Do we believe that Alexis is really ‘sick’ after announcement of return?

Arsene Wenger yesterday revealed that Alexis Sanchez would return to training for Arsenal on Sunday, and that announcement has been swiftly followed by our star claiming to be ‘sick’.

The French boss yesterday announced that both Alexis and Shkodran Mustafi would return to the squad on Sunday, having had an extended break following their exploits in the Confederations Cup.

The Chile international may well put that date back now, having taken to social media to insist that he is sick, and while poking his bottom lip out… To me that is a sad face…

This story will only move to fuel the speculative fire, with the forward believed to be keen on playing Champions League football, with Paris Saint-Germain currently linked with a move to bring him to France.

Only this week, Arsene Wenger insisted that Alexis would not be leaving the club this summer, whilst claiming that the player had not asked to leave the club either, but his word is being questioned having said similar things about Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and other players previously.

I don’t see this as coincidence that he has posted this claim less than 24 hours from his return being announced, and his exit needs to happen to be honest.

We need to make sure we sell to a club abroad before we end up paying the price with him joining a rival Premier League club on a free transfer in 12 months time. That would be disastrous.

Does Alexis actually look sick to you? Does this just confirm that he has no intention of returning to play for Arsenal?

Pat J

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  1. ZEN2OH says:

    He’s not sick, rather he’s tired of going back to Arsenal training, his mind is made up to joining Man City training grow for New Challenge. However either PSG or City should cough out £100 million so we can sell to them and we will just add £80 million to get Mbappe if NOT then both Buying clubs should forget about Sanchez

    1. muff..di...di...di...diver i now stutter cos this club made me suffer says:

      as tupac shakur once said…never trust a man who laughs at losing

      stay ill u dickhead, hope u get sold
      whether its you or agent doing this , the damage is done

      1. Dalinho says:

        Wenger said psg tried to sign alexis but didn’t succeed so alexis had his chance to move and ruined it by asking for to much! And when a club says u can go but not to a rival it’s fair coz it’s not like alexis is a life long Man City fan like cesc was for barca so it’s simple! Alexis had no excuses for wenger or the board coz they sanctioned his psg move which pits arsenal in a good position and only leaves one thing SO AMBITION and show alexis we ain’t relying on him

    2. sulgem says:

      i don’t think Sanchez will be playing with his full potential and get what we expected from him the coming season if things continued goiing on like this .Wenger hss to buy a player who can replace him even if he wants to keep him for next season.

      1. Dory says:

        I disagree. Alexis HAS to play to his full potential. He is in the last year of a contract. He will be 29 going on 30 at the end of the contract. If he doesn’t play to his full potential he will only be hurting himself. He needs to show other clubs why he is worth his high wage demands. That said, this is how I see it all playing out (dream scenario):
        1. He stays with Arsenal and plays well.
        2. At some point in the season he will get hurt and miss lots of time.
        3. Arsenal will be challenging for the PL title.
        4. Because of his injury, Alexis will miss many important games. Despite his absence, Arsenal will be st it best the top.
        5. Arsenal wins the PL without Alexis. He comes back late in the season and helps a little.
        6. Because of his time missed, no other teams will show interest in paying Alexis the wages he wants.
        7. Arsenal offer him a great contract as PL champs. Alexis signs it because other teams won’t pay his wage demands.

        The following season Arsenal will be in CL with Alexis, Lemar, Lacazette, Ozil, and Saed. Perhaps also with Goeretska.

        Arsenal win the CL. Everyone is happy!

        Here’s to dreaming! Cheers mates.

        1. Dalinho says:

          Then u wake up and realise Fabregas is better than the entire arsenal midfield and sits on the bench for Chelsea who become next season champions bcoz they got morata bakayoko rudiger and batsuaryi the season b4 and arsenal only got lacazette THE END

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    He is sick of one of the three or two of the three..

    1. Sick of Arsenal and London
    2. Sick of the media, his agent and the news on line
    3. Sick of a virus after a long break and Confederation cup

    Sanchez, only you know what’s wrong

    1. Kostafi says:

      How do we know it’s not the dog who’s sick?

