Does Aubameyang dealings prove Lacazette to be Arsenal flop?

Arsenal are strongly expected to complete a deal to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this month, despite having already broke their club record transfer fee to sign striker Alexandre Lacazette already this term.

The French striker started the season well, scoring plenty despite being limited in his game-time initially, but has gone off the boil since December.

Lacazette has succumb to nicknames such as ‘Lack-of-threat’ due to his struggles, and with only one goal in the last seven weeks and 11 appearances, you can hardly argue that he clocking up the necessary numbers.

We are now expected to complete a new club record deal to sign Aubameyang from Dortmund, the record which was only set in the summer to sign Alex from Lyon, but his arrival would bring uncertainty to our summer signing.

Sky Sports pundit Andy Townsend has insisted that this move could prove costly for Lacazette.

“What’s that saying about Lacazette?” he asked The Debate.

“You think of (Alvaro) Morata. Morata’s come in, they’ve spent good money on Morata and now recently Chelsea have been talking about just a support striker, someone to cover.

“There’s been lots of talk about Peter Crouch and one or two other names, Andy Carroll.

“Whereas Lacazette, they spend £50m on him, now they’re probably going to top that if they want to get this guy.

“Where does that leave him?”

Adrian Bevington tended to agree that he wasn’t sure whether the two could play together while Aubameyang would most certainly be a starter.

“I would expect, whatever happens, for Aubameyang to come in,” he said.

“I expect him to come in and I expect him to start when he does.

“Where that leaves Lacazette, whether he’ll play with him or not, I’m not certain.

“We saw the delegation out there, they want him. He is a highly regarded player, I’d be stunned if that one doesn’t happen.”

Would Aubameyang usurp Lacazette in the pecking order? Could the two form an unlikely partnership?

Pat J

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  1. J smith says:

    442 me thinks why not.both great players but it’s been down to a player who just left. AL will settle now and next season he will be fine

  2. Goonermikey says:

    With all due respect, what experience and qualifications as a world class football manager do you, Adrian Bevington, Andy Townsend or another other pundit/media mouthpiece have to be anywhere near the position of making an informed decision?

  3. Anko says:

    Am always very nervous whenever Wenger is doing transfer business. He seems to argue about little differences in transfer fee and most times we end up not buying the player. I hope this is not the same with Aubamyang. He was happy with the win yesterday and hinted he is happy with the squad he has. But we need Aubamyang to compliment the squad and make it better.

    1. GB says:

      Can’t you see he is having nothing to do with these negotiations? Do you seriously think the team are constantly texting from Germany “that they want this amount, what do you think Arsene?” Get up to speed man!

  4. sol says:

    ”The French manager is happy with the squad at his disposal even if the Gunners can’t land the Dortmund forward”. I think this speaks volumes…you know Wenger…we were close but….

  5. jod says:

    When Lacazette arrived Arsenal supporters were ecstatic, he was going to be their answer to Harry Kane, hasn’t worked out like that. At Chelsea you have Morata and Batshuayi who’ve both failed to deliver so far. When are supporters going to understand that there are big risks when you bring in a striker from abroad ? There are more misses than hits. Aubameyang appears to have everything you need for the premier league, it doesn’t mean he’ll make the grade.

  6. georgie b says:

    Some people consider Lacazzette a better footballer than Auba.

  7. Brian says:

    No Lacazette needs to play in a team with two up top. And no one at the club is good enough to partner him. But unfortunately today Guillem Balague has reported that Arsenal are unwilling to meet Dortmunds fee.

    1. Sue says:

      Knew it wouldn’t happen…we’ll probably end up with Rondon! Why are we so tight????

    2. neil says:

      And how is Ballague an expert on all things Arsenal?
      He is an opportunist like many journos now who only knows a little about the Spanish game

      And dont believe everything in the papers…. some are saying Auba will play against Swansea and others that deal is dead…. both cant be true and hence pure speculation from most people…
      Listen to what Balague says…. £10mn difference in what has been offered and what Dortmund want and so there must be a lot of negotiation still to do… well anyone can work that out !!

