Do you want change at Arsenal? Then PROTEST!

How to cure Arsenal´s doomed situation? by VL

Hi Gunners out there, i am pretty sure that you guys are, like me, feeling frustrated and desperate at the moment. The obvious reason? Arsenal’s ridiculously mediocre form since the start of the new campaign.

We have all (except for our Respectful Manager; ‘cough’), consciously or unconsciously, been seeing this coming. In being too faithful in Arsenal, or sometimes too lenient, we fans have gradually allowed the board and maybe Mr Wenger (who knows) to build an Arsenal side that I would qualify as being a ‘product’ to be ‘sold’ to us, rather than a team in itself. In what, some of you might find as an attempt to improve the team by bringing big names like Ozil and Sanchez, I see a method of increasing business in disguise. Like any kid who can be easily fooled just by being given a new toy, we have sadly also been fooled (no disrespect intended) by getting these players.

But for me (at least), today’s defeat against Swansea was the last straw. And the solution to this situation? PROTESTING!!!

Get me right, I AM NOT REQUESTING A RIOT. All I am asking for is ‘ACTION FOR A REACTION’. You see, whenever you realise things are not occuring as you would expect them to be, logically you take necessary measures in order to solve the problem. Like Liverpool fans, for example, who protested against the team’s owners in 2010. AS FAR AS I REMEMBER, THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED by the likes of a new owner.

Similarly, I suggest protesting against the board of directors and managerial body.I go even further by suggesting to threaten to stop going watching games (hence blocking revenue) if changes are not made soon!!! I definitely believe such action would do the necessary. As they say, “Scare your opponents (Arsenal board and Wenger) and you get to take control of the game, or remain idle and you suffer the damages.” ITS NOW OR NEVER, if we want things to change.

And Oh, I almost forget! Give that man, in the name of Alexis Sanchez, a medal already! He, more that anyone else in the epl imo, honestly and respectfully deserves to be surrounded by players of his stature and calibre; which is not how he is being treated currently. He should be hailed and thanked in every game for his work rate and contribution to what I call, “a delusional team”.


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    1. i wonder how many fans here actually go to Emirates stadium? Thumb up if you are, down if you are not. I bet there are only a few ups

      1. @arsenal207 what does that have to do with anything wether or not fans go to the Emirates, I do but not often, but most of Arsenal supporters around the world don’t have the privileged that we have in UK, I have read here in the past Arsenal supporters walking or traveling tens of miles to their nearest cafe to watch arsenal match on TV they walked in the midday sun in places like Central Africa, so are you suggesting they are not true supporters and have no right to comment ??? And what of those supporters who pay shi!t loads of cable fees to watch their team, I say they are.

        1. it’s ok. I thought many fans here are like me, who live outside of UK, get up at 1.45 in the midnight to watch Arsenal on a russian channel. Comments here like this one doesn’t count. Comments in Emirates stadium count. Please act wisely if you have privilege to do that.

          1. @arsenal207

            Again sorry for the misunderstanding but you wrong in thinking that what we say here don’t mean sh! T, a lot of sports Medea are monasteries this site so you are heard and making a difference,

    2. @muffdiver: for what? all u can do is write comments..why don’t u do something for a change?..u have to make change happen..sitting on ur ass and commenting on this website ain’t gonna change something even may be a minor thing but protest in your own least the author plans to do something, rather than only blamed someone else and then sit quietly !

  1. Yes i do! We need someone with fresh new policies to take arsenal fc further with ambition, and will not be afraid to spend to buy the players needed to win us silverware and motivate the players mindset into being champions! Coyg!

    1. They said last year that the combined ATL madrid team cost 35 million to buy. That’s what the commentators said, this is the same team that won the La Liga dethroning barca/real madrid.

      Diego Simeone is a general and we need a man like him to kick some sense into these overpaid athletes we have at the club currently.

      1. Who is they???? And I don’t believe that bullshit. Diago Costa alone costs 32m and was considered a bargain. ATL has always got talents in their team

  2. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

    Arsenal fans since 2006 CL final loss have been supporting wenger and moaning repeatedly about everything from his recruitment, tactics (or lack there of), his management style his disinterest in the sidelines etc etc etc.

    When will they step up and boycott one or two home games? WATCH how fast things change then, it really is that simple

      1. why not? not even 2 just 1 arsenal game..once the media gets hold of it, they will do the rest..the resentment has to made known…if you cannot boycott matches..u can at least carry banners right?