      I think the “contract rebel” is rebelling against “the man” telling the media when he should report for duty. Way to stick it to “the man.” Just bring your sick note with you on Monday

  3. Stelios says:

    Can we please just sell him. This is becoming ridiculous, why do we want to keep a trouble maker that puts himself above the team. He has an over inflated self belief and there are many players out there that we can buy in his place. Arsenal has become a team of lazy, arrogant and greedy players. He worked very hard last season and congratulations to him. Unfortunately I believe that it was what he was paid to do and not an amazing achievement. Either sell him or leave him on the bench for the whole season especially if he’s too ill to train

  4. Vlad says:

    You know who else is sick? Me… of hearing about Sanchez.

    1. Anko says:

      He is becoming too full of himself, I think he should be offer to some other club for 60 million. Am sure there is a club out there that is ready to pay his wage demands. Thwart! He will be shock Man City will rather stick to Aguero than pay him 300 every week.

  5. ArsenalMan says:

    This only prove having sanchez this season might be costly. His mind is made up so playing for arsenal this season might be negative in the dressing room which ain’t good for the title challenge.

  6. Kevin Hendon says:

    If he’s sick, then he won’t be able to pass a medical……………………..Will he !!!!!

  7. Subi says:

    Why can’t he just make a clear statement like a real man? Damn primadonnas today

  8. sam-afc says:

    he’s off. its blatantly obvious he wants out. if he was intending to stay at arsenal we would all know by now.

    Wenger lying to the fans once again. Henry, Fabregas, Adebayour, Nasri, RVP were all 100% staying. we knew what happened after he said that though

  9. Janssen says:

    I think there is a good chance that if we force Sanchez to stay his last year that he will be “sick” and “injured” a lot. That is why I don’t believe in forcing him to stay against his will.
    I know it might feel unfair since he is under contract but this is football and players have the power when their contract runs down to 1 year.

    Do we really want to risk an unhappy Sanchez infecting the squad?

    1. neil says:

      no team will want to buy him if he spends a whole season pretending to be sick or not trying as they know it could happen to them
      Pep could be gone by following season anyway if he doesnt want anything again this year.. then Man City new manager might not want a sulky man !

      1. Janssen says:

        I just don’t think he will want to risk getting injured before he goes to his new club and I think he is a street fighter who will be very angry if Wenger stands in his way of success be it financial or sporting. We should have never let his contract run down to 1 year and lose control of the process. Throwing your best player into the reserves for a season to “prove a point” is not being in control it simply means you have lost year best player for free.

        There is a reason most clubs realize it doesn’t pay to keep players against their will.

  10. Neil Fitt says:

    It’s no good how skilful a player is,if his heart isn’t in he’s less than average use.
    I,m disappointed in his attitude ,rather like a spoiled brat that can’t get his way.
    It has to be said that it’s as much his fault he,s not in the champions league as the rest of the team.
    He should man up and put in a great season and ensure the league and Europa and fa cup treble.
    Then he would be acclaimed world class!
    But somehow I don’t think he,s man enough.So sell him abroad not to city! And move on!

  11. lord wafflebury says:

    Like vlad am sick of all this sanchez nonsense. Wenger just sell him to city ffs now and get rid of him…i know they are a rival but he will go there next season for free anyway…if hes forced to see out his contract his petulence in the dressing room this season could seriously disrupt the team !
    Wish he had the common courtesy to speak up for himself and tell everybody his side of things. Enough is enough…we are Arsenal and no player is bigger than the club.

  12. lord wafflebury says:

    Like vlad am sick of all this sanchez nonsense. Wenger just sell him to city ffs now and get rid of him…i know they are a rival but he will go there next season for free anyway…if hes forced to see out his contract his petulence in the dressing room this season could seriously disrupt the team !
    Wish he had the common courtesy to speak up for himself and tell everybody his side of things. Enough is enough…we are Arsenal and no player is bigger than the club.

  13. COYG_CA says:

    Bottom line regarding San-too-big-for-his-britches-Chez, is he has not openly come out to say he wants to leave. However, he has not come out to say he is willing/wanting to stay. He has a pretty big ego now thanks to Arsenal pulling him from Barca and allowing him the freedom and support to flourish. We know he wants to play every minute, yet his ego is too big to comprehend the likely scenario that if he were to move to another club, he would NOT be the center of attention all the time, likely, and he definitely would not play every minute/game elsewhere.