  8. Will says:

    I don’t see why Lacazette would not play along side Auba. With a front 4 of Ozil, Miki, Laca and Auba with Jack in just behind we have a very fluid front line. The combination of the 4 bringing pace, creativity, movement and lethal finishing would be nightmarish for defences up and down the country and with all 4 being given a certain amount of freedom to roam it would make it ery difficult for teams to set up against us.

    1. Phil says:

      Totally agree.Why should Auba coming in affect Lacazette?He has taken time to settle but lack of service is to blame for that.Auba is proven and quality.Surely he can only improve us in attack.Laca has shown good movement and control in his all round game-the second goal last night was down to him not just whipping a ball in blindly.He was looking for a team mate with his pass and found one(ha ha you Chav Mugs).Lets get the best out of him by playing him with top class strike partners and not players like Iwobi and Wellbeck

  9. David Rusa says:

    I don’t think there is a problem in having both Aubameyang and Lacazette. Remember when we had Thierry Henry, Sylvain Witord and Dennis Bergkamp? All big clubs usually have two or more strikers. Besides each of these strikers can also play in the wing or a back up role. I therefore don’t see any difficulty there. Instead worrying about whether they will play together we should be happy to have them. Don’t you remember there was a time when we had no accomplished striker? With the possible signing of Aubameyang and Johnny Evans we shall be capable of competing with the best. Is that bad for the team? That has always been our dream. It is only fans of other clubs that should worry about this not ours.

  10. theflash says:

    Forget Alex, where does it leave Danny?!?!
    All jokes aside Wenger is too stubborn and faithful to give up that early on a player, he’ll probably just interchange them out of position, maybe both at the same time and give AMN a run out up top we never know

    1. jon fox says:

      AM-N should play in his rightful position . In goal! Not me saying that, I’m just reading Wengers mind! To be serious , Welbeck is a whole hearted player but very limited at top level. All supporters now know this very well. But that will not include Wenger and I fully expect him, if he has the choice – which he won’t , since I think he’ll be sacked in May – to keep Welbeck as long as Walcott. Proper managers make mistakes when buying players too, as it is never an exact science. But PROPER managers cut their losses, get rid of the mistakes/ deadwood and buy someone else instead. Not Wenger though. Oh NO, definitely NOT Wenger!! It is this ridiculous failure EVER TO EVEN COUNTENANCE THAT HE ALSO MAKES MISTAKES, LIKE ALL MANAGERS DO, that damns Wenger as a head in the sand ostrich type manager. Pro-active? He has never even heard of the word!

  11. Sue says:

    I’d like them both to play. I like Lacca & have wanted Auba for a while…. whether we get him or not remains to be seen though

  12. #1gunner says:

    Andy townsend is just jealous he is not goin to Chelsea the arsenal whipped your team last nyt so shut up and FYI lacazette has better goal scoring stats than morata?

  13. Nick2741 says:

    We need both strikers Laka. and ABUA don’t you forget it took Henry 11 games befor he scored his first and the rest was history Next season you may judge him or them and even then it maybe we need a new manager …..

  14. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s said that Dortmund are growing frustrated by Arsenal’s tactics in negotiations, they (Arsenal) seem to think that the player will leave anyway. As it stands, Aubameyang has been included in Dortmund’s squad for their next game. In the meantime, Put your hands together ? and welcome Jonny Evans ?

  15. OxInTheBox says:

    it’s not about settling, Lacca just has mediocre technique. he is a good striker, and if settled and Arsenal perform (unlike most of this season), he might score more than 9 goals in 24 games. but he will never be a top striker that can score 25+ goals regularly, score in big games ect.
    Aubameyang is a a top striker and can do all that. even if we had a top team it would have made sense to buy him to try to improve. with our pathetic team, it’s a no brainer

  16. Fatboy Gooney says:

    You can now forget about Aubameyang, with two bids already rejected, Dortmund are holding out for €70 million. There’s talk of Benzema house hunting in London lol… And a £35 million fee is mentioned ???

