Do you want Wenger to return to Arsenal? The club has an answer for you.

Arsene Wenger has not returned to Arsenal since he left the club in 2018 and the Frenchman has remained active in football.

He is one of Arsenal’s best ever managers and he managed the club for over two decades.

He didn’t leave how he would have wanted and has not returned since he quit.

Mikel Arteta is one of the players the Frenchman signed when he was at the helm and the Spaniard is now the club’s manager.

Arteta wants Wenger to be closer to the club and has publicly admitted that.

The club acted on that and had a discussion with the legendary manager. However, it didn’t reach a favourable conclusion and he will not return to the club for now.

Standard Sports claims Wenger is now very busy in his role at FIFA and will not be returning to the Emirates in any official capacity soon.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Wenger made a great impact at Arsenal when he was the club’s manager and we truly appreciate that.

Some of us only knew him as the manager for years and we gained many fans because of his influence.

However, we need to move on from him and this clamour to have him close to the team is tiring.

We have a manager that can build his own legacy at the club if we give him the chance to achieve that.

We need to support Arteta and see how far he can take the club now.

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  1. Some people are either too young or have short memories. Arsene no matter how any of us felt in his last 5/6 years, is an absolute legend of OUR club. He should be welcomed back with open arms by everyone. Our club would not be anywhere near where we are without the man. In 50 years or so Arsene will be recognised for what he was, a genius and the best manager our club has ever and maybe will ever see. No matter all the animosity at the end, all us fans should welcome him home. In Arsene we trusted!! For many years. Yes it went sour, but he loved our club and WE should respect him.

  2. Don’t want him anywhere near the club.
    His days are well over.
    They was over a few years before we managed to get him out.

    1. He should buy his match day ticket if ever he was to return. And who knows where Arsenal would have been had not he been stubborn as he was. Man City & CFC rose to prominence while we accepted defeat. If Stan could spend 150M after predictive losses in a Covid pandemic era, would he not have spent then to make us competitive with City & CFC? Lies, lies and more lies by the liar. And for what he achieved (3/22 EPL titles in a 2 horse race, 0/22 league cups, 7/22 FA, 0/22 in Europe) he was extremely well compensated. Biesla was sacked for losing 0-4 to Tots, we proudly sang praises after our Club’s worst humiliation in history of conceding 8 league goals. If he had even a iota of self respect he would have stepped down the same evening. Any day Gazdis would be welcome over Mr. Wenger. How he turned the fortunes for AC Milan.

  3. Arsene often said he had no life outside of football. All his time away from the training ground and match day he said was spent watching football videos. He was joined to the club like Siamese twins. Some how Arsene came to believe Arsene was Arsenal that he would be manager for ever and the club could not continue without him. So when he was requested to step aside he demured. The club eventually had to “move him on”. Arsene took the decision very hard and remains in grievance mode. All approaches to have him return in any non Manager capacity have so far failed. It seems Arsene wants an out and out “apology” from the club for “letting him go”. Arsene was 70 years old and the club was 5th/6th and had not won a title in 14 years. It was time to move on. The club made the tough call. After 3 and a half years of struggle (a relatively short period of time ) the club is looking to return to the CL again. Nobody is bigger than the club not great players nor legendary managers. Like Death and Taxes the one certaintity of becoming a football manager is that one day you will be moving on. Arsenal has moved on.

  4. Arsenal is doing well with Manager Arteta.
    What will Wenger bring that he never did ?
    Let’s support Arteta and build confidence in him and he will be wonderful . Arteta only needs to be more focused in his decision making during the starting XI and bringing changes from the Bench.

  5. Wenger coming back? Absolutely no way! he has had his time, and thanks for the memories – the earlier ones that is.

    He allowed the club to rot to such an extent that we are only just managing to get out of that rot. So what could he possibly add to the club he couldn’t do when he was in charge?

    We had to rip up his rotting foundation and his squad – and make some mistakes along the way – to get to a placed where we can safely say we are now on the road to recovery.

    He is an absolute control freak, he wants to be in charge. So what position are you exactly going to give him?

    With all the skills of a spin doctor in his latter years, we can send him to Africa, Asia, Oceania or America, to be our ambassador. So long as he is as far away from the club as possible – he can spin it for us in those countries.

    This is a man who said: Being 4th is like winning a trophy…. a player coming back from a long term injury is like a new signing…..judge me in May…..I believe in my players….we will not betray our principles (his own principles)- he said all this to avoid spending money, unless it is for kids, golden oldies or cheap articles.

    Please I do not want to go back to that era of lies!

  6. Maybe in an ambassadorial role a few years later down the line but for now probably best to keep his distance given the way things ended. I’m surprised the club have not already name a stand after him though and there has been talk about a statue.
    OT 🎶 Tottenham get battered everywhere they go🎶

  7. Some people just need to let this Wenger obsession go, he had 22 years at the club, he’s been gone 4 years now times change, the man has got a new job and is in his 70s now.. he will always be a legend but it’s time for people to move on.

