Does Arteta really have enough experience to fire Arsenal back to the top?

What will Arteta do next? by Shenel

As Arsenal progressed to the next stage of the Europa League, the question remains as to, if we had lost, would Arteta still be at the helm?

My guess is yes he would be, given that we are in the worst possible position in a season than we have ever been and he is still manager.

Now I have nothing against him and I loved him as a player, I do however think he is too young and too inexperienced to be able to manage and be successful with a club as big as Arsenal. Maybe him coming in at the time he did was the wrong move, and I do believe he should have gained some managerial experience before being given the reins at Arsenal.

There is no doubt he has a good, intelligent and tactical head on his shoulders and at times can see what some others can’t, however I think the Arsenal gig for him has come too soon.

Although he won an FA Cup and Community Shield title in his first nine months, the fact he couldn’t build on that a few months later, and the fact he has put us in our worst position in our worst season in a long time in the league, being out of the FA Cup and holding onto the Europa League, for me says a lot about where this club is going under him.

Now if he pushes on and leads us to a Europa League title then a lot of fans will claim he is amazing, which I am sure he eill be if given time, but the win would only paper over cracks that needs to be fully reviewed and fixed. As nice as winning the first two trophies of his career as a manager was, given how the club has progressed since really does not fill me with much positivity that he will be the man for the long term role.

Yes there is a lot of work to do at Arsenal, any manager coming in would have had the same issues no doubt but maybe a manager of Guardiola’s, Allegri’s or even Simeone’s experience wouldn’t have been as bad as Arteta. And yes, we cannot blame Arteta for the players’ performances on the pitch, but if they do what he says and are picked by him, then he must shoulder 95% of the blame surely.

Like any true Arsenal fan, I want nothing more than to see our club back up there where we belong, fighting at the top and winning titles, but I can’t see that happening for a good few years. For the sake of the club and the players I hope next season, if Arteta is still at the helm, that he turns it around and takes us back to those glory days that we deserve.

In the meantime though, I hope he goes on to prove me wrong about him being the right man for the job, and lead us to Europa league glory, something which Unai Emery failed to do, despite taking us to the Final and being one of the most successful managers in the competition!

Shenel Osman


  1. He doesn’t have managerial experience, but his tactics should be enough to make Arsenal challenge for top four next season. That is if he doesn’t make weird decisions again and if the players can control their tempers

    1. Why are his tactics not enough this season or do you mean the top 4 of championship. I will just have a Coca-Cola to calm my frustrations.

    2. For me I don’t hope big4 under arterta next season now we need experienced coach we will not get big4 when arsenal is still in hands arterta

      1. You are so wrong don’t judge so fast yet for you will eat your words come end of league. Be a fan support him not criticise. We are very lucky that he is willing to take up the challenge with so little finances. I believe in Mikel, he will prove all you doubters wrong.

  2. My opinion from tge beginning is that MA should be given till the end of the season b4 a judgement on him is made
    What i am going to judge him on is the europa trophy or atleast a top6 place

  3. I wanted Allegri so much after we sacked Emery. But Kroenke and his management went for the cheaper option which is Arteta.

    I understand they just wanted to continue with the ongoing ex players now coaching their teams, but experience can be a bonus sometimes.

    No doubt Arteta is a good coach and has made an impact. We have him now so I am giving him my support. It what it is.

    The club management believe in Arteta. What they have to do is invest quality funds in improving the team every transfer market.
    That will make Arteta’s job easy and climb us up the table.

    LB, GK, CM, AM, LW. These positions are what need desperately.

    1. Could we afford allegri or any world class manager that our club deserves though ? The answer is no because they all see what the hell is going on at arsenal and want no part in it. No big transfer kitty, the whole management from top to bottom in shambles. Add that a squad who are more a collection of misfit players than a team.

  4. He is overseeing a massive overhaul at the club. He has definitely started that process and removed players who were not pulling up trees.

    That’s said, the players have not performed consistently this season. I feel this is a motivation issue rather player quality. For this, MA has to take responsibility.

    He has persisted with players who have been out of form (willian the whole season and auba for large sections of it) and cut others off who have a lot to offer (namely martinelli).

    Motivation, and getting players to perform beyond their usual standard, is the hallmark of a good manager. It is down to man management. At the moment, this is where MA’s lack of experience is costing us most.

