Does Conte make Spurs more attractive to players than Arsenal?

Former Premier League manager aims dig at Arsenal

The Premier League has sort of has every type of group, be it big or small, in terms of the quality those teams possess.

It’s clear that Manchester City, Liverpool and to an extent Chelsea are in a league of their own. Then come Arsenal, Man Utd and Spu*s.

Then there are mid-table teams and then obviously come the teams that have a genuine chance of dropping out to the Championship.

As last season was coming close to an end, it was clear that Spu*s were the Gunners’ biggest competitors in terms of claiming the fourth Champions League spot.

Despite the team in white getting the better of the team in red and white last time around, both the clubs are somewhat on a similar level. But Neil Warnock, who has managed several Premier League and Championship sides, has said that Spu*s have an edge over their arch North London rivals, when it comes to attracting players to the club.

On his Twitter account, the 73-year-old said, “As a player, I would say Spurs are more attractive a club to join than Arsenal. There’s a lack of leaders at both clubs and neither can guarantee trophies.”

The former manager, who has Leeds United, Crystal Palace and Cardiff City on his impressive CV, continued,” The difference is Conte, who gives Spurs that edge, real leadership and he is a born winner. Thoughts?”

Well, to some extent he does make sense. Obviously, the Italian is a much-respected name in the industry due to the success he’s had at clubs such as Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus etc.

But Warnock overlooked one thing: that Arteta is the youngest manager in the Premier League with the youngest team.

That’s something exciting and tells a lot about the Gunners and their process of building things from the bottom by trusting the young guns.

I don’t think Arteta and his players will pay heed to such comments. Let people talk about the club. That’s their job.

The only way to turn the doubters into believers is by continuing in our process. And I’m glad that’s what we’re doing.

Yash Bisht

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  1. I understand Spurs also tried to sign Jesus, but despite their CL status, he preferred Arsenal, and one reason is to work with Arteta.

    1. And we only got Tomi because Spurs choose to go for Emerson.

      Using an example where the player has a relationship with a manager already in Jesus is a bit silly. Maybe Spurs weren’t willing to pay 45mil for a player with 1 year left on his contract? Many variables

      1. “we got Tomi because Spurs went for Royal”
        Would be nice if you could point to any literature where Tomi or anyone from Tomis former team said that.. If not then this is just speculation

          1. If your talking facts it was well documented at the time that we chose Tomi over Royal it was set-up as a indicator of whose transfer departments got it right. Of course once Tomi reigned supreme every paper forget they had printed such. I can find the articles if you’d like. Arsenal thought Tomi suited their and the leagues profile better Spurs disagreed. If you want to delve further we were the 1st team linked with Royal whilst Spurs were 1st to be linked with tomi but whatever helps you sleep.

      2. Arsenal and Spurs. Arteta and Conte. Kroeke + Levi. Spurs Stadium Emirates stadium. N17 N7 N16. So Arsenal and Spurs right now are almost identical. 2 points apart last season. 5th /6th. The Roma and Lazio of the Premer league. So right now there is no difference between Spurs and Arsenal just the name and the home shirt colour.

      3. Pretty much anyone with the slightest connections knows that Spurs sounded out Jesus he flat rejected them (obviously Kane/Son/Kulu why not stay and win every trophy with city in that scenario.) Not sure what they were smoking but guess they had to try quality player, stick it to arsenal makes sense just not for Jesus himself. Also was documented that Spurs then stepped back as not to face the embarrassment of outright losing him. Given the choice they’d have taken him from us that is 100%. We’re talking the big name journos and sky here not random blogs.

    2. How much were they willing to pay in transfer fee and wages?

      Also Harry Kane was not a reason? I used to find your posts very sound but since you went completely pro Arteta you seem to ignore a lot of things.

      1. Nothing wrong in supporting our manager, is there?
        Maybe it is you, who go all “anti-arteta”:
        Ever thought of it that way?

        1. We are not anti Arteta we are pro success according to the level of our club. We don’t lower our standards to accommodate failures of an individual.