  17. Gelz says:

    I don’t think getting Aubameyang proves Lacazette is a flop, we lost a goal scorer and need another to replace that. Anyway it looks like we are doing are best to fail this transfer if the media are anything to go by. Top class striker on a plate, all you have to do is pay the money but no we have to haggle like we’re in a flea market.

  18. Coldzero says:

    Lacazette has been subbed constantly up until his point. Give the lad time – it’s coming.

    Henry struggled at first, Pires really struggled at first – the EPL takes a lot of adjustment from other leagues. He will come good, just wait and see.

  19. Adam Criniti says:

    Auba partnering Laca with Ozil and Miki providing
    creative and cutting edge service is a mouth watering possibility that should be implemented
    tactically by Wenger.

    Personally I would love to see the Frenchman make a serious run at one of these CB’s before the window closes
    1) Manolas (Roma are struggling in Siere A and are
    in need of a squad overhaul) Love to see a $35M bid to test there resolve
    2) Jonathen Tah—The BL CB is still young (21) but has featured and starred for the Bundesliga side for years. Would solve one of the CB’s problems for many years. $45M
    3) Diallo–Mainz CB would be a fantastic value purchase considering his quality, age and market price. His signing would be the end of the Arsenal road for CC. $10M

    Johnny Evans was purposefully omitted from the above list because he is injury prone, aging and simply not much of an upgrade over what we currently have for his $20-25M asking price.

    My Arsenal squad for the Europa League.


  20. Innit says:

    Wenger may screw up Aubemeyang like he did Lemar. The Lemar fiasco this summer shouldn’t have happened. Lemar agreed terms but Wenger waited till the last day.

    And NO. Lacazette is not a flop. Wenger hasn’t given him enough minutes. I think its possible for Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubemeyang and Lacazette to all play at same time.

    Wenger has turned from a hero to a flop. Okay maybe im being a bit harsh as he did win 3 more fa cups and kept us in CL for over a decade but that’s it. No PL or CL for us with Wenger in charge

    1. jon fox says:

      Innit, you are NOT being harsh. MERELY ACCURATE! All his important honours were 2004 and previous. FA CUPS, though welcome and lovely, DO NOT define a great team. In the last ten years Wigan and Portsmouth have won them and Millwall and Hull(who were robbed by an incorrect corner given from which we equalised at 2-2 and otherwise we would have lost 2-1 in 90 mins) made a final. Nuff said! We are fast regressing to an upper mid-table side,which is what we are right now. Next inevitable step, if no regime change, is lower mid table and after that relegation. Only a complete fool keeps making the same mistakes while expecting better results. In the REAL FOOTBALL WORLD, that never happens, as we have found out over a full decade already!

  21. Grandad says:

    Manolas yes please. Mustafi and Xhaka no thank you. Overpriced and not top quality.


    WTF is wrong with this Pat J? Negative Bitch For the first season of Lacazette on the EPL with a team that has not create enough chances for him (lacazette is the one creating)… Arsenal has had a difficult period because of Sanchez, If Aube comes to Arsenal (starting to doubt it) Wenger has to find a system that works for Mhki, Aube & Laca. I liked the 4-3-3 System a lot.
    or 4-1-2-1-2

    1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      Forgot Ozil on the 4-1-2-1-2 System
      24. 20. 6. 18
      10/29. 7/8.
      aube/12. 9/12
      Bench 23. 31. 16. 12. 22. 13. 17.

  23. Pessimistic Gooner says:

    Let’s not forget it’s Lacca’s first season at Arsenal. I’d rather say my full opinion next January.
    And as far as Auba is concerned, no deal is going to happen, purely because the story about him is fabricated by Arsenal football club, in an attempt to hide the fact that we sold Ox, Walcott, Le Coq and Sanchez, with only Mkhitaryan coming in. If any transfer does happen, for sure it won’t be a top class famous signing like Auba, it will either be a wonder child or a fringe El Neny-like squad player. Arsenal is using Auba story as a smoke screen while the money made from transfer sails slowly towards Los Angeles. Too many times have we seen this BS to not know what happens next. Club owner and the board are more than ready to degrade Arsenal even further, if that means constant income without risk. They’re more than happy to see Arsenal wander about it the plains of 5th-10th, as long as they don’t invest big, but cash in decently. Mark my words, people! With this owner and this board, nothing else is on the plate for us. The season ticket line is 11 years long, which means they can do to us as they please, which they surely will in the years to come.

