Do Wenger and board actually believe Arsenal can win EPL title?

This may be somewhat negative of me, especially as the season or even any pre-season action has begun and we really have no firm idea of what will happen to the squads Arsenal and the other contenders for the English Premier League crow during the summer transfer window, but I am not very confident about our title chances next season.

I am not sure that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board are all that confident either and if that is true then it is a sad state of affairs for our club. I can just imagine the boss at the end of next season saying that the Gunners were a bit unlucky and that we cannot really compete on a financial footing with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City.

If we get back into the top four and qualify for the Champions League I can see the Frenchman saying that is good and that our failure to do so this year just proves how tough and competitive the league is. What I would like to see is something to suggest that our club and our manager view anything but a title winning campaign next season as a disappointment, but do you believe that is where they are?



  1. That’s the problem. Excuses are too easily come by at Arsenal and excuses don’t breeed winners.

    1. Wenger has got his new contract, and remains in total control, so nothing will happen. Remember that NONE of Kroenke’s sporting franchises ever wins titles.

      1. Once upon a time, there lived a shiny silver pot, it was small compared to the others but it’s history was huge, it was what dreams were made of…. And ‘The FA Cup’ was its TITLE! ??you can now add that ‘title, to Stans sporting franchises cupboard.

  2. d problems of arsenal is u fans… u people like to jump into conclusion..season never start but u are thinking negative.. shame on you…

    1. Because we know all the conclusions, you having the same stupidity, why not have the same ending?

    2. I agree with you that some of our supporters are sometimes irrational. Even this article is in very bad taste. Where does the writer base to assert that the Arsenal management does not believe they can win the title? What has made him to think that Arsenal is incapable of mounting a title challenge? It is sheer pessimism and even cynicism.

  3. Arsene Wenger knows there is little chance of the title because he knows there will be very few new signings this summer, and certainly no-one of any real quality. Forget Mbappe , as Wenger knows there’s close to zero chance of him signing for Arsenal, hence the supposed huge bids. Lacazette is a red herring designed to throw the fans off track. It will be the usual last day with Gooners praying something decent happens.

  4. No! Of course not. It’s not even in their vocabulary ?? they use words like ?? ‘title challenge’ which is a posh word for ?? Fourth!

    ?? Now get back to sleep ? and dream up your next pointless Article ??

  5. With AW again is dreams that never comes

    Kroenke. Is the architect of failure in this Dracula story part 22 and 23

    May God open somebody’s eyes.

  6. Wenger and the board don’t give a toss about winning the premier league, firstly the board are not football men they are purely businessmen secondly if Wenger was seriously interested in winning top trophies he would change his outdated policies he’s more interested in helping Stan and the geriatric board get richer. And once again like I predicted the club have been linked to every player across Europe, even 100 million plus bids for Mbappe? Who seriously thinks Arsene Wenger would ever pay that sort of money for one player? If Messi and Ronaldo combined were for sale at 100 mil Wenger would haggle over the price, as for this Lacazette merry-go-round who else is sick of this ridiculous bidding war.. Every season we read Lacazette is going here he’s going there and come September he’s always still at Lyon.. Forget about Lacazette let Lyon keep him he can barely even get a game for France he can’t be that good probably end up like another loic Remy.. Look elsewhere

  7. not expecting anything from wenger..he may sign players and he may 4 lacazette am tired of his news..until I see a player confirmed in sky sport before I will believe..but the truth is if arsene don’t sign players dis season..WE ARE GONNA SUFFER

    1. If we don’t sign someone by this time next week, then it looks like we might be under-prepared again. We should know our targets months before the season finishes, and started the groundwork. And if still no big player in two weeks time, I will start to worry. But it’s the next couple of days I want to hear something big.

  8. Food for thought ?

    Everton splashed out £55 million in the space of just 24 hours on Thursday – and Arsenal fans are not happy about it.
    The Toffees made a huge statement ahead of the 2017/18 Premier League season by spending £30m to snap up Jordan Pickford from Sunderland – a record transfer fee for a British keeper.
    Then they followed that up by announcing the capture of Ajax captain Davy Klaassen in a £25m deal.
    Former Arsenal shareholder Farhad Moshiri is now in charge at Everton – having sold his shareholding to Alisher Usmanov at the Emirates to take over at Goodison last year.

