Does Akpom exit mean Arsenal have agreed Benzema transfer?

It was only very recently that Arsene Wenger was fulsome in his praise of the young Arsenal and England striker Chuba Akpom. The 19-year old scored a brilliant hat-trick in our first pre-season game against a Singapore XI and he has done nothing in the chances handed to him since to suggest that it was a fluke and that he is not ready for some first team action this season.

The boss even said as much himself, so what could have changed his mind? Because The Mirror is now reporting that the talented forward is not going to get his chance in the Arsenal first team after all. Akpom is apparently heading off to spend a season on loan with Hull City instead, where he will join another Arsenal academy product Isaac Hayden.

Hopefully the young Gunners will get plenty of regular game time and come back ready to star for Arsenal, as we have seen happen many times in the past with the likes of Wilshere, Szczesny and most recently, Coquelin. But for Wenger to agree to this loan deal now tells me that he knows Akpom will not have much chance of playing for us and that tells me that something has changed in the striker department, as in another player being added to the squad.

We do not know who it is (Benzema would be nice) or even if there is a deal in place, but why else would the prof change his mind and let Akpom go?

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  1. I would be sad if petr cech were to be our only major summer signing.
    We need atleast a top striker to wear the vacant number 9 shirt, lewandowski, cavani or benzema.

        1. Sanchez had a great season with number 17, he should stick to that number.we need that number for a big name signing. Benzema hopefully

    1. It’s not that i disagree with you, but our squad hasn’t looked this complete and strong for years. However, that does not mean we should not make signing that will push us forwards. Personally I don’t see us buying Cavani with his salary, and Benzema would only be allowed to leave Real Madrid if they have a replacement coming in, which is not unlikely they are working on already (Cavani for instance, or a left wing if Ronaldo is moved to central forward). I don’t see a reason for Lewandowski to leave Bayern either. As always, I dream about Lacazette and/or Pogba, but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Wenger decides to save the money for next years window – given we dont suffer from the lack of investments this season.

      1. Saving the money for next season is not a good idea. Players like Alexis and ozil want to win trophies. We could end up losing them if we don’t win the bpl. Even cazorla. We need to invest now for the coming season.

        1. Like I said in the bottom of my comment – “given we dont suffer from the lack of investments this season”. This team I believe is able to win the league with a bit of luck (no injuries), but if the injuries do come again and we dont have the proper squad to handle it, because we were gambling on luck, we look like fools.

          Btw: Wenger stated some time ago that “this team will win the league within two years” or something. Isn’t this season the deadline season for that statement? If so – I can see a big signing (other than cech) coming before the window ends.

          1. That’s the problem, one signing won’t be enough. We need a DM and a striker. Hope we can secure those two positions. If we do our squad would be fking ready for a serious title challenge.

  2. Rumor has it Giroud would be sold if another striker is brought in. Surprised to hear that considering we don’t have a big body physical striker like him.

    1. Rumor is rubbish, giroud will stay if a WC striker arrives. He will fight for his place. That’s how giroud is, I’m sure he would stay and fight.losing giroud would be a big mistake. If we get a new striker Theo would play on the right regularly and giroud and welbeck would be our second and third strikers. For me the DM position is the biggest concern, one injury and were done. Arteta is not made for DM and flamini doesn’t have it any longer. I would like to see a DM first

  3. Akpom was never going to get a chance. This is Arsenal Fc not cambridge united. Akpom and Hayden both needed the loan.
    What I don’t understand is how is Akpom related to benzema? Akpom was never gonna be first 2nd or 3rd choice. Giroud Theo and Welbeck are all ahead of Akpom.

  4. Akpom left cuz we have 3 strikers in Wenger’s eyes, giroud, Theo and welbeck. It’s best for him to move and get playing time in the championship. I don’t think it has anything to do with benzema although I hope I’m wrong. This benzema thing is fking up my head.I spend an hour each day trying to find news about it. I wish we just get it over with. I hope real sign reus so we could get our man.

  5. Ok the Mourninho mind game is here again but am having this feeling that tomorrow is not gonna be like just any other day, I think wenger gonna break that curse. Like the saying, if you really wanna kill criticism, work hard and become successful! Let’s go there. #AllinOrNothing #StrongerTogether #Coyg

  6. I just assume Wenger thinks that we already have 3 strikers in Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck However if this is true that means we only have two wingers, Chamberlain and Sanchez so Hopefully Wenger will at least be looking for another winger, Reus?!

    1. This should be our plan b, if we can’t get a WC striker we should go all out for a goal scoring winger. Currently we have Sanchez, Theo,ox and welbeck who all can play as a winger.I wished Wenger would let us know what’s going on in his mind. Is he going to move Theo to cf? Is he going to stick with welbeck, Sanchez and ox and not sign a winger??we have a big squad, we have to get rid of a few players like flamini to buy new players.

    2. Gnabry, Adelaide, Iwobi. Plus Ramsey, Wellbeck, Wilshere can also play on wings. No need for winger.

  7. It means one of 3 things:

    1) Theo is being considered as first/second choice striker by Arsene and he will buy a goal scoring winger who can play across the front 3 (LW/CF/RW) to partner Alexis.
    2) A Striker is incoming, with Theo & Alexis being the mainstay wingers.
    3) Arsene is going to approach the season with a fluid front 3, with Alexis, Theo & Welbeck all interchanging positions during the match, and hence no purchases.

    I’d like it to be either of the first two, but I can easily see it being the third if I’m honest.

  8. i have no idea about wenger’s plan in this transfer window, hope cech was not the only player to join us this season

  9. we need a striker in the lewandoski or benzema mould.

    if its just someone like lloriente no thank you.

    I also dont like cavani ..i have watched ligue 1 and he lacks consistency…can frustate alot..but maybe that’s just me.

    I also like welbeck alot…



    I have a feeling welbeck and ozil will be the stars of this season.

    1. It’s not you, cavani is not that special. Would prefer benzema. And I honestly rate welbeck highly and think he is going to have a great season. Maybe we don’t need a striker afteafter all, we have giroud, Theo and Danny

  10. whether akpom stays or goes, without a world class strike option, whether more classicial forward or attacking winger, its 3rd or 4th place again….anyone who thinks cech has provided the missing piece in the puzzle is in a footballing dreamworld of wagnerian or better still wengerian proportions!!

    1. Anyone can send me an article for discussion. If it is well-written and has a good point to make I will publish it…..

  11. 10% scenario. in theory, city have offloaded jovetic and dzeko in order to rouse a higuain signing. real madrid rarely to never finish summer without a marquee transfer; their summer’s a slow simmer. this month, real madrid sign another u21 defender, de gea (no more van gaal close-ups!) and get their galactico in kun aguero. near the end, benzema will be allowed to sign for arsenal and we all twerk a little.

  12. My bets on it being reus! Liverpool over us theres no way! It’s the reason we kept rosiky too i bet! Wenger said walcot signed a new deal under the agreement he will be played more as a striker the leaves a hole for a winger. As wallcot, giroud and sanchez if required can all be our strikers, if thats he case i well happy!

  13. People keep saying “it`s the best squad we`ve had in years” and they`re probably right ,but then again the squads of the recent past are nothing to boast about. There`s a big difference between having a good squad and being champions. What we need is a `champions squad` and that means scoring lots of goals and conceding few.

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