Do you believe that Arsenal acted shamefully in their treatment of Mesut Ozil?

Ozil Confirms Dan’s Theory! By Dan Smith

When I form an opinion, I try to take the emotion out of things. Many gooners don’t, they look at Ozil as overpaid and greedy for collecting 350,000 pounds a week when he’s not even in the squad. Some feel he should just accept a lower salary elsewhere.

If you defend him, your accused of buying into a brand and clinging onto past glories.

Let me stress, in terms of purely football, no he’s not in that bracket of talent who earn that kind of money, he’s not consistent enough and in many ways he’s a luxury.

Now take my love of Arsenal away and look at it objectively?

Ozil is not doing anything he’s not legally entitled to, while his employers are not showing much class. I suggested that last week.

In my opinion it’s too much of a coincidence that Arteta trusted him to start him in every game, then the second he refused a pay cut he can’t get in the squad?

His last game was assisting our winner against West Ham so how would that convince his manager it’s better to put youngster Smith-Rowe on the bench rather than a player who you seemed to trust pre-lockdown?

To me, I care about the team – not saving Stan Kroenke money.

If we are walking away from places like Brighton and Villa bemoaning our lack of creativity, and a World Cup winner is sat at home, I have a right to question it? He’s still being paid so who benefits? Oh, the owner.

Trying to make someone so miserable he feels forced to leave? Why? To save a Billionaire a few millions. Ozil, the team and fans shouldn’t suffer just because the club regret a business deal they did. I’m sure in life the Kroenke family made bad choices before, but like you are happy to take the rewards, sometimes you have to take a hit and just accept you got this wrong.

If someone was doing better, then the likes of me can’t say anything, yet we finished in our worst position in 25 years. When Ozil got a run in the team, it was working, we didn’t lose between Jan to March in the League. The he’s dropped and we lose our next two games. Those are facts.

Arteta’s job is to work with the resources he’s got and get the maximum out of them. Not discriminate based on a pay packet. When did it become okay for a coach to not give us the best chance of winning next game in favour of slashing a wage bill?

Why am I watching my team not have a shot on target at Villa Park just because the club want to save money?

Just like how we saved Ramsey’s wages and shock horror…we now have no goal scoring midfielder. See a pattern?

Now I can’t prove my theory. After all Arsenal would be breaking employment laws if they admitted they were treating someone different because he refused a reduction in pay. Yet we do now have the player suggesting that’s what he thinks is going on.

He too feels that asking for more details before giving in to pay cut demands, “Possibly the decision affected my chances on the pitch, I don’t know.”

Ozil also said: “You don’t play 10 games in a row if your unfit, not good enough or don’t behave well.’

Let’s also remember the players were told they would be saving jobs if they sacrificed their own money. That was a lie. Meaning Ozil was right to ask for clarification…

If I was Ozil I wouldn’t take a reduction if you’re in a sense paying Auba’s contract. If I knew that was why I was being frozen out I wouldn’t do any favours to my employer. If I was watching KDB or Hazard take my place and score goals, make assists then I couldn’t argue. Yet if I know I’m the best talent we have at creating, then again, I wouldn’t move my family, leave a city I love for less money, just because a billionaire regrets a deal he made.

If you still don’t believe Arsenal have acted shamefully then let’s see if Arteta sticks by his principles. Let’s see if he leaves him out.

I bet once the window closes and the club accepts they failed to bully him out the club, Ozil starts playing again. Then you will know that the Arsenal Way is dead.

A famous old man once said, we were in danger of forgetting our values. If they can find 250,000 a week for a striker and 130,000 a week for Willian, don’t then claim you’re so poor that you need players to pay wages, and then lie…

So, Arsenal, here’s my advice …… be better!

Dan Smith


      1. To let the world know, its overkill. No need for another article on an all ready done to death shirker. That’s why. So now you know.

    1. Yeah let’s drag this ozil businesses out even longer omg ,if arteta chooses not to play him that’s his prerogative end of

      1. The board is more likely than not forbidding him to do so to push the player out and save on wages, in exchange of the key signings Arteta wants.

  1. All this ozil articles remind me of iwobi, it’s funny how the same people who always criticize iwobi then are now the ones supporting ozil lol. Keep the articles coming Dan.

    1. Funny world indeed Leno happy. They say it’s wrong to criticise a player but iwobi was called worse names with nobody to leap to his defense. So was mustafi etc. When a player flops, he gets criticised. It’s normal

    2. they are still carrying the excitement from when he first signed from Real Madrid. His transfer didn’t work out as planned. Why is this hard to admit. He had some good times with us, but probably most was frustration. Either way, a player who is obviously passed it and has little interest in football now. Yet still many fans side with him, and encourage him to milk us of money.

    3. I think an important point in the cases of iwiobi ,xhaka,mustafi,Luiz,Ozil…is the pattern, the same one,the shameful they’ve all been treated or should I say abused, it seems to have become the norm among a lot of Arsenal fans,instead of supporting players when they are going through a bad patch or make a mistake,some can’t wait to use them as scapegoats to put their point across,like I told you so that he was s…t,should be sold,how low have we gone down.. don’t you think so?

  2. There’s something very important Ozil said that you have not captured in the two Ozil Articles already,Ozil said he has a contract and will leave when he wants not when his haters want him to leave.Ozil.He thinks about me me and want to destroy the club just to prove he’s right.Just questioning whether the pay cuts was justified shows how immoral he is.He got money to give to charity but none to save the employees at his club which he calls home from redundancy.Charity begins at home if you can’t take a pay cut for stability of the club you are employed then you’re a socerer

    1. @Lorddenning, how come the paycut from the other players, still didn’t save the jobs if the 55 Arsenal staff?
      Dude has a contract, and has a right to ask what any reduction in his wages would be used for. Simple and short.