  3. It’s about time people protest. How do you pay all that money to sit in the stands and endure this kind of abso-fukkin’-lutely trash week after week when you rank as one of the richest clubs in the world? Lord know how much merchandise I own in this household (much to my wife’s chagrin) that says Arsenal. At this point, I’d rather pay to watch Sánchez play with the ball in my backyard than get embarrassed by his teammates and that clown of a boss. How long can people lean on Wenger’s past glories or the stadium-building to justify his staying at the club? Even my neighbors’ cats, dogs, grandpas & grandmas know that Wenger’s tactics are old, decayed, and virtually non-existent. The fact that such losses & banter from opposing teams’ fans don’t bother me anymore makes me realize how bad things are. Instead of figuring out how to beat big teams this season, our manager decided to open the door for teams like Anderlecht, and Swansea to make fools out of us. I have no idea what Wenger’s supporters will now say to justify his staying… Injuries? Money? Nope, we’ve heard everything… At this point, there’s nothing that is remotely reasonable enough to justify his stay. Nothing! #WengerOut

    1. UTD next, if we lose that game OH BOY!!

      This is why giroud is being rushed back so fast IMO… AW knows, if we lose to UTD at home then he is really in deep deep trouble.

      1. I don’t see us winning against united.

        How can Merteseaker and monreal ( playing at centerback), chambers at right back stop an attacking for rooney,rvo, mata, rvp and maybe falcao?

        1. Considering Wenger’s tactics, I don’t see us winning that game either. Draw at best! Likely loss that one! I want to be optimistic, but Wenger is doing nothing to make me feel that way!

      2. I think it is time to go to Arsenal games with banners demanding a total change of leadership. T he Owner is no good and WENGER is certainly no good what business allows its core asset to crumble. Whilst Arsenal come 4th things are ok for Arsenal and the Board but what happens if we don’t. The profit will crumble and worst of all know will want play for. Manchester United are only getting some good players because they will pay stupid wage money to get them Arsenal can’t, so the collapse is totally on the cards and may happen this season.
        I once thought that Arsenal should move Wenger upstairs, now I know more than ever he should get the sack. He has yes help deal with the new stadium but in doing so he has totally neglected the team 9 years. Enough is Enough make no mistake he is not Alex Ferguson., and as an Arsenal supporter for 45 years Ferguson is a legend Wenger is not.

        He had his chances at the world cup to buy us a better team he was watching them all play.
        No like the article says The Board are taking us for a ride Buy 1 great player each year and pretend we are trying for others well we are not that F ing stupid and our intelligence should not be insulted anymore.
        I knew Sundays result before we played and if you look at the team Wenger has no tactics if you are going play subs why 5/10 mins before the end it seems he is always looking for excuses and Miracles not playing basic football protect you lead and if they come at you you can counter attack.
        The truth is 70% of the team is crap and 100% the owner board and Manager should be replaced.

  4. Things have to change at Emirates. Whatever that means then it MUST be done. We can’t go season after season and witness embarrassing results like this one, again we were leading and we end up losing!!!! I have supported AW for years but have now lost all respect and support for his decisions, team selections, transfer dealings and training methods. He should have been telling the players to change tactics at half time. No more excuses Arsene, just get the F*ck out of our club.

    1. I don’t want to hear let’s do this or that….all I want to hear now is “I will go with a banner to the next match or I will not watch any Game till change is made…I swear with my last drop of blood if I live in England I will go with banner but I live in far Africa were we Pay high bills just to watch game and at the end become a laughing stock at our place or work by other fan just for been a Gunner but it doesn’t matter cos all that matter now is “WENGER OUT” and Arsenal can move from this s**t and pit we are now……pls and pls I beg of u guys that go to emirate to pls do something at least start with a banner and from there the crusade will build on till there will be a full change..I know the media are waiting for just a start and it will spread like wildfire…..

  5. Thumbs up : Change of Manager(Wenger out).
    Thumbs down : Change of Owners(Kronke out).
    Comment for both or none.

  6. Alexis sanchez is like a “big fish” in a small pond, comparing him with the under performance shown by his team mates! They lack the drive, heart, and comittment when you wear the arsenal shirt, like alexis does!

    1. A teammate told Alexis, while at Udinese, that his style of play is best suited for the EPL… He has certainly endeared himself to the Arsenal fans very quickly. He’s also quickly showed how much less the other players around him are. It’s sad that he has to see his hard work get undone so easily by a bunch of incompetent teammates.

    1. Can’t you comprehend ?
      If not then why show your ignorance to world ?
      If you are trying to be rhetoric it’s a bad effort.

