Do you want Arsene Wenger’s return? Here is what Thierry Henry thinks about it

Thierry Henry says Mikel Arteta answered in the affirmative when asked about the return of Arsene Wenger to Arsenal because that was the only thing he could do.

Arteta made it clear he wants Wenger to return and be closer to the club he led to multiple trophies.

Wenger signed Arteta for the Gunners and made the Spaniard captain during his playing days.

However, Wenger has since left the club and has been busy working for FIFA.

He has never returned to the Emirates and now Arteta wants that to change, but Henry says the 39-year-old can only say he wants the Arsenal legend’s return whenever he is asked that question.

‘What is he supposed to say?’ said Henry to Amazon Prime Sport as quoted by The Daily Mail

‘Is he supposed to say, “No, I will close the door to the biggest manager ever of Arsenal Football Club?”… no!

‘If he comes what is he going to do? Who is going to be in charge? Is Edu now still working? What is it?

‘I have one point. He was in a situation where the words he was going to use were always going to be (diplomatic). What is he supposed to say?’

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To be fair, Arteta cannot say he doesn’t want the return of Wenger, regardless of the situation.

The Frenchman rebuilt this club, and for years, most of us only knew him as our manager.

A generation of fans only saw him in the dugout until 2018. We will always welcome him at the club, but he is no longer needed as a manager.

Wenger loves to contribute and his return to any role close to the first team could tempt him to interfere.

I hope he can watch a match at the Emirates one day, but his input at the club is probably no longer necessary.

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  1. He could advise Arteta on how to play more attacking football. What used to be a staple of the club is rarely seen now.

    In Wenger’s last few years we seemed to go from primarily attacking play to possession play.

    Would love to see the slick passing, direct attacking play again. But that doesn’t seem to be the ethos of Arteta. Thought we would see some of Pep and Wenger influence in his philosophy, but looks more akin to Jose than the former two.

  2. Another rehashment of an article already much discussed and which attracted many various comments.

    Just as British TV is full of cookery and antique progs , most of which are poor copies of the original fresh ones, so this site has become so very samey, with constant and unimaginative rehashes of what were once original and interesting articles.
    There are only so many times you can jeep churning out poor copies, sometimes daily, before customers switch off and go to fresher sites.

    Just saying , as I for just one ordinary fan, am sick to the back teeth of lazy thinking and poor copy cat articles.

    I personally would gladly contribute different Arsenal subject articles, on a far richer intellectual level too, but am discouraged by the poor level of thinking among so many on here.
    Those with open minds on football matters in general on JA, are in a minority sadly!

    Articles on the way football should develop in the future is one suggestion but I very rarely see anyone with a fresh and original take on things, which depresses me , as a deep and free thinking non agenda riven individual.

    Boring copy cat choruses of “all refs cheat and hate Arsenal”; “Arteta holds grudges against younger players” and so on and so on, show how little independent minded thought so many on here can muster. Ther is nothing so prone to alienating new and fre thinking contributors as constantly reading inane comment sfrom those who are vonly desperate to follow theheredc and see theri own name in print. THAT is poor frankly and we need far richer far deeper ranging article and we need themn badly.

    There are a large number of people I suggest who will read these article but who do not post or contribute directly themselves as they are intellectually poles above the many dullard comment on JA

    It COULD be so much better, were it allowed to be by those who run JA. And if such strict censorship of plain speech, from the heart and mind but non abusive freedom of speech – one of mankinds greatest defences against tyranny btw – were not so discouraged and sometimes censored altogether.
    Please do not misconstrue my comments as being against those whose first language is not English though, as you could not be more wrong!

    Language need not be correctly punctuated or that of a professor to carry thoughtful context and interesting new takes on anything we wish to discuss.

        1. Jon- you are so superior to everyone else on this site. We know this as you are so keen to remind everyone at every opportunity.

  3. And if you were to set up your own blog I wonder just how popular thar site would be. Still, as long as it gave you the platform you crave to spout off who would really care?

    1. Actually I have a spare active Arsenal blog that jon could use. Its unused for years but I could resurrect it if asked nicely…

      1. Ad PAT and Phil. It is nonsense and simply deressingly proves my point about how shallow much of thrthinking is on JA by manay regulars We do have – as is clear to regulars watchers – a goodly number of people who rarely post but who are obviously brighter than many who post all the time.
        Their have been a number of rare but insightful posts from the deeper thinkers who just read but who are, like me , too depressed to constantly fight against the tide of low level thinking and copy cat posts. It takes courage, bloody mindedness and stamina to fight against a sea of mediocrity and some have not the time nor the inclination to “cast their pearls among sw*ne”, to use the Biblical phrase!

        But my CORE MESSAGE is this: THAT THIS SITE COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER and contain far less mediocrity and boring repetitive postsand articles, IF ONLY the ADMIN IN CHARGE WOULD ENCOURAGE IT, instead of stooping down to the level of many of his posters.

  4. Jon- if it’s that bad why does someone of your intellect bother? Surely you are degrading yourself to be part of something that you feel is so “boring” and “repetitive” with its content? Or am I just missing something here?

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