      1. What if the number that would have been redundant was about 150 people and other player’s paycuts sorted out jobs of some staff..
        55 could be the ones their money couldn’t cover..
        Remember Arsenal is a club with about 600 staff

        1. @Khadii. Kroenke has enough money to cover those 55 people who lost their jobs. I read an article a few weeks back he made 350 million during pandemic. Their money will make no impact and is separate from the scouts who will be redundant…with a pay off I presume

        2. How can you even think in this manner just to push your point?….do you think arsenal is a by-the-roadside business? It’s an institution for heaven’s sake…. There are lots of processes before they take steps….
          What do you have to say to martinelli and Saka Payrise during same time?…
          Arsenal my beloved club sacked staff members because of redundancy not because of ozil’s legal money.
          BTW… Have you ever owned a business?

        3. Arsenal was already in the process of moving from in-person scouting to using technology more. So scouting cuts were going to happen eventually. The timing is bad is all because of the pandemic. The employees received severance packages. It’s not all as bad as the media painted it to be, though it is still a broken promise from the club. It’s not what they promised the players.

        4. but if you believe reports mate, the players are not happy which suggests it was implied to them that them taking a pay cut would mean zero sackings to non playing staff

          1. Well Dan, they DO believe the reports… at least where Ozil is concerned!!!

            Perhaps we, the fans, should be asking why the pay cuts were made, where the money has gone and what kronkie has done with the £300 odd million he has made since January – on this one issue, Ozil has been proved 100% right.

  3. Tbh honest, although we all know the flaws of Ozil, the club is now bullyng the guy. he didnt give himself a contract and it is his absolute right to refuse a paycut. Now they want to freeze the guy out so that he can be frustrated and go, that’s abuse. Ozil was doing well during the time of Carzola, Ramsey, Sanchez, Coq and Walcott etc and since their departure, Arsenal never created a similar system around him for him to bring out his best. Yes arsenal acted shamefully.

    1. Bwahahha.
      Ozil has been average for the majority of his time here. A 6/10 signing at best.
      I love how the Ozil fundamentalists always grasps at any straw if it can help with their self denials.
      Imagine now Walcott, Coq and Ramsey are being talked about as players that were good for prince Ozil. Smh

      The same players that have been called all sorts of names before they left. Blamed on a consistent basis by the Ozil diehards. Blaming them as average player that make Ozil look bad.

      How the hell can you now mention them as positives for Ozil?

      You lot are a funny bunch.
      Ozil has been exposed as a fraud at Arsenal.

      Madrid saw the poor attitude and got rid.

      Germany were tired of his poor attitude and hounded him out.

      Arsenal also clocked the poor stinky attitude and can’t wait for this divisive character to deparr our club.

      It’s no coincidence that his poor stinking attitude has been his biggest problem.

      Surely Madrid, Germany, Arsenal etc can’t all be conspiring to destroy poor old harmless kitten Ozil.

      Just can’t wait for this princess to leave my club. And hope his fundamentalists leave with him.

      1. yeah , you failed to answer any points ?
        not liking Ozil as a player doesn’t mean Arsenal can treat him differently because he refused a pay cut to help Staff which was a lie

      2. Hey guys great debate
        Just want to give another point of view
        We chat about Ozil wages but Arsenal are not a poor family run store being picked on
        They are a business who earns million of pounds owned by a billionaire
        So the issue is more then football
        It’s about should a club who are rich. An owner who is rich because they regret a deal treat someone this way
        Use what he said about China and how club didn’t back him
        How they leaked out his refusal of a pay cut
        How he’s dropped after refusing a pay cut
        He’s not invited to Wembley
        Just out.of interest see it from Arsenal duty as an employer to conduct themselves better then this

  4. I support Özil 100%. I will never give a peny pay cut if i am to be arsenal player because the greedy kroenke has not done anything good for arsenal. Profit is the only thing he thinks about. Not buying good players but selling the best in arsenal, most expensive match tickits, nothing for the fans.

    1. Dav, Kroenke has suffered a £150 million loss on the value of his Arsenal asset. How much has he taken out of the Club?

      1. I believe the loss of value is down to Kroenke himself, he seems uninterested in football, and couldn’t even bother to hire the right people to run it for him, any business is bound to suffer without the right investments. Take a look at how Chelsea and City are being run, their owners stay up-to-date with regards to their investment, and of course they’ve mad bad recruitments too, but they always find their way to correct their mistakes, and strengthen their squads further to properly compete with the best. Can the same be said for Arsenal?, the décline has been on for a long time, I still remember that window where we signed only Cech, when it was obvious we needed to recruit a DM, and a few other outfield players to compete.
        And if I remember correctly, Kroenke himself said he did not invest in Arsenal to win trophies. One only needs to take a look at the level of competition we offered before he took over versus the level we are at now. Like I’ve already implied, a disinterested owner can’t successfully run a business.

        1. On point ay75
          How can we still use players out of position and claim we are competing?
          He can’t do all but he should set things in order.
          Although I think I’ve read a few times about Josh getting involved..

          1. AY75, if you have read any of my previous posts, I have stressed time and time again that the issue with Kroenke Sports Management is not specifically that they have not poured in funding, the money has been there based of transfer budget and wages. The problem is that they are “hands off”, remote owners. Combined with this their selection and retention of the Board members and senior executives during their tenure have been extremely poor. Their mismanagement has led to this reduction in Arsenal’s player and financial assets.

