Do we accept that Arsenal will never win the title under Kroenke?

The biggest Arsenal news of the summer. by Dan Smith

Of all recent developments, news coming out today should worry every gooner. Bigger then any transfer, any contract negotiations or even a footballing result, the news that Stan Kroenke wants to buy Arsenal outright is a dark moment in our history.

The cruel irony is his plans to have 100 percent control coincided with a transfer window where he again has shown zero ambition. Yet again we are failing to tie our best players down to contracts, we are spending the next few days recouping money and, worst of all, the first campaign where he can’t hide behind the shield that was Arsene Wenger.

Usmanov’s willingness to sell his shares is an acceptance that the Gunners are never going to be run in his vision. The two billionaires for years have had different view points in how we should be run. Usmanov’s promises may have been a PR stunt. Of course fans are going to back you if they hear promises of millions being spent. It’s easy talking how you would invest hypothetical money, but different when it’s your own cash.

The Russian, to many, offered the last hope. The one man rich enough to buy out the American, especially if he came under pressure. Usmanov throwing in the towel tells us we will now be the Kroenke family for generations, another asset to add to the portfolio. That’s the worrying thing.

History tells us you are deluded to think there will be a change in policy just because we have a sole owner. He has brought various sport franchises in the U.S. Ask any Americans, winning trophies is not something he deems a priority. If he doesn’t care about being a winner in his own country, why would he be any different concerning a nation he hardly comes too.

When we lost Wenger, we lost our soul. A man with influence who loved us. Supporters cheer change for change. Before any banner went up forcing out a man who cared we should’ve worried about an individual who has our fate in his hands. I’m not going to write we can win the title just to get positive comments. The facts show us winning a Premiership is unlikely the more control this man has.

Don’t get me wrong, there are fan bases like Leeds who wish they had been run like a business. I’m grateful that if revenue streams dried up, financially we have been looked after. Some observers are against the Chelsea/Man City model but you have to understand how rich the industry has become. For what goes into our bank account from TV, merchandise, sponsors, ticket sales, our outgoings should be bigger. They havn’t been since he arrived in North London. Living across the pond, he doesn’t have to worry about a backlash. Protests could transpire at the Emirates, he wouldn’t know about it.

He’s managed to stay mute at shareholder meetings, he’s given one interview to the British press. So no matter who the boss, who the marquee buy is, as long as we are owned by this man, we will never be champions again.

Dan Smith


  1. BenardoM says:

    We desperately need another CB like Koscienly so as to be able to compete this season.Mustafi and Skoratis have a similar game play which could lead to us conceding many goals

  2. st sass says:

    sure, why not?

  3. st sass says:

    why can’t we win. Evey thing is possible reference @ Leicester

  4. Chiza says:

    You guys underrate kroenke just because of his past dealings…but I promise you guys that if Kroenke continues to stay he would more you know why I’m confident?…. Josh kroenke gives me confidence..nowadays he is the one running the show not the father…josh is the reason why Wenger is out..Josh wants to build a great future for us..that’s why his father has taken total control so that Josh can have more influence……Kroenke is not a fool..he knows he has to make arsenal competitive. to increase arsenal value…he knows arsenal fans can turn on him and I’m sure his son Josh is drumming that into his ears…..the young energetic Josh Kroenke is the future of our dear club not Stan Kroenke……..meanwhile expect a Marquee signing soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….Dembele!!!!!

    1. Brian Rotich says:

      @chiza…I love your optimism bruh…even during adversities…keep it up

      1. Go ask Alice... says:

        I bet Chiza doesn’t even know the colour of Josh’s hair without googling it.

        1. GunnerJack says:

          I’d be surprised if he knew the colour of his own hair.

    2. chucky says:

      Lol, many ITKs on here and now chiza lives in the minds of the kreonkes, chiza knows best #ckb. I swear your typing fingers are bigger than your phone screen

    3. arsenal-steve says:

      what planet are you from?