  8. it’s fairly clear that the reasoning behind Wenger’s refusal to return is based on the very real fact that he didn’t actually quit…now I’ve been incredibly vocal about my thoughts regarding his far too long kiss goodnight, but if I thought even for a second that this club would be so short-sighted as to not have a definitive succession plan in place, especially considering the lessons we should have learned from Fergie’s departure, I would have severely tempered my displeasure

    so let’s retrace some of our mindboggling nonsensical steps for a minute, in a somewhat linear fashion

    firstly, to think that we would have opted for the used car salesman, Raul, over the highly-touted and proven Diamond Eye, even though any reinvention would undoubtedly rely on a revamped recruitment policy

    secondly, we hire on a “systems” coach, in Emery, yet failed to give him any input when it came to the all-important decisions regarding personnel; meanwhile, by the time of Arteta’s arrival, Gazidis, who some have wrongly used as a scapegoat for all the things that went wrong during Wenger’s latter years, was already 2/3rds done with his AC Milan rebirth project

    so instead of giving our heads a good shake, following the largely inevitable Emery failure, and targeting those managers and execs who had already had great success in their own right, rebuild-wise, like those at Ajax or Nagelsmann or even Gasperini in Atalanta, who all deploy attractive football on a far more limited budget than what would be on offer here, we chose another longshot proposition

    thirdly, we chose the most inexperienced option then tasked him with an incredibly complex and arduous undertaking, all the while pairing him with, Edu, another individual who’s functionally learning on the job…of course that doesn’t mean this little experiment won’t work, but it does beg the question of why would anyone try to jam a square peg into an obviously round hole, unless there were no other viable options

    now the basis for MA’s hiring appears to be twofold, yet neither reason has considerable merit…first his connection to the club, which might have made sense if he were hired on by Everton or we had won anything of great consequence while he was a player at the club, and the fact that he was Pep’s supposed understudy, which seems like a real feather in one’s cap until one digs a little deeper and comes to understand that no one in a similar position has ever come good as a manager

    now even I was willing, early on, to ignore some of these rather obvious stumbling blocks so long as Arteta was coming here with a “rebuild” in mine, which relied on a considerably more youthful squad, so that he could tap into his supposed “teaching” capabilities and allow him to “grow” with the team

    unfortunately, he deviated from this prescribed path as soon as we won the FA in a rather fortuitous fashion…this costly misstep was only possible because the powers that be felt it necessary, for whatever reason, to hand him the managerial mantle after a mere 6 months on the job…when things went horribly sideways, instead of falling on his sword, he simply reintroduced the whole “rebuild” narrative, almost as if he had never deserted just such a notion months earlier…so once again our club was facing a crossroads of sorts, but instead of having a bit of a rethink, we actually doubled-down again and actually supplied him with the single largest transfer kitty in our storied history

    now this season our position in the standings has improved somewhat thus far, albeit there’s no guarantees in that we could easily slide back into the 8th spot with only the briefest run of bad results, and we have seen a handful of games that have passed the all important eye test, but more often than not we’ve relied on a rather unspectacular and largely negative brand of football…as I’ve said before, we’re far closer to the Wolves, tactically-speaking, than City or Pool, so unless we bring in players who can pull this squad up by their collective bootstraps in spite of the tactics being deployed, I don’t see the ends justifying the means…as such, if Wenger’s return would it some capacity aid in the recruitment process or enable us to play a more attractive brand of football, I would reluctantly accept this reunion tour

    1. Aid the recruitment process? Is this a cruel joke of some sort? Mannone, Flapiansky, Almunia, Debuchy, Gabreil, Mustafi, Ande Santos, Xhaka over Kante, Ozil, Gervino, Chamak, Lucas Perez, Sanogo, Park, Assano, ……………..We had enough, let Mikel win the league or get relegated with his team and his decisions with no outside interference

  9. Sharp analysis of the comedy of errors that has been a curse on our club, TRVL4. Call it the Kroenke curse if you like. Hard to call how true this story may be but like you I would argue for the least involvement as possible. Wasn’t it Wegner who was totally against a director of football coming in to intervene in his cosy set up. Perps a place on the board at most, if Wegner still has the long term future of the club at heart.

    1. Cheers JS…I would very much doubt he would come regardless of the role, unless it was a full-on lovefest that included a public “bending of the knee” display by maybe Stan himself, which seems most unlikely considering Mr. Kroenke’s general disposition regarding situations that require any sort of contrition on his part

      1. You wrote a very interesting piece TRVL but I wouldn’t have AW back. Fergie went out on a high; sadly AW didn’t so I’m not sure a return by him would be universally popular. He had his day and I had the glory years of Vieira, Petit, Pires, Bergkamp et al to remember him by.
        Arteta might well be the right man after all. Two years of mixed fortunes but he is building on something even though at times it’s been a difficult watch. The players ran the dressing room but Arteta does now. Kroenke’s mob clearly saw something at his interview. ManU are still floundering but Arsenal may (I say may) just be returning to better times in a far shorter time

        1. my commentary had far more to do with what hadn’t been done properly since Wenger’s dismissal and far less to do with my desire to have him return in any capacity…unfortunately my follow-up to LC, which further explained my underlying point, was summarily removed…in a perfect world, I wouldn’t want Wenger to assume any official position at the club, unless he still had some recruitment cachet that could help us secure the signatures of some high-end talent who wouldn’t come here otherwise, but of course what has transpired since his departure has been far from perfect

          1. TRVL, you made some very good points in most of your discussions last night, but once you start insulting people who disagree with you and calling them kids or whatever, they will always be removed. Either change your ways and be polite or expect your posts to be removed.

  10. He would only be a distraction, he likes the limelight a bit to much for my liking, he has nothing to offer our future
    imo remember Gnabry, Chamrak, Denilson etc.,

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