    2. I think ozil is more greedy than kronke.
      Highest earner and supposed to be the best player he should lead by example and leadership also includes sacrifice. He might be right in his assessment but that doesn’t justify his actions to be right. He has had problems in his previous club and country and now with arsenal surely if everyone around you is a problem then the real problem is you. It’s as simple as that

  5. Dan
    We have crossed swords before on this subject
    I only have two points to make:
    1. Ozil or his agent have said enough times now for it to have sunk into at least my thick skull that he is not going anywhere so trying to force Ozil out is a futile exercise. He is not for moving

    2. It looks pretty bad on Arteta if he has to desist from picking a player who he believes is good enough to be a regular starter. I just don’t understand then that the club would cut off its nose to spite its face. And it would be exactly that – all because of a wage cut which in the scheme of things is a paltry sum. If he was sufficiently good enough for Arteta then it would be an act of pure folly not to pick him

    I do agree with Reggie that it is now a bore The whole Ozil thing is a distraction to what is really important and that is getting the team competitive with new players for the upcoming season

    1. Spot on @SueP. Bad business decisions by bad businessman. Like the signing of Pepe for 72 millions. Who is running Arsenal? Amateurs?

      1. A bad businessman that has amassed like £8 billion?
        I can’t stand Kroenke but come on now.
        He is not a good football manager. He trusts the football people around him to sign players.
        The same people that convinced him to sign a one dimensional overhyped player for £42 million, pay hom more than £150,000 a week and the go on to extend his contract to a stupid £350,000 a week.

        Thanks Wenger and Gazidis.

        Isn’t it?

        1. 👍 Gooster, KSM have failed in their selection and retention of the Board and senior executives, responsible for this decision making.

    2. Good points SueP. Let’s have a consensus right here and now to put this thing to bed. Who here would raise an eye brow if Aubameyang was on a 500k weekly wage for the last 2 seasons? Would we care? Any fan who does hates ozil, but I’ll be surprised to find a fan who would actually care if Auba was on 500k a week for the last 2 seasons. And Why is that? HE DELIVERS CONSISTENTLY ON THE PITCH WHAT HE’S BEING PAID TO DO. SCORE GOALS. What’s OZIL’S job description? Assist and throw in a few goals or no goals. Right? He’s played many games with little output to show for it. Why on earth would you want the fans or Arteta to be happy with that? Like Sue said, if he was that good (or the best midfielder we have like his fans keep reminding us) wouldn’t it be plain stupid for Arteta and the club to just stop playing him. Would they do that to Aubameyang, Leno, Tierney? There were times even lacazette had to be dropped on the bench, not because he refused a pay cut but strictly based on performance.

        1. We finished 8th but at least the majority of us are seeing massive improvements in our player attitude and mentality. I am more optimistic for the future.
          Arteta has a very poor group of players to work with, but the fight he seems to have instilled into the likes of Auba, Laca, Xhaka, Mustafi, Martinez, Saka etc has gotten me optimistic. I hope the board backs him to improve our squad for next season.
          Get rid of dead-beats like Ozil, Kolasinac, Elneny, Chambers, Sokratis etc from the first team.
          Improve on the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka (I think they would be good squad players) then I think we will finish higher up into that Top 4-6.

          We finished 8th but some of us can sense a better run next season with Arteta getting as many of his won attacking players as he can.
          Lets see how tye window goes.

          1. I saw improvement Jan – March when we were unbeaten didn’t you ?
            are you saying we improved post lockdown in displays against City , Villa and Brighton ?
            Did you not feel we lacked creativity ? Think at Villa we didnt have a shot on target
            Then you look at the bench and say they have a academy graduate called Smith on bench but not Ozil

          2. Dan, are you implying we would’ve finished better if we played Ozil? You dont even know if he came back from quarantine fit, do you?

          3. Hey RSH
            Mate I’m implying in last 10 mins of game if I need someone to pick a pass I think he’s a better option then others dude

        2. Dan,
          In reply to your point below, and I’m not trying to be flippant at all, but we did beat MC, L, and Chelsea without Ozil. I am not anti Ozil, but you have thrown your opinions in about how we didn’t lose without him, but equally, there were big results post lock down when he didn’t feature. There comes a point when the back and forth gets us nowhere at all and regardless of what you and I think, Arteta is the man charged with revitalising the club’s fortunes and he should be able to pick who he chooses

          1. Of course he does
            But if you are losing at Brighton or not getting a shot on target at Villa and I look at our bench and see a youngster sat there instead of ozil I question that Sue
            In his last game he created a goal and we hadn’t lost in the pem since Jan
            If you then drop him and lose 4 games that’s not good management

    3. Nah, it is not a bore for one very key reason; the approach of the owners to running the club that has taken everything human and decent out of Arsenal, profits above people and values. The game is ruthless and to rise to the top echelons as a club requires a measure of ruthlessness, I think we can somewhat agree on that; the problem here is when we confuse unbridled greed and cynical behaviour from the owners with ruthlessness, that could be a serious problem moving forward because now, the rumours that Wenger getting into a shouting session with the board to force Aubameyang’s purchase through was what ultimately got him thrown to the wolves after protecting him at all costs when he was saving them money, Mislintat became a victim of the aftershock of that move too, now Raul, perhaps in a self inflicted earned himself a sack by doing what is considered normal practice by sweetening agents to give up their most prized assets, in this case, Pepe; it is no coincidence that his departure comes with an internal investigation into the amount paid for Pepe. Bottom line, you cost the Kroenke money justifiably or not, you are out the door. Let’s add a twist here, what if the Billionaire Kroenkes took a paycut rather than expect the millionaire players to do so to save the thousandnaire staff? What personal sacrifices did they make themselves, hell, what personal sacrifices have they made since buying the club?

