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Being an Arsenal fan is one of the great privileges of life but it is not always easy to write about our beloved club because opinions are so diverse and even when you write an article with the best intentions you soon find out that a lot of your fellow Gooners disagree very passionately.

The comments section on this site are a great illustration of that and at times it feels a bit like being Theresa May, you just cannot please both sides, especially when it comes to certain players.

But what I have noticed is that some of my fellow Arsenal fans have put some great comments out that totally disagree with an article I may have written but I find their point of view rather persuasive and it shows that there is always two sides to every opinion.

In fact, some of the comments are even longer than the article!

So, here is an invite, if you have an opinion and you want it heard then send me in an article and I will publish it.

There are obvious conditions, the article cannot be rude, must be family friendly and so on, I don’t think I need to tell you that really.

Any article sent in will be proofread and edited to make sure it complies with certain news outlet criteria but the meaning will never be changed. If you write that Mesut Ozil is the greatest player ever to play for Arsenal (and explain why) then that is what will go out, but what will not be posted is Kroenke is a tosser.

There are no payments or anything like that, this is just an invite for any of you that want to publish your opinion and then be prepared to stand up and be counted via the comments and forum sections, that is it.

If you want to contribute an article then just send it to me at admin(at)



  1. Yeah, I wonder why the old geezers like jon fox, Kenny Rolfe, ken1945, Durand, Declan, ozziegunner, etc always write lengthy comments, but never submitted an article

    1. I wonder why Assistant Coach like you who knows every players and wingers we need never took the time to write any article.
      Or don’t you know being a writer is different from expressing yourself while exchanging views? Not everyone can write, not everyone can put the time in

      1. I think you wrote an article previously Eddie

        Looking forward to read the next one and learn more about grammar from you

      2. Yes gotanidea I would love an article explaining the virtues of inverted wingers or extrovert midfielders or defensive centre forwards, offensive defenders, etc. Only joking my friend, I don’t agree with all your posts but you are entertaining at times. What I would really like is to know what a rush goalie is/was when we played footy in the school playground. I never did quite work it out?

    2. gotanidea… I’d love to read articles written by the geezers you’ve mentioned…
      Jon & his love for Theo Walcott ?
      Kenny & his trips to Highbury as a youngster (& could also throw in who he’s driven around London, in his cab!)
      Ken1945 – I could quite easily read what Ken has to say all day long (maybe find out more about his Arsenal room!)
      Durand & Stan Kroenke (as he knows more about him, living over the pond ?)
      Declan & that sense of humour – not sure I’d get to the end of his article, as I’d more than likely be crying with laughter!!!
      Ozziegunner & maybe his time in the UK before he departed down under
      And I’d love one from Phil too.. although I think I read he’d written one?? Come on Phil.. post it!! ?

    3. gotanidea, as your very silly and obviously chidish I’ll accept that you cannot read properly and missed certain articles.

      Like the one about s/tickets, where you were caught out once again with your trousers down as you hadn’t got a clue about what you were saying, especially when it turned out you didn’t even have a s/ticket but, as usual, was the all knowing one.

      Perhaps we write in order to react to the fact that you seem to have to be first with your comments, which turn out to be absolute c**p most of the time.
      Then it takes time to break down your ridiculous comments one by one, in the hope that your juvenile brain might just grasp some of the facts…so far it hasn’t worked it seems.

      Just remind me gotanidea, how many articles have you submitted?
      As far as I know a fat round zero, the same mark you get for trying to insult fellow gooners.

      I have followed this club longer than you’ve been out of nappies…sorry I forgot, your probably still in them.

      SO here’s a challenge for you…write an article using your superior knowledge, I’ll write one as an old geezer and let’s see who makes the most sense.

      What about the subject being of your choice, what about Iwobi? I’ll live with that…SO COME ON GOTANIDEA, PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR CONSIDERABLE MOUTH IS AND LET ONE OLD GEEZER SEE IF HE CAN WRITE MORE SENSE THAN YOU?

      Are you up for the challenge young man?!?!?!?!/

      1. Ken, How wonderfully cathartic to see a young “wet behind the ears” upstart put in his place so skilfully and accurately by someone with a far superior brain and knowledge of Arsenal

      2. Hello Ken.
        You have been coming to this site much longer than myself and better able to understand the type of comments usually made are those that were common place on the terraces before the arrival of the all seat stadium. I am therefore surprised by your post. For many ‘JustArsenal’ has replaced the terrace or being unable to get to a game as in my case. So have a heart, you usually do.