          Support him all you want but do not ignore his failings. As I told all pro Arteta of he were doing a great job they would not have need to constantly make excuse for him.

          1. Nah you’re definitely anti arteta lol stop deceiving urself I’ve only been on this site for about six months but it’s very difficult seeing you not Anti arteta

            1. And why should I be pro him when he has the most spending, the most support, the most patience with the worst results?

              Tell me why do you excuse failure?

              To me Arsenal is a global giant and qualifying for CL only should be considered a failure as it was just few years ago.

              If you are satisfied with Arsenal being a mid table club that is fine. To each their own.

              1. Well, at least you’ve admitted it now – although your stated reasons for it don’t really stack up.

                You consistently ignore the effect of big money in football. City and Chelsea were relative minnows not that long ago – money changed that, not a long history of making good football decisions, which is what it used to be about.

          2. You seem to completely have missed the obvious fact, that those who support Arteta, do it, because they do think, he is part of a plan for success, and so far it is going according to that plan.
            It is a glaring reality, that otherwise, he wouldn’t be in charge, and nor should he.
            But as long as he is, why not support him?
            And I have a word of comfort; one day he won’t be 😉

            1. How is it going according to plan? Gifting away 4th?

              Can you explain that plan in clear words so I who donot see it may learn something?

              1. as I understand it, 4th was not (understood to be) a target last season.

                Money was spent but the emphasis was on clearing out dead wood and looking for European football. Those were achieved.

                Part of the problem with a clear-out is a (temporarily) thin squad which cost at the back end of the season – along with the unpredictable factors such as Aubameyang behaving like a spoiled teenager.

                Your sense of entitlement doesn’t sit well with the modern money-driven world of football.

            2. And let’s go back to the question of Jesus signing where you credited Arteta as usual for securing him.

              1. Was Jesus ready to compete with Harry Kane? Would he have competed with Harry Kane?

              2. Did Spurs agree to pay the asked fee?

              3. Were they willing to pay 200k per week?

              If you answer those questions with certainty then you can credit Arteta for the signing.

              1. You can cheer up, one day your wish of not seing Arteta as our manager, will for sure be fulfilled.

                1. I would like you to answer that question Anders. I like you a lot and always has been. What I don’t like is this trend of crediting Arteta of everything as if he has achieved anything noteworthy.

                  Some even attempted to credit him on Saliba’s development at Marseille!!!!

                  When it comes to Arteta, objectivity, logic, facts and fairness is all thrown out of the window with the pretense of supporting the manager.

                  Wenger was our manager, Emery was our manager too. Where was the supporting the manager back then?

                  The only thing I have against Arteta is results.

                  1. Fair enough.
                    For starters, all I did was mentioning, Arteta also was a positive draw card in getting Jesus.
                    That obviously was a red cloth to some “bulls” ;), who seem to wanting to shoot down any positive remarks about Arteta. If you read my initial remark, I specifically said I understand it to be ONE of the reasons, Jesus chose Arsenal, and thereby also saying, there are other reasons.

                    I understand you want results, but the thing is, we all do!
                    My opinion is, we haven’t challenged for the PL title in at least 12-13 years, and we hav no chance doing it, with just adding a few players, who aren’t wanted by the clubs with bottomless pockets. If we want to do challenge again, a different plan is needed. I am willing to accept the current plan, which I believe may turn us into challengers again in 2-3 years.
                    For me, it wasn’t crucial whether we finished 4’th or 5’th, and obviously it wasn’t for those in charge, either.
                    Maybe the plan will fail, maybe it will succeed. Nobody knows at this stage, and I don’t see a reason to give up on it, or to change manager right now.
                    But if we don’t see us getting nearer the top next season, I will be all for replacing Arteta.

                    1. Well said Anders. I get your point now. I too even though not sold on him yet think he should have one last shot next season. Not 3 years like they have given him.