  6. I couldn’t disagree more . Ozil has a huge publicity machine which tries to present a picture different from reality. Look at the games he misses ( usually away from home ) with unspecified illnesses , Look at his stats for the season – on3 goal at the end of an easy victory and three assists.
    In the lockdown Arteta rethought his tactics and used Lacazette in the 10 role .
    Ozil claims he was right to refuse a rise because he wanted to know more about the club finances and points 5o the redundancies as proof that he was wronged because of his refusal to take a pay cut. If he had in April he might have saved about fifteen jobs if he is concerned about the staff.
    Interested that teammates on crutches turned up at Wembley to watch the final but he pissed off to Turkey on holiday . He’s a fraud with a spin machine working on his behalf

    1. I think we all need to keep our sentiments aside and see things from a neutral perspective. I think Ozil was right and wrong at the same time and so was the arsenal hierarchy whom I expected to be more professional.
      Ozil on one hand couldn’t have known if his agreement to take a pay cut would have really saved jobs or not, so he acted rather a little selfish. He could have been more trusting and accommodating considering he earned more than other players.
      On the other hand he has every right to know exactly what the money would be used for.
      More so, Ozil wasn’t the only player who refused a pay cut but he was the only one left to roast by the arsenal hierarchy, apparently in other to pitch the fans against him which I think is petty by all standards.
      Again Ozil had 10 straight starts pre lockdown. It shows he was doing OK in training and in games. Then he suddenly stops getting picked almost at the same time he refused a pay cut. I don’t think it is coincidental.
      And that’s my annoyance with the management. You don’t bring in sentiments to a business. You don’t cut off your fingers to spite your hand when you’ve got no replacement. Just petty and disgraceful from the arsenal management in my opinion. Off field politics should not interfere with on field decisions. Selection should be based on the needs of the team and resources available.

      1. I keep hearing about this new catchphrase “Ozil played all games before Lockdown and we were unbeaten blah blah”.

        Can I ask a question? Can someone please compare the 2 systems / styles (playing styles). The one before Lockdown and the one after Lockdown.

        Are they similar?

        May be Arteta used Lockdown as his own preseason and tried out all kinds. Then he concluded on the playing style we played after Lockdown. The one the has seen us beat Liverpool, City and Chelsea. The one that won us an FA CUP. The system has has brought more optimism back into our fanbase.

        And we all know that is the exact opposite football style that Ozil can’t stand. The one where each and every player has to run about for the period they are on that pitch.

        I think like always Mr Biggest VICTIM (Ozil) would not cut it in a system / style that requres hardwork. So he refused to buy into it. Hence why Arteta told him to either man up or find another team.

        Just thinking.

    2. So you think tatically Arteta decided that a youth player called Smith was a better creative option on the bench then Ozil ?
      If that’s the case it didn’t work because he lost 4 games without Ozil, having not lost in since Jan with Ozil in Prem
      Can I ask who’s stats in midfield are great in terms of creating and why they were not dropped ?
      oh and was told he could go to Turkey as there were a limit in how many non playing staff you could have at Wembley

    3. The heat was getting so much for him.
      He has lots a lot of fans recently. Many fans that used to make excuses for him had moved to a more nuanced critical “Rock and Hard place” when to comes to defending him. He was losing the optics. Just frequent all the known Arsenal fans Forums recently, the majority of fans have gone off him, he could see it in the media and his social media. So he had to do something about it. Hence the Interview.
      It’s all propaganda and VICTIMHOOD from Ozil as always.

      Played victim when Madrid clocked his poor attitude and flawed style.

      Played the victim in Germany when his poor attitude was questioned.

      And now as always, playing the BIGGEST VICTIM as always at ARSENAL. They deep state is trying to destroy me.

      What a divisive character this guy is. Always the victim.

      So glad the we only have one more season of this primadonna at our club.

      What a Waste of money he has been for us.

      1. Goonster, it was claimed on this site that the “vast majority” were against MO – not so now is it?
        You also made the claim that other sites had fans comparing Ozil to Bergkamp, but rather strangely, not on here, as it turned out.

        Can I suggest you go to Untold Arsenal for a different perspective on Ozil, by fans just as passionate as you?

  7. Ozil held the club to ransom when we were venerable of losing both ozil and schanzes. Yet fan boys consider him classy. Both Ozil and Arsenal are responsible for his stupid pay situation. BOTH. Ozil treatment of Emery wasnt classy was it? Yet if he gets treated poorly he is the victim. It all works both ways. The sooner Ozil is gone, the situation is resolved, simple as that. Arsenal is not going to pay out his contact and Ozil will not leave for less money, its a stand off.

    1. For me I don’t think it is just about Ozil. Even the other players who accepted the pay cut are unhappy because of the 55 job cut because they were lied to.
      Players come and go, .so I don’t want to dwell on any individual player.
      My worry is about what we are becoming as a club that used to have class and value. There’s something not right at the top. I can’t remember the last time Arsenal management made good decisions. This crazy contract was given by the management. It wasn’t offered under duress.
      Our academy standards have dropped significantly.
      Management now take vendettas more seriously than the needs of the team.
      We should focus on what we are becoming which is the sole responsibility of the hierarchy

    2. GunnerDev, why do you think he held the club to ransom?
      If, as is being said, he was the worst signing we have ever made, what possible bargaining tool would he have?
      Why didn’t the club just say they were letting him leave?
      The only answer can be that, just like the fan base, they were desperate to keep a player who was still our talisman.
      THEY offered him a contract that they knew he wouldn’t /couldn’t refuse and the rest is history.
      If there was any blackmail attempt, it was the clubs.

  8. Arsenal image is gone with Wenger: management, values class and respect. Killed by a portion if fans who give us this claim ignorant shameful image as Kroenke does for decade, a cheap owner who doesn’t care for football, sees Arsenal as a money machine top brand Wenger made of.

    1. Mogunna, a money machine which, because of the mismanagement of his appointed Board and senior executive, has reduced the value of his Arsenal asset by £150 million.

      1. ozziegunner, what % is this versus his overall reported worth and that of his family?

        In fact, it’s under half of the money he has made since the corona virus began to bite in January – yet we are STILL the only Premier league club that has seen it’s players take a pay cut.

        1. Ken, why should he put good money after bad? Kroenke didn’t get rich being a benevolent society.
          It has been seen time and time again what happens when a cooperative form of enterprise is corporatised; the owners rule and is up to them how much they invest and when.

