Do not read too much into Mikel Arteta transfer comments

Mikel Arteta transfer comments do not mean there will be no new signings this winter.

The press is jumping all over Mikel Arteta’s comments today about any incoming players and missing out on what he actually said.

Arteta was asked about the possible signings after the 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace earlier today,

‘At the moment there is nothing coming up,’ Arteta told talkSPORT per The Metro,

‘The club is working on a few things but you know how difficult this window is and I’m not expecting many things.’

Well, let’s have a look at what the Spaniard actually said,

The words “at the moment” are significant in my opinion, so there is nothing right now but there are still three weeks to go, saying at the moment in no way rules out any incoming signings.

He then says that the club is working on a few things. I think I will take that literally, they are working on a few things.

That does not dampen my hopes as the Metro headline claims, in fact, it raises my hopes, it tells me the club do want to make new signings if the right player comes along.

If the board had no intention of bringing in anyone this month why would they be “working on a few things”?

If I was to place a bet on this winter’s transfer window I would be fairly confident of a winning bet if I backed at least one new signing arriving at the Emirates.

But I suppose it is easier for the media to twist a quote to suit their narrative and take us Arsenal fans for fools.


  1. There are two totally different matters with possible imcoming signings. There are stop gaps and then there are quality proper signings. Just to anticipate “signings”, whether singular or plural, tells us nothing,. It is relevant quality or lack of it, that matters in ANY signing , or even in a loan. Unless we get better than what we currently have, which will cost real money – bearing in mind WHO owns us – just to make a signing can mean nothing at all! Remember such as Elneny and that useless Swede whose name I have mercifully forgotten. Plus all the regular substandard defenders we have who regularly play!

  2. I’ve seen reports suggesting Mavropanos is going on loan to FC Nurnberg… Galatasaray are interested in Mustafi… so is there a CB incoming??

    1. If it happened, then we definitely will need a replacement, we cannot continue three tournements with only 3 CBs, two of which above 30 and one that has been sidelined for long.

  3. Haha Jon,
    😁 I think you are referring to Kim Källström, the once majestic Swede with damaged vertebrae at the time Wenger signed him on loan from Spartak Moscow

  4. We have a below standard squad. We are where we are not because we are unlucky but because we are ordinary. Not Arteta’s fault. We have bought some poor players. We need a couple of defenders now. Our midfield is so lacking a true playmaker. No love from the Crankies.

  5. ION am so happy we got rid of those perpetually injured players, Wilshere and Welbeck. Another one we should get rid of is Bellerin! Liverpool have shown what you can achieve when your squad is made up of reliable players and not sick notes who are always in and out of the treament room.

    1. The league isn’t what it was, it feels unfair the amount of protection Liv get and yet when we go a little aggressively like yesterday ..the palace players kept dropping the moment they felt someone behind them, and the ref bought it almost every time. Liv do that more than any other team, they try not to let the player turn and then use a bit of strong-arming so possession might be lost if they rush a pass. Liv have free reign to do it, we were given free kicks against I lost count how many times. Also they’re going for our Inv record, the game has certainly changed a lot since then, imagine if the Inv were aloud to stand in offside positions so long as player to the ball wasn’t. The Inv would have obliterated today’s game, and how everyone today tries to play an attacking game, we’d completely destroy this league.

  6. No other language on earth is like English where you can say or print one thing and mean another, it was designed for the modern media, no wonder modern day managers get confused.

  7. I don’t mind if they don’t arrive in this window, so long as they use this time well in lining up the players we need. We can use this window to speak with the clubs over a summer move and get talking to the players agents. Get something written down or maybe some handshakes at least. I would love to know which players are interesting us but the selling club will not want the players unfocused so I don’t think we’ll know who they are until the season closes.

    I don’t expect us to sign anyone really. At most I was thinking, one player, one bought outright or in installments, but that was a big if. Remember last season around this time, loans was the mantra, only loans. I think these guys (our board) will want to wait to see where we end up in the league table and in Europe – And also they’ll want to see if any of these players stop receiving Arteta’s advice, they’ll want to know how Arteta feels about every-one of them after the season closes out.

    Arteta is impressive, I am looking forward to seeing who he wants brought in, am really looking forward to it. The board better not drop the ball. I’m also looking forward to Arteta’s ability to get the best out of Saka, Martinelli, Nelson, and Pepe, or whether he’d like to eventually buy another one and really set that bar high for those AFC youngsters.

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