Do the Arsenal players even deserve an all-expenses paid holiday?

Do Our Arsenal Players Deserve A Break? by Dan

Many were impressed by Arteta’s first press conference as Arsenal boss.

The way he spoke was of a man who understood the values of the club and in his own words, those who could not follow them could leave.

The improvement of a few individual performances left many gooners assuming our new manager has a ruthless streak. We will learn in the next two weeks if that’s true.

Today the squad are off to Dubai for a winter break having already had the last few days off to do what they want.

I have long been against the idea of a winter break. It’s offensive to the average person in the street who has to leave their house at 7am to work a 9-hour shift for the sake of a minimum wage, to suggest these millionaires need a rest.

There’s also zero evidence that fixture congestion is a problem based on how many sides you see win Doubles and Trebles.

Of course, as we have already seen, if you give an inch some want to take a mile. Not satisfied with 14 days off, there is now a campaign to make further changes to the FA Cup.

It should also come as a warning that the top sides in La Liga start their winter break by now playing the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, purely for the money.

How Arteta handles the next fortnight could be crucial to his reign and really highlight just how ruthless he is, or not. The fact he has invited everyone’s families for a free holiday is worrying. While you could argue the aim might be to build team spirit, I would much rather hear that intense training was going on, the way our new boss likes to play means we need to be fitter.

Jose Mourinho is keeping Spurs in England based on only having worked with them before Xmas, it’s interesting Arteta would take the opposite approach.

Arteta talks about the standards of the club. In reality these group of players haven’t come close to meeting those standards.

Being 7 points above relegation in February is shocking, unprecedented! Everyone should be embarrassed to compare themselves to the legends who have worn the shirt. Imagine a Sir Alex Ferguson or a captain like Roy Keane in this situation?

I think they have too much pride to be accepting any kind of rest and be demanding that everyone is on that training pitch working harder to improve the situation.

Yes, the modern-day player has changed but how many of our dressing room post on social media how much they are hurting?
I would respect them so much more if they said they don’t deserve any break, certainly not for wives/girlfriends and children to be given a free holiday.

I thought we could only afford loans? My money for tickets/shirts can’t fund new players but can pay for millionaire’s families flights and accommodation?

Also, if we have any leaders (a big if), then I hope someone is evaluating what went wrong the last time we made a similar trip. Knocked out of the FA Cup early, Uni Emery saw a gap in the schedule to get in some ‘warm weather training’.

While there is zero suggestion that anyone was unprofessional, our form took a nosedive on our return, form we still haven’t recovered from. At best, our players got too comfortable and lost focus.

So how strict Arteta is or is not in the next 2 weeks could be crucial going forward.

Dan Smith


  1. At the top of the article you said the players had taken free time to please themselves. This suggests to me that Dubai won’t be a holiday; more like training in a pleasant climate (Dubai at this time of year is not ridiculously hot).

    If Arteta had them training in the Uk they would be with wives/partners and children so why not take them to Dubai? Not a problem to me. Cost is small really. Other clubs do similar things

    1. And if they come back fresh and energised and we start winning no one will worry about business flights for the families

      1. I’m surprised at your response because I think the idea of warm weather training with family members in the background is reasonable. I don’t understand why you mention under achievement in this way as I’m pretty sure the club wouldn’t have sanctioned a beano but more of a chance to intensively work with the squad to help Arteta squeeze some more oomph out of them

  2. The deed is already done, they are in Dubai already, so there is no need to rant.

    Personally, I think it is a good idea to refresh the players and have a go again as there is LOT to play for this season,lets wait and see…

    But is there need to always mention that the players are millionaires??? Sounds somehow to me tbh

  3. DAN, YOU HAVE THIS DUBAI BREAK ALL WRONG. THE IDEA IS TO GIVE THE PLAYERS A BONDING EXERCISE, TOGETHER WITH SOME PROPER TIME TO TRAIN INTENSELY TOGETHER IN A WARM WEATHER CLIMATE, WHERE THE CHANCE OF INJURIES IS LOWER. As such, it is a good idea and wil benefit the team. Your talk of an all expenses paid holiday is of course, nonsense. All Prem players can easily afford to go wherever they want in the few weeks true holiday they get in our summer time. Not your best article Dan, was it!

    1. Well its a winter break
      So im allowed to debate if they deserve to be having a break
      You say it will benefit the team.
      Did it benefit us last season ?
      Jose is keeping players back in UK for reasons I’m saying , he wants to work on fitness
      Is it my best article ? HmM….top 5

  4. The question of merit in football is beyond discussion. The average premier leave player makes more in a week than the median worker makes in a year.

    It is what it is.

  5. A player like Pepe has been very disappointing and I don’t want to hear he has to adapt to the EPL. His playing style is flawed for an inverted winger. All he has to do is change his playing style by always looking to cut infield and shoot or create and he should always try to play one-twos with his team mates to open up space for himself. He should go and watch videos of former Chelsea and Bayern Munich inverted winger Robben or even Mahrez of Man City to see how they play as inverted wingers so that he can practice such in training.