    1. 😂😂😂 I hear you Sue. Can’t wait for the end of next season. Though I Suspect Ozil will remain a regular on this site and amongst fans’ debates long after he’s gone.

      1. Do you really think so?! I’m not so sure…. although one thing I am sure about is – I’ll steer clear 🤣

        1. Of course it won’t be Sue.

          Ozil will be the new Wenger or Emery… the cult of grim reapers we have, they NEED to have someone to blame.

          I wonder who will be the next thief, filth, mentally frail and dross player unlucky enough to become the new whipping boy?

          1. I disagree Ken, as wenger and emery still find their way into debates even for topics unrelated to them. Inasmuch as I’m a firm believer that a player should be held accountable for his performances by the fans (and they have every right to), I’m not for drumming down debates upon debates in countless articles about the same subject. What’s the point? You can’t change a man against his will. If he chooses to see things different from your point of view, impressing your opinion on him the 500th time won’t make any difference. We should be over this Ozil issue already. He’s not playing because the coach is not playing him. End of story. Nobody knows what’s going on in the club. When he does (if he ever) plays, we can bring out an article then on his performance in the player ratings. We are making too much fuss for a player who can’t even make the bench anymore. Till he leaves, we’re stuck with him and paying his wages.

          2. Kstix, let me refer you to the article regarding Willian and his contract as proof of what I say.
            Not even kicked a ball yet and already being lined up for the fall.

          3. So annoying that there was no link to Kstix
            Great post
            Ozil really has been done to death. The same merry go round.. Lordy it’s boring

        2. Soz Sue
          don’t you turn on me your my biggest fan
          I just write about what’s relevant so blame the BBC lol
          Just think this time next year , no more Ozil artilces ?

          1. I’m not screaming at you, Dan, far from it!!
            That article yesterday generated a lot of comments….albeit you know exactly who’ll comment and exactly what they’ll say… so to have a few more articles today just made my head spin haha!!
            Your articles are always top notch and what I like about you, Dan, is you always answer comments, in a reasonable way. You have an answer for everything but don’t batter someone that sees it differently to yourself… you express yourself in a calm manner and don’t ram your opinions down people’s throats, if only some followed suit 😂😂
            I look forward to many more from you, as well as those predictions 😉🤩
            Keep it up!!

          2. Thing is Sue we support same team
            That’s what makes me sad
            Think what we are debating ?
            Fans not liking a Arsenal player or attacking fans for liking an Arsenal player
            Other day Bale refuses to play and I hear people defend him?

          3. Exactly that, Dan… and he plays for the team we all support!! You wouldn’t think so though, would you??
            Double standards with regards to Bale!!

  9. Wenger out! Wenger out, Wenger out!

    But who was Wenger and who da heck had these signs ruining our image? Ignorant spoiled fans he made by giving impression we were a top4 we not but Wenger making magic with no money to compete and a shameful section of so called fans. Booing captain Xhaka who gives all on the pitch i n a lost Arsenal team and football.

    Just as Ozil coming back , they then praised him!

    Ozil is not responsible of our failure as our image, but these poisoning fans.

  10. Football is a business and Arsenal committed a huge business mistake. In freezing Ozil and his 18 millions they loose twice. His salary and the salary of another player to replace him. How dumb is that? Even if you play Ozil in non important games you might get production from him and you are certain to rest other players. Arsenal needs to learn how to better navigate the business side rather then engaging in a loosing public relation nightmare. Some one higher up got his personal ego scratched so he decided to make an example of Ozil. Now pay up.

  11. Many so called fans has lost sense of reality for over a decade, used to and thinking top4 was a minimum.

    No Wenger made miracles and Barca are after him for that!

    1. And Arsene Wenger at his age will have the sense to say NO!
      Barcelona FC is ruthless; if as their manager you don’t at least win La Liga and do well in the Champions League you are gone.

  12. It’s just so amazing why fans behave like this…It is not long when we all fans celebrated when Ozil signed the contract. Okay, he hasn’t repaid to expectation..but let’s assume for a moment if he had left to go to Mancity and performed brilliantly, wouldn’t he have become a mercenary to Arsenal fans? admittedly, I also do get frustrated at Ozil but is that justification enough to hate the lad? We Arsenal fans have a habit of mimicking the negative comments that the media points at Arsenal…Some still questioned the price we paid of 42m gold coins (equal to Price Liverpool paid for Ox)..From his comments, he wanted out but the club begged him to stay…So let’s pay(i mean let the Kroenke’s pay).. So are we mistreating Ozil? The answer is YES!

  13. Whatever you say about Ozil and his wages, the club agreed the contract so Ozil is doing nothing wrong, if he wasnt turning up of training his wages would be docked and they arent. He isnt a piece of meat owned by the club/fans..
    The actual villain from the fans perspective is the club as they put us in such a precarious financial situation with a squad full of over-paid players that we cant shift.

    I think the Ozil situation with China is the bigger issue..
    The club let itself and the fanbase down when they refused to back Ozil’s statement about the current Genocide that is 100% happening.
    I would rather Our club makes less money and finishes 10th than finishes 4th whilst covering up genocide and pandering to the chinese government.

    In fact i would go as far as saying the whole world of sport has let down the human race to make more money – Fifa, Uefa, NBA, F1 and so on

    1. Ben
      Ozil had every right to hold the Chinese to account for these atrocities. What those poor people are suffering is a tragedy
      The trouble is that leaves you open to criticism in other areas if you associate with a man like Erdogan who has a very dodgy human rights record

      1. I agree, I’m not holding Ozil up as a good person in the slightest.. anyone who invites Erdogan to their wedding is not a good person.