  5. Im Certain if we had gone for Rodgers when we got Emery or Benitez when we got Arteta, we would be challenging top 4 now easily. The fact we are in 11th is purely down to inexperience and massive mistakes.

    1. I’m the same. Rodgers should’ve been brought in from Celtic at the time instead of Unai in my opinion. He wouldve came too (maybe still will) & he plays with the handbrake off which is a pleasure to watch…

      What he has done with Leicster is brilliant after their downward spiral after their miracle winning league season.

  6. I have nothing against Arteta but I think this job came too early in his career. it’s too big for him. He makes lots of bad decisions, tinker too much with the balance of team which in consequence generate mistakes. let see where we are at the end of the season but with the players he has at his disposal, Arsenal should be among top 5.

    it’s very clear to me that Arteta will have to go if we don’t qualify for the European competitions.

  7. What do people mean when they say “papering over cracks”????

    I’ve always said it and the fact is we have a squad fully capable of sustaining a title challenge.

    Don’t be fooled by pundits and many lazy fans who cannot reason logically.

    Our first 11 is as good as these so-called big boys (talent-wise) and by these I mean Chelsea and Liverpool because I don’t treat Man City and Man Utd as teams with better squads,,, actually they have many over-hyped players, their pressing is supreme and just rely on teams giving them a lot of respect for nothing.

    Cedric… Luiz… Mari… Tierney
    Willian… Partey… Ceballos
    Pepe… Aubameyang… Saka

    That’s our strongest lineup which is full of WORLD CLASS PLAYERS;;; forget the chopping and changing usually done by this gambler at the helm.

    The only difference is that they are simply not coached good enough. Take the example of WILLIAN, a player with world-class talent struggling. That should tell you that something is wrong with the training. Even if you bought Messi he would still struggle with this gambler in charge.

    The major wrong thing at our club and have come to this conclusion that there’s simply no training at Arsenal.

    For starters, people say that our defence has improved, but you just observe the body language of our players without the ball; they just chase people without any attempt or conviction to win the ball back


    Whereas you’ll never see players of high pressing, and high tempo passing teams like Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool physically showing signs of tiredness like our players.

  8. Mikel Arteta chose to begin his Managerial/coaching career at the worlds richest football club. The team was already the dominant team in the league packed with near perfect diamonds of the highest quality. Average managers like Mancini and Pellegrini won titles and the club has won a mountain of cups and soon to be three titles under Pep Guardiola.
    What did Artea learn about management at Man City? How to polish near perfect diamonds?
    However Arsenal is not Man City and our diamonds are all flawed some so badly that no amount of bruiting can
    bring luster to these imploding death stars. Artetas arrival engendered optimism that Arsenal would quickly return to the top 4 even title contenders. These hope’s have been harshly and painfully dashed as the team staggered to 8th last season and currently lie 11th this season with 25 games played.
    So is it the Manager or a lack of talent in the player pool? I don’t know.
    To quote the most over used statistic in this debate ‘Emery missed CL by one point and made the EL final with a weaker squad’
    So is the league just a lot harder these past 2 seasons?
    I can’t think of any other reason to justify the poor results.
    As it stands logically Arteta needs to make the EL final at least to save his job.
    I think we have over estimated Arteta”s qualities and underestimated the task before us resulting in unrealistic expectations leading to despair because of these unfulfilled expectations.
    A correction to said expectations is probably called for.
    What ever happens this season I expect the board to back Mikel for another 2 seasons at least.

  9. He may have a good and intelligent head on his shoulders Shenel but tactical it is not. A good tactical head produce good tactics and good tactics win you games. With Arteta it is exactly the opposite.

    I will agree if someone tells me to have patience, I will agree if someone tells me to give Arteta time and hope he is going to be a good manager. I will agree if someone tells me to support the club through thick and thin.

    What I will not agree with to my last breath is the insanity of some telling us that we have made progress with the worst season millions of Arsenal players (excluding really old fans) to the extent some calling Arteta master technician and Wenger is learning from him!

    To call this season a progress is an insult to all Arsenal fans and even a bigger insult to Arteta.


  10. Arteta took over at exactly the same time as ancelotti at Everton … we were in a better state than them with a better squad of players … 15 months later they are in a clearly better shape than us and the only possible explanation is a better manager … though I’m not a fan of his … time for arteta disciples to wake up on this

  11. The guy is not good enough. Simy out. He has no real experience and should t be in charge of such a big team. I could have understood a move for Vieira as he had a lot more experience or even Henry. But all 3 options were a bit silly.

