Does Cazorla nightmare mean Arsenal must replace medical team?

It is not funny anymore is it Arsenal fans? It never was to be fair, but the annual mountain of injury and fitness problems affecting the Gunners and effectively ending any slim hopes we entertained about this being our season has come to a head once again with the news that Santi Cazorla is out for the season.

We have not the club captain and central defender Per Mertesacker yet this season, although the German did finally make the subs bench recently and we have seen the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud miss quite a few games.

There is no way that we can say this is bad luck or coincidence anymore because it happens every single year and even after Arsene Wenger admitted there might be some underlying problem and the club appointed a couple of experts in fitness, conditioning and the medical side of the game there has been no noticeable change.

So the question is, should Arsenal replace the medical team this summer? I am assuming that Wenger’s time is up and there is a theory that his training methods are the reason for our constant injury problems and if that is the case maybe we don’t need a major overhaul of the medical staff but then again a new manager might want to bring his own people in.

How do you think Arsenal can sort out this yearly injury nightmare once and for all?


Updated: February 23, 2017 — 4:05 pm


  1. ranieri sacked

    1. @muffdiver
      Talk about “HARSH”…DANG. Wonder who they think will save them from the drop, much less salvage any hopes of going further in the CL.

    2. Some clubs just put football & success first in their lives before the manager…..
      Makes me wonder how wenger is still ere!

  2. Ranieri sacked 🙁
    Unfair in my opinion

    Getting Shad Forsythe has made a big difference in player recovery times
    He was def worth getting

    But we have had the same medical staff for a long time
    They need to be replaced

    1. @Arsenal_Girl
      In all fairness to the Docs. Santi’s injury was inflicted by another player. Studs right on his Achilles. It wasn’t an over training injury or the usual muscle stretch/fatigue type.

      1. And besides, Achilles heel surgeries require dramatic amount of time to heal. I know from personal experience. Usually they are slow to heal because there’s no extra skin around your heel, so you can’t bear ANY weight on it for weeks, otherwise the stitches will come off.

        I knew all along Cazorla would be gone for the season when he had the surgery, I’ve been saying that all along so this doesn’t really surprise me. What does surprise me is that our team performance is so drastically dependent on one player..

        1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

          Our midfield -I dare say the engine of our entire system- was built around Santi. Reason we capitulate when he is out for long spells.

  3. Ranieri sacked by Leicester ?
    That’s Unbelievable really, the man goes and does the unthinkable by making a Micky mouse team champions of the premier league and they go and sack him with nearly 3 months left of the season.? and their still in with a shout in the champions league.
    I think that winning the title has gone to the Leicester city’s board/owners head… Meanwhile back at the emirates ??
    Nope… Still nothing.
    [This comment was sponsored by Ghostly ???
    13 years in the making]

  4. Arsenal need a total overhaul of playing and backroom staff also the board

    1. While were at it.. also a new owner and some new fans. Then rebuild Highbury and will be the unbeaten champions once again.

  5. Ranieri loses in Europe 2-1, he is given the Big Boot. Wenger loses 5-1 to BM, he is offered a cushy 2 year extension. Hard Times!

    1. @pubgooner
      For a little balance, why don’t you add to the fact that LC sit in the relegation zone, despite being the reigning EPL champs.

      1. still not relegated though, sacked coz he couldn’t repeat the last season’s magic. we have a manager that will never get the team to number 1 and still eats a very fat paycheck with no ambition whatsoever

  6. santi’s finished……………..Hello Rosicky II

  7. and the search for the new santi officially begins in the summer……….. For crying out loud
    Fail to plan, plan to fail…

  8. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

    Arsenal must replace a lot of things, bruh! But will they?
    If the club has genuine ambition to start winning the big big titles, then they must!

    As for those crying foul over Leicester’s sacking Ranieri… I feel for him as a man.. but, one man’s meat is another man’s poison! As AFC fans, we may be cannot anymore understand the brutal force of ever-growing ambition as shown by Leicester.

    1. @SCHM
      You call that “ever growing ambition”? They sold one of the players who might have kept them from falling like a cannon ball down the table. Kante’…But hey, sacking the greatest manager in their clubs history is more ambitious. Miss me with this ish…

      1. Van Persie was sold and went to win our bitter rivals the EPL title, our manager still stands with no single EPL title in sight. If selling your stars rewards you with a sack, Wenger should have been the first to depart

        1. @bran99
          You continue to try and rationalize your ignorant bias…Even you must see how futile that effort is…

      2. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

        “They sold…. Kante”
        Yes. And they reinvested heavily in the team. They needed their manager to match the new-found ambition of the club or at the very least fashion out a way to keep them out of this mess. He didn’t… he was let go.. so they can find someone else who might be able.

        “greatest manager in their clubs history”? Yes. That is indisputable fact!
        Whoever, their view is that Ranieri’s reputation isn’t more important than the ambition of the entire club. Remember they clearly stated the obvious -his reputation remains intact!

        Like, I said.. we maybe cannot anymore understand it, because this mentality/culture is alien to us.

  9. Spursday night football… Game over for another year.?
    We Just need Utd to get knocked out next,
    we can’t be having any trap doors for our beloved Wenger trophy ?

  10. What’s crazy about the ranieri sacking is the 2nd half against Sevilla vardy scored and they all started to click again, couldn’t been a turning point for them. Swap Wenger to Leicester? Lol
    Cazorla was always going to be outn for this campaign.
    Lastly happy to see spurs lose tonight and deli ali should be ashamed the police should be looking at that tackle for abh/gbh!

  11. @fg. Well mu will be going another round at least as they play Gent next. And Gent were dreadful!

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