Does Arsenal need preseason friendlies before restarting their season?

The Premier League is finally coming back to our screens, and for most fans, it is something to look forward to after nearly three months of football suspension.

As an Arsenal fan, I’m worried that our first game back is against Manchester City. However, I somehow believe that because both teams will be without match practice, we stand a chance to win a game that could see mistakes from the defenders of both teams leading to goals.

With that in mind, I wonder if we would need a preseason game to get prepared for the season’s restart.

It is obvious that we might not find a team in the world that we can face in a friendly game before we restart the season, however, I believe that we can organise an intense training match with our reserve team.

Arsenal made a fine start to this campaign under Unai Emery before things fell apart, but I think that having a good preseason which involved friendly matches were key in helping our players get in shape for the season.

A good start this time would have to happen without those games and I wonder if it will affect how our players finish off the season.

I think that ideally, we would need a preseason game or two after such a long break, however, we won’t get one so we have to use our first few games back as our preseason.

At least the lads will be up to scratch when it comes to the FA Cup, so if lack of match fitness does cost us we will still have the FA Cup to look forward to.

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  1. Sue says:

    OT.. Godspeed Bob and Doug… that was amazing to watch!!!

  2. SueP says:

    In the lack of friendlies then a space rocket going off was a great watch! Glad to see it was a successful start and I certainly wish them a brilliant voyage and a safe return

  3. Dan kit says:

    It was great to watch
    I had my other half grabbing my arm for the last 5 mins she was that nervous .
    Don’t think I’ve seen a space launch sonnce I was a kid in the 80s

    1. Sue says:

      I watched with my youngest daughter, Dan…it was incredible!! 🙂 not something you see every day, hey?!

  4. Marty says:

    It’s the same for every team so no we don’t need preseason friendlies before we restart campaign.

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