    4. Goonster says:

      How many of Silent Stans American sports Franchises has ever won anything or is considered conpetitve?..
      He spent about £120 million on 2 players for the first ever time as Arsenal owner. And guess what happened this summer? He absolutely refuses to spend more because the £120 million freaked him out. We ended up with cheap signings or over the hill free agents.
      Most of our supposed rivals that are already stronger and finished above us don’t mind spending big. We on the other hand were promised that moving into the EMIRATES STADIUM would make us competitive against the other title winning sides. It’s 2018 and we are signing £30 million rated player and paying in instalments. We are signing free 34 year old over the hill players. We are signing cheap average defenders and thinking this is why we moved into the EMIRATES STADIUM? Not saying the signings are bad but the ambition and optics when it comes to our signings don’t feel me with that much optimism in terms of money being readily available.

      I will remain skeptical and cynical towards Silent Stan until his leadership yields success and progress. But right now i think he is out of touch.. Might be wrong but that’s where my heart is right now.

    5. sal says:

      josh doesn’t know anything about football unfortunetly so he needs guidance chiza, would be even more fearful for the future of Arsenal if he was in charge unlike his dad who knows the value of money and has at least a track record in sports franchises

      basically it’s a lose/lose but i would rather lose with the father then the son 🙂

  5. Things are changing says:

    I criticized Kroenke forever. He was the one ultimately responsible for keeping a failing manager in power.

    But Kroenke is in it for the money and as soon as Wenger failed to get back to the top 4 for the second year in a row he sacked him. Before that, he opened the purse for decent investments. We paid good money for the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi etc. Not Kroenke’s fault they were poor investments. Then last window we forked out a boatload for Laca whom many of us had been begging for. Then in January, he approved the purchase of Aubamayang.

    If you look at this year’s investment we have done well Aubamayang really should be viewed in my opinion as a purchase for this window brought forward to January in the hope he could have helped Wenger to get back to the top 4.

    So to say Kroenke doesn’t invest or allowed investment in the squad is incorrect. Kroenke knows very little about soccer let alone football. His mistake was to believe in Wenger. He corrected that mistake because he cares about money and knows the absence of CL football hurts his wallet in a major way. We are not City in our spending but IMO after Liverpool we have had one of the better windows and if you add Aubamayang we might have the best 2018 in terms of transfers.

    Don’t assume Kroenke is happy to let us drift down the table and the value of his investment with it.

    1. Phil says:

      I agree totally with what you have said.Why would a businessman wish to lose money on an investment?Kronke needs to concentrate on getting the supporters onside.A marquee signing like Dembele would go some way to making everyone sit up and take notice.Turning up and watching the odd game here and there wouldn’t be too much to expect either.
      I don’t know why but I’m certain this could actually be a good thing for the Club.Its easy to believe that he will strip the Club of all its money and value but I just can’t see why he would do this.
      I’m comforted by Josh Kronke too.Why would he take control and let the Club slip away.The revenue stream would quickly diminish and it’s already proven that a half empty stadium can ultimately remove someone from his position.If that did happen the Club value would pretty soon be lowered and his investment reduces.It would make more sense all round to actually invest now and really push for that CL place for next season.
      We will all have to wait and see how it all works out but I really do not believe the fanbase should be too concerned yet

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Phil, I hope you are right, but his performance as owner of his US franchises does not provide any evidence for optimism. They are all consistent failures and the fans and media despise him, but he is covered in teflon.
        One thing is for sure, if Kroenke makes Arsenal successful again the fans will unite behind the team; if Arsenal continues to slide down the table the fans will unite against Kroenke.
        United we stand.

        1. Things are changing says:

          Kroenke is a terrible owner in the US. But in the US with many teams making the playoffs and with their drafting system where the worst team gets the first pick on the incoming talent and the best team the last pick, value is not driven in the same way it is in European football.

          CL is the holy grail in terms of cash flow and the ability to attract the best players. There is a much bigger gap between the top teams and the rest in terms of cash flow and value.

          Kroenke won’t care too much about winning the PL or CL but he most definitely will want to get us back to CL football. To do that in the current environment will require investment, which he has done IMO. Once we are back in the top 4 he will try to keep us there but might not make the investments need to win the PL but as long as Pep is at City and with the money City have, that’s a long shot in any case.

