Does Arsenal still need an out-and-out striker after securing Mudryk?

Hey Gooners, I have a question for you: Will Arteta’s attack be able to sustain the PL title charge after signing Mykhailo Mudryk? You are free to leave your thoughts in the comments section, but before you do, consider what Arsenal legend Kevin Campbell said in response to the same question.

Campbell admitted on Sky Sports that he does not believe adding Mudryk alone is enough to keep Arsenal’s attack as lethal as it should be for the rest of the season. In fact, he advises Arteta to bolster his attacking options by bringing in AS Roma talisman Tammy Abraham.

“Mudryk will be a really good addition, I still think they need another striker,” said Campbell.

“Rumour has it that they were interested in Tammy Abraham.

“I think that would be a good alternative as well, so they can mix and match and play different players, as there’s a lot of games to come.”

Tammy Abraham hasn’t been in top form this season, scoring four goals in 17 games, but he was outstanding last season, scoring 17 goals in 37 Serie A games.

They say class is permanent, but form is temporary, and Arteta has proven he has what it takes to bring out the best in players, such as Gabriel Jesus and Granit Xhaka.

But whether Arteta goes for Abraham or not, do you think that Arsenal will still need another hitman?

Darren N


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  1. Yes, but I don’t think they will bring Balogun back

    I heard Arsenal used to ask about Abraham, but I believe they prefer agile diminutive striker now

    1. Balogun is not good enough yet

      we should get Felix this winter window

      and Valdovic in the summer on a swap deal with Juventus

      1. Felix has gone to Chelsea

        I believe Vlahovic would only come if Xhaka leaves, because of Xhaka’s political messages in the last two World Cups

        There are cheap talented CFs, such as Moukoko. But I’d prefer Arsenal to spend the 70 M money on Osimhen, instead of Mudryk

        1. Bring back balogun, people say he lacks experience well get him on pitch and let him show or get it.

          Pele….world cip at 17, Ronaldo Man u at 17, Messi, Fabregas etc.

          Save the money now no mudryk and let the young gunners have a go.

  2. If Mudryk plays as a winger then yes, another striker seems to be needed – apart from anything else another injury would be difficult to work around.

    My hope is that there’s more to know about Mudryk. I can’t believe we’re really paying all this money for a winger when we have so many options and so much cover there, I’m hoping to see a master plan that deploys Mudryk as a striker.

    With his speed he could be deadly if he can finish. My mind’s eye is imagining him trotting sideways along their defensive line, Batistuta style, and suddenly a through ball and he’s going forward onto it like a bullet, defenders left for dead… now, can he apply the finish?

      1. I have a feeling ESR might be playing a few games there before too long tbh. Arteta has mentioned him as an option, and he may be better suited to the position than martinelli as he’s (possibly) better with his back to goal, playing others into goalscoring positions, and better for team cohesion (although I don’t really know, just a hunch).

  3. If we sign Mudryk then we don’t need another striker. We will have Martinelli, Saka, Nketiah, Mudryk, Jesus, Nelson and Balogun (potentially next season). That is 6 or 7 players fighting for 3 spots.
    Remember we also have to create a path for academy players, who will be closely looking at their chances. I think that is why we are passing up Danilo to create space for Patino. Any player we sign now must be first team ready and potentially world class. This is not to rule out young players for the academy.

    1. There is also ESR who can play across the frontline even if I believe he is being prep for a role as an 8,

  4. Midfielder is much more important now than attacker. If Partey gets injured there is no alternative in the squad.

  5. I think Arsenal should try for a loan move for Olivier Giroud from AC Milan with an option to buy.

    Why? His form was great for Milan during the 21-22 season, and during the World Cup. But most importantly, he offers a Plan B which we don’t currently have.

    Getting him in this transfer window would not break the bank – in fact he could be incredible value for money. Plus there is an element of sentimental redemption: he was forced out of Arsenal so we could land Aubameyang. He has unfinished business with Arsenal and has never won the PL.

    It would make a nice story as well as adding to our toolbox. And it wouldn’t impact upon the opportunities of Balogun when he returns next year.

    1. I would absolutely love L’Oréal to come back, but there’s about as much chance of that happening as Elvis coming out of a spaceship riding Shergar.

  6. I think we need two players who help Eadd , because we have so many games to come in EPL, FA cup and Uefa Europa league we are short of senter forward at the moment.

  7. Let us give it to Arteta for his steadily improving the team he inherited with top quality players signed since he came on board as Arsenal gaffer.
    Odnaryly and importantly too. As a insurance against injury picking by Eddie Nkethia, but God forbids. Arsenal need to sign a new top quality out and out striker this winter transfer window for top quality options to start and come off the bench to influence match result to favour the team.
    And not only that. For in the samo vain, Arsenal also need to do a new top quality holding midfielder signing this winter as well. So as to bolster the position in the team with top quality options having.
    So therefore, after the club have completed their Mudryk signing soon. Hopefully, they’ll switch their focus and attention at doing these necessary 2 new striker and anchor man signings this witter window and complete them.
    But 1 believe Arteta knows all these issues as they affected the team. And would want things done accordingly. But if the situations on ground in the club’s finances and the team permit.