                    2. “I understand you want results, but the thing is, we all do!
                      My opinion is, we haven’t challenged for the PL title in at least 12-13 years, and we hav no chance doing it, with just adding a few players, who aren’t wanted by the clubs with bottomless pockets. If we want to do challenge again, a different plan is needed. I am willing to accept the current plan, which I believe may turn us into challengers again in 2-3 years.
                      For me, it wasn’t crucial whether we finished 4’th or 5’th, and obviously it wasn’t for those in charge, either.
                      Maybe the plan will fail, maybe it will succeed. Nobody knows at this stage, and I don’t see a reason to give up on it, or to change manager right now.
                      But if we don’t see us getting nearer the top next season, I will be all for replacing Arteta“

                      That is one of the most mature and understanding sentences written I can remember 👍👍

                  2. HH, Your mind is closed and has been all along , to reason. Many on JA have tried over his time here, discussing MA and sensibly so with you, but are always met with a 100% negative mindset by you.

                    Most will not bother discussing, as I DON T DO ANY MORE, HAVING LEARNED MY LESSON SOME TIME AGO THAT YOU ARE A RELENTLESS AGENDA RIDDEN MAN. But your NONSENSE relies to the intelligent Anders so annoyed me that for once I BROKE MY RULE NOT TO DISCUSS WITH YOU.
                    I won’t be discussing anymore with such a closed and limited mind fan as you. Sigh!!

                  3. Of course he gets credited for his development at Marseille it was precisely why we loaned him there in the 1st place so that he’d play week in week out. It was stated repeatedly by Arteta and the club before he went, during and after and always that he’d come back to the club and not be sold. Guess what that happened, exactly that. The negatives nonsense talkers were all wrong he isn’t being sold so kindly admit you were wrong. The loan was fantastic for him and now we have him back. Top move by the club.

                    1. Honestly I don’t what to do with the section of our fanbase that complains when loans work perfectly as intended. Just crazy. They seem to be trying to complain that the fact the loan was a success is proof the loan was mistake which is so obviously illogical it beggars belief. His values gone up and hes part of the team next year, success. No questions, it was an unqualified success.

              2. Only the insiders knows and you are not among them. They need probably to require players to other positions.

            3. The best comment I’ve read so far….. whoever (HH) fails to understand the process that MA is building is as good as dumb. We can not continue to help explain how and why we’re rebuilding. You continuously talk about top 4 as if we had bargained it in the beginning of last season and quickly forgetting how we lost 3 straight games in a row.

          3. What is the general expert opinion about Arteta?

            He’s absolutely not perfect but he’s our manager and I’m supporting Arsenal FC, our players and our manager. At the moment Arteta is our manager and there’s no need to replace him. I’m optimistic about next season and expect us to get better.

            We can hire a world class manager but there’s no guarantee for success. We are not world class supporters either, and should start with ourselves before we are pointing at others. We have a great potential to do better 😉

            1. That’s the sensible way to see it, if you support a club.

              Even though my feeling is often that a transfer isn’t right, I always hope I’m wrong and get behind the player/club until proved otherwise.

              Emphasis on “proved”.

          1. Wow, all the Arteta apologists ganging up now and preying like jackels on someone with an opinion. Stinks if you ask me. HH, you are twice the man some of these jackels are.

            1. Why do people like yourself define yourself in opposition to our manger? It’s just odd. Then cheer people for being specifically against the manager. Not voicing an opinion on a decision or a player but actively either slating the manager or the person that defends the manager. Insane. We are talking about a player transferring from the club where he was coached by our manager prior and your pretending that the manager is rubbish but Jesus is doing it anyway?

              1. No Angus as usual you are off in your own little world. I was on about the way that HH was rounded on like street bullies just because he actually had an opinion that he explained fair and square.

            2. HH expresses an opinion which he believes is true. Doesn’t keep it to himself but, comes on here and expresses it openly and firmly, inviting comment!

              Others of a different persuasion do just that and give their alternate views in opposition to his own.

              How is that gang, pack mentality or preying on someone when they clearly opened themselves up for contention?

            3. Thank you very much Reggie. We will continue judging all our managers equally and we will always hold our club in the highest standards.