          Also, in terms of control on spending and policy, there is very little that the additional stake he buys from Usmanov will get him. Yes, he can skip the once year shareholders meeting where there might be one or two “tough questions” but that is a nuisance but not a threat to him or his control.

          The only way we as fans can have influence, and that will not change, is if we act as one. The shareholding of the AST has never been more than a token holding and has never lead to any control.

          Is it a good thing Kroenke will be the sole owner? No. Will it change much in terms of the way the team is ran? I don’t see why.

          1. Enagic says:

            Kroenke can’t be terrible for buying 30% of shares just give a chance same as you did with Wenger- guess what you put your money where your mouth is!! Single owner means easy decisions to make either we have money to spend on players or we don’t

          2. Durand says:

            Kronke’s goal is top 4, make no mistake. Tv revenue, kit money, and CL pay for getting out of group stages. That’s all, nothing more.
            He’s not interested in titles; Stan said so himself remember? He didn’t get into this to win titles.
            Same with all his USA franchises here, I’ve lived in States for 45 years and know his teams well. Talk, talk, talk, that’s all he is. Josh is no different. Look at performances of teams here; you think Arsenal is different? Why?

            I’ll remind you that Los Angeles Rams STADIUM costs almost 3 times what Arsenal is worth!!!

            No my friend, Arsenal is a piggy bank; solid revenue stream, keeping positive balance sheet. He runs Arsenal like a business for a reason.

            Merely look at his teams before and after Kronke took over controlling interest. Titles too expensive; top 4 in England and get into playoffs here is only goal, period. Proof is in the pudding as they say. Facts don’t lie.

          3. Durand says:

            Forbes values Los Angeles Rams between 2.5 and 3.6 billion. Getting a brand new stadium worth over £5 billion and costs still rising.
            Arsenal is across the pond, a stable piggy bank for KSE to keep revenues on the up, and solid bank balance.

            Ask yourself all the borrowed money to partially finance an over £5 billion dollar Rams stadium, a new loan for £550 million to buy out the Russian, and despite all the new debt over last 18 months now what?

            You think he’ll invest more in Arsenal? Buy players to win title? He hasn’t for Rams and look at their worth.

          4. ozziegunner says:

            TAC, the word from Kroenke’s US sports franchises is that he only invests the bare minimum to keep them afloat and as he has been quoted as saying he doesn’t own sports teams to win things.
            As you so rightly pointed out the EPL has relegation and promotion and there is no pre-season draft to favour weaker teams with preferential draft picks.
            The compulsory acquisition of the minor shareholdings, including those of members of AST is an act of pure bastardry, as they represent about 3% of total shareholdings. Then again he moved the Rams from St Louis MO, because the City and County would not buckle under to his blackmail and build the Rams a new stadium. He is absolutely detested in his home State of Missouri for moving the Rams to LA and Colorado where he has tha Colorado Avalanche (ice hockey NHL) and the Denver Nuggets (basketball NBA).

    2. Giddyon says:

      You are on point Bro! I disagree with the author of this article. I don’t know why Arsenal has a dearth of optimistic fans. Well, probably the decade of mediocrity has changed our mentality. I want to believe no businessman invest to fail, most especially in its core operation. Hence, I believe Kroenke will invest to uplift the team judging by Ozil, Auba and Laca signings, couple with a progressive head coach we will laugh last. The only precaution is not to think we will be spending like Man City or PSG.

  6. Pablo Piccasso says:

    Lets keep calm & see how things pan out.

    The worst thing for me about this take over is the timing of it, first competitive game for Unai at home against the best team in the land. After Wenger living the fans finally united & behind the team all summer, days before the opener they decide to divide opinions again (what are they smoking at the Emirates).

    This take over only has two possible results – the club improves or we continue dwindling, hang on to your huts, its going to be an interesting ride. I hope Unai & the players are not distracted by all this, & please for the fans attending the game lets give our visitors hell & prove to the world that its all about the budge & not the other nonsense going on behind.