    Now, if he were to go to Manchity, he would NOT be “the man” there, but one of a group of egos fighting for their spotlight and he would quickly turn to sulking, this I believe. If he were to go to PSG (which I do not believe he wants to go there), again, he would have to fight for that spotlight; if Naymar does end up there, no way would he want to have to compete with his spotlight, no way. So, back to my opening comments – he is either playing little child-like games to squeeze a huge extension from Arsenal (waiting to hear what Ozil manages to squeeze so he could demand higher), or he is full of himself and believes wherever he goes he would/could be the big star anywhere else.

    BTW, has any club come out with an actual huge offer to support the notion he would be their star and number one gem? I get it, he only has a year on his contract, but still, with all the mega $ out there now being thrown around, surely, if a club really wanted him so badly and rated him as a huge player, where are the big offers??? Perhaps other clubs would love to have him as a player, but would they want to deal with another ego in their squad? I think other clubs are watching the way he is acting now (and considering the tantrums he has already thrown) and are wondering if he would be worth the trouble? Just wondering. I’m obviously nobody related to this, but looking at this from the outside, if I were a Manager or owner, I’d be thinking, this guy is a great player, no doubt, but if he doesn’t get his way he could be an annoyance or worse.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. Wouldn’t be surprised if he and Ozil are waiting for the other to make a deal so the other could demand more$ than the other to be the highest paid player on the roster . . .

    1. Liam says:

      Couldn’t agree more. He won’t be the star man at city or, as you stated, other ‘big’ clubs. He will then realise as many others do that the grass isn’t always greener. That being said, we nee to take a long hard look at ourselves as a club, on the pitch anyway. We just seem to be shouting ourselves in the foot constantly. Wenger with his crazy excuses as if we all have the intelligence of a 3 year old and the club I.e. CEO backing down on their words.

      All up for backing wenger yet again this season but this is it now, the guy has literally run out of excuses. We can’t fall apart yet again. Otherwise I think we need to completely change our way of playing. Kolasinac is a great buy. Another great DM would also be great this season. Coquelin just doesn’t cut it for me.

  14. funkyrith says:

    Can anyone who understands the home grown system in EPL post in detail of who are home grown and who are expendable in Arsenal? squad

  15. Ian wrights bruva says:

    Yep he,s sick alright. Sick or being an arsenal player, and I’m sick of him.

    Arsenal fans are moaning about the lack of signings get, potentially the biggest threat to arsenal being derailed is alexia sulking like a baby and underrmining the teams efforts.

    As the saying goes, it only takes one bad apple. If he does not want to play for the club he will not motivate him self and then he becomes a liability.

    Wenger may well be saying alexis is going nowhere and wants him to stay, this isn’t a lie, it’s the manager trying to support a contracted player. But if I was running arsenal, I would tell him to f-.k off and sel him to the highest foreign club who stumps up the money.

    Hero to zero, move him on.

    1. COYG_CA says:

      . . . and how many (foreign) clubs have come out to make a statement and have stumped up a big $ offer?
      ZERO . . .
      Or are ALL the big clubs politely waiting for the old prof to announce he is for sale, start the bidding???

      1. Ian wrights bruva says:

        You have a point, no-one of note and that speaks volumes about the player. He is a stroppy little boy. Take the money from the first club outside the epl who wants him. A team is made up of individuals pulling in the same direction, not 10 players and one with an agenda (who potentially) can undermine the efforts of the team.

        Alexis obviously wants out, so let him go on our terms, trying to force someone to do well doesn’t work unless they are willing to, his behaviour at the moment provides no evidence that he vwant to win with us

        The club is bigger than the player.

  16. Andrew Elder says:

    It’s getting boring now. If he was truly ‘world class’ Barcelona would have him back and let Neymar go. I think we should swap him for Lemar as he obviously does not want to play for AFC and we would be chucking away £50 million if he goes for a free. We can then put that £50m towards buying somone llike Virgil Van Dyke to shore up our defence.

    I suppose one is allowed to dream?

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      He is World Class. There is a limit to how many world class forwards Barca and Madrid can take in. They have Neymar, Suarez, Messi, Ronaldo, Bale and soon Mbappe.