  9. The board couldn’t be arsed and Wenger believes we are as good as any of the top four clubs, if not better.

  10. We can do it as we could have for so many sesaons.It’s not even about players actually.It’s about poor managerial skills and poor mentality.After all what is the difference between season 15/16 and the season Arsenal should have won the league but for Eduardo’s injury.Players have gone and come but the mentality and poor managing is still the same.Arsenal actually do have a squad capable of winning the league even if they don’t sign any players(which i oppose).The thing is the mentality.They have come close on several occasions but those two factors have always brought them down.Until those two things are checked we can’t win any trophy.

  11. Have you noticed we are getting to the ‘we have tried so hard to sign players, but it so hard’, in a French accent of course. Have you noticed we have a free transfer already. Rest assured on transfer deadline day at about 10.54, we will buy 3 crap players. Wenger is so anal he cannot bear to spend too much. In reality we have not even bid for Alexander Lacazette. Wenger is a ‘leoper who CANNOT change his spots.

  12. Base on what we have read there is not a board , but only kronke a share holder of more than 50%, the board members do not have a vote because they are not share holders, therefore decisions are made by majority shareholder.
    Wenger has won 3 league titles, but just not in the present EPL, i strongly felt it was not the time to change managers, but actually time to start making preparations for change, Wenger has contributed greatly to the growth of arsenal, therefore it would be stupid for the man that has increase arsenal worth to be let go

    1. reulando two questions:

      1. How is the preparation for change going?

      2. How has the supposed increase in Arsenal worth helped you or the fans?

  13. Kroenke – When are the season tickets due for renewal Gaz?
    Gazidis – In the next few weeks boss.
    Kroenke – We need to fool the mugs – sorry the fans into thinking we have some ambition to win something.
    Wenger – I know just the thing
    Kroenke – Go on
    Wenger – I will put in some silly bids in for players we have absolutely no chance of signing to make them think we are doing something.
    Kroenke – And…
    Wenger – Go into the new campaign with the same players who were not good enough to even finish fourth.
    Kroenke – Sounds good
    Wenger – And then – after we lose the first game I will go out and buy players we don’t need for hugely inflated prices. And never play them.
    Kroenke – like Perez – sounds great. But what about my new ranch?
    Wenger – I will just sell Sanchez and spin out the usual spiel of searching for top top quality.
    Kroenke – like Walcott and Wilshere ! I like it !

  14. Having read so many emotionally charged messages in this article, I wish to unequivocally agree with Kev. If Arsenal overcome the weak mentality syndrome, Arsenal can even win a treble. Look at the entire squad from back to front. What happened in the last eight games of last season including the FA final. Arsenal beat teams for fun including its fiercest rivals like Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Everton etc. Which new players did Wenger bring in? Why did Wenger delay to change to 3 players in the central defence when he could see things were going awfully wrong? Why can’t that be maintained throughout the whole season? Even if we get Galacticos so long as the mentality is not changed we shall not win anything. The change of mentality needs to begin with Wenger. This is a man who has failed to realise and utilise his full potential which is very high. Wenger is still very capable of winning all major trophies if he developed ruthlessness towards underperforming players, showed anger in games, did not hesitate to make substitutions and started benching whoever had no fight or desire in him. There is no reason to persist with a player who has no fight in his belly during a game. Replace such a player and bring on someone with a fighting spirit. Winning starts in the head. Which super stars did Leicester have when they won the EPL? There is very little gap in quality between Arsenal players and those of their rivals. When teams are evenly balanced what determines a winner is the mentality. If your mentality is weak you will surrender. If you have strong mentality you will prevail. Can Wenger regain his mentality? I believe so if the FA trophies are anything to go by. If you can beat Man City and Chelsea in a row, why can’t you mount a serious title challenge for a season? Once there is the spirit of never say die Arsenal can even beat Real Madrid and win European glory. Let this be the season for Arsenal to revive it’s spirit and go all out to conquer. The legends like Robert Pires, Gilbert, Lumber, Henry, Ian Wright, Ray Parlour, Lehman etc can be hired once in a while to instill this winning mentality into the team. The attitude of the fans will also do a lot to motivate the players. All Arsenal supporters need to regularly rally behind the team despite the results of any particular game. That is one way our team can be revived. Let all and sundry play their part.

  15. Rainieri did it with Leicester….and Greece…….Arsene has enough players to win the league…..he has to come with better and dynamic tactics………it is not always about having a team full of stars…..but a team………..

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