  7. Malch95 says:

    Very Bleak pov and although it is true that all his other teams haven’t won anything. We can’t really say arsenal isn’t investing. We broke our transfer record in consecutive windows. Players like Xhaka and mustafi cost us 35million. Despite the lack of champions league football we have spent this summer and responsibly at that. I agree that Arsenal should be able to spend 50mil on 3 players per a window but that happens when we qualify for champions league. Next season if we meet our targets and we don’t see any invest then flap your arms in the air but till then as someone has previously said it’s in Kroenkes best interest for us to be successful and to increase our market value, why on earth would he want to bleed us dry and lose ROI? Arsenal has been extremely poor the last 5 years because Arsene Wenger made horrible transfers and put zero pressure on his team to perform not Cause Kroenke hasn’t spent a billion pounds on transfers.

  8. Muffdiver says:

    I’ve woken up to soyuncu our target for ages agreeing to.join Leicester for 22 mill
    The same price we wanna pay someone 7 years older who only got a name from few games for.national team .

    Wtf ?!
    Ruined my kellogs crunchy nut completely

    1. Phil says:

      As soon as I’m back to the UK I’m going straight to the supermarket to get some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.Man did I love those back in the day.
      Thank you for reminding me what I have been missing all these years

      1. Go ask Alice... says:

        Love a bowl of crunch nut cornflakes right now, haven’t had them in years, we went onto the honey, nuts, raisins, almonds & more yolks.

  9. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    I’m really not getting the hysteria behind this takeover. Sure, the AST are mad, but we would expect them to be mad, right? Yes, AST meetings are gone, but they were huge venting sessions anyway. Did it really change where Arsenal finished in the table?
    For the average fan, is this going to really matter, or change how they view Arsenal? Sure there’ll be some carping in the short term but if we win matches, everyone will forget. If we don’t, well this will just become another crutch we use to explain our chronic under-performance (like stadium move, Dein, Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke etc)
    Overall, I’m not that pessimistic because in the long term Arsenal’s financial performance is wedded to how well the club does on the pitch. Like it or not Arsenal is a global enterprise in a performance driven industry. They need win things to continue to be relevant and to keep fans overseas happy and ensure they continue to receive lucrative endorsements and merchandise sales. Not to mention a bigger share of the pie from the League or any future Euro League.

  10. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Hello Dan,
    That’s a flawed comparison. American sports just do not operate in the same way. The LA Rams do not have to perform well to please fans in Europe, Asia and Africa. Arsenal do. The LA Rams do not have to qualify for playoffs year after year to stay relevant. They will stay relevant merely by being in the NFL. Arsenal do have to at least qualify for the Champions League semi-regularly. My point is Kroenke is not incentivized for Arsenal to do badly on the pitch. If we keep finishing 6th for a decade, his investment suffers too! If we win (or at least challenge for) titles, the club will perform better financially also.

    1. pires says:

      Good point mate.but in life it’s never free.If you want to win invest and therefore you will get rewarded financially.City an Chelsea are not stupide….

    2. Go ask Alice... says:

      I’m not sure if that’s true, we could suffer more if you compared our worth to the teams who’re making the CL and winning stuff. But if you tell me that mid table clubs and lower, ones who’ve been in the league longest, if you tell me that they haven’t been steadily increasing in value I don’t think I’d believe you. Were Liv losing value all those seasons empty handed, what about Tott, my guess is if you can find the graph it will show a steady increase, just wont be increasing as heavily as some of the rivals.

    3. Durand says:

      Sorry Victoria you could not be more wrong about Rams and NFL. Do you live in the United States?

      Ask St. Louis fans if playoffs don’t matter and only existing is relevant?

      Wenger out was nothing compared to St. Louis. The fans and city took Stan to court over the issue!!!

      Rams stadium almost 3 times the cost of whant Arsenal is worth. Arsenal valued at £1.8 billion.

      Rams stadium valued OVER £5 billion!!!! Thats right, and costs still rising. And you say playoffs not relevant, that existing in NFL is all that matters.