      2. Are you seriously trying to suggest that Jesus didn’t choose Arsenal partly due to his connection with Arteta. One thing is for sure he wouldn’t be joining if he thought he was a bad coach during his time at City obviously.

        For Jesus personally obviously Spurs was a non-starter Kane/Son are established A league might as well stay at City. Worth noting though Saka is A league himself and nothing stopping us signing other players this widow or one of Martinelli/Eddie/ESR kicking another gear next season. So to make such a move he must trust someone at the club, wonder who? Certainly evidently not Conte.

    3. Jesus just wants to be the main man. He doesn’t care about cl football he has had it with city. For him he just wants minutes. Most players will want cl football. Take rafinha for example or richarlison. Both haven’t played in the cl. They will be more motivated to play in the cl than somone like jesus who just wants to play every week

    4. Spurs were interested in signing Jesus but couldn’t guarantee first team football in presence of Kane, Son and Kurevanski. So Jesus opt for arsenal. There is no point any player will not choose a CL club over a league club

    5. I heard one of the reasons was he was promised to play no9, something that he wouldn’t get at spuds. Maybe he came because of Arteta maybe he came because he would be the main man but not at spuds.

    6. Every player says he came to work with the respective manager. It means less than nothing.

      1: Spurs did not submit a single bid for Jesus
      2. Even if they had, Jesus would be a back up to Kane whereas at Arsenal he is guaranteed to be first choice (something we wouldn’t guarantee Emi, but now apparently
      3. Spurs would never offer him a higher salary than Son like we did, and neither would any other club, so he chose the club where he will earn the most money.

  2. I think so, because Conte has shown his capabilities as a major-title-winning manager. But I believe Arsenal is still a more popular brand, so all we need to do is winning EL this season

    My only concern is Conte’s player preference versus Arteta’s. Conte is collecting physically powerful attackers/ midfielders in Richarlison, Perisic and Bissouma, whereas Arteta is signing highly technical ones such as Jesus, Marquinhos and Vieira

    Those physically powerful players don’t always fit into the teams, such as Ndombele, Bakayoko and Pepe, but let’s see who’s concept is better this season. Vieira’s preference seems to be very athletic players as well, which are similar to his ex-Invincible teammates at Arsenal

    1. Gai, I bet Arteta going for only technical players would be his undoing next season even his mentor Pep.G bought a towering CF and Liverpool G Klopp did same. Only Man.City at the moment has perfected their skills with technical players; for Arteta it would take a while. EPL teams have discovered using physical players to bully Arsenal. I guess next season top4 would be challenging for Arsenal considering how other teams are preparing. Arteta should takes clue from the team set up of the invincibles, a blend of Technical and Physical players.

      1. Agreed. Our defeats against highly aggressive teams such as Spuds, Palace and Newcastle should’ve been a wake-up call for our coaches

        But maybe those physically powerful athletes will reduce their aggressions, duels, challenges and efforts to avoid injuries, for World Cup in November. Perhaps our coaches will use that pre-World Cup period to dominate with our players’ technical skills

        If that’s our strategy, I hope it will also work after World Cup ends in 2023

        1. That sounds a bit weird GAI, considering our English and Brazilian players (and others) are also hoping to be fit for the World Cup….

          1. Admin, I bet our attackers’/ midfielders’ technicalities will make them able to avoid harsh challenges and aerial duels, by winning ball possession and slowing the tempo down in games

            Their powerful opponents might not be able to compete technically

    2. @gotanidea, sorry how’s pepe rank as physically better and left out of technical players.
      Pepe might lacks a lot of attributes, but he’s technically better than all the attackers we got and more clinical than any of them and this includes Jesus himself.

      1. Pepe is clinical, but his ball control isn’t as consistent as Saka’s and Martinelli’s. He gave away the ball ridiculously in the final third on some occasions, because of his inconsistent ball control skills

        More technical wingers like Martinelli also do that when they’re dribbling, but not as often as Pepe

        1. My point is you gave him the attributes of physical instead of technical.
          Pepe is not physical, in fact Saka use his physical attributes more than pepe does.
          Pepe lacks physical and and mentality but he’s very technical than any of those players.
          Sanchez used to losses the ball a lot as well during his time and you can’t tell me any of our attackers are more technical than him..
          What separates Sanchez is mentality and his works rate. But he does lose the ball a lot too.

