Does Chelsea’s Werner deal highlight Arsenal’s issues?

Chelsea are believed to be closing on a deal to sign Timo Werner at present, but what does that mean for Arsenal?

The Blues are reported to be close to a deal to sign the RB Leipzig striker, with the Guardian quoting a £53 Million fee, and would be a huge boost to the squad of Chelsea’s.

Chelsea were banned from making any signings last summer, and they went into this term with a new manager and two first-choice striker’s with limited experience in Michy Batshuayi and Tammy Abraham. Olivier Giroud was mostly overlooked until injuries came into it.

Their current squad, with the added signing of Hakim Ziyech from Ajax, who agreed a deal in February to join the club, as well as Werner will see Arsenal fall further behind in the race for the top four.

Our club has already struggled this term, although much of the credit for that will fall on manager Unai Emery’s head, with largely the same squad thoroughly impressing under new boss Mikel Arteta.

Chelsea’s deal however will likely see they join the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City in the battle for the title next season, which will potentially leave just one Champions League place open, with Manchester United, Wolves, Leicester and Tottenham all in contention to challenge for that place.

The Red Devils are also expected to make some big moves in the coming window, with Jack Grealish and Jadon Sancho strongly linked, and the days of seeing Arsenal competing at the top of the table is looking further and further away.

While our rivals are strengthening their side, ours is reported to be worried about losing their best players, as opposed to strengthening those key areas.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is linked with the exit door in the coming window, with only one year remaining on his current deal, and his departure for me, would seal our demise for some time.

Without Aubz going into the new season, I will be writing the new 2020-21 campaign off. Even if we could secure a replacement, there is no realistic target that is going to come into the team and have the same impact that he has, and I’m struggling to believe that we will have the finances to bring in a decent replacement following the Coronavirus pandemic.

If Chelsea get this deal over the line, I would be tempted to force Aubameyang to stay UNTIL a decent replacement is found, but without any likely to be within our budget, we will need him to have any chance of finishing in the Champions League places next season.

Am I wrong to think that Chelsea’s deal will have such ramifications on our squad? Will we be forced to sell Aubameyang because of our own financial situation or will we have the option to consider our coming season without him?


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  1. Hate to say it’s not looking good for us.
    Just hope our youth can drag us up Ajax do it every few years why cant we seems the only way under these owners.

    1. Arsenal has gone from being a club whose player and fiscal management was looked up to by others, to a complete an utter shadow of its former self by incompetent mismanagement.
      Letting highly competent young players leave for a pittance, paying over the odds for average players in both transfer fees and wages, mismanagement of contract extensions allowing top assets to leave for nothing, the list goes on.
      Given the amount spent by this Club compared to its EPL opposition, Arsenal’s performance exemplified by league position is a disgrace which is not simply down to the lack of ambition of the owner. The money has been there from 20 plus years of Champions League; where has it gone?

      1. Don’t forget hiring an out of his depth coach in Emery who probably as now set us back another 3 years

  2. We need to give Martinelli a chance to shine! He is the future for us and needs the playing time in the starting eleven. Unfortunately, In typical Arsenal style, we will nurture him into a 100 million player only to allow his contract to run down and lose him to our rivals!! or the Spanish 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Dan, who chose a non English speaking head coach, who to be fair didn’t fail until his second season.
      The squad brought together by this management has now let down four manager/head coaches. As stated by Break on through these underperforming players are on such high wages that there is no incentive to move on or for other clubs to put in bids.
      Arsenal’s wage bill related to performance compared to Liverpool, Chelsea, Wolves and Leicester is a disgrace.

  3. Werner, no, us sacking our scouts highlighted it. Che have a backer and they spent nothing in a while, they’re a bad example. Our owner has money, we’ll just have to wait and see, doubtful he’ll change strategy but ya never know. Some clubs are looking for loans to see them through, or to see them compete I’d imagine.

    I keep hearing/reading that we’re selling some of the usual names that pop up, I don’t see how we’d manage that within the current climate. They’re on good money, and teams will be looking for value as well as quality, no offence.

  4. Its highly unlikely that many of the players that have been touted to leave will do so. Its also highly unlikely that none of the players linked to joining the club will come. Firstly,the majority of the players linked to leaving the club have little or no monetary value and would not , in most cases, be able to get the salary from a new club equal to the one they currently enjoy. So why would they leave unless it was advantageous for some other reason. To the second point. We are broke, have considerable debt which needs paying down, we have no match day revenues, loss of revenue from other sources, we are not in the Champions League and we operate on a self sustaining model.(no investment from the owner). This means that we can not afford any transfer fees for quality players (53 million for Werner), we cannot afford the wages so it makes no sense to spend money on new players who are no better that what we have. Now this may seem like doom and gloom but we have some talented footballers and a manager who seems to be able to get the best out his squad. Due in part to the present circumstances, I for one do not have any great expectations for us in the next two or three seasons, unless the changes in that will definitely take place in the governance of football will benefit Arsenal, then it could all change.

  5. Arsenal fans, we are not victims any more. We are the problem itself. We have stood by and watched a man who told us he bought our stock no to win trophies. We are a very profitable club with no money to make our team better. Where does our money go? E git rid of Wenger and Emery not because of performance but empty seats. We have declined and his LA Rams have gotten better as we continue to sink. Aubameyang’s situation reminds me of RVP. We are quick to sell but slow to buy what we want, which we mostly don’t get. Serious clubs are getting deals done and what are we doing, “getting excited “, Fans wake up and kick him out for sanity sake. We can’t continue like this. If there is no money, sell the club. Buying merchandise goes into Stan’s pocket not Arsenal.

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