      And he will care more for another team across the pond? Sorry but you couldn’t be more wrong on the issue.

  11. pires says:

    He has to invest money or go.It’s as simple as that.

  12. barryglik says:

    To be fair aside from the miracle
    that was Leicester all the other
    25 PL winners bought the title.
    This season 14 teams wont get near winning it.
    Only the big 6 can win it.
    The rest are fighting to stave off relegation.

  13. Mobella says:

    History tells us you are deluded to think there will be a change in policy just because we have a sole owner. Well under Kroenke arsenal had broken his transfer records 4 times. 15m for Asharvin, 42m for Ozil, 50 for Lacazette, and 56m for PEA. Arsenal also paid premium price for some youngsters like Nasir, Chambers, Chamberlain and also paid 35m for Mustafi and Xhaka. That arsenal had not won any EPL under him is solely not his fault. That can be blamed on our former FM and the players for blowing up our chances in 2008 & 2016. Except any fan can travel through time and has seen how unsuccessful arsenal is after this takeover i don’t there is any need for this apprehension. All we can do is sit back and watch where this takeover takes the club.

    1. Go ask Alice... says:

      That’s due to inflation, had nothing to do with paying over the odds so to make them happen. For what the players were supposed to be, they would be the going rate, some might say we actually came in a little under. Ozil was supposed to be the first of many and as big a name as we could attain. Xhaka was supposed to be Alonso 2.0 but tougher and a leader. Alexis was only 30 odd mil when Martial with one season going for higher. Look how much Ox went for. Lacazette took ages but you’d have to say we paid the going rate, coming in under 50m. Auba, if Liv sold him how much would they demand in return, under sixty mil for a player with his track record is a very good price in today’s market. We got Laca and Auba in the same season so I will give them massive credit for that.

  14. Giddyon says:

    C’mon Dan, you are looking at the issue just from a perspective. I believe when you go through the comments, you will realize true Gooners here have a different opinion. Up Gooners!

    1. David Rusa says:

      I wish
      I wish to disagree with the writer of the article on most points. As a student of Political Economy I know that no capitalist like Kroenke will want to kill his investment. Capitalism is no longer at the stage of primitive accumulation of wealth but at an advanced stage in the world which is now a global village. No investor wishes to have the tag of failed investor against his name. Here we are not talking about a briefcase businessman but an American billionaire who has made his money over a long period of time amid all the American system’s scrutiny. It is not the same thing as the Russian oligarchs who sprang up overnight taking advantage of the chaos that reigned in their country. If Kroenke were to run down a famous Club like Arsenal the repercussions would not be easy for Kroenke to bear. It would have a multiplier effect on his other businesses elsewhere. I doubt that Kroenke would want such a scenario. Besides as the successful businessman that he is, Kroenke would not want to jeopardise his investments. His major aim is to generate huge profits from his investments not to suffocate them through petty transactions. Perhaps many of us argue the way we do because we have not cared to distinguish between real capitalism and petty business transactions. Kroenke is said to be worth over 8 billion dollars or about 6.5 billion British pounds. Is this the fellow some of our fans toy with. He has built his business empire around sports franchises and I believe wishes to grow even bigger. Why would he then run down Arsenal football club which is an international trade mark? Let rationality guide our submissions.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        What scrutiny in the USA, he paid his dues by denoting $1 million to Donald Trump and the Republican Party?

  15. tas says:

    i think short term Stan will give us fans a big surprise and sign a big name just to rest the natives as they say, then on he will start to tighten up the purse, as a business fourth place is the most profitable position for EPL ( because of the price tag on players required to reach fourth a lot cheaper then a huge price tag for players to wining the EPL ) but that don’t help us fans we want top prize, all we can hope for is that Stan pumps some money to be able to get back to 4th place and hope for some miracle to do a Liverpool and go one better in the CL and EPL until then just sit back and enjoy the beautiful game

  16. ozziegunner says:

    What is going on with Alan Ramsey? I know Arsenal only spent £5 million to buy from Cardiff City, but Arsenal can’t afford to let him run his conttact down. He should be sold to be on the treatment table somewhere else, if he doesn’t sign an extension.