      I hate how Alexis is acting and he should be sold abroad. I don’t like Alexis anymore but he is still one of the few World Class players in the Premiere League

  17. IBtech says:

    I think Arsen Wenger and Arsenal would have done their analysis thoroughly. the key factors in the analysis will be
    1) Arsenal selling Alexis this summer for say 70m(huge sum for a player with a year left on his contract)
    2) Arsenal’s chances of qualifying for champions league(the least) this season without alexis
    3)Arsenal’s premier league position for the coming season without Alexis.
    4)The cost of losing out of the champions league for the second time compared to the cost of losing Alexis on a free after qualification.
    Anybody can make some calculations with above info. it will always likely be a lose-win or win lose situation for Arsenal.
    With Alexis(our highest goal scorer for the season by a very wide margin) in the team for the, and with some reported reinforcement, Arsenal will most likely deliver champions league football and maybe more. And those reinforcements along with others to be added next summer would have grown into filling the void left by Alexis.
    Now imagine Arsenal without Alexis, i doubt if Arsenal can survive it this crucial season because they were never prepared for the big loss. And the effect is far worst than keeping him and letting him go for free next season. It will take a whole lot to replace him this season(which i doubt a ball Arsenal have) if Arsenal will stand any chance of getting anything meaningful out of the season.
    my opinion though

  18. Angad Desai says:

    Sanchez will leave no doubt. It seems he is on his way to Paris or mancity. that means two more signings will be done this season. one either mahrez or lemar and one midfielder. AW is lying as always.

  19. waal2waal says:

    If Arsenal’s *billionaire backer’s supported their team more and made it known like Abramovich by putting the money where their mouth is (rhetorical saying) then perhaps talented players wouldn’t continue to use arsenal as if we’re a stepping stone to go to somewhere else. Love or loathe him it don’t matter anymore. The Arsenal still has the potential to promote another as the epitome of everything good at arsenal. Lets get behind Ozil and Lacazette, these will forge the partnership that’ll take us beyond sanchez and from under the cloud of despair created by 1 billionaire backer.

  20. Arsenal_Girl says:

    In one summer Alexis has turned from an Henry type of person to a Ashley Cole type.

    He should be more professional than this.

    4 Options:
    1. Sell him abroad and get a Top forward to replace him .
    2. If he doesn’t accept play him for one more season.
    3. If he doesn’t cooperate and plays poorly then keep him in the reserves until contract runs out.
    4. Only sell to City if we get Aguero or De Bruyne in exchange.

  21. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Arsenal is bigger than Alexis. Arsenal is bigger than any player or manager.

  22. Just ship off this spoiled brat. There is a limit to what fans can tolerate. With him we finished 5th . without him, we were always in the top 4 or even better when real world class players like Henry were at the club.

  23. Gooner100 says:

    Shame there is an exception to the UEFA rules, otherwise I’d say sell him, but not before registering him for the Europe league ?….

  24. geo says:

    We are digging our own hole. The players today employ smart and well oiled agents. The employment laws in the uk would allow an employee to be sick for 6 months on full pay. The club should be strong and sell him on if he shows no intention to stay and sign again. Sell him and bring in van dyke and Barkley.

  25. Mobella says:

    I can see ppl rightly turning against Alexis. He has being so frivolous in the way he is handling his desire to leave arsenal. At first, he was using his mate national team and he is so sick to resume for training and deem it fit to let us know himself instead of the club. He is a fantastic player and arsenal will compete for EPL with him but it is best for arsenal to sell him right now to avoid what else might be coming.

  26. Billwilliam says:

    I think Sanchez is sick psychologically. That is enough to put him off. Right now he is on the fence thinking whether he is going to play for another club or arsenal is going to force him to obey his contract. AW is the treatment. We all know AS7 is class but I think it is going to be hard working with unhappy Sanchez.

  27. COYG_CA says:

    Maybe if Arsenal received some tempting larger offers it would take care of itself. As it stands now, no offers made to report on. Honestly, you’re telling me if “big name players” from other clubs were holding off to run down their contract, clubs wouldn’t be pumping-up large bids, now? I promise, if Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, etc., even the Mbappe kid, if these players were running down their last year contract, clubs would be in a bidding war! Where are all the very interested clubs with large bids to make the choice easy and get them such a great player? I don’t buy the “he could go for a free BS” argument anymore. Where are all the interested bidders?

    1. neil says:

      Apparently PSG have made an offer ..obviously they would go low knowing Arsenal dont want to sell to a PL rival…
      A lot is going to continue to be said but I do hope Wenger sticks to his guns and not sell at all unless an amazing player becomes suddenly available who could be funded by the sale of Alexis
      Sanchez will not go on strike if he is not sold because he loves football so much.. however he might get frustrated as the other Arsenal players wont let him hog the ball anymore now they know he wants to leave !

