Does Arsene Wenger’s managerial career end with Arsenal?

After celebrating 20 years at one club, you cannot argue that Arsene Wenger’s loyalty, legacy and passion is all about his love for Arsenal. The boss has turned down numerous offers elsewhere from across European football in order to remain at Arsenal, because Le Prof values loyalty to a project that he is committed to overseeing from start to finish.

Aside from a small time in France and Japan, Arsene Wenger’s managerial career has all been about Arsenal. But with his time in North London seeming ever closer to an end, speculation continues to arise that this season may be his last with the Gunners. It would be the end of an era to see Arsenal and Wenger part ways, however where will Wenger go when his time at Arsenal is up?

Personally I’ve always maintained that I would quite like to see the boss be honoured with a position higher up at the club, on the board or to be made head of a department. Wenger still has a keen eye for footballing knowledge and notably talent, so perhaps he could take up a role behind the scene at Arsenal, rather than having to leave the club altogether. But of course there is an off chance that Wenger may not want that and according to his latest comments, he seems to suggest that there may be one more managerial job in the pipeline before he calls it a day on professional football.

When questioned about his future, Arsene Wenger responded by saying: ‘I’m not at the end of my knowledge and not at the end of my desire to do more and to become better. My only thing that drives me on is I want to be a better manager tomorrow than today. And as long as I have that, I don’t want to stop my career. So even if I don’t feel I do well, I will manage somewhere else, maybe.’

The boss in typical Wenger fashion, has been quite coy on the matter, but there’s no doubt that the increase in speculation surrounding his future, does seem to suggest that he may consider this season as his last in charge of Arsenal Football Club. Wenger has notably had offers in the past from La Liga with Real Madrid and Seria A with AC Milan and whilst I cannot see an opening at the top clubs of La Liga anymore, Serie A and AC Milan may be an attractive option for Wenger if they come calling once again. Of course there’s also plenty of speculation surrounding Wenger’s future on the international stage. He is of course being heavily linked with the vacant England job, although of course he wouldn’t be available for England until the end of the season. Wenger may also consider giving the his home nation of France a go in management, but personally I cannot see it.

Whatever Wenger does and wherever Wenger goes after his time at Arsenal, I think we can all agree that despite the bumpy road that it has been at times, we can all appreciate the greatness he has brought to Arsenal Football Club.



  1. Dennis says:

    If all our strikers (Welbeck, Perez, Giroud and Sanchez) are all fit at once, will wenger change the formation? How will he keep 4 strikers happy?

    1. ArsenalGenes says:

      Rots them on the bench or wings..

  2. Alexis the Great says:

    I can not see Wenger leaving Arsenal unless it is in a box, and even then I reckon he’ll stay and demand to be buried under the pitch!

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