        He just highlighted something the rest of the footballing world is turning a blind eye to so they don’t lose revenue

    2. Ben, although I support Ozil bringing the attention of China’s treatment of the Urghers, I wish for consistency he would raise the treatment of the Kurds by Turkey with his good friend Erdogan.
      The Kurds in Syria carried the battle on behalf of the West and East against ISIS, yet Erdogan is hell bent on their extermination.

  14. Why have the other two who refused to take a pay cut NOT been named only Ozil it stinks REMEMBER Arteta is only the coach the board run the club they buy the players and they sell who they don’t want Arteta wants AMN but the board want to sell him they can sack ARTETA but they will still be there

    1. False report without any credibility…. that wage is taking into consideration signing on fee and bonuses..( of which all will not be met)…

  15. The club needs to back all their players and staff.HE IS BEING PAYED ,SO HE SHOULD PLAY . We have to be fair to Ozil, he needs players around him to gel, Arteta is doing well at Arsenal ,this season he should get him working for his money do not cut off your nose to spite your face.

  16. Ben, with respect, we elect politicians to debate the inhumanities of man to his fellow man and I would never expect any football club or football authority to become involved in such debate, important as it is.

    1. I agree 99% of the time with one of the few exceptions being Genocide.
      The whole world needs to condemn China, led by governments.

      1. Ben, as our UK government is finally doing – I wonder why they haven’t been more vocal before?

        The footballing world is a disgrace, as it turns a blind eye to the upcoming world Cup situation.
        Not one media outlet has seen fit to expose the corruption and slavery of those involved… at least Ozil is mentally strong enough to expose one area, such a condemnation of all the others who turn away from it.

  17. I can’t agree less with Dan as regards the the scapegoating of Ozil by Arsenal FC.

    Emotions aside, all neutrals in football would not argue that Ozil isn’t pure natural class in football; a feat he consistently shouldered on over the years from club to national side. his excellent football statistics are there for all to see.

    Remember, football and biased emotions are mismatches. unfortunately, Ozil has fallen victim to a vice out of class and not synonymous of AFC until post-Wenger.

    My advice is for all associated with AFC , e.g., players, fans, owners and employees to bury the hatchet and reconcile with Ozil for the greater good of all to regain our lost values and glory. we all need to open a fresh page and move on, now. in this way, I strongly believe that together we will and can achieve and become even greater than ever before.

    As a neutral, the onus is also on Ozil to go the extra mile to work harder than before; he can still do better. let your football do the talking on the pitch to win over the hearts of a disappointed large global fan base. do not try to defend anything in the media; yours is in the pitch. do not feel you’re at war with anybody outside, but just an inner mindset.

    Regard any perceived negative attacks against you as mere distractions to your lofty football career with markings of excellence all over the walls. maintain the discipline and the low profile nature for which you had always been known for.

    AFC deserve better than fighting over trivial matters which real negative tendencies to affect all associated with the club as far China, Greenland and my country, The Gambia.

    It’s my first time ever writing for or against in this column, but compelled do so this time around for my love of the game and unwavering pure love and support for AFC.

    Forward ever, the Gunners!

    Lamin Sanneh

    1. Ozil is talented, amazing & when on song worth the entrance fee….but he is employed by Arsenal. He does what he is told and if not he faces the consequences. No player is bigger than the club. On board our out – would prefer on board but……

  18. He’s a lazy liability. Just pay him off and say goodbye. When he has played he never gives more than 60 minutes work. His body language says he’s given up and one exquisite pass per game doesn’t hide his many deficiencies. Arsenal should have let him go and kept Aaron Ramsey.

  19. It is awefuly shameful and the club managment is a disgrace. So since all this while our football has been suffering just bcoz they are trying to save irresponsible kroenke money, afterall staffs were being sacked anyways and ozils cut could never have saved the mass exit not to mention they have been a hypocrite as blind eye can tell ozil is our best creative player and the lack of quality players around him like d Santi carzola days had made him look bad coz ozil is a team player not an individual player, i’m not saying ozil should stay I’m only saying the club should have the decency to do the right thing for the club and remove ego while the season is on coz now is the time to sell ozil but no decent team wants him + because he has been long out of action. I just hope we have a better management who knows how to do business for the only way to make money is by winning and the only way to win is by using yo best legs

  20. I think I can say without any fear of contradiction that there have been more articles written on the subject of Ozil than any other player to such an extent that some of us are becoming completely hacked off.On a personal note I will never again respond to any future article on the man.

    1. thank you Grandad , finally someone gets the process lol
      here’s out it works ….
      A title will give an indication what that subject matter is
      if you click on it it will then be the article
      If you dont want to read about Ozil you just don’t ……click on the title lol

  21. Eleven months from now, whan OZIL is no longer able to hang around like a bad smell, what on earth will JO(Just Ozil, as this site should truly be already renamed)do, to dig up articles? Just wondering if this site too has only eleven months to run! Imagine that on July 1st 2021 no more news happens and OZIL is not around. Commiserations in advance for your tragedy in waiting, Admins.

  22. Ozil is just mediocre now. His contribution to the team is nothing to write home about; and lest you forgot, he was so poor Emery dropped him. Now he’s attributing his drop to the Pay Cut. Not true. He’s just not good enough, no creativity, he should leave all spend next year as a spectator.

  23. WHO are the other two or are they too cowardice to come out. If you are men be bloody brave and come out

  24. Dan, your thoughts are similar to mine and will go further by adding a few figures. Imagine this scenario : Your boss approaches you with a request to cut your salary by £52,500 per week (or £2.7m per year but when asked to explain why and what it was going to be used for declines to elaborate.

    I think I know why, the decision to sack 55 employees had already been made and if that is the case, I am sure that Arteta was not aware of it when convincing most of the players to accept the plan. In my opinion a club like Arsenal should not be asking the question in the first place, embarrassing to be the only club in the EPL to do so. Our MD has zero footballing background, he was an oil trader a qualified management accountant and, prior to joining us, worked on the London 2012 project. To him this is just another project and his words when promoted to MD sound a bit hollow now: “Together we will work tirelessly with the extraordinary staff we have at Arsenal to respect and enhance our unique history, heritage and values”. Empty words for the 55 without a job?

