Do Wenger’s Sanchez comments show he’s lost control at Arsenal?

There is a large section of the Arsenal fanbase that feels as though Arsene Wenger has too much power and control at the club, whether it be the way that he makes all the decisions about which players to buy and how much of the club’s vast financial resources to spend right down to the fact that it seems to be up to the Frenchman whether he stays on as manager or not.

But there is also a growing feeling, which must have grown a lot more after this weekend’s abject show at West Brom, that the boss has not got the same control over the Arsenal dressing room as he used to have and Wenger gave this idea even more weight with some of his post match comments reported by Metro.

Not only might our manager’s comments about Alexis Sanchez and his role in coming back out for the second half despite an ankle problem make the fans feel even more that he is not the man to take us forward, there could be a bigger backlash if this injury rules the Chilean striker out for long.

Wenger said, ‘He should not have played in the second half.

‘He insisted. In the end we had to take him off.’

Is this more proof that the prof has lost the plot and lost control of the Arsenal players?



  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    He always has an excuse for messing up..always!!

  2. SANCHEZ and OZIL realized the time is up, Le Fraud brought them promising titles what they got instead well we all know the current state of affairs, if Lukaku wants out because he wants to win titles then with more reason our only WC players believe they have the right to do the same…..when Sanchez first came asking 250k Le fraud and his accomplices should have broken the piggy bank and offered him 270k and sign him right, there and then, pretty sure it went down with Le fraud counteroffering + 1 pound saving money to his bosses, when instead he should have paid from his own pocket in trying to keep the only hope that he had in maybe winning the FA Cup…..well it backfired SANCHEZ is leaving but not before opening the eyes of other players that have been under WENGERS boot and they also want out…..all the sudden Ozil, Perez, Sanchez even Cech all injured perfect timing to either renegotiate or for a way out knowing that without them we will CL next year…..I am no pundit but it is evident that -players not all but some key ones are pulling a Chelsea/Mo – LC / Ranieri

    1. gmv8 says:

      No champions league, lots of players hinting on leaving, I think the ONLY way that we can maintain the club’s strength is to bring in a WC manager, then some of our better players may stay, because without CL, we are going to have to pay over the odds to entice players to the club .. the board only think about money, and a new manager will be by far the cheaper option.

      1. The conundrum is which WC manager will want to come to ARSENAL with the current debacle and knowing the stingy owners are not ready nor willing to pay for WC players……is sad and scary to say but the worse case scenario seems the best scenario and is Le Fraud staying and trying to attract anyone that could fill SANCHEZ maybe OZIL’s void…..this unless the board realize that AW cannot deliver any longer the CL visualize that the only way to survive the free fall in which the team is right now, is investing in players with a new manager with free range to drain the swamp like we say here in America nowadays and bring new blood to this team.

      2. arsenalfan1 says:

        Arsene the Dope so needs to go. Sanchez and Ozil obviously know he is a complete dope at this stage and you don’t win anything with a manager like that in charge. They’d be mad to stay when they could go to another club, work for a WC manager and have a real chance of winning major trophies (and earn more money in the process).

        The only top, top wages we pay is for the manager who is the worst at any of the major clubs in the Premiership. It shows that the rot is coming from the top at the club. Imagine, Wenger is currently paid more than Conte.

  3. Twig says:

    There’re rumours that Wenger has decided to STAY :'(

    1. rd_gunner says:

      Irrespective of what the coach has decided- the performance against the baggies was “sad”; It looked like the players wan the manager gone !!!! cannot believe these bunch can be so ungrateful!!! the guys are professional and irrespective of Wenger stays or not they need to respect the badge and the arsenal badge has no place for players who put in such a performance. With every passing day the 60+ mn spent on Xhaka and Mustafi seem like a mistake. Monreal seems to have given up and Ramsey probably is just happy that he is on the pitch; Walcott as usual remains a flat track bully. Bellerin looks like he wants out. They can do whatever they want next season but as long as they put on our shirt they are supposed to give their all for the club which clearly they aren’t doing !!! Saw Henry’s interview and I could see the pain he felt watching such a performance- that is just not acceptable !!!! period

      1. arsenalfan1 says:

        Isn’t that what a proper manager is for i.e. to get players to gel and play with commitment.

    2. Of course if he has the last word he will stay and continue with his policy of stick it to the fan and who cares what they have to say…..our only hope now is the board and owners to realize that this time is not just a handful of angry fans, but the players also are against this reign of tyranny that WENGER has brought these last years, is a long stretch but if they see that the inevitable outcome will result in less revenue they will reconsider…..the way I see it they will give WENGER one more year to say good bye with the excuse of a transition, which if it wasn’t because Le Fraud completely lost it and very day he stays he does more harm that good, in any other case would make sense

  4. Jansen says:

    Sure Wenger is weak and that comment was pathetic. But fear not my friends, we might lose Sanchez and Ozil, but I am sure Wenger will be able to convince his inner circle to commit to the future of this club. Walcott, Ramsey, Giroud, Gibbs, Coq will all prove their loyalty despite many offers from big clubs.

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