Does Arsenal’s Lacazette deserve some credit for his short cameo v Spurs?

Jermaine Jenas has moved to praise the display of Alexandre Lacazette for Arsenal today, claiming he did more for his side than his new team-mate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

With Arsenal having such an awful away record you would have been mad to bet on them to win even if you used a Unibet Bonuscode, so it was no big surprise that the Gunners limped to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of our noisy neighbours Tottenham today, and all the hype surrounding new signings Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang will have been silenced.

The Gabon international had very little time on the ball, with him regularly being caught offside, and he did very little worth mentioning in all honesty.

Alexandre Lacazette has found himself out of the starting line-up since the arrival from Borussia Dortmund, but he managed to do more for our side in his 10-minute cameo than his attacking counterpart did inside the full 90 minutes.

The French striker will come under criticism for his two efforts which were both placed off target, but the fact that he managed to create the space and get into the right position to get those chances is more than PEA did at any point of the game.

Jermaine Jenas is very much in agreement with my points above, and claims that the former Lyon star is simply lacking confidence, but deserves some credit for his display.

“We’re talking about him lacking confidence and his goal ratio, fair enough,” Jenas said.

“He’s come on today for the best part of eight-10 minutes of this game.

“I think he did more than Aubameyang throughout the whole period of the game.

“He’s made runs, he’s created opportunities, albeit he’s missed at the big moment.

“At the big big moment he wasn’t there to put it in the back of the net.

“Now, that’s not to say he’s the wrong option or the wrong choice.”

Did Aubameyang do anything of note in the match? Could Lacazette find himself back in contention to start should we witness similar displays?

Pat J

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  1. No for his price tag he should be scoring, however our incompetent manager has to take a LOT of blame for affecting his confidence. Wenger really struggles to get the best out of players and his favouritism for certain bang average players is outstanding

    Xhaka and elneny start for us

    Wanyama is a sub for spuds

    Let that sink in

    1. But especially Koscielney. Captain leader and wimp. The flat tracker bullies flat track bully. Decent against average teams. Useless and scared against good teams and good players. Yet again another pathetic attempt to mark Kane for a routine cross. Not good enough on the ball to be a ball playing centre half. Not tall or strong enough to be a tough centre half. I’ve actually heard some Arsenal fans claim he’s top class. FFS they are all Johnny Come Latelys who never saw Adams Bould and Keown. Arsenal will never challenge for the league while he remains the number one centre back. Get rid and build a proper defence and stop this clown dragging the defence down

      1. now you are saying hes not good enough?

        He may have switched off a little but Kane did push too

        Have you watch him against Messi as well?

        They have won at home….so did we at the emirates and we won by 2

        1. he was just outplayed by a top striker. I want a defender who’s going to monster Kane not get out jumped so easily by him.

      2. yeah good one! kos is miles ahead of anyone we have in defense and that’s with his injury but he’s getting old. scared?! you must not have watched alot of him there is a reason why we call him the boss. useless comment to a player that clearly doesn’t deserve it!!

  2. Wenger has ruined Lacazette.This boy has everything to be a prolific goalscorer for many years to come but we simply are not playing to his strengths.His confidence has gone and he must not be left on the sidelines.With no Premier League game next week he should be the first name on the team sheet on Thursday evening with our strongest 10 players with him.We must finish this tie in the first leg and use the time before the Cup Final to build up his confidence.Wenger has criminally made him a scapegoat when changes are made during a game but refuses to recognise the woeful performances Zhaka produces week after week.Iwobi seems to be rated higher than Laca.Why is this?Today highlighted just how useless he is yet Wenger continues to play him.Reiss Nelson would offer more to us than this plodder and AMN will slot in nicely in Zhaka’s place.FFS WENGER.Act NOW.Show some F**KING BALLS and admit your continued failings.LACAZETTE DESERVES BETTER THAN THIS FROM YOU.SHOW HIM SOME RESPECT

      1. No Pal -I go to every match home and Away and I see a player that started the season full of optimism and confidence.Now?Just look at his body language these past few months.The team struggling to put a decent run of form together,Laca pulled off after the MAGIC 70 MINUTE MARKthat Wenger always uses for substitutions.Playets like Iwobi and Zhaka performing like clowns week after week but Wenger rarely replaces them for continued lacklustre displays.
        Giroud had barren spells but Wenger kept him in the side and rarely took him off and he stunk the place out most weeks.
        We are left with a £50m striker that is now uncertain of where he is in the pecking order and while I accept competition is necessary we are not Citeh and do not spend that amount on anyone and treat him like Wenger is handling Laca.
        This boy is a very good footballer and YES WENGER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS PERFORMANCES