    The real option should have been bring in allegri and afteta as no.2 if they really wanted him. Or go akl out and fight for the ajax manager who’s name evades me. Young fella but lots of experience and even the RB manager would have been a great option those guys still had stuff to prove and done a lot of great work on a shoe string budget and had their player picked from them and still come up trumps the flowing season.

    Unfortunately the right thing to do as a respectable club and as a ex player Is to give arteta time. But the way to win is to sack him. We only have to look across London to Chelsea to see how things should be done. Sure we can say they have no class but they bloody win.

    I want to win!!!!!

  12. Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣 A whole truckload of biased and unrealistic folks on here. I think Mikel’s Fa cup win blinded most of the fans and made them think the rebuild process had been bypassed. I only think Mikel set the bar high and now he’s being beaten with that stick. As a saying goes in my part of the world,” a pot which contains delicious soup must go through heat underneath” this season is a price to pay for the mismanagement and abyss the club was heading before Mikel’s arrival

  13. I would have been happier with even Ancelloti, Benitez etc because they have tons more experience than Arteta

    At least they could have coached the players better

  14. The main problem of Arteta is his understanding of the game. Being assistant manager at City, he found the team full of high quality players. He didn’t have much job to do. That’s the reason he want to sell Maitland-Niles, Gouendouzi, Seliba, and Nelson. Those are rough diamonds that needs to be polished. He lack the capability to xo that.

  15. Thank god the fans aren’t responsible for running the club. You can’t please everyone but there are some really way out opinions up above which don’t make sense.

  16. After exiting the EL campaign-sack him on the spot.Arteta out,riding his luck for too long,time to go.He’s not fooling anyone with 1 win followed by 3-4 loses…

  17. You said it yourself, Arsenal has problems any manager would have to deal with? The Guardiola’s of the world wouldn’t come to Arsenal, because of ownership. They need a high wage bill and freedom to build as they see fit. With that said, Arsenal has put a lot of resources and development to the youth program. To build up a foundation of talent, that are Arsenal through and through. It’s a necessity. The day’s of us being able to go into every market and compete for the most prominent and expensive players is long over. Sadly, because the team is electing to go this route – it will take an extended period of time for the talent to develop. That’s why they hired Arteta. To operate differently and he was on board. With that said, what should be an indicator of how this team is progressing under him – think about the FA Cup last year. With a 3-4-3, counter attack. Out of necessity. Not because anyone wanted to see Arsenal play that style of football. But he had too. And he won a trophy, in doing so. Then… the big switch in formation at/or near the start of this PL season – to a 4-2-3-1, which is much more of an offensive and possession based formation.. and closer to the formation he’ll run for years (4-3-3). The team probably wasn’t fully ready, but it needed to happen – because Arsenal being a base 3-4-3, would eventually blow up and be picked apart. So, for better or for worse – Edu and Arteta committed to making that switch. Did the squad have it down? No. Not at all. It resulted in one of most catastrophic runs in decades. But that’s the future. So, they worked on it relentlessly. And still do. If you think Arsenal is in wrong hands, that’s fine. But if you’re looking for ways, to gauge their progress under him – look at how much better our play is as a whole in the 4-2-3-1 now. Week in and out, new elements are still being added to it. This squad looks entirely different than they did 3-5 months ago. And they’ll continue to improve. I know that we typically judge Arsenal based on them competing for top 4 and winning trophies – because our club was big enough to attract top talent. Afford top talent. And be in the spot year in and year out. The line of thinking has changed, and what I’ve seen out of this team is terms of how much better and dangerous they are in style of play – it is night and day difference. Pep Guardiola said it best going into our match with MC last week…. He said he’s extremely impressed with Arsenal and how good they’ve been… Since the Boxing Day match against Chelsea, they’ve played better than their opponent in each game. And he’s not wrong. I know a couple of those games we gave away and the Luiz red card against Wolves, but that stuff happens, and a team playing this good – learns how to win together and overcome that stuff, while their confidence keeps building week in and week out. This team is not far away from competing for top 4. But this Covid season, was always one that was going present a lot of other challenges that aren’t normal… and one where we had to commit to building a foundation. I promise, this is going to work just fine. I don’t want coaches coming in and out, unless we have owners who will buy anyone for them. This will make us stronger over the next few decades

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