Do these TWO things prove Vidal to Arsenal transfer is ON?

They say that there is no smoke without fire, but with the number of Arsenal transfer rumours linking the club with a massive number of players in varying positions during every transfer window, the Emirates would have burned down years ago if that was true.

Arsene Wenger certainly does his best to keep us all guessing as well and who can blame him after a few of his transfer targets have been hijacked over the years by the likes of Roman Abramovich the mega rich Chelsea owner? The Frenchman was asked after the FA cup win about Arturo Vidal, one of the biggest stories doing the rounds at the minute and while he laughed the question off he did not deny it.

And there are two bits of evidence that suggest that the Gunners really are going for the Juventus and Chile international midfielder, who would be perfect cover for Francis Coquelin. First of all his agent Fernando Felicevich was at Wembley stadium on Saturday to see Arsenal retain the FA cup, as reported by the Daily Star.

And the Italian champions are on the verge of completing the free transfer of Vidal’s replacement Sami Khedira, according to Now while these two things may be called circumstantial evidence, together they do suggest that Vidal could soon be joining his international team mate Alexis Sanchez in north London. What do you think?

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!

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  1. You do realize that Fernando Felicevich is the agent for both Vidal and Sanchez right? Don’t worry, the Daily Star failed to realize that also. Him being at the match simply means that he’d rather watch Arsenal vs Aston Villa than watch Juventus vs Verona. On that note, it may be beneficial for us that they both share the same agent, as you know that Sanchez has nothing but glowing remarks about Arsenal.

  2. Him being at the FA Cup final is irrelevant as him and Alexis share the same agent, but never say never. I would be over the moon if we got Vidal. I’m sure Alexis wouldn’t mind as well. The best thing if that deal was to ever happen is that Coquelin would have someone older to emulate and learn from. I would love both Vidal and Griezmann because Bale is financially out of our reach as it stands.

  3. Dare I dream??
    Vidal is an animal… Seriously as tough as nails and about as complete of a midfielder as you can find. Jack, Aaron, Ozil and Le Coq are all phenomenal talents and I truly believe with a few more seasons together our midfield will be one of the world’s best! Bar Ozil, and until the other three truly blossom, I think Vidal would push our youngsters to new heights and provide a leader in midfield which we lack.
    Every one at the club has referenced the difference Sanchez’s unwavering desire and commitment has influenced the team. Why not acquire the midfield version as well?

  4. my dad was at wembley during the fa final. does that mean i will be signed by arsenal??
    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

      1. lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        he could turn out to be king of own goals coz thats the only way he could ever score πŸ™

  5. three arsenal transfers arsenal fans want but i dont..
    Cech – he is old and has been out of action for some time. he is rusty πŸ™
    Benzema – we can do much better, he is not worldclass πŸ™
    Shneirderlin (woteva his name is) – he said last transfer he prefers spuds to arsenal. it shows lack of ambition n a loosers mentality. i hate him since then πŸ™ πŸ™
    #keep crap out of emirates

    1. Boring, boring Misoko.
      Why the need to post this no one cares
      why can’t people just embrace rumours instead of being constantly negative

  6. Ugh another stupid article. The Vidal rumor is BS. Did everyone miss Wenger’s post game comments? He ruled out a move for Vidal.

    1. Wenger’s comments usually have absolutely nothing to do with his intentions or movements… Has, and always will, kept his transfer dealings close to his chest.
      ‘Santi Cazorla? Who is this player?’

  7. We need to change some players,even if they are good players to make our game more dinamic,more complete.If Walcott will leave,definetly Sterling is the right choose to play with Sanchez.If Bayern will want Ozil,I think we should let him go.I think mutch people will be not agree with this,Ozil is a great player BUT is not a complete player,doesn’t have enough speed and is seems sometimes like he is not involved in the game.I think a switch with Gotze can be benefic for our team,he run alot,is creative and make the defensive as well(remember how he take the ball from Ribery at Dortmund).We need a Striker to,but a good one,someone like Benzema,Griezmann or Cavani,someome who can get at least 20 goals per season.A new DM is what we need for balance the game,I think Vidal is the best in the world in this moment(is just my opinion),he working hard in defence and can win a game with a long shot.Anyway doesn’t matter who comme if whe really need a player for that position and the player who comme is WORLD CLASS,not no name(Shneirderlin,or another just decent player).We play in UCL,not just in PL,so we need class to,not just good or decent players.