      1. COYG_CA says:

        A lot of people are still looking at all this from transfer windows of the past, the fees (and rational thinking) all are blown-up now and very interested clubs are willing to spend big on players they want, no matter even if the player just signed a new 5-year deal at their current club! I am saying, IF there was a really interested club with the $, it would be done, he’d be gone – period.

  28. Billwilliam says:

    I am only worried he is lowering our negotiation power because he is showing urgency to leave. We could just let him go and recoop enough to buy an attacker who can fit in his position. There everybody would be happy. I don’t like this feeling of “irreplaceability”

    1. gmv8 says:

      We could let him go abroad … just not to Citeh. If he want to play games, let him. Arsenal are willing to write off 50m, so at the end of the day the damage to himself will be immense, while the damage to Arsenal will be small.

  29. Viera Lyn says:

    Now I’m not sure if the biggest stumbling block moving forward is the antiquated manager and Mr. Monopoly or the asinine fan base that continues to slag Sanchez…so far today I’ve read several people attacking the merits of Sanchez on this team, the purchasing of Benzema(like we couldn’t use him) and even some suggesting Bale isn’t the right kind of player for us…what is seriously wrong with you people…so you’re sick of hearing about the Sanchez saga, then attack the very people that created the problem…so you think that no one person is bigger than the club? then explain why Wenger is still here because no one can doubt that he thinks he’s bigger…the only thing that Sanchez has done since arriving here is work exceptionally hard(dare you to find someone on this squad who has worked harder), score goals, supply assists and make other players more accountable for their ineptitude on the pitch…this team made promises to him and us and the only individuals who have failed to deliver, time and time again, are those in management…we should embrace the fact that someone finally called their bluff again and instead of attacking the person who had the courage to do so let’s place the blame firmly where it belongs…please keep in mind that it was Wenger who allowed those contracts to run down, it was Wenger who didn’t bring in the proper players, it was Wenger who is always blaming the officials for his mismanagement and ineptitude, it was Wenger who can’t get the tactics right and it was Wenger who did exactly what Sanchez is doing now by not be honest about why Alexis didn’t start in the Liverpool game…as for the whole using of the press and/or social media in the negotiating process, remember it was the club that first adopted this strategy when they leaked stories declaring that Sanchez was a locker room poison so they could escape blame in case Sanchez left…open your eyes people, this club is on the brink of disaster so please don’t slag any chance we might get to have any world-class players on this squad because it just might be the last

  30. Coldzero says:

    Couldn’t care less who we sell him to, get rid. How he is acting is not the Arsenal way – pick your bags Alexi and get out.

  31. Shinoda_Kc says:

    I love Arsenal fans, we are special indeed. A few months ago, almost everyone was praising Sanchez for his hard work on the pitch and bashing the rest of the squad & Wenger for not performing. Today almost everyone has forgotten all that & it’s the other way round. The media has managed to turn almost every fan against Sanchez. Arsenal has been in a decline for a very long time & the signs were always there. I know we all love Arsenal, but would you not be pissed off if your club doesn’t show ambition? You don’t sell your best players, you build a better squad around them. Just look at all/most of the top teams, I’m actually getting scared of next season just because of what I’m seeing with the other clubs. Sanchez was our biggest contributor of our goals last season, that’s how influential he is on the pitch, and he’s not injury prone. Love him or hate him, but when he’s on the pitch, he delivers. We have more problems than him that need to be sorted. Going into a season with the same crop of players who always perform once in a while or half of the season is just madness. You can’t trust that midfield of ozil, xhaka, ramsey & coquelin to perform consistently for the whole season because we have already seen that. Whether he’s sick or not, whether he wants to go or not, I only hope that he gets to stay & give us more goals and that fighting spirit. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Love you all Gooners.

  32. Ronny says:

    Get rid!
    Thanks for what you did and your efforts but the last year that we finished 5th it was no coincidence there was a training bust up, you laughed at our failure whilst on the bench you shouted at and disrespected your team mates.
    This all has a big part to play in why our season fell apart as it did. A taste of what could come this season if he stays, bad aura and bad big ego!

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