  6. I really feel the article is one big moan about the fact that there haves and there have nots. Our players are haves and the club is giving them more. Like taking a bottle and filling it with water and emptying it in a lake. Yeah? Totally pointless article.

    What Arteta does and what Mourinho does cannot, and should never be compared. They are two individuals and their approach to issues cannot be the same. How in the name of all that is good do you expect that Arteta should take the same step as Mourinho. This is Arsenal not Tottenham Hotspuds! Two different clubs with different issues to address and two managers that aren’t even of the same generation. No room for comparison at all.

    Roy Kean, Sir Alex Ferguson… What are exactly are you driving at? No name worthy of being borrowed from Arsenal folklore? You definitely admire the grass in in the other lawn so why not consider shifting allegiance.

    I absolutely get livid when people pretend to be Arsenal fans and they measure Arsenal by the standard of other clubs. You can’t create this dear club in other clubs image. We are Arsenal and we love this club, warts and all.

    How dare you…

  7. Oh Dan, Dan, Dan, you really don’t understand football do you? It’s not a holiday it’s a winter break with a little r&r, some warm weather training, team bonding and getting the new players integrated into the squad. I bet sometimes you don’t deserve a holiday either but this a necessity for the good of the team. As Jon said earlier, not your best work 🤔

    1. What’s wrong with me simply not agreeing with players needing
      A Break ?
      Did warm weather training work last year ?m
      Just remember Henry , pires , Campbell not needing it

  8. Its not about what they deserve,its about what can make them grind better results.I remember when we were still at Highbury(though i dont remember which year it was),the team was loosing more points at home that at away matches.So Wenger decided to book them into a Hotel for a weekend to bring the feeling of being away from home – for a home game.And it worked.So,the leadership does what they feel will help in the circumstances,not what is deserved

  9. I hope it works out a bonding exercise. The team though played in the second half the Burnley game like they didn’t know what day it was. They become chaotic under pressure, like they did in the second half of the Watford game. They deserve nothing but they do need to bond. Yes it will help them, but do they deserve it….f*** no!

  10. They having a great time while we work to pay tickets to see games.

    In return we aproaching relegation stressed out while Kroenke sends player for a trip to Dubai!

    Sure Arteta used to it, Man City owned by Emirates, might lead to sell Arsenal there…

    With such shameful run, Arteta and players should be in Siberia, working as beasts, wake up at 6, work them out til 6pm, non stop.

    Before flight back, throw them in ice water bath, wake their ass up !

    For Reds to be relaxing in Maldiva and head to Dubai is very much deserved and way more…

    We are only team to flash, showing off on trips but we are even with 13 spot, in complete chaos!

    Spurs are above us as Everton, but Mourhino is low profile and certainly not I’m.Dubai showing off, but focused and concerned !

    This is unreal stuff and no, no , no, these players and coach do not deserve to be chilling sipping cocktails at the beach and shopping all day in Dubai! How could this be possible?


  11. It amazing what team building dose to people,

    where they are staying in Dubai It isn’t that expensive club get’s free flights and I’m sure the hotel is free because I’m not 100% shore but I think it’s a newly built hotel half board it’s around £70 a night if they pay anything at all,they won’t drink much so what’s wrong with having a break specially that we are expecting storms in UK this week

  12. When law firms underperform yet take team breaks abroad happens do we consider this as okay?

    It’s all relative.

    We should focus more on what is our management trying to do with the break? We could come back and improve, then it might be worth more then what is seen just as a break.

    But the whole idea I hope is its more about the long term plans.

    Cedric Mari Saliba Bellerin Tierney Kosalinac Luiz Holding Sokratis Mustafri Chambers Saka.

    What’s the intent? Do we need 6 centre backs? 4 is the idea number so 2 places can be taken up in better positions.

    Saliba Holding Mari Luiz. All this talk about signing in the summer a strong centre back isnt possible. Simply buy the fact we have 6 centre backs.
    Mari Luiz will be the default setting but Saliba Holding could be something Arteta will look at. Both play naturally next to each other.
    Mari Holding
    Saliba Luiz

    Bellerin Cedric Tierney Kosalinac Saka full backs
    All works on paper.

    Gendouzi Xhaka Torriera Ozil Willock M.Niles Nelson (I see Artets wants to use him here) are all in midfield and it needs a shake up.

    Pepe Martinelli Saka Nelson Auba Laca Eddie make up the top. Again we cant add unless we buy. To be honest I wonder if Pepe Martinelli Saka could be that front line that scores assist and works hard. But Eddie might be a good fox in the box and I think with Balogan due to push the first team I think here may well be the future.

    So having Auba Laca or alike is important.

    So basically with much work for the club to do, the break away on foreign soil might be a good place to start

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