    So let’s put the blame on this fiasco where it belongs. Does anybody believe this would have happened if David Dein was still in charge? He was the heartbeat of the club which has slowly declined since he left.

    1. Whilst you have made very interesting points about the way the club is being managed from above, it doesn’t answer the question that Dan asked – Did Arteta have to drop Ozil over £2.3m for one year or did he actually consider that in all good faith he did not see Özil fitting into the next phase of the rebuild? I can’t think of any contributors who think the executive level have covered themselves in glory but freezing out Özil due to a flimsy reason such as this would really show poor judgement from them and Arteta too

      1. My first sentence confirms that I agree with the main thrust of Dan’s article i.e. Ozil was frozen out by the powers that be for having the temerity to refuse their request for a substantial pay cut. I have already elaborated in a previous post my disbelief that that from being selected for every match pre-covid he is suddenly is not good enough to even get into the squad in all but one of the remaining games and that was on the bench where he remained. Too much of a coincidence for me but as Dan said, it cannot be proved. In modern football a head coach has little say in how the club is run and Arteta is no different, the board makes the decisions and he carries them out. Wenger was the last of the ‘managers’ of a club and before him Sir Alex. The main objective is to get Ozil’s salary off the books and, in my opinion, has been the case well before Arteta joined the club, he just inherited an existing problem. So let me ask you a question SueP, do you think Ozil is not doing enough to even make the squad in team with limited quality in midfield?

        1. In reply Andrew, I can only comment on what has happened since the return to football and he has made the bench then dropped. I am told by those more tactically aware than me that Ozil is the best we have but I have not found those super performances often enough but applaud his vision when I see it, largely I thought his engine was lacking. That is my take on him as a player
          I must be naive then to think that Arteta chooses who takes to the field. I’m actually shocked that he could be overruled. What was the point of picking him at all? The clean slate was a lie.

          1. Sue, you have an expectation of fair play which is so refreshing to hear while I’m just an old cynic who has been involved in staff downsizing on two occasions early in my career, when I had a young family to care for and the motive on both occasions was to trim down the company to make it more saleable. I never worked for a company again, I set up my own business. To be honest I’m not that bothered about the Ozil episode he can look after himself, it has happened before and will no doubt happen again. My main beef with the club is the sacking of 55 staff (only the start I’m afraid) and the pathetic excuse for doing so. Could they not have deferred it for, say, another year and then reassess the situation? As Dan says for the sake of a £2m saving Definitely not classy. I suppose they have to find the extra £50k a week the have to pay Auba to stay from somewhere now that Ozil is not playing ball? I told you I was a cynic!!!

            You’re a good person SueP, I’d share a pint with you anyday.

        2. Andrew,
          Thank you for your reply. The announcement of the redundancies was absolutely ill timed and incredible after all the shenanigans of pay cuts etc.

          I have picked up on your age range, by virtue of comments made. I am beginning to appreciate that the Arsenal way is no longer how we remember. That said, I appreciate your kindness and mine, if we were to share a drink would be a glass of crisp white burgundy I could manage a pint on a hot day… after a round of golf… followed by Lewis on F1 on the box.

      2. Sue , its the same club who sacked 55 staff to save what 2 million ?
        The same club who every year recently have slashed the wage bill ?

  25. When a player no longer feels comfortable at a club for what ever reasons, he puts in a transfer request, talks are held, as negotiations begin. The player cannot be held at the club against his will,so, an amicable can be reached to grant the player his wish.Thus, a player must not be allowed to stay at a club, if he isn’t part of the coach’s plan. Ozil have been offered a payoff, yet he claims, that will not be forced out of the club. If, Ozil was on 100,000 pounds weekly salary and was offered a payoff by arsenal and knowing that some other club ,would give him a better deal, he would be long gone. I think Ozil is shameless, as, Arsenal has clearly shown that he is not needed any longer. If, Ozil, refuses to negotiate a payoff with Arsenal, he should be denied access to Arsenal facilities immediately.

    1. Wayne, please can you enlighten me as to the “alleged” pay off the club have offered to Ozil?

      Where did you get this information, what was involved and when was it offered?

      Can you also point me to any official statement from the club that states he is no longer wanted?

      Finally, if The Arsenal were to do what you suggest in denying him access to the club’s facilities, how do you think that would help the situation?

      1. Agreed, he is an employee at the end of the day.
        He legally has to be treated the same as everybody else or could in theory sue the club.
        He has no obligation to walk away and can only be forced out by the club paying off his entire contract plus bonuses as I’m sure there is a chunky one in place should be complete the full contract

      2. and Ken if im right if they are seen to be mistreating him like that , banning him from facilities they will be breaking employment law ?
        He has every right to be treated equally , it’s not his fault Arsenal paid him what they did

        1. Of course that’s the case Dan and I notice, once again, when an accusation is made and a request for proof to confirm said accusation, it is never supplied… unless one went back to 2015 and found one example that was counter acted by Dennis Bergkamp himself.

          It’s all waffle accusation, waffle accusation and abuse.

  26. I recommend that Ozil negotiate a payoff with Arsenal and continue playing his football in Turkey. After all,he loves being on the field.or………?

    1. or perhaps he wants to see out his contract, loves living in London and wants to carry on with his way of life in the UK?

      You just said that the club had offered him a pay off, now it seems they haven’t and you recommend he starts to negotiate one?!?!

      Sounds to me like yet another misleading claim but I will look at the evidence you are about to supply, first.

      1. but he told the media he was committed to arsenal and wants to play for arsenal. Now the narrative is about lifestyle???? He is in the twilight of his career and likes to sit on benches, and play fornite. If he loves football so much he wouldnt be doing this.

