Does Alexis just need to relax for Arsenal goals to flow?

Arsenal fans cannot blame all our recent struggles in the Premier League title race on player of course, especially when he is one of the best players at the club, but I think we all expected a lot more from the Chile international Alexis Sanchez once he returned from two months on the sidelines with a hamstring injury.

And it appears that the problem may have been that the player himself expected the same. And not just that he expected more from himself, especially in terms of finding the back of the net, but that he puts a lot of pressure on himself to perform and so when it does not happen for one reason or another he beats himself up about it more than any of us fans do, as his comments on the Arsenal website this week suggest.

Alexis said, “I think that I’ve adapted really well in terms of fitting into the club and it’s been very good. But at the same time I’m not the kind of person to become complacent or think, ‘That’s it’.

“I always want to improve and give my absolute all to the team.

“The truth is that I do enjoy [the responsibility]. When I don’t score goals I feel like I’ve failed the team and I feel guilty.

“I go home, can’t sleep and I just think I have to play better.”

Is that why the Chilean striker was quoted suggesting that the Arsenal players need to show more belief? Was it himself he was talking about as much as any of his team mates? Let us all hope that now he provided the club a big boost with the equalising goal in the most difficult of circumstances in the north London derby last weekend, Sanchez will be able to relax a bit more and find the form that made him the runaway vote for Player of the Year in his debut season as a Gunner.

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    1. I would like to know what Walcott does when he doesn’t score, because if he is like Sanchez he will be sleepless for months, but like every Arsenal English players he just go home and check is bank balance and everything is forgotten, and you people think the love the club! !!

  1. He should stop being one dimensional. Been saying it since last season, you know what he is going to do every time he gets the ball, cutting inside all the time.

    It’s frustrating..

    1. To not be able to set up a defender while switching feet is a great hinderence to his game. Even if it is just a split second to change direction and then opening up to face he keeper.

  2. Alexis is WC and even WC players have dry spells. Anyway, he just scored in last match so lets hope that there will be many more

    Ans if we don’t win the PL lets hope Alexis and Mesut stay with us

  3. Still can’t get over the last article telling us why Zlatan will not be signed by Arsenal!

    Can we get an article for every good player we won’t sign?

    My reasons:

    Stan is a skinflint.
    Wenger will refuse to pay good money for a proven WC striker who changes games.
    Zlatan probably wants to keep winning things so probably wouldn’t want to come and play under AW.

    1. Yes, it’s a fact that Wenger is shrewd when it comes to Spending money but it’s more to do with Wenger’s delusional belief that his squad is good enough to win major trophies!
      Our summer transfer budget has been stated by the club as been in the region of £75 million and when you consider that Arsenal fc have spent that amount on the combined fee’s of Ozil and Sanchez, it’s a bit harsh slating the powers that be at the club! For not spending.

      Another theory:
      When Wenger first arrived, ( At his more successful period at the club), His only job was to deal with his team and tactics, finding Gems etc, but as the year’s went by, he took on more responsibilities at the club (more work) taking the club to the next level, (financial wise ) and maybe that could be the reason for his downfall in where it matters the most for the fan’s… On the pitch!

      1. What I find pisses me off too is how Gazidis came out two seasons ago and says that AFC can rival any team, for any player, besides Messi and Ronaldo. Talk about mixed signals, I know we got one truly class player in each of the last three windows, but this does not excuse the fact that we were openly looking for a new striker, along with another defender (I think), so what happened to AFC can rival for any player? Surely if we can beat top clubs to players well then we should have no trouble in prizing ones away from the not so top clubs. It’s just not on, disappointed to say the least. Then last season we had one of our heads (chips I think) of the club come out and basically shout to rooftops we’re rich we’re rich we are rich beyond our wildest dreams, then annoyingly, have Arsene pour cold water, all over everything that both of these men first stated. How on earth could Arsenal send out these polarizing signals, I would be willing to believe that Chips and Gazidis were sneakily trying to force Wengers hand, only I know better. They are not here all that long and the respect they have for the man is not in question, so this whole thing confused the hell out of me. I expect better facts to go along with better signings, that’s not too much to ask is it.

        1. The question is…. Who’s telling the truth?
          Two against one gives us a clue!

          It seems as if Wenger has more control of Arsenal fc than people think or are lead to believe.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if he secretly owns the majority of the shares, instead of Stan, who is probably one of wengers billionaire poker buddies, who may have financially backed wenger?
          And in return Afc pay one of stans companies £3.4 million a year! ?

          Another hint was Wenger laughingly suggesting in an interview, not too long ago. .. that he treats the club as if it belongs to him…. Regarding spending money!

          When you add up all these little things, along with the fact that Wenger’s job has always been safe, even after a decade of trophy drought, it makes you wonder!

  4. Must admit I felt Alexis could be the difference this season. Coming back I felt it was good timing but then all of a sudden that was our worst period. Watching what he done for Chile I thought he would dig us out of allot of tight spots, but it didn’t happen. Not only that but he was also suspect in his defensive duties, a runner would pull Monreal away while his teammate used that space, Alexis would be ball watching. Still time to get the old Alexis back even if it is probably too late to catch Lei, the spu goal was more like it. Alexis needs to lead by example again because this time it looked like the other lads were rubbing of on Alexis. Also he had the problem of two to three players paying very close attention and then basically trying to run through a brick wall, his cleverness was not there but also he was a marked man. I expect now to see Alexis prove to be just too good for allot of these defenders, and hopefully kick-start the rest of the team.

  5. He’ll be gone in the next 18 months…he has been poor since his return, but so has the whole team to be fair.

    This is why some of us want a new manager, to rebuild our team and make us world beaters, not keep us at a decent level that sees 3rd place as our ambition.

    If we don’t get a new manager, Sanchez/Ozil etc will leave because they see no ambition to compete at the highest level their skills deserve. The FA up has stemmed the tide of departing souls, but will not stop the flood when reality and lack of trophies kicks in.

    Over time, Sanchez will probably blame the team for his lack of form, and he will have a point. One man cannot carry an erratic bunch of mixed ability footballers forever.

    The lack of finishing on Ozil’s assists is almost criminal. We should be on 70 points already with his genius, instead we languish in our usual floating position of 3rd/4th with other teams closing in rapidly, and Spurs above us…it couldn’t really get any worse..

  6. Sure Alexis has been of the boil. This might be burn out or a combination of poor team mates and defenders having figured him out.

    Is left wing his best position? Did he start on the right wing at Barca?

    The one redeeming factor Sanchez has, that I wished all Arsenal players possessed, is that he always works hard and shows great desire to win. Often Alexis is the only Arsenal player to press high and harass defenders and keepers, like all Barca players do. All to often when things don’t work too well it seems Arsenal players don’t give 100% every game.

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