  7. Do u want people to protest from the pubs they watch Arsenal from or u want them to run naked on the streets far away from London?
    What am sure of is that 90% of the cry babies here have only seen the Emirates stadium on TV.
    And why the negativity all the time as u give solace to Sanchez as if he is a volunteer at Arsenal

    1. Just saying if a person lives in an another country and has not seen the Emirates stadium live
      He is not a real fan and is a cry baby

      Great F##king logic
      Shame on you if you think only people living in London or u.k are qualified to be arsenal fans

    2. Arsenal is like a global religion. Traveling to the Emirates is like going on a pilgrim. You don’t have to go to Mecca to be a real Muslim, nor do you have to visit Jerusalem to be a bona fide Christian. Arsenal makes a great deal of money from people who have yet to even visit that stadium, and are as rich as they’ve become because of that. And if you’re going to be proud of the fact that your club is as big as they are now, you should also be equally happy that Arsenal has a large global fan-base, even though many of those fans have yet to see London. Take away all those other fans, Arsenal would perhaps be as big as Spurs, if not less. So don’t come up with that “only see the Emirates Stadium on TV” nonsense!

    3. What does the Stadium have to do with Wenger. It was the board not Wenger. He had to manage the team through difficult times and that is it. Stop feeding people bullsh’t. That Wenger build the Emirates.

  8. Totally off topic guys am goin a game after christmas and i live in ireland was wondering wat airport is the best to fly into or does it matter would appreciate the help thanks

  9. I hope when Wenger finally leaves Arsenal, he can in good conscience and confidently raise his hands and say, I did my best with the squad I had, with the players I could have signed and with the funds that the management made available to me.

  10. All this talk of Wenger out and protests about him and the board are futile, no one ever acts on it and never will, just get used to the fact that Wenger will never go until his contract runs out in 2017 or whatever it is, he will never go against his contract. Of course I’d love to see a new fresh, charismatic manager like Diego Simeone come in but it just won’t happen, at least not until 2017. Get used to it, we’re stuck with Wenger.

  11. ADMIN COMMENT – I am now officially SICK of people insulting each other instead of talking about football. Expect moderation or bans VERY shortly. GET WITH THE PROGRAM OR JOIN ANOTHER SITE!

  12. What pissed me off is not the fact that we lost at Swansea or our current poor form but the fact that we all knew during the summer that if we do not sign atleast centerback and defensive midfielder sh*t like swansea and anderlect would happen. And, despite the facts that fans and pundits, begged arsene to buy the players we need, he just refused ( even though he had the money).

    It is the same thing with Wenger every season. He goes into every season with a self afflicted handicap,

    1. All season last season, we whined about lack of defensive midfielders, a need made obvious by those losses against big teams. How many years in a row now do pundits and other fans see our team as “lacking backbone”? That FA Cup triumph to me just helped sellotape Wenger’s continuing problems. If you’re a manager of a top team that just qualifies for top 4 every season, but can’t go anywhere beyond that, then we have a problem. Many club managers have played less CL football than Arsene, but have won more than he has. Fourth place, therefore, doesn’t mean shizz to me!

  13. Hi guys, being in South Africa it is a a bit difficult to attend the games although i would absolutely love to be there! But i am a Gooner for life that buys all the kit, scarfs,posters,caps etc etc and watches every single game on tv without fail no matter the time it is broadcast. I have decided and hopefully others will follow, that until Arsene Wenger has been replaced or we win the Premier League i will NOT buy another piece of merchandise or memorabilia! Until the club gives me something in the form of a Premier League trophy for all my dedicated and loyal support! I will always support this club but will not contribute another cent until i feel they appreciate us supporters and give us what we truly deserve!

  14. We all are very angry but the truth is we can beat man utd
    As they are very poor too

    Yes I know we couldn’t defeat them last season
    But we have Walcott back Sanchez too

    2 week break is good for some individuals performing poorly
    Wenger just needs to get some basic things right

  15. The problem we have at Arsenal is that the Board and Wenger are masterminds. If anyone remembers a couple of years back we were close to full blown protest when we were in danger of not making top four and over loaded with deadwood. Fans lost their minds and started singing YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DOING referring to AW.
    Up came the Black Scarf Movement out of nowhere well at least I never heard of them before then. They threatened to protest but geuss what? not against our poor performance on the field and lack of managerial skills but against the board. They diverted the whole attention to protect AW. You see gunners. The fan base at AFC is controlled by a selected few who sit and at AGM every feeding Arsenal fans bullsh*t they decide when we protest, which will be never. They are hand picked by the board and they enjoy certain perks which normal Arsenal fans don’t get. Well someone has to pay for their season tickets etc. These guys control the AFC fan base. And they get to influence the outcome of any protest. AFC fans are too deceived to realise that these guys make sure the board and Wenger get what they want. They defend them at every AGM and on every media platform spreading propoganda. Fans need to stop listening to these guys for the good of the team. Every bit of info we have concerning the team we find in the media and performance on the pitch we don’t need these F#cknuts to decide for us. When we should protest or not. If there was any time since the building of the Emarites started till now for a revival it was last season. But as long as these movements control the fans and keep silencing us to protect mediocrity, we are going to be seeing many more of this bullsh’t for many more years. Watch them come out after more articles like this. And you will start seeing more articles protecting the board and Wenger on similar websites. Why it’s their job to feed us bull and protect the board. WE DON’T NEED NO ORGANISATION OR MOVEMENT TO TELL US WHAT AND WHEN TO DO THINGS! GET RID OF THEM! And protest. COYG! DON’T LET BOARD CONTROL YOU!!!