        I would be interested in what you have to say about Iwobi be it comment or article.

        I have to depend on TV or stream for the game. I therefore do not comment on what I see on the pitch because I know seeing there is not being there. I am interested in the views of those who were at the game, so JJ helps with that. If the comment isn’t shall we say up to much well that is life and some footy comments are no different in value to some comments on other subjects.

        As for long comments it depends how they are presented. Long, long, long paragraphs stand less chance of being read as the same length broken up in to short paragraphs

        But best of all I believe is KISS for me is in referring to comments or articles Keep it Short and Sweet

        So I send you a big kiss 🙂


        1. Snowden, is this short and sweet enough for you?

          Compose, read, digest, learn, acnowledge experience and respect others.

          Respectfully Yours

    4. Gotanidea, Your use of the off hand and rather derogatory phrase “old Geezers” to describe Gooners who have put a long lifetime of years into supporting our club , says far more about you than it does about us older and wise fans. It is easy, with the benefits of age and wisdom, to use words to judge character. For example, I am a precise and somewhat pernickety person, which I freely admit, for the simple reason that it is true. I respect wisdom, truth and honesty. I do NOT respect hasty unthought through posts, dull brains and witless rudeness without due cause. I much doubt if any older fan respects such liabilities either.

    1. Please do so

      The boy was a wonderkid with bags of talent, but never got his own article that can showcase his contributions to the team so far

      1. As you are Iwobi’s (or in your case Iwobi-san’s) greatest fan perhaps you would care to write an article about him? No need to worry about spelling/grammar as people here are tolerant of that and I’m sure they would appreciate your efforts – even though they may not agree with them.

        Maybe others have not written such an article because so far Iwobi has not proved he is ‘a wonderkid with bags of talent’ and so people would have great difficulty in ‘showcasing his contributions to the team’, when his well meaning exertions usually turn out to have no end result. Hes shown promise a few times and I hope he improves now he’s got another season under his belt.
        If you do write an article be sure to put what you believe and not be too worried about what others may say. For instance you might say that Iwobi would be better employed in midfield, perhaps as a box-to-box a la Ramsey, and I would support that view. However I wouldn’t support the view that he is a ‘playmaker’ like Ozil. So give it a go, be prepared for criticism, and hold on to your own beliefs in spite of what others (including me) think about them. Good luck.

        1. Well said GunnerJack! I much doubt that this young fan will do as you suggest. He is so defensive about defending IWOBI FROM CRITICISM FOR THE FOLLOWING REASON MAINLY: IT IS BECAUSE HE HAS NOT THE WIT TO SEPARATE HONEST COMMENTS ON IWOBIS ABILITY OR LACK OF, FROM A PERCEIVED BUT INACCURATE ATTACK ON THE NATION WHICH THIS PLAYER AND FAN SHARE, NAMELY NIGERIA. It is a sort of unhealthy nationalism which a more evolved fan would not have even considered as such, since they do not suffer from his type of defensive racism. Really sad for TW14, AND I TRULY HOPE THAT HIS FUTURE LIFE EXPERIENCE WILL SHOW HIM THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS.

  2. I don’t know if I could deal with articles peppered with RANDOM ALL CAPS EXCLAMATIONS emphasising points that sometimes REALLY DON’T NEED EMPHASIS but I would like to see more users contribute to the content of this site.

    1. Sergio,, If you don’t mind I WILL WRITE IN THE MANNER I CHOOSE AND I GIVE YOU MY PERMISSION TO DO THE SAME WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST. If mere capitals disturb you so much then you must have led a very sheltered life!

      1. Jon, they will soon be demanding that we have to have an IQ test to participate and join in.
        We’ll have to use 4 for for/four or even there4 etc etc. with no punctuations, otherwise confusion will set in.

        As usual, still waiting for gotanidea to have anidea about writing an article of his own.

        Just about calmed down, but I would love to meet this guy face to face and discuss everything he knows about The Arsenal, but five minutes of my time seems too precious to waste on someone so trivial.

        See you in the forum for some “grown up” discussions you old so and so!!!

  3. Best scenario for all concerned is to get that tight fisted yank to dig deep and come up with some dough And get rid of the lackluster players and older not wanted from our team give the young guns a run out yeh we wont win much but in a year we will have a great team of young men who are eager to play for this club And dont make the mistake again of offering big money to people who dont cut the mustard
    Top heavy management is another way of outgoings why do we need all these people in charge thats why the other two lwft I think

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