        1. So back when he signed contract you think we were only ones who would offer him that money
          For a start as free agent he would get a signing on fee
          B4 u say he wouldn’t get a wage , remember juve gave Rambo 400-000 pound a week

    1. Ade, wait for the first bad game, then the boo boys will be out in force, saying we have bought another Chelsea cast off, paid him to much, ridiculous three year contract and that they all new this would happen… just be prepared for the negativity.

  27. It is truly painful to witness what is going on, the problem presently is that Ozil thinks that he is bigger than Arsenal Football Club, while I will like to give him a benefit of doubt, there is no way he will be the saint here having seen what happened between him and Mike Arteta when the coach arrived newly and embraced him, then things went sour just like what happened between him & Unai Emery so he should ask himself a question, does he want to leave Arsenal a villain or hero after spending the major years of his career with us. Only he can answer the question. Holding Arsenal hostage will only hurt him at the end and no one else because history will judge him.

  28. The signing of Willian is surely a wise one given his injury history and the fact that he is a well crafted, well-rounded utility player & disciplined footballer whose knowledge of the game and years of experience will help the younger ones as well as the club in general; given some of our past signings, we have done well in bringing him home to us, I am very confident that he will “pay back the money” just watch.

  29. If Arteta doesn’t consider Ozil for next season, if he has a little dignity, he should leave!
    I am afraid, that like all mercenaries in the world, Ozil will not run out of money! He will wait patiently, like an retired man, to receive his weekly pension and will say (or not) thank you!

  30. I think there is a point of view that needs to be considered.

    Bale is doing exactly the same thing at Real Madrid. A club where we brought ozil from. Is this the attitude of the superstar players and clubs?? Is this the behaviour of the very top of industry? Steve Job got run out of his own company. Is this all right? The way Ozil, Bale and alike behave, it doesnt fit well with me personally.

    But all of this leads back to why is Ozil not playing. It’s got to do with something that has been understood between the board and player that will only ever maybe come out some point in the future.

    I believe ozil is a laid back guy and he didnt justify the position of the focal point of the 1st team. He couldnt accept what that meant to his role, the work rate required…etc..

    It’s a really bad red mark against both the player and the club.

    1. Yep.and Bales on even more
      I think due to pandemic we will see more of players clinging on to contracts / refusing to leave

  31. I think ozil gave a clear response on when he ll leave
    And he also expressed a clever argument
    If a player wants to move a club can block the move and say,no so why cant a player do the exact same thing

    he also talked of how hard it was for him the last 2 years cuz of “certain people” and accepted that he was not give a chance by MA post lockdown and it maybe due to his refusal and the main point was that he was ready to take a bigger paycut if he was shown on how tge clubs going to manage this and also questiomed why some names were not given out but him

    And btw i ll be happy if ozil leaves,a big fan of him so want him to play in any club.I will always support Arsenal

    1. Oh yes and what a game!! What’s happened to Barca??!!
      Who’s your money on for Suarez biting?! 😂😂

      1. Apart from arsenal i like RM so i am enjoying this very much and kooks like someones going to get sacked tonight if this keeps going….

        Oh no!Suarez has many other things to worry about…😂😂😂

        And i also thought this will be a battle if keepers but…

    1. Can u just believe it
      Barca conceding 8
      I am not sure if i could celebrate anymore,i dont like them but they are not spurs…😂😂😂

      1. The UEFA rules do not allow clauses preventing loanees from playing against their parent team, apparently, Dan… so I just read, haha!!
        So, Dan, not only is it us whose ‘former’ players come back to haunt them… we’re also not the only team to concede 8 in one game!! Yay!!! 😝

        1. Nor the only team to be humiliated either Sue…at least people can now see what BM can do to ANY team and don’t forget when we lost 10 -2 it was over two legs and we didn’t have a defence, were full of dross players …unlike Barcelona – oh to have the chance of being in the CL again!

          1. For sure, Ken! They bulldoze any team… and they still have Sane to come in – scary!!!
            Haha, what is Barca’s excuse??!!
            Yes, I’d love to be in it again!!

  32. It seems to me money, and heaps of it, has made Ozil over confident and disrespectful of authority. For his own sake he should learn to eat a little`humble pie` and get people back on side, although he may be too far down the track to modify
    his attitude.

  33. Can’t understand people defending ozil, he is bleeding the club dry, he is not interested in playing because if he was he would be at the managers door and demanding that if he is not in the squad he is staying, best thing for player and club is to get together and sort out a payment and f.. K off to America…

  34. Wow bale is doing the same thing and he is being treated unfairly.
    But they both didn’t force there respective clubs to give them a huge contracts so both won’t leave until they get a club that can match wages or get paid off do live with it.

  35. Ozil’s resistance to accept a paycut irks me on a personal level probably because our company has had all staff (from top to bottom) take a 20% paycut until further notice.

    That said if I try to look at it objectively, I believe the following is the most likely reason Arsenal are looking to offload Ozil now:

    Arteta has previously outlined that only players who were ‘on the boat’ would remain at the club…

    “Players that respect the values we want to implement, that they are 100 percent committed to our culture, and players that are accountable every day for what we demand from them,”

    I suspect Ozil has not been playing and is looking to be sold for exactly this. Club implemented temporary reduction in salary (12.5% down to 7.5% upon winning the FA Cup) Ozil was not on the boat. Bye bye. I back the club on this one.

  36. We on the outside don’t know what is really going on in the club. However, Ozil is a highly remunerated employee, as such he needs to adhere to the requirements of Arsenal management. If he is not doing this he should either step aside or step up. In most modern businesses failure to do the latter would result in dismissal. Bear in mind he earns in 2 to 3 months what a majority of ‘normal’ people earn in their working lives. Grow up Ozil !!

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