Arsenal must not get too reliant on Saka and Smith-Rowe

So much for wrapping them up in cotton wool!


You know I like nothing more than when our Arsenal players get called up to their respective national sides (well sometimes) but now more than ever I think we need to manage them better!


This season for obvious reasons is not going as we hoped it would. After claiming the FA Cup and the Community Shield just a few months after Arteta taking the reins, we thought top four would be the least we would get, but that is sadly not to be the case.


As the team has clearly struggled with lack of confidence, character, intensity and creativity this season it was hard for us fans to see where it would come from. But a revival in December with big inputs from the likes of Saka and Smith-Rowe have helped get some sort of form and character into the team where not all, but some, results have proved what we are capable of.


So as the season goes on it seems that players like Saka and Smith-Rowe are becoming an ever important part of the side, which I have no issues with. But I do feel that we should also focus on the more senior players because if I was a senior player and I thought fans were more confident in the younger stars then I would be worried about their confidence in my ability, and of course it would change my mindset each time I play. I think all players should be shown the same amount of confidence because, let’s not forget, no one player is bigger or better than a club, not even Saka or Smith-Rowe.


What I will say in their defence though is yes it is good that they are coming through the academy into the first team and yes it is a proud moment for them to be called up to the England side. But given how this season has gone with the lockdown, the number of games played and the Euros still to come, is it really fair on them to be called up to their national sides when the clubs need them to be careful as much as ever right now?




Shenel Osman


  1. The senior players should’ve been motivated to keep up with the youngsters, if they still care about football. Arteta’s system seems to rely heavily on pressing high up the pitch, so we depend on energetic players like Smith-Rowe and Saka

  2. Some might think my views are bs regarding this subject but I am going to say it anyway because it is what I believe.

    A team should depend on any player who delivers regardless of their age. Why should they be rested or used sparingly if they are the ones carrying the team? As you have pointed out it is Saka and Rowe who have saved the team from a bigger embarrassment than it is now.

    An injury prone player is just bad genes because for every one Wilshire we have Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney and recently Mbappe and Haaland. Ronaldo and Messi were battling for Balon dor in their early 20s.

    We had Fabregas who was overplayed while given a big responsibility of being captain of a very big club at the young age and delivered.

    There are countless examples of many players who played consistently from young age even more so at Arsenal.

    Citing one or two players who had injury problems from young age as the reason is like saying flying is not safe because of one plane accident.

    We should not be concerned with the dinosaurs feelings because if they cared they would’ve delivered to the best of their abilities. Having confidence in the younger ones is the right message to send to them that they are not playing to the standards they are capable of.

    1. You have said it all @highbury hero, I dont have much to add.
      who cares about the feelings of our older players? If the younger players are performing better I think they deserve our full support. The older players should be ashamed of themselves. Its either they get motivated and improve or they should give way. Simple!

  3. I think we need to rely on them if they are on form.

    Nothing is guaranteed that they will keep their form next season. If they are the reason our season will be successful, we must rely on them for tge rest of the season.

  4. I think the question is why are the older players allowing us to over rely on the young players. Are they not the ones the younger players should be relaying on for motivation and encouragement to live up to playing for our club, we are where we are because of their failure to be able to deliver, let there pride be chartted into pieces who cares they ought to be ashamed that kids are the only ones pulling the club upward.
    The club needs all the help it can now if the young guns can give us that then all my strength through support I release every time they take on the pitch to represent my Club. If the older players needs it also let them step up have enough to go around for the whole team even able to share for fans not heart strong enough

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