Does a fit Giroud spell 4-4-2 for Arsenal?

We do not know for certain whether Arsenal will be able to call on the services of the England striker Danny Welbeck on Saturday yet, after the 23-year old picked up a slight hamstring problem on international duty. Arsene Wenger did not mention him in his latest injury update on Arsenal/com, but I am sure that he will start if fit, as he has been doing well as our new centre forward and will be desperate to face his former club.

But the good news on the injury front is that we now have Olivier Giroud available again, after the France international made a quicker than expected recovery from his Tibia injury picked up earlier in the season. So if Welbeck is not fit enough, then the big man will probably come straight in as a like for like replacement.

However, even if Welbeck is fit to start, I would not be surprised to see Wenger bring Giroud back into the starting XI anyway, especially as United look like having to field a mish mash of academy players and midfielders in theur back four. Arsenal already have pace and skill in the attacking line up, so adding the power and link up play of Giroud would give them all sorts of problems to deal with.

If Giroud does start, though, it means that Welbeck will either have to move out to the left or Wenger will have to play them as a pairing in a 4-4-2 formation. A lot of people like this idea and it would certainly cause United problems at the back, but it would also mean that we risk handing them an advantage in the midfield battle. And with the likes of Rooney and Di Maria in their team, United could exploit that. And where would that leave our star man Alexis Sanchez? On the wing again?

So what would you do Gooners?

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  1. Come Saturday, that ball shall be f***king held up and played real hard.

    Ok, seriously, I’d really love to watch Giroud and Welbeck play together. I’m quite sure 4-4-2 will be very effective for us.

    1. Hey guys, Remember arsenal has lost confident against man u for some years now the reason being the fear factor of Sir Alex by then, but do you think that has gone?. For Arsenal the answer is no, since Rooney is available, he has that in his boot. the only hope is Sanchez since he has not played against Man u in arsenal shirt, otherwise the winner is united and Rooney is the factor.

      1. the man the myth the legend…hes back ….
        the wait is over….get off your sofa….toss that coaster….
        hes back!!!
        rocky 2- 10 pm channel 4

  2. Wenger said in a press conference once that Giroud and Welbeck can play together. I’m fine with that. But he also said Welbeck can play him on the wing like he did at United. Honestly, if Walcott and Sanchez are available, Is prefer them to be on the wings and Welbeck and/or Giroud up front.

    However, with Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez healthy you can forget us getting a world class striker anytime soon.

  3. How short is an Arsenal fans memory…
    I still remember Giroud’s missed sitters, lack of speed, inability to dribble, row Z shots, scoring one single solitary goal against a top 4 team since he arrived in 2011.

    Wenger has pulled the club down so far some fans look back at Giroud’s misses as some sort of high point.
    Wenger’s coaching is at fault, we have fast players but I can even see that Welbeck looks more comfortable playing for England, where he is allowed to use his speed and size, than Arsenal, where Wenger want’s him to be a ‘hold up striker’ whatever the fryer tuck that is…

    1. @SaveArsenal, I can’t keep track of Giroud’s miss or misses (lol! He must have a lot of them for the banging).

      But, hey! Let’s see if something good can come out of him being paired with Welbaked.

    2. Giroud is indeed a “misser”, can’t shoot accurately well enof, can’t outrun defenders, can’t dribble and damn kills counter attacking moves.

      But one f****king truth is that Giroud is unselfish upfront.

    3. totally agree…ppl tend to forget Girouds uselessness as a striker…yeah he plays hold up well, and can create sum assists sumtyms, but he’s a fckn striker – he’s job is to score…

  4. I’m actually really glad giroud is back, if we opt to play 4-4-2 danny shouldnt be coming to look for the ball as much but should play off the last shoulder as giroud comes pretty deep to link up play when we build slowly and I think that works better for him as he can make better runs closer to goal.

    It gives us another option and giroud works hard for the team, he went on a good run at the beginning of last season only to be used for 51 matches, coming back from a leg break I think we should be easy on him. coyg

  5. Would he play Welbeck and Giroud together, I really doubt it because it is the obvious “route” for improvement and it just make sense. He will not do it because he is rigid and seriously clueless.

    And also he won’t do what the mass seems to think because he truly, and I mean truly, believes he knows what he is doing… Even thought proven wrong years after years. We are not even a trophy challenging club anymore, just a club amongst others in the BPL.

    As far as modern football is concerned, he is tactically behind the even average current manager. This team only function due to the pure talents (and courage) of key players.

  6. Wellbeck has stated himself one reason he left Man U was because he was put out on the left.and I can see mr wenger doing the exact same thing

  7. As a matter of fact, until Ozil gets fit for purpose, I would play Sanchez as number 10. Because he can pass, assist, he tracks back when he loses the ball and he is a fighter.

    I would even go as far as giving him the captain arm band because the 2 others guys (Arteta and Mertesacker) are just useless and inexistent.

    Sanchez has heart and passion, may be the only one in the current squad right now. He leads by example and that is what we need from a captain.
    The rest of this squad are not even good followers.

  8. Guys if we play 4-4-2 this sat, I am telling you it will be one hell of a performance by the team. Hopefully Chambers moves in to the centre a little bit and put Bellerin on the right give the young man a run, at best he’s gonna defend against Ashley Young LOL


  9. Two struggling teams.
    Two Managers under pressure.
    Players battling for form.
    Fans desperate for a boost.
    Still its only game 12 of 38.

  10. #OG iz still sh*t I welcome him back but hes still tutu but hope he scores vs manure & not hold up play for eg counter attack & plz keep ur fackin tongue in ur mouth #COYG & #FREEJOELCAMPBELL

  11. i would say Either Giroud or Welback must be used. Both are similar a bit but Welback is faster than Giroud. The only advantage i would say is Giroud can win headers, Welback always struggles with airy balls. The line up for this week must be 4-2-3-1:

    Bellerin- Per – Chambers-Gibbs
    Rambo/Wishire – Arteta/Flamini
    Ox(65 mins)/walcott(15 mins) — Rosicky/Cazorla – Sanchez
    Welback (65 mins) / Giroud (25 mins)

    Opinions divided.

  12. The best set up would be to play the pair Giroud-Welbeck.
    Welbeck being more mobile will offer more options with Giroud holding play.
    Also Giroud is “another defender” on free kick and corners (let’s not forget about that).

    Would Wenger play both together, I doubt it… Because he is delusional and tactically prehistorical.

  13. a two man forward line would give Manu a lot of trouble with the state they are in, i would love to see our two young forwards in combination though, before trying Giroud /welbeck.

    Yes would love to see Sanogo/Welbeck, i would also use walcott and us ramsay beside arteta, i would also put in bellerin and move chambers to the center.

  14. Defense appears to be a problem to both teams. That being the case `attack` is the only way to fly. United have plenty of talent up front so they`ll be looking to put numbers on the board.
    Wenger, no doubt, will field a conservative side and no matter what we, the supporters, suggest will not use anything like what we think. Master knows best! Walcott(if fit) RW, Ox-C (LW), Sanchez (No10) Welbeck and Giroud leading the line with Wilshere in there somewhere and Arteta to return. The back four Bellerin, Chambers, ? , Gibbs (anybody`s guess.)
    “attack is the best form of defense” Nelson.

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