Do transfer snubs show Arsenal have a BIG problem?

On the face of things it would appear that Arsenal have just about everything to offer that a top player could want in the world of modern football. So why is it that Arsene Wenger seems to be having a bit of trouble in persuading his potential transfer targets to come to the club this summer?

Arsenal are in the Premier League which is seen as the biggest stage in the world and we are one of the few clubs that are seen as potential champions, and the fact that we have improved our league finish from fourth to thirs to second in the last three years certainly gives that impression.

Arsenal are also in the draw for the Champions League group stage, with no pesky play-offs to have to get through and we have been in the group stage consistently for many years, so any player thinking of signing for Arsenal could reasonably take top European football as a given.

In Wenger we have a widely respected manager and the team is famous for playing exciting and attacking football and we do so in a fantastic state of the art stadium. Add to this the fact that we are based in London, one of the world’s most exciting and happening cities which appears to be a footballer’s paradise and you can see why I am wondering what is going on.

Apparently the Celta Vigo and Spain striker Nolito is heading to Manchester instead of north London to play for Man City, Jamie Vardy has reportedly chosen to stay at Leicester while Ibrahimovic and Mkhitaryan are said to be heading to Old Trafford and Man United, so is there something putting off these players about Arsenal?

Or is it just the usual story of the summer with Wenger and Arsenal simply not competing with the other big clubs around Europe in terms of transfer spending and ambition?

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  1. I think we need to stop worrying a bit and wait to see a bit longer. The only player we have bid on is Vardy and it’s not definite yet he’s not coming.
    Off topic but what a proper Gooner Ramsey is. When asked what it feels like to finish above England, he replied: “It always feels good to finish above spurs”!

  2. Arsenal is indeed a BIG CLUB no doubt, but Arsene Wenger and other prominent shareholders has made the club a small club in the eyes BIG players despite the reputation of being consistently involve in CL every year. Just imagine if Barcelona or R/Madrid call for the service of Jamie Vardy, would he had given it a 2nd thought to sign for either of them?

    1. You could be right:

      Either we showed interest in quite a few players (even allowing for the usual kite flying) in which case we have been snubbed big way. Arsenal is a big name; we are the 5th richest in the World; the Emirates if a great stadium; 60,000 spectators every home game; London is a well desirable city to locate; Champions League guaranteed every year; players like Ozil, Alexis, Cech; big fat bank balance. SO WHAT OR WHO COULD POSSIBLY BE PUTTING PROSPECTIVE RECRUITS OFF? DO I NEED TO SPELL OUT? SURELY NOT!

      Or, there is no substance to many (if any) of the transfer rumours – which is quite likely, also. If this is the case, who is putting these false rumours out? If it the regular culprits (newspapers)? Quite possible. If they are mostly false, then we don’t appear to be doing much at all; in which case the club is being negligent as we in in dire situation with CF, CD, RW; we have 3 players who have left, and one out with season long injury that is 4. We recruited one Xhaka, and that took us a long time to wrap up (though at least it was achieved early in the transfer window). Where are the other 3 recruits we need to stand still. Obviously the club doesn’t need to show its hand. I can understand the club wanting to be discreet. Going by numerous past windows my hunch however is that the club has no intention to recruit any more players, perhaps just one if we are lucky, unless we get bargain basement oldies (do you remember Killstorm?), or likewise cheap French or Nigerian youngsters (Sanago comes to mind) instead of having the confidence at least to promote from our youth team. By the way if they are still not ready, what does tell us our youth policy! SO, WHOSE FAULT WOULD THAT BE? DO I NEEDTO SPELL OUT?

      My guess is that the second explanation is more likely. But, look, which the explanation I would suggest you take a long vacation to avoid constant disappointment right through the transfer window, or become a highly paid pundit at the European championships, just like somebody you might know. If you expect nothing, when you get nothing you will not be disappointed. This is my view.

  3. Look, we didn’t want not sure about Mhik if we wanted him too but I doubt it..
    We have gotten the player we are strongly linked with in Xhaka..

    You need to read Xhaka’s comments about Arsenal then you will know we still appeal to many players….
    No matter how big,prestigious,historical a club is, not every player will want to play for the club for one reason or the other

    We never bidded for Zlatan and co…only Vardy, and he has a very tough decision to make!

  4. Footballers are humans as well don’t forget, there are many reasons why someone would choose not to play for us.. I would expect Vardy to stay at Leicester because the team deserves his loyalty. I would expect Ibrahimovic to go to Utd because he is insistent on extortionate wages which only Utd will pay.

    We have and will continue to sign quality this window I am confident of that. A player who’s heart lies elsewhere is not a player we should sign.

  5. I don’t believe we’ve tried to sign Nolito, I reckon this one’s all paper talk. The Vardy snub, we don’t know for sure if it is a snub. It looks likely that he will stay after everything being said, but I still have a suspicion that he will join us in the end. This situation might be a sign of what’s to come. If lei can offer 100 grand a week, well then how many more clubs are going to become more financially competitive.

    1. Of course we never tried to sign him because the priority is a goal scorer entering their prime not a 29 year old winger. Fans should have learned by now that 98% of the rumours are false when it concerns Arsenal.

  6. We have an owner who says he is not “involved” to win championships. Jack wiltshire confirmed on that aim is top four. Can you imagine Abramovich thinking that top four is good enough. We know that sheik mansour will sack managers who win the PL but do not do well enough in the CL.

    We are concerned about this lack of ambition meaning we will not be attractive to top players. Also that ozil and sanchez will not sign new contracts.

    We are therefore pre disposed to accept rumours that we have been snubbed by this player or that or rumours about offers for sanchez etc. It is about 95% certain that these rumours are false.

  7. Judging by the massive list of Wenger’s ” I nearly signed”
    And the amount of scouts Arsenal fc have positioned around the world, We have to give some credit to the rumours where it states that the Player has been watched by representives from our club.

    When you take into account that Arsenal fc are forever opening schooling Academy’s across the Globe, one has to wonder if buying players will be a thing of the past for us.

  8. Rumours and more rumours, agents constantly use arsenal name to get other clubs interested, what i hate however is arsenal not coming out and denying the rumours, this implies that some of those rumours may have been set out by arsenal themselves

    1. Arsenal need to keep a good relationship with agents and media, plus some rumours does not hurt the club and in fact it can have some benefits (hide the true target so we can work our magic under the rugs).

  9. For me there is no doubt that we are not a club who can attract best players, nor are we interested in the best players. When I say “we” I point to the group Wenger, Gazidas, Kroenke, since in my estimation they rule the club.

    I would imagine if we had an ambitious owner like Usmanov who hired an ambitious manager like Pep or any other recognized top manager, and made available a budget like Man U has had over the last few years or like City seems to have, then Arsenal would quickly become a club who would have no problem singing top players. Historically we are still a big name in Football.

    It is just that the lack of ambition from the people in charge is not attractive to top players. After all we all know about Kroenke’s view and statements in interviews, we all know the apparent accountant Wenger seems to be and Gazidas … well he needs no explanation. To me he seems more like personal assistant to Kroenke and Wenger than a David Dein.

    I think last summer being the only club in serious football and below, to not sign an outfield player demonstrated the ambition of the club.

    You want to win you don’t go play for Arsenal. You want a nice career with not too much pressure on winning trophies you come to Arsenal and earn a lot of weekly money with not too many strings attached.

    A lot has to change at Arsenal before we are on par with the top clubs in the PL and Europe. For me it includes change of owner and winning a few major trophies.

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