  8. While we keep looking outside and throwing up names we would like to see at our beloved Gunners…what intrigues me more is the development of our players. When you see the major step-up players like Hector and Coquelin had in the season, what lies ahead in the next season for them? Hector and Coquelin will only get better with more experience and maturity.

    And how about the other players then? What says that Welbeck, Sanogo, Gnabry, Zelalem, Chambers, OX, Jack, Crowley, Akpom, Walcott, Gibbs can’t have similar breakthrough years? Rambo had one too.

    There’s also a very interesting dynamic which will come into play – the partnership of Gabriel and Kos. Pushing our defensive line slightly higher closes the gap between the last line and our holding mids….teams are going to find it very difficult to play through the middle against us.

    Which brings me to : Petr Cech…if we can, we should get him. He’s very good at marshalling his area especially dealing with the high crosses…something Ospina and Szc haven’t really been convincing at.

    Now I am going to suggest that if we can’t attract a world-class holding midfielder (not talking blood-n-guts destroyer here but more a cultured interceptor, reads the play well, tackles effectively, good passing range, breaks up attacks and recycles the ball quickly into attacking moves – so not Wanyama) to provide cover for the ever-improving Coquelin, we probably shouldn’t worry too much because we have Rambo who can step into that role when Coquelin or Santi aren’t available (injured/suspended). and then there’s Arteta as backup as well – with a quicker pair of CB’s behind him and less space for him to cover.

    You may scoff but here I will remind you – Matic was a No 10, Pirlo was a No 10, Coquelin was an attacking mid (at least he thought he was). Vidal clearly is one of the best, most complete midfielders in the world…but I don’t think Ramsey is far behind. If we can get Vidal – fantastic…if we don’t, ah well.

    I think we will see the captain’s armband change…i think Kos and Rambo are ready to step up as the on-field leaders. Jack has to mature a little more. Arteta just won’t get enough game time to be the captain.

    If we get another striker – who is available (and let’s keep it at around 45M) and would represent a marked improvement over OG12 or Walcott? We aren’t going to pay Benteke $150,000 a week, we aren’t going to pay Falcao $250,000 a week. Lacazette (minus his 8 penalties and scoring most of his goals against the lower rung of Ligue 1) isn’t a step up. Most of the others are around 28-29 years of age.
    So can we find that elusive world-class striker who is a big improvement over Walcott and OG12 and who costs around 45M and isn’t older than say 27? Perhaps only Benzema fits that bill…but his salary?
    If we don’t find that striker – I’m not too worried. I believe we have the striking power within the club and I think Welbeck will come good…I think in a couple of years Sanogo will blossom as a striker. I think when we play Walcott as a No 9 in front of Ozil, Sanchez, Rambo…the interchange of positions between them will make it a nightmare for any team to defend. We saw glimpses of that during the FA Cup final.

    I’m actually not too hung up on the summer transfers

    1. If we don’t find that striker – I’m TOO WORRIED. I believe we don’t have the striking power to break Chelsea, RM, BM, Barca, PSG, and even Utd (after improving their side) …
      Giroud is too handy against big experienced CB’s and Walcott cannot find his spot against deep and dense defense, Welback (I have hope in this guy) needs to step up his first touch, finishing, and hold up play …
      we need a wc striker much more than we need DM, because when Coq is fit (doubt that the case all over the season) we are fine in that department but ST even with all fit and inform we would find difficulties to break strong defenses (not Sunderland, WB, AstonVilla .etc) …

      1. I hear what you say but then who is it?

        When it’s a deep, dense, packed defense…we got an insight on the Cup Final on how to unlock it…Sanchez goes to No 9, Walcott goes wide. and Ozil the picks the lock.
        What we’ve missed a lot of last season was the speed of Ox and Walcott out wide to stretch the defensive lines and force them to defend deep – which they don’t like to do cos it gives our creative midfield space to work their magic.
        It really makes a huge difference when we have multiple options – through the spine, through channels, from out wide…cut-ins, crosses, through balls…

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