely on other teams dropping points!!
    If only we could get the job done ourselves!! Every season we can pinpoint one game which costs us and this season it’s the NLD!! 😩
    It’s imperative we win tonight and Sunday… as well as August 1…last chance saloon…

    OT.. How easy does Sterling go down?!

  8. As things currently stand in the last ditch race for the Premier League final placements and even by through the FA Cup win to qualify to play in the Europa League next season, nothing is a sure bet for Arsenal to come 7th in the table or possibly win the FA Cup to go through any of these 2 routes to the Europa League Cup competition next season. This is because Arsenal are known for their disappointing us Gooners any time us grave to be appointed by them. Last season the Gunners so badly disappointed us Gooners when they narrowly missed getting a top-4 PL place finish or win the Europa League Cup final match in Baku by beating Chelsea to reach this season’s ongoing Champions League competition. Therefore, I hope us Gooners will see a positive response in performance from the Gunners that will see Arsenal make the Europa League qualification at the end of this season.

  9. We have fallen so far behind as a team that we are now talking of top 7. SAD! But there is hope for the future if the board backs Arteta.

    1. Never gonna happen n with good experience MA will leave for a bigger club in 2 years time. Our owner will never back us transfer market. Before ppl start jumping up and down about Pepe he is bought on 5 year installment. So he can not be classed as big money spend in one season. Board and owner don’t care what happens on the pitch as long as money keeps coming in. MA will get good experience and enhance his reputation further by working with limited funds then a big club will come in and he will leave. I am not talking about Barca and Madrid..the way we have fallen I think even Leicester is considered a bigger club then us. Players and managers both don’t want to make the journey across from there to us that’s how far we have fallen. We are sliding down the list if big earning clubs in Europe every year being over taken by others but our fans still think Stan is the man lol! They give bullshit argument of FFP when Man city got away with it. When there is will there is always a way.

  10. Funny how fans who used to moan all the time about wenger finishing in top 4 and winning odd FA cups are now contend with even finishing in top 7 without FA that Arsenal can play in UEFA cup. Arsenal fans are bunch unthankful spoiled children. They still bash Wenger after he has gone n with him our glory days. Enjoy the mid table runs for season after season now, our fans deserve this. To all the Wenger haters now you know grass is not always green on the other side but never mind…you stay in ur delusional world and keep blaming wenger.

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