Does Arsenal have a world class footballer? That debate is over…

There was a time when Mesut Ozil was seen as our world-class superstar, however, I believe that most of us stopped thinking that a couple of years back and in all honesty, it has been hard to argue that we possessed that one player that can be considered a genuine world-class player. Well, not no more.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the real deal and not just because he finished the season being crowned Golden Boot winner, though that is definitely part of the reason.

Auba has done it consistently across two of Europe’s biggest leagues and there are not that many strikers that have bettered his record over the last four seasons.

For four seasons solid he has hit more than 20 league goals each campaign.

2015/16 – 25 goals (Bundesliga)
2016/17 – 31 goals (Bundesliga)
2017/18 – 23 goals (Bundesliga/Premier League)
2018/19 – 22 goals (Premier League)

And if you include Europe and cup competitions his record is bloody good

2015/16 – 39 goals
2016/17 – 40 goals
2017/18 – 31 goals
2018/19 – 31 goals

Now, when you add in the fact that he was not playing for the very best teams and yes, I accept that Borussia Dortmund is a top Bundesliga side and did finish runners up in 2015–16 but they are no Bayern Munich and we have to agree that Arsenal is no Manchester City.

Can you imagine the sort of numbers he would have put up if he had the service that the likes of Robert Lewandowski or Sergio Aguero get?

In terms of personal awards he won the African Footballer of the Year in 2015, was the Bundesliga player of the year in 2015–16, Bundesliga Top Goalscorer in 2016–17 and now the Premier League Golden Boot winner 2018–19.

His record is pure consistency at the highest level and as far as I am concerned he is a genuine world class player and the debate about his status is now totally dead.


  1. Aubameyang for me is an enigma when the world class discussion arises. His goal scoring record says he is world class but his overall performances says he isn’t but i think this is because he is a poacher that relies on movement in the box. Looking at our squad though, him and lacazette are out best players, doesn’t matter if they are called world class or not, as long as they keep performing for us.

    1. I agree! Lacca is just a little bit under the World class umbrella but Auba is definately world class. I guess the question should be, which of our players would actually start for Man city/ Liverpool right now?

      1. I believe Laca is a better player than Aubameyang, however Auba is there to score goals and he does it beautifully (although he does miss a bunch).

        We do not play or other teams in the prem do not play to his strengths. Movement in behind, runs in the channels or fast paced crosses.

        Most of the time the opposing team compress the space at the back stifling Auba’s potency.

        He is still a very good player and as mentioned the other day, glad to have him in the team.

    2. If we only play with one striker I prefer Laca. Laca works harder for the team and has made more of his own goals and is stronger on the ball. Also, despite Auba’s impressive goal record he also missed the easiest chances in the PL of all top strikers. A few weeks ago he had missed 20 easy chances. Make 4 of those and we are in the CL right now.

  2. I still cannot believe that some of our fans have been complaining about Auba, and Laca. Years of Giroud, we then get two massive upgrades, and some are still not happy!! Just wish Auba was a few years younger.

    1. Are fans complaining about those two though?
      When we had giroud, we had so much creativity behind him, just that he wasn’t quite as good a finisher as we wanted; now we have excellent strikers……….. but the players behind them aren’t quite as creative.

      Certainly makes me moan 😉

  3. Like i said before…arsenal has secretly secured the signing of Genk’s forward leandro trossard… I have no idea about this guy but anyone who knows him well should alot more about this guy and tell us what he can bring to us

  4. I think world class gets thrown around far too often. I don’t think we’ve had a world class player since Invincibles left. Perhaps RVP’s 30 goal season puts him in that category, and he won United the title the following season so for that period of time I’d say he was. Outside of that, we’ve had very, very good players like Sanchez, Auba, Laca, Cazorla, Hleb, Fabregas. But when I think world class players I think top 10-20 players in the world. And I wouldn’t put anybody in our squad on that list.

  5. I would add lacazette and I think leno has the potential to become one,still young for keeper.

  6. “World class” means different things to different people and there is no universally accepted standard by which to judge. IF YOU RUN THE HUNDRED METRES IN UNDER 10 SECS YOU ARE WORLD CLASS AND NO DOUBT but in football it is all about opinions. Do I think Auba is WC then? Frankly, no but many will do and who is to say they are wrong? And there is the problem! He is top Prem class, of course he is but when compared to the very best in the world, ie MESSI AND RONALDO, he cannot be world class since they ARE. But then , is Aguero world class either ,as he scored a goal fewer than Auba and was playing in a far better team. Again, I have to say NO, for the same reason. It is all about opinions and nothing wrong with that either. Have I said a single thing here that is either remotely new or enlightening? Again , a big fat NO!

  7. World class player?
    Not in my opinion…compare either lacs or aba to Thierry Henry and there’s your answer.

    Both very good players, hence the reported interest from barca and real.

    Must just throw in to the debate both of these guy’s comments regarding our true world class player though.

    Without Mesut, we wouldn’t have stored half the goals we have, we love playing with him! !,
    Brilliant observations from two highly professional players.

    1. Good evening Ken
      I do hope you are well
      As mr fox mentioned .. it’s all about peoples opinons.
      In my opinon mr Ozil is a far cry from being world class
      Not sure how many he has assisted for the team this season but I would have to say it cant be half
      I am a firm believer that we should be rid of him whereas others will say we cant do without him
      All about opinons
      Only 1 more game to go for us to win and achieve a place in the CL and a place in history
      If ozil contributes in helping us achieve this goal then I for one will soften to him but still doesn’t mean i dont want him gone.

    2. Ozil got 2 league assists this season. Yes, you read that correctly- 2. For comparison- that’s the same as Sokaritis, while Bellerin- who has been out half the season- managed 5.

  8. Suarez: 2805 minutes, 21 goals, 6 assists.
    Aubameyang: 2700 minutes, 22 goals, 5 assists.

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