    1. Muffdiver says:

      U know I have sleepless nights thinking to myself ….What is going on with Alan Ramsey?

      Of all the Alan’s he is the most mysterious

      1. McLovin says:

        Alan Ramsey Morrissette?

        Caglar to Leicester 22.5m wtfffff

        We spent 18 mils on a Greek Titus Bramble

        1. Mobella says:

          According to keV, we are trying to get him for a lower price after initially agreed on 35m with his club. Perhaps they are selling him to Leicester to spite us.

      2. ozziegunner says:

        Sorry Muffdiver and others, I was in a hurry and the typing went awry! I meant Aaron Ramsey. Any word please?

  17. Go ask Alice... says:

    Its a daft headline, it may seem unlikely to some almost impossible probably but do we accept it can never happen, that’s daft. Tired of Leic being used as example, but we’ve seen Liv win CL when they were clearly not the best side in Europe, we done an Inv season, Greece done some wondrous things at international level. No we don’t accept it cannot happen, end of the day the talent spotting and management is the most important part, but fans play a part too. Money is huge advantage no one disputes that but we just need to be wiser, a bit more cute than the next team, and with a little luck who knows. We have a strong forward base, the opposite way from Arsene, lets just hope our players start fighting for the badge again and then we’ll take it from there.

  18. arsenal_steve says:

    Alisher Usnanov is one clever dude. By selling his share in Arsenal and investing in Everton he can now plough that money into making Everton into a top European team. He knows that Greedy Stan is only about control and power. So Greedy Stan has borrowed £550,000 pounds which Arsenal must pay back to him. So Everton will grow big and Arsenal will suffer from guess what…….AUSTERITY. It should be illegal for Stan Kroenke to own 5 big clubs, one of which is Arsenal. A bit like diluted orange squash…..not the real thing. 10 years or so of Kroenke = sweet FA (cup).

  19. Ray says:

    Lets not be too negative!

    I for one would be glad not to have Russian ownership in the club. Then, maybe one day British money will buy Kronke out!?

    Usmanov probably had his own personal intentions and wanted to “play the field” against his foe, over at Chelski? We may never know. It’s just a shame that Kronke is not playing that same game against his foe over at Liverpool!

    Liverpool are a team that have all the intentions of battling for the biggest prizes in modern football. Arsenal have fallen so far behind that it’s going to take a massive “hop, skip and a jump” to get back into the running. That, as we all know will take more money than the American is investing or is prepared to invest.

    I think we have the manager to get the best out of what we have right now. It’s just a shame the the soon-to-be outright owner has the smallest dose of competitive blood in his veins.

    Ambitious, yes. Competitive?

    At the end of the day, without the fans there is no club. Kronke can have full ownership. But, he will never own the fans!!

    1. gmv8 says:

      Absolutely – the fans do have the power. Kroenke is in to Arsenal for the lucrative media rights. If the club does badly and the stadium is empty, the media won’t have any interest in the club and profits will tumble, which is what happened last year and finally caused action to be taken. To be fair to Liverpool fans, they protested tirelessly against Hicks and Gillett, who bore a resemblance to Kroenke in their loans from Deutsche Bank etc, so success for them has been hard fought for, and they are only seeing a turn around 10 years later. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself at Arsenal, but we may have to dig in as well.

  20. Uche Edochie says:

    I love this site but we have become so negative. If you are going to write articles like this, why bother wake up in the morning? Why bother go to work? The world is going to shit, the leader of the free world is a mad man, global warming will eventually eviscerate mankind and robots may soon take over the world. Keep going. Why stop at Kroenke wrecking Arsenal? The level of negativity on this now defies common sense. It is sickening. I come here so excited and I leave depressed. Enough of this crap.

