Does AC Milan win mean that there is no unrest at Arsenal?

After Arsenal lost to Brighton last weekend, the papers were full of rumours that Arsene Wenger had lost the dressing room, and their was unrest amongst the players due to massive wages given to Mesut Ozil, Aubaneyang and Mhkitaryan in January.

But Granit Xhaka made it clear after we had beaten Milan, that there were no problems in the team and the media knew nothing about what was really going on in the Arsenal dressing room. Granit said after the brilliant victory: “At the start it was a little bit difficult for us, but after that we made it our game and we scored. I think 2-0 here in Milan is a good result for the first leg.

“A lot of people spoke about us from the outside, but nobody knows what is inside in the team.

“We showed togetherness today, we showed spirit and a lot of character.

“Milan is a good team, 2-0 here is a good result for the first leg and now we want to finish the second leg and to win as well again at home.

“Everyone knows that we lost the last four games and that was difficult for us. But as I said before, we showed togetherness today.

“It was important to be together and to show the people on the outside that we are a team. We showed a good game today.”

So was our win good enough to show that the Gunners still have the team spirit? And were simply going through a crisis of confidence?

Maybe we will find out they still have it tommorow, and show they have the cojones as well?

Sam P


  1. Wolf says:

    We’ll have some sort of clue after tomorrows match. Meanwhile Burnley are 2 points behind us. 7th?

    1. Muff diver says:

      Burnley have done wonders
      Sean dyche incredible stuff

      West Ham will get the headlines tho
      Fan grabs corner flag an carries aloft to the centre circle during game
      Another invades pitch so mark noble starts tussling with him
      A load ran to directors box . Gold and Sullivan had to leave stadium early

      Imagine our mob …there would cous cous an organic hummus everywhere

      1. Wolf says:

        You think if we do the same Kroenke would turn tail and run?

        Oh I forgot he’s never at the Emirates

  2. qone says:

    hope that the togetherness said by granit is true and be shown tomorrow as burnley are ready to over leap us with just 2 points behind us. we finish watford and Milan on thursday to show that we mean business again = gooner for ever

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I believe what Xhaka and Welbeck have both said.

    Of course emotions will be running high and the odd argument would break out, but that’s natural. Sure that’ll be happening at Utd & Che also.

    The papers are taking everyone for mugs. All last season and allot of this one, we heard the journo’s speak about players demanding Wenger to get rid of Alexis, because he’s not a team player and because he wanted a move. Now they say that the players are fuming over Alexis’s sale and it sent out a bad message, am not denying it looked bad but you cannot go flopping back and forth like like that as it’s not at all professional looking journalism. It’s sensationalism and it’s the tactics of a lazy ass journo. How many times have we read that Wenger has lost the dressing room and that aren’t listening nor playing for him anymore, how many times can that happen before either player personnel/power or team management gets the boot. And how often has a manager lost both the ears and faith of his players yet win three FA cups almost consecutively. These tools have no idea what goes on in there, and am finding it very difficult to believe ex players at this stage esp whenever they make a prediction or when they talk the vibes coming down the grapevine. These so called ITK’s need to realize that confidence and moral being very low along with the league position does not translate to a split/disharmony within the players camp and how the manager has obviously lost the lot of them. It just means mistakes were made, by everyone at Arsenal. Money spent unwisely, not a pittance neither. It also shows a lack of any decent motivational and concentration skills/habits, pointing at both players and manager. Perhaps most of all, Our mood inside the club is totally mirroring our efforts and league positioning thus far with yet another season devoid of anything resembling a title resurgence. We are Arsenal, we have always been Arsenal, and trophy hunting is our sport, but I wouldn’t say that too loud as we haven’t got a leg to stand on at the minute. We need warriors with knowledge, we need play-makers that can also play the receiver/runner (Mkhit looks like he might be one). And we need a man with a plan. What we don’t need is any more of these spotty English tabloid’s trying to make sense/cents of it all.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Nicely put but so many people (sheeple?) are easily led and the media will continue their lies and deceit as long as that is the case. Hope people here will think for themselves a bit more. Simply observing what has been happening at Arsenal for the last few years should convince most people that AW is no longer the man for the job. As you say no need for the media to sensationalise everything. Lying b******s!

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        How do journalists have the hide to call themselves professionals?

  4. Arsene Out says:

    Burnley 6th + No Europa League Final = Arsene out.

    No European football means next year our new manager and the team can focus like Chelsea did last year.

    Long term Arsenal fan, sick and tired of Arsene’s horrible handling of this team being covered up by secondary cup finals and wins.

    One year w/o cups wont hurt us as much as one more year with Arsene.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Sorry for being thick but does the cup final already not mean that we have European football considering that we played the champions?

      1. stubill says:

        I have a feeling it puts us through to the qualifying stage. So that’s something to look forward to, going to some armpit of a country in the far flung reaches of the ever expanding Europe.

  5. AndersS says:

    Hope there is plenty of unrest.
    Get Wenger out now, so we can start looking to a future, that doesn’t mean steady decline.
    Just because we win one or 2 games and maybe save 6’th doesn’t mean this is not a disastrous situation. 6’th at best for God’s sake. It’s unacceptable!!

  6. Me says:

    One win against a very poor Milan side and its like all of the poor performances and capitulations and the non-existent defending never even occurred.
    Wenger’s comments after the Milan game referencing “a bad week” just sums up his inability to see the bigger picture. Its not been a bad week but more like a bad season.
    And the trouble is that the moronic board will buy it all…
    Because its easier to site on your arse and do nothing…

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