Does Cedric Soares really have a role to play at Arsenal?

Cedric Soares does not seem to be the cleverest of Arsenal signings.

Arsenal signed two players in the last transfer window with Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares joining Mikel Arteta’s revolution.

The transfer of the latter raised eyebrows for a number of reasons. The first reason is that Arsenal paid for a player who was going to be free in the summer to the amazement of even his team.

The Gunners also paid for an injured player to come and help solve their defensive issues that already included injured players, quite ironic.

I have watched Soares for some time now and I believe that he is a top professional player. Credit to him for the career that has included winning the Euros with Portugal.

However, I don’t understand the role that he has been bought in to fill in at Arsenal and I doubt very much that he will secure a permanent deal at the Emirates.

For starters, coming to Arsenal injured doesn’t help his cause, I also believe that Arsenal has an adequate cover at both wingback positions.

Bukayo Saka and Ainsley Maitland-Niles are not natural full-backs, but I would play them ahead of Soares because they have momentum and have been playing under Mikel Arteta’s system longer.

For me, signing a player in the winter transfer window is a big gamble, and if the player misses a training camp like the one Arsenal is having in Dubai, it makes it evener harder for them to get into a rhythm with their teammates.

I wish Soares well, but if all Arsenal players are fit, I don’t think the club will have any need for him.

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  1. What’s wrong with people? Must you find fault with everything? Those who run the affairs of the club saw what they think is a good deal and took it.

    Bukayo Saka is not a defender. He has been playing (admirably) out of position for how long now? Now he is injured. Thank heavens Kolasinac is coming back. Tierney will not be fit before March or early April. Buying someone who can play in both full back positions is a no brainier. It means we have options, very good options in the name of Saka available to strut his stuff on the wings.

    They have only done the needful. Let them alone. You don’t know better than they do and you don’t have the fact they do.

    Southampton are only taking a cheap shot at Arsenal. They couldn’t persuade that man to renew his contract. They are smarting from that and they are only trying to look like they are smarter than us and that they have made a mug out of us. Time will tell who the real mug is.

    1. This was just an opinion. No one pretends to know more than the manager. I mean, without opinions all we would ahve on here would be transfer gossip. Is that what you want or is it just opinion pieces that you agree with?

    2. Spot on Gphilic! Soarer is too-footed and an accomplished passer and crosser of the ball with both feet. Aside from adding to depth on the right and left, especially now, marauding on the right he is capable of checking the ball onto the left for the cross or pass… That is really valuable in the attacking phase as he can switch the plan more adeptly and with less predictably than most in that position. The deal is a no brainer!

  2. If Arteta sanctions Soars purchase and not the board then, he has a chance to play games before end of season to prove his quality. Bellerin is not perfectly fit and Arteta has indicated he wants a professional for every position on the pitch. Soars has more experience at national level than Bellerin. He will be back in 2 to 3 weeks from injury. We still have Cup competition and Europa league to play. Arteta will surely play Soars; his future plan for M.Niles is midfield.

  3. I think the article is correct and i agree with it all. I think our loan signings have been a sham now and in the past and a massive amount of wasted money. We surely have to to be better than this, our standards have slowly been slipping and we are run in a very strange way.

  4. win every game and some arsenal fans would still find something to moan about–the premier league has improved every team and the coaches have flooded english, football bringing great knowledge and some excellent players into all teamsfrom other countries -we are not that bad , it is that other teams are so well organised and play at a higher level than before-look at Man city—how many games have they lost this year with the same side as lat season ?-top four finish ?any two from six !!-every game is very hard fought—give arsenal a good pre-season training camp and then we can see ,with all players fit -where we are at —the last coach set us back a season—-he couldnt even speak english– at least we know that Arteta can inspire just as he did when he was captain of the club

  5. i dont think this signing is noteworthy, or was supposed to be. It’s just to fill in at fullback positions from time to time until the end of the season. We are saving money for summer transfers, and getting a cheap EPL experienced defender on loan, that is available and has a contract running down is an acceptable move.

  6. I disagree, it’s a clever move by Arsenal.
    First, the injury is not too serious like the media makes you believe. Here is the status of his injury courtesy of Sportsmole:

    Possible return date February 16 (vs. Newcastle United)

    it’s actually very tame compared to Tierney’s double hernia when he signed for us.

    Second, Arteta himself when asked about the signing said that right-back has been a problem position for us. AMN is not a right-back and we don’t have a cover for Bellerin. Cedric Soares is an experienced international and fits the bill.

    Third, he came cheap. Chief Negotiator Fahmy would have highlighted the fact that he is injured and drive down the fee. Moreover, we could monitor him closely before signing him permanently in the summer. The player would likely sign for us given our prior interest, it’s a slick move by Arsenal to avoid needless competition for his signature.

    Also, there is no dig whatsoever, it’s simply a win-win scenario.

  7. Bellerin has been a massive disappointment … Seemed like he was going to be the real deal as an attacking full back when he emerged 3 years ago but has massively under performed since and since coming back from injury I see no change .. Niles is just a hopeless fullback and a championship level footballer …so it’s clear we needed someone in that position … If his injury is minor I think he will push bellerin to the bench … Which doesnt mean he is the quality we need in that position

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