Do we even need Raheem Sterling at Arsenal?

Raheem Sterling to Arsenal may not happen this January or ever; the rumours just have to stop
By Sylvester Kwentua
Hello family. Raheem Sterling has always been linked to Arsenal in every transfer window and this is becoming an ongoing trend.
Ever since Arteta came to Arsenal, he has never hidden his desire to reunite with the player he worked with at Manchester City. But apart from the fact that Sterling has been playing fewer games at City recently; which may give Arsenal a glimmer of hope, Raheem Sterling to Arsenal may never happen… and here are my reasons.
No European football:
Arsenal currently can’t offer European football to him and getting back into the Champions League for next season may be too much to ask of the team right now. Even if Sterling was to come to Arsenal, it probably won’t be this January, and I am certain a lot of us know this.
High wages:
I am not sure how much Sterling earns at Man City, but coming to Arsenal would mean Arsenal was ready to pay him big! Let’s face it, the only way we can attract top class players this January, is with money. Can Arsenal afford to include one more fat salary to their list of high wages? Even for next season? Your guess is as good as mine.
No immediate need for him:
Maybe if we had bought him last summer, he would have been the signing of the season, but right now, with the form of virtually every attacking Arsenal player this season, Sterling may not really be what Arsenal needs right now. Right?
He may not be as explosive as he was:
Sterling has not been playing regularly and this may reduce his effectiveness in games. Why go for a player who does not enjoy regular playing time at City?
Alright guys, there are my reasons..
Do you think Arsenal really needs Raheem Sterling or not?
We are Arsenal and proud.
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  1. No, we’ve got Smith-Rowe, Martinelli and Balogun for the left wing. We still have Taylor-Hart, Lewis and Flores from the academy as well

    Sterling is a highly experienced and skillful LW. But he’ll demand an exorbitant wage and his hunger for major trophies must be lesser than our young wingers, because he’s won EPL three times

    1. Too early to claim Smith Rowe and Martinelli are better
      And how do you know any of the others are good enough ?

      1. I’ve never claimed Sterling is better than our young wingers. Sterling is definitely more experienced and more proven than them though

        Perhaps they aren’t as good as Sterling yet, but signing Sterling will only stop their developments and make us lose our hot prospects

        1. Sterling is definitely better than ESR and Martinelli. He is a proven world class, ESR has just started to rise, while Martinelli has yet to get his chances. Remember at 17 Sterling was as exciting or even more than Saka. (Not to be pessimistic, but the likelihood of our players reaching Sterling’s level is slim)

          Of course his wage is high, but it would be crazy to say no to Sterling. This guy is one of the best winger in the world rotting in City bench. He would be our “Messi” on the left wing and definitely increase our game level. Would Sterling hinder our youngsters? No, if we could secure Champions league for next season. Anyway, we would need someone of his quality if we do not want to be targetted by the big clubs in champions league.

          Dont get me wrong though, I am excited with our young players, but I feel it is important to get one or two marque signing if we want to compete in europe again..

    2. Gai,
      I think if Sterling is available and his terms and requirement is decent Arsenal should get him. He would be an inspiration to the likes of Matinelli and ESR. Then we can sell Pepe. It would be up to Arteta to see how he fits into his plans. Sterling would surely be a positive addition. He can also strike fear into some opposition back line because he is very skillful and Auba will surely benefit. We need quality numbers in the squard and on the bench in Arsena because of
      our often injuries and cup games.

      1. He’d make some of our talented young LWs leave. We have to prioritize the CF position first, since we’d most likely lose Lacazette and Nketiah

        1. I think we would have to sell some of our young talents. I mean we cant have 2 layers of young players queueing up for chances, and like Martinelli should be our youngest LW unless we have some really talented LW in which we have to consider selling Martinelli. GAI I feel that would be a more balance way of being sustainable yet remain competitive..

  2. I think sterling is a brilliant player. He is alot better than any of the wingers we currently have imho. (Currently better than saka who could potentially become better).

    With ESR often filling in on the left wing this would give us a second explosive option down the left and allow ESR to play through the jddle jn his natural position .

    We could recoup some of the money by selling pepe. Or allow sterling to teach pepe and or reiss nelson.

    No brainer imho. Is he available at a decent price is the of question

  3. 100% yes. Vlahovic/Jovic Sterling/Zaha and Rice/Bissouma. 1 of each and we could potentially win the league next season.

  4. Being an old cynic, I’ve always thought the best way to stop rumours is to not write about them.

    If Sterling was to come to our club, we would be improving the squad, but would that be in the short term and to the detriment of, say, Martinelli?

  5. We having a good spell and all of a sudden all these articles asking, “Do we even need ……………?”

    Can we please stop acting like we have a squad of world beaters and never get injuries!

    Not saying Sterling is a perfect fit for us but there’s lots of room to improve our squad

  6. Yes….target for November was 6th place..achieved…….target for season end is Europe….for Europe Arsenal will need quality squad depth…more players will come in within the next two transfer windows…..the young players still need time and may go on loan as with Saliba..don’t think Martinelli and Balogun are ready to be Arsenal regulars..they should go on loan for 2 seasons and Arsenal should buy ready made players for cup glory…the tried and tested way……..the 6 players Liam Gallagher mentioned will do…….😀

  7. Do we need Sterling? It’s the wrong question and depends on the context:
    – Yes, he would improve the team a lot
    – Do other positions need filling more? Yes
    – Would his purchase make a statement? Yes
    – Do we want him? Yes
    – Can we afford him? Probably not.

  8. Another 300k /week player for a team not in any European competition? That’s stupidity.
    So why did we start rebuilding and buying players with less wages?
    This is one of the most ridiculous rumours in recent time

  9. If we are to manage the deal financially, I would say Arsenal must go in for Sterling. The main reasons being his skill, big match temperament, experience, title winning mentality and being trained under the best manager in the world. He will be a real force to reckon with for opposition defenders. He can teach our youngsters so many factors about being a perfect winger. Also, if we have ambitions for top 4 this season, we will need more quality depth considering burn out, injuries and suspensions. The only problem would be his high wages, but quality comes at a cost.

  10. No to Sterling but still sell Pepe & buy a replacement, Martinelli will get his proper chances once Auba leaves (Gabby had a massive injury also) and that well could be in the summer.

    Laca should be sold in Jan along with Eddie, Balogun can step up & we can sign a striker along with an Attacker. Elneny & Kolasnic may leave for free in January, Xhaka will be back but will be without Partey so another Midfielder to step in along with Lokonga & Niles.

    CM, CF & Attacking Winger is needed in January. Pepe, Laca, Eddie, Kola, Elneny & Partey (AFCON) will all be possibly gone. Maybe a back up RB too but it all cant be done in One window!

  11. True Adajim, all the biggies led us to 8th twice and 20th for 3 weeks. Last season ESR & Saka bailed us out. Enough of these big wage players, lets continue the process started by Mikel to unearth hidden gems, compensate their clubs and players in a sane manner. We can have a rethink later in the season if we are in UCL, then we might need some more players but not those on 250-300K/week. There are dozens of good players in other leagues, let Mikel continue the good wok of undoing the rubbish accumulated by the previous regimes. Let us not change the morale of the team right now.

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