  16. I slated him so much but I’ve noticed one thing, we’re so much of a better team when Arteta’s playing in the holding role. We still need a new DM but Arteta is actually an influence on the field. When we have Kos and Debuchy and Arteta back from injury, those silly defensive mistakes will vanish, the problems are Mertesaker, Monreal and Flamini. The thing is though, I think Wenger and the coaching staff are responsible for the injuries, something in the warm ups or training sessions is not quite right. Ozil has barely ever been injured in his career and already since he’s been at Arsenal he’s had over 100 days altogether injured. Look at Ospina, he’s done f*ck all at this club so far, he’s played half an hour and he’s out until new year. Look at Kim Kallstrom last year, signed him and he immediately gets injured, something I not right at this club, there is an explanation for the injuries, Wenger is just too stubborn to do anything about it or change anything.

    1. now imagine that we sign humels plus khedira, will they be injury free? i dont care what players we have, our manager lacks hunger, he is good man, but this is sport, if you cant deliver, you find someone who can, simple!!!

    2. come on matt are you kidding me,we took some beating last year with Arteta as DM.The man is not suited to be a DM,too small,too weak,too slow.
      Look at Terry,those last years he was exposed as what he is, an average defender because he was not as previously protected by a strong midfield(makelele,Essien).Mourihno came back and once again Terry looks solid as he has Matic and the complete team protecting him .
      Our back four is exposed because of our weak midfield and the lack of discipline of the full back.
      Silva in m city is weak as Ozil but his weakness is hidden by the like of Tourre ,Fernando etc..

  17. We could have stopped this 2 seasons ago, now we must pay consequence, we want team that can win big things, we already have it, we just need someone who will lead them to that goal, you cant win trophys when your manager go in public and says our opponents are just too good, its not that chelsea is unbeateble, our manager has no desire anymore, and i dont blame him for that, he is just doing his job, we fans are final judge, if you are ok with 4 place, than enjoy this mediocre simple!!!

  18. Seriously guys, I’m pig sick of our manager. We have a decent squad, but he is not getting the best out of them. Players will start leaving soon if the promised land never appears. Yes they get good money, but other clubs pay well AND challenge for trophies.

    We won the cup, but we made bloody hard work of it.

    Mandatory retirement for football managers at 65 please!

    1. @mark
      What if you were discriminated against just because of who you are? Bet you wouldn’t like that none…

  19. Since the 2008/2009 season, to date, we have omly beaten Man utd once in all competitions. And that was May 1 2011. Since then we have met six times and haven’t beaten them once. We could not even take advantage of Moyes.

    So nothing less than a win will be accetable this time. Failure will result in Fans protesting around the world. If the Londoners won’t do it we will. We’ll record it and send our videos to FAPL fanzone and other media houses. This is how we do it gunners. We will use this platform to organise and gather fans at certain points in different countries. Before and after the game we voice our displeasure. And send it to different media houses YouTube whatever we can to show Wenger and the board. Your input will be appreciated.

  20. Wenger had the perfect opportunity over the summer to step down. Winning an FA Cup in your last season after years without a trophy would have been ideal for him to bow out on. All the players were buzzing about the FA Cup win and how they were all HUNGRY for more. What happened to that appetite???? Instead we have a squad full of players who look shaky as though they’re experiencing an end of season relegation battle.

  21. Wenger will not be sacked and to be honest after all he has done for the club I hope he isn’t,instead I hope he makes the correct decision and moves upstairs and we get Bergkamp in with David dein to take back his role.

  22. There’s lots of things we can do
    Don’t buy anything
    If you do turn up voice your opinion boo wenger every time he stands up, and cheer the team
    Take banners with wenger and the board out on

  23. Let’s suggest some slogan to kick Wenger out “Thank you but leave” “move now its time” “fresh blood new idea” “No more endless waiting” etc put any of dis in banners at Emirate stadium, over and over. Somethin ll happen

  24. Most protests end up with the protestors getting more frustrated and, in some cases, resorting to violence. The `silent protest` is in the hands of the ticket holders, they have a vested interest and by boycotting big home matches and leaving thousands of seats empty for a day the message will filter through. If they`re serious start with the United match.

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