Dodgy Spurs penalty showing ALL referees are against Arsenal?

The theory that the bigger clubs generally get the benefit of the decisions of the referee and other officials is a hard one to prove. And when you are a fan of one of those big clubs like Arsenal you will tend to feel that a contentious decision should go our way anyway.

I personally think that the theory does hold water, even though you get times like with Chelsea and Jose Mourinho last season when a manager goes out of his way to infuriate the officials so much that they start going the other way and turning down good penalty shouts.

However I also feel that for some reason, almost every referee that Arsenal have had in the Premier League season has been neutral at best and has actually been hard on Arsenal more often than not. We seem to get yellow cards for fouls that our opponents are allowed to do all day long, such as happened to Coquelin yesterday.

And I have lost track of the times that Giroud has had defenders all over him and got nothing while if he uses his strength and wins a tussle the whistle is heard. I have already written about Martin Atkinson nearly costing us the game against Leicester but it got even worse from the refs yesterday.

After beating the Foxes the ideal result for us in the later game was a draw and it was heading that way until that crazy decision by Clattenburg to give the spuds a penalty. That ended up costing us second place in the table and kept Tottenham´s title momentum going. Once Leicester looked like serious contenders the decisions started to go their way as well.

Anyone would think that for some reason the men in black do not want Arsenal to win it. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Not only that, it appears that the media, radio especially are complaining that our players are complaining to much when we are being repeatedly. chopped down. How dare we!
    If we don’t the ref.would do F*** A**.As per usual.

    1. Vardy didnt deserve a penalty but it was cleverly done. I will give that to him..
      Leicester has been awarded 10 penalties already this season. No team is even close (Watford, swansea and spurs next in line with 5).
      They converted 8 of them. That has to be ATLEAST 5 Wins. I think somebody needs to look into this because we have just seen Vardy awarded an undeserved penalty and we were lucky with Mahrez. (His dive was very convincing).
      With all my respect to Ranieri, I think he is focusing really well on this front and its earned him a lot of points.

    2. I think you all need to grow up and stop blaming refs when we lose, but to still Whinge when we win,well that just sums up your mentality. Next wives meeting the subject is Linesmen not flagging for us. CB

  2. The only solution to that is to keep moving and winning games, you will give them no option, its whether they join us or they go and hug the nearest transformer! #COYG

  3. Stop thinking about this conspiracy theory.
    We have very hard matches coming we need to concentrate on our play and make a win streak and the title is in reach

      1. By now we should all know (including our players) that we are not liked much by the press and the powers that be in English football. The best thing to do is try harder and shame the enemies.

    1. Refs have always been controversial. Nothing new. If Spuds win and Arsenal lose the only team I will be blaming is Arsenal. So far Arsenal has been handed the trophy but we dont want to take it. Sunday was the first time I saw that real thirst.

      Just an example. West brom game lost 2-1, Should have won or at least drawn with missed penalty. Norwich Draw 1-1 Should have won, Liverpool 3-3 Should have won (last minute equaliser). Southampton and Stoke should have won. Dismal finishing.

      So besides the refs adding this up its 9 points we threw away. I know we cant cry over spolt milk. But Arsenal have really been handed the trophy this year and still we have decided to make it difficult for ourselves.

      We need to be alot more clinical. I know our faith is up cause we beat the table toppers but if we honest we need way better as Spurs is really looking dangerous and this is our own fault as we have given them a way in.

      So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Arsenal bring the EPL trophy HOME. Cant stand another year without it.


  4. English referees are so controversial. I know they are humans too but some officiating week-in’ week-out are piss poor….#Just my general Observation.

  5. Mark Clanttenburg has suddenly turned to become one of the anti – Arsenal referees in the Pgmo this season. Arsenal MUST be very careful henceforth not to play into any belief of any referee’s whistling impartiality in their remaining games in all competitions.

    The Gunners MUST be ready to combat the negative referees’s decision against them during the title and Cup games run-in to the season. And not to leave winning a match to the referees’ decisions to favour them. But always take the bull by the horns in all their remaining matches of the season and beat their opponent teams by every lawful means against every referring odds that may be against them.

  6. Let’s keep up the good fight with real zeal as we demonstrated against liecester city, and we’ll win the title.

  7. i dont believe in any conspiracy theory and I agree with most of you that we should move on with full strength and don’t let refs to decide the outcome of games

    Having said that:
    If we go through the matches in this season, there have been more key decisions favoring our opponents than for us. I am quite sure about that

    I always thought that manu had the benefit of doubt during Alex Ferguson and told my manu supporting friends that after sir Alex you wont win anything 🙂 seems i was right so far 🙂

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