Do not count on huge liability leaving Arsenal anytime soon

Mikel Arteta defends Shkodran Mustafi and hints he may have a future at Arsenal.

The Gunners have struggled in defence with most of their defenders underperforming weekly, especially Mustafi.

The likes of David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi have been below par and their combination against Chelsea showed yet again why they are a disastrous pair.

Mustafi has never been a popular player at Arsenal with most fans fed up with the player costing the team points. He has, however, been eased into the first team under Mikel Arteta as most of the players ahead of him in the pecking order have been injured.

With the news that Pablo Mari could be an Arsenal player soon, though that may be in doubt now, most people have been wondering if Mustafi would still be in the first-team picture.

Arteta, when asked if the German is part of his plans going forward responded,

“When he is my player and when he is training with me the way he does every day, of course” the manager said per the Mirror.

“The plans maybe in the summer were different with him. I came here, he is here and his attitude is always right and he wants to help.

“Yes he made a mistake, but it’s OK. I like more the reaction and I look more at the reaction.”

He continued: “I can accept a mistake, no problem. What I’m not going to accept is somebody makes a mistake and after he stops playing, and he doesn’t want the ball and doesn’t want to make decisions. That player is not acceptable for our team.

“But Musti after that [mistake], he tried to play every single time, he went for every single challenge and put his body on the line. He was down afterwards but he reacted and if he does that, he will overcome the situation.”

Well, that seems to me that Arteta is a fan of Mustafi and that the German could well have a future at the Emirates.

That is a bold decision by the manager. Hopefully, he is not making a grave error of judgement here.


  1. Him and Ozil will run down contracts. High wages, and poor performances. This is what happens when bad decisions are made. Arteta trying to save face with Mustafi, but clearly he is the only current option so there is no point of the manager hanging him out to dry in front of the media.

  2. I agree with Mikel. After the blunder, Mustafi didn’t drop his head and sulk, he soldiered on and put in a decent shift. Big ups… 👍🏿

  3. Arteta is almost obliged to be diplomatic when discussing players with the press, but privately he will be fully aware of the lack of quality he has inherited at centre back.The fact that a Club has not come in for Mustafi during the past 3/4 Windows says it all.He could well be with us until his contract expires but not for the reason you suggest.

    1. @Grandad
      He seemed quite sincere and professional in his assessment of Mustafi. Then again, it would be counterproductive to slag him off publicly, so as not to put off interested parties, if there are any… IJS

  4. Adam bate did a write up on skysports about mari, it’s a good read and he sounds like the sort of defender we need judging by his qualities and stats adam speaks of 👌🤞

  5. I hate to say it but I hope Arteta has a strong enough character to say goodby to Mustafi and Xhaka. To tell them they have a future is not truthful. Telling the truth is important. I hate to say it but Mustafi, Xhaka and Luiz should not be told they are part of Arsenal’s plans because it is not true. That’s the one thing that may undermine Arteta. Don’t big up those who are not good enough hoping they will shine.

  6. Mustafi’s anxiety when the ball hits his feet is his biggest challenge. No manager can improve that, only mustafi can. Skodran hardly acknowledges his mistakes. He’ll either blame the leno, the ref or some non exsitent last man. Thats the problem MA is trying to run away from he should stop fooling around and do to Mustaci what pep did to Mangala: tell him to get a lower club with lesser expectations. That way he’ll work on his weaknesses.

  7. The intersting part of this interview was when MA said “when he is my player” and, after that, how he described mustafi’s reaction and attitude.

    One seemed to be talking about the future and the other about the current situation.

    No matter what one’s personal views are (excluding any new signings!?!?) with injuries and suspensions, it would indicate no movement with any of our current squad, even if a buyer could be found.

  8. The problem is Mustafi tries and plays hard which is when everyone is of the opinion “are ok he is quit good” we will for him another chance. But he makes a mistake again and again which unfortunately always leads to a goal.

    I think he is a good player until he makes a mistake and I’m shouting at the game/tv to jus get rid of him.

    Don’t judge I think I’m fickle also 😞

  9. I would say Emery dug a hole for himself keeping players like Mustafi. I hope Arteta does not fall into the same trap. Some players are not good enough for a top team. Reality.

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