  21. ks-gunner says:

    It goes hand to hand with ambition. Stan is that type of man who among st all the other owners in the league is the one who lacks the most ambition of them all. Wenger has done his best to adjust us to accept mediocre but fans never did so instead we where waiting with patience hoping that better days would come. Now the wake up call has come. Wenger has turned out to be an impostor who did not know better himself, and while waking up we also understood that a monster was hiding under our beds all of this time, and now he is out to get you. Srry, i mean the cash you have, so hand it over, otherwise you dont support Arsenal, lol

    1. David Rusa says:

      You don’t understand it. You can’t be a billionaire in the USA like Kroenke without extreme ambition. It is very easy to be rich in a corrupt system like Russia or third world countries but in Western countries no way. Kroenke must have toiled greatly to be where he is. What you call lack of ambition is what finance experts call frugality or rational use of resources. Why buy a player 90 million when you could get a similar or better one for less. All Capitalists practise penny pinching. No spendthrift can be a capitalist in the Capitalist Western countries. Those who spend anyhow are the Arab oil Sheiks who just convert their oil into dollars and don’t have to account to anyone or the Russian oligarchs who were close to the system and used their positions to enrich themselves. Those are the fellow’s some people refer to as ambitious. Remember the saying “Easy come easy go”?

      1. Durand says:

        Or Stan could marry one of the heirs to the Billions from Walmart stores. Not sure how their finances are, jointly or separate, but having a wife worth billions by herself can’t hurt.

  22. Midkemma says:

    Too much focus on Silent Stan.

    Are people stupid enough to get distracted by a shiny thing while the persons other hand is pickpocketing you?

    Silent Stan doesn’t take personal control over clubs, the investment clubs make are within a business structure and we all know what that is, if we make the cash then we can spend that cash.

    Silent Stan really isn’t going to become a monkey on our CEOs back to spend more than the club has made.

    What we need is a CEO who has a pair of footballs and not just a face that looks like one. A CEO who can push for top deals in many aspects of a clubs marketing avenue, this means not getting a deal that was good 5 years ago and proclaiming it is good now!
    We need a CEO who isn’t afraid to blow a large stack of cash if the head of recruitment advocates a world class top player.

    What we have instead is Silent Stan who see’s Gazidis as a tool, a tool that has increased his share value may I point out! Silent Stan is not a gooner like us so from his perspective, club becoming worth more is good, it is developing.

    Gazidis is the one we should be jumping on, he is the one who spent all Jan to sign Auba and left no time for a CB which aiding in last seasons being our worst for… too long. Gazidis is the one who changed AFC spending from signing quality to signing quantity and now we have that quantity without quality, we are having difficulty selling some of it.

    Seriously… Owners pick people who work for them and if Silent Stan aimed to get us a top CEO then we could compete with UTD easily, remember that they was bought using their own money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Durand says:

      Sorry Midkemma you could not be more wrong. Merely look at St. Louis situation and how he handled that. His home state promised people players, investment, success, etc…sound familiar?

      Entire time he gained total ownership in 2010 he set plans in motion to move Rams to Los Angeles. The fans and city of St.Louis took Stan and KSE to court over the issue, ( stadium, financing, etc) and lost in court, something about wrongful jurisdiction. I don’t get it myself.

      End result, Rams worth 2.5- 3.5 billion going to Los Angeles in a over 5 billion dollar stadium. I’ll also add 2 NFL teams fought against move by sueing the NFL. Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. Both those 2 lost to Silent Stan.

      45 years here in the States and I’m warning everyone over in England, trying my best, but your sorry ass media refuses to tell the truth and show the proof from here in States.

      Krone got 30% of Rams in 1995, in 1999 Rams won Superbowl, went back to Superbowl and lost 2 years later. When owner died in 2010, before they could offer shares to 3rd party Stan grabbed them up complete owner in 2010.

      Losing record, moving to Los Angeles, and made playoffs JUST LAST YEAR only to lose out. Think losing group stages CL.

      Arsenal will not be any different. Expect talk, talk, talk and no titles. Proof is all over his USA teams if you look. But hey, you are free to think differently if you like; just don’t tell me crap when I’ve seen it for decades here in the States.

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