        1. 100% right Phil,don’t let ’em drive you mad, some people you can’t educate, agree with all you said about Laca ,Iwobi and Xhaka but as you know the real problem is Wenger, tactically clueless, blames everybody but himself, continually picks the wrong side. I was thinking to myself after the game, doesn’t matter what players we bring in, we’ve just got to rid of this manager, Surly the hierarchy at the Emirates can see it, the question do they want to

      2. he’s stint with us will not go well, wenger has destroyed his confidence! you don’t spend that money to have a player on the bench. then go out during the january window and buy a player who has similar qualities to laca but is much better and expect that not to affect him. to be honest at 5 9 as a striker in the premier league is already asking alot of the guy, add what i mentioned above and don’t see this guy sticking around for long. also why are we keeping welbeck i really don’t see what he brings to the team, him and elneny will be sold in the summer fingers crossed.

    1. Could not agree more Phill. Laca started great then for no apparent valid reason he benches him for his first big game (against Liverpool) after that he makes him the most substituted player in the PL by always taking him off after 70 minutes. There is no way Lace could have kept his confidence.

      Blame Wenger for destroying yet another player’s confidence.

  3. so aw z Wenger to blame for lacazette failure????I wonder wat you are trying 2 say,this is a guy DAT has scored jes one goal in Wenger to blame for that? is Wenger to blame for benching giroud for him? giroud left becos of is wenger to blame for his laziness inside the pitch or should Wenger had told him how he should have played the ball pass lloris??? van persie,Adebayor, henry,Beckham, giroud even Sanchez came from Wenger..let just stop covering the truth,lacazette is not living up 2 dey standard.m tired of defending him

    1. Hey we need to create chances to score. Laca at least got himself in the right position. He only had 10 minutes! Should have been on from the start. If Wenger plays PEA alone up front he’ll ruin him as well. That team was never going to win last night…we all knew it. Selection was shit. Like to see Wenger stand down on Monday and a new manager given the chance to experiment between now and the end of the season with no pressure. Play any combination he likes to find out who he thinks can work. We’ll finish 6th anyway so it doesn’t matter. Then after he’s had a good look at the players he can move on who he likes in the summer and buy who he needs to build a great team again.
      I’d like to see some of the underused players given more of a chance to see if they can do better. For me players like Kos are finished. Obviously not fully fit and not the player he was. SO stop playing guys on reputation and play some guys who are hungry to perform.
      Time for change Monday morning Mr Wenger. Happy to accept your resignation.

    1. So you guys wanna sell one of our promising players. In his age to be able play like this is good enough for me to keep him. Yesterday he did well with Son. He is crap for some time specially his crossing, but i do not see reason to sell him as he have still long time ahead of him to learn more. And there are others that should be sold first.

  4. All those fans slagging off Sanchez, saying he was the one causing so many of our problems, and I think that’s now 3 defeats from 5 games since he last appeared in the squad. I am so glad I defended him, and we’re already missing him big time! He was right to jump ship before Wenger sinks it completely! Lacazette off next I expect as well.

    1. I missed him to in these kind of games. He took it on himself and tried hard. We miss fighter with skills like that, but truth to be told he loose ball a lot too and he was selfish lots of time. I do not think Mikhi can live up to that.

  5. Arsene Wenger – that is the problem. These players are just pawns that get criticised if they do bad or Wenger gets the credit if they do well.

  6. The high press was introduced by Wenger to the EPL.

    I haven’t see the press game since we went to 4231 with the likes of fabregas, RVP and co.
    Then it became all about posession football. Prior to that it because high press and technical execution.
    Now it’s somewhere inbetween.

    Looking at it today and Poch played against AFC with what Wenger brought when he came – high press. So, how do you resolve this issue, the same issue we have had against Bournmouth and Swansea too.

    My opinion and I don’t have 20 years like Wenger nor the trophies but my opinion is look to youth.

    The issue of Wengers ending tender means he’s changed his approach towards more recognised established players to try and succeed (or cover up the unwinding ending that is faulted) and although that can work it needs youthful support.

    We had Bellerin, Xhaka under the age of 25. Spurs had 8 players who also showed more energy!!!

  7. so let me guess,conte ruined Morita’s confidence, mourinho ruined lukakus confidence right?? this guys are not living up to expectation

    1. Idiot… The reason people are saying this is because of how lacazette has been constantly substituted at 60th min… Don’t compare his situation to other players in different teams

  8. In Nigeria today we all cried for change and buhari was elected… but they will never be satisfied yet still crying for another change…. the best we need today is prayer and not forcing Wenger out, forget history if he goes today hnnnn arsenal case could be more worse than what we facing now……. as for me he has tried

    1. Pal Trust me-Whatever problems Nigeria has as a country is NOTHING compared to what Wenger has done to our club.
      Good luck In the World Cup this year.your going to need plenty of that with IWOBI in your team

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