  24. AB says:

    My biggest concern is how will wenger play Laca, Auba and Mkhi together as he has to sacrifice Ramsey for that. Once Ramsey is fit, he will come straight back in being a wenger favorite.

    1. bran911 says:

      Just like I thought, Ramsey can replace even Cech, he just must play, that’s first class favoritism by the old man

      1. The cassette says:

        Maybe he has some sort of claus in his contract..

  25. jay says:

    arsene is just going 4 aubameyang to deceive us dat the tried.I hate this man@,wenger

    1. Lexynal says:

      Feel free to go love Poch

  26. Coldzero says:

    I don’t think Auba will happen- there is a further stumbling block it seems with Giroud not going the other way.
    Have a funny feeling this Auba business might be a bit BS- going through the motions etc.

  27. Mikekobi says:

    This is absolutely madness, does this mean we don’t hv money to buy the players we need❓we need to bring in Aubameyang, why can’t we splash the cash and sign him ❓ Wenger and gazidis are behind all this madness

  28. Yossarian says:

    Lacazette is a good player and should be banging them in, but as with lots of player that are good when they arrive at Arsenal, he’s having his quality coached out of him by you-know-who…

    And why would buying Aubameyang (Not that we will of course, it’s just the PR machine getting our hopes up) make Lacazette a flop? There’s nothing wrong with having 2 top-quality strikers. Man City have Jesus and Aguero, and many other past league champions did it with 2 top-players available to go up-front.

  29. Ignasi says:

    FINALLY, people are coming around to see that Lacazette is average and the french darren bent.

    Lacazette is a good striker, its just he hasn’t got enough in his locker for 20+ league goals in a season. Also, like wenger, i’m conceded about his fitness – he seems to oversew in most games which is a sign of over exertion and that he’s pushing his body too far.

    Its probably best to judge him at the end of next season..

  30. Colin says:

    I have always liked lacazette, so this might come across as me making excuses ,but which honest logical thinking arsenal fan could tell me that we are playing good football ,so why are we so quick to find fault with lacazette ,a player who has proved that once given the right service,will score,so we shift our frustration from a player who we’ve only just bought and ignore the fact that we play sideways and backwards ,edging forward ,then when in the final third we start playing five -aside ,we’ve become predictable ,one dimensional and a laughing stock on and of the pitch. WEGNER I CANT WAIT TILL HE IS OUT.

  31. Colin says:

    So we are no closer to finalizing the Aubamyang deal ,just like Lemar in the summer ,it’s not anything new ,what would suprise me is when we buy someone ,so before Wegner focuses on Arsenal affairs he’s busy having a dig at tottenham and like his biggest fan TY from AFTV he ignores the glaringly obvious faults with the team,which as most of us know is him .WEGNER OUT.

  32. USGUNNER says:

    We gave Walcott a million years to prove himself. We still play Xhaka despite how poor he was last season. Mertasacker is edging on 150 years old. Lacazette has been with the team for less than a season and you’re already saying “flop”??????? Wenger takes decades to dump out crap players. We pay players to sit on operating tables (diaby anyone?) For years but you want to move on from lacazette already?!?!? The team around him does not feed him the ball. Put him on another top t team this season and see the difference. SMH

  33. Barhoume Barhoume says:

    Lacazette is a flop, joke of a player.
    Don’t be fooled by his goals at Lyon,
    Half of his goals penalties and the other tap in
    Another Arsene failer

  34. Gooner Craig says:

    Lacazette looks good, he’s trying to create instead of scoring because he’s getting zero service.

    I regards to the article: apparently Sven Mislintat recommended Auba as replacement for Alexis, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the wing, using his speed and interchanging with Laca.
    Jack/Rambo – New Dm

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