  8. This Just Arsenal obsession with a striker is becoming so boring. We have five regular goal scorers plus Xhaka and Gabriel who chip in occasionally and Jesus to return. We don’t need to go out and buy another one.

    1. Currently, we have one fit striker. It is not unreasonable to ask whether another striker is an urgent need.
      We do not know when GJ will be back and apart from Nketiah no-one else has yet been shown to be consistently effective in that role.

      1. Who else has been consistently tried in that position? Like 3-5 starts in a row for example?

        Easy to make blanket statements like “no-one has been consistently effective” when no-one else has been given a chance

      2. Forget STRIKER, think GOAL SCORERS. We’ve got 4/5 of them and at least one of those can rotate into the number 9 position.

  9. If this deal goes through ,which I’ve read is pretty much done , then our transfer business will be done in January .
    Absolutely no need for any more attacking reinforcements,a new CM would have been nice but I cannot see that happening now unless a loan deal .

  10. When are we going to start recouping some funds, even a little bit, from players we no longer use? Bring in better players by all means but when are we selling?

    1. There are over 2 weeks of transfer window left…Arteta has got rid of most of the driftwood so only eg Soares left to sell…who else ?

      1. Anyone thats not in the plans. Who cares if they on loan, that irrelevant. Is Pepe in MA plans, no. Is Cedric in the plans, no. Should they have been loaned out if they not in the plans, no.

        What’s the point of just loaning players out until their contracts run down. Rather sell even if we only get 5 mil. What’s better….5mil or 0mil?

    2. Those players are out on loan. Monza are in a good place to stay up so we’ll get Mari out. Tavares will def have a higher valuation after this loan, AMN, was free anyways and we just failed to sell him at his highest demand. Pepe, maybe a respectable fee after this. Obvs a heavy loss no matter what. But in Jan there is nobody to get rid of besides for Cedric.

        1. Because this is not Football Manager or FIFA 23.
          There has to be a willing buyer willing to buy what you are selling. You just don’t force anyone into paying or buying your players jst because that’s what you wish for.

          This club has been so mismanaged transfer-wise. There was so much deadweight at the club that we had to ship out even if it meant making massive losses. Even Arteta’s first panic buys / plaster players added to that.

          But I was happy that the club acknowledged that we were in a much doodoo and said “Fck it, let’s burn the whole thing down and start from afresh.. Now this new Arteta group of players surely is worth something in the market as compared to what he inherited. I know we still have that Saliba, Saka and Martinelli conundrum. They are running down theie contracts but if we are to decide to sell I don’t think we would be short of suitors..

          1. Exactly it’s not football manager. We try demand large prices for average players and then say we can’t sell them at the “right” price!

            If you value a player at 20 mil but a buyer will only pay 5 then his current value is 5. Now should we then sell for 5 or loan out the player, substitute their wages and then get nothing in a year or 2? There’s always a buyer, always, just maybe not at the price you think.

  11. We shouldn’t expect Mudryk to hit the ground running. The kid is young and will need at least one year or to get to know or adapt to his teammates and the league.

    Changing the playing positions of players midseason – Martinelli or ESR to the striker role – could could hurt the balance of the team. (The individual players too).

    Signing a new striker could block promotion routes for other young players. (This shouldn’t matter this season – we are now in the title race).

    What I’m trying to say is – to sustain our title charge, signing a new striker is a MUST!

    Legend, KC is right. (this time).

  12. Napoli 5-1 Juve. Somebofdy’s getting shellacked. Funny how a full pro team can be schooled like kindergateners. Allegri should hang his head in shame

  13. No Tammy please, I think we don’t need a striker we have Jesus on the way back and Nketiah is doing well plus we can also shift Martinelli there if worse comes to worse. We need a DM that is what we need. One injury to Party and its all over. There is no one in the squad including eleneny who can play to that level or even close. Why would we want to stack up in an area where we will have abundance of players as ESR is back, Mudryk will be signed and soon Jesus will be back. We need a quality DM who can learn under Party then carry the flag when Party leaves.

  14. Difficult to find a striker willing to come and be third choice in the pecking order. My shout would be Calvert Lewin, who is an professed Arsenal fan, has struggled with injuries but would offer us something different to our current options and I don’t think Everton could turn down a £25M-£30M bid given their financial troubles.

    In terms of midfield contrary to mass opinion I believe it is more important to sign a CM to be able rotate with Xhaka, otherwise he will be overused despite being physically robust, because it is clear Lokonga is a massive drop off in quality, compared to drop off between Partey and Elneny therefore I believe a DM is less of a priority and could wait until the summer transfer window. That is why I have a feeling that we may move back in for Tielemens who we could probably get for anything between £15M-£20M, once Mudryk is completed.

  15. A bargain priced striker similar to Giroud (as a plan B) would be Greek International Georgio Giacomakis, who has an excellent goal scoring record for Glasgow Celtic. He was previously the Eridivie top scorer, playing for a club, which ultimately was relegated.

  16. Now that Mudryk is almost certain to come, I think we still need another attacker, a striker. The season is still long and hard and Jesus cannot be rushed into games after he recovers, so signing a CF is necessary. Also, if possible, Arsenal should sign a midfielder to rotate with Partey.

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