          1. Pepe is better in the air than other wingers at Arsenal, because of his height and jumping ability

            He also plays with his back to goal well as a winger, due to his strength. I also consider him as the paciest winger at Arsenal

            Sanchez was one of the most hardworking winger I’ve ever seen. But I reckon Martinelli to be technically better than him, because Martinelli doesn’t give away his ball possession too much when he’s dribbling

                1. Think it was Bayern that publicly stated that their personal concern with Pepe was that he wouldn’t be able to replicate his Ligue 1 form when not afforded the space he was there. Ideal situation we loan him out somewhere where he’ll play week in week out and get the space he needs…. he’ll bang goals (everyone will then complain we made a mistake loaning him and arteta cant coach) then we sell for a decent price (long way away from what we paid but better than now.)

      2. @Kaay
        How is Pepe more technical than Odegaard, Saka and even ESR?
        What Am I missing here?

    3. Bissouma has to be the most overrated played ever. Slightly over the top he’s not N’dia that everyone who frequented these forums then wanted Wenger to sign, he’s also not Kante. Spurs got him for 25 mil, same window City bought Phillps for 45 not Bissouma and Liverpool the team that will pick up Shaqiri for squad rotation because he was cheap due to relegation or Minamino cheap, now just sold for a profit but magically ignored Bissouma when Henderson, Fabinho and Thiago are all getting quite old? Do me a favour. Spurs recruitment is a step behind City, Liverpool and now us.

  3. I don’t think having the youngest manager, with a young team, whom a lot are not very well know on the international scene, would come close to attracting top players Vs a team with a fair few well known players, a very highly thought of coach, with champs league. It will an interesting 20/23 season, I fear Arsenal could fall further behind.

    1. We have already established that the youngest team in the league is a myth. 25 years average is not young. If it were 17 or 18 that would have been young.

      1. Given the average age of most teams in the league then 25 is young.. I have never heard of any league team having an average age of 17 or 18..using unrealistic numbers doesn’t reinforce your point

        1. So if the average of other teams was 32 and Arsenal 31 technically it would have made us the youngest but that does not mean we are young still learning.

          If in football 25 is still learning then we have a bigger issue.

          1. Just to be clear in Europes top 5 leagues we were 4th youngest behind Reims, Stuttgart and Leverkusen. Reims who were 1st was 24 157 days and Arsenal was 24 308 days.

            So just who are you talking about in terms of younger sides?

            Or do you just not understand how averages work?

      2. if the average age at Arsenal was 50 and the next club was 51 Arsenal would still be regarded as having the youngest squad mate. LOL

        It’s a beautiful day isn’t it. The sun is out.

      3. Remove one player age 30 and replace him with a player age 23 and check the reality. We have a young PL team and it’s also our ambition to build a team based on young players.

      4. How is it myth it was literally the youngest starting 11 in the league. You can’t make that up it is or it isn’t. No team in history has ever had a 17/18 average ever not even close for obvious reasons, so what are you talking about?

  4. He may be right though, based on the present situation…. Like Spurs beaten us to champions league spot. But one tin I realize with this pundits is don’t read too much into their words, they can change mouth very quickly. If the season starts and we hav five straight wins with sours losing 3 they change to arsenal is the best. Once the season progress and we started losing and spurs topping us they change mouth again.

    As for me spurs weren’t any better last season, they flop so many times and we had d chance but couldn’t finish it up. Its gonna be a long season again, We will judge at the end of the season.

    1. Agreed. Pundits just say things as they are. What an easy job. Like you said they keep changing according to short term results.

    2. Crazy comment to make when they finished above you whilst changing managers halfway through the season. The league doesnt lie

  5. Who’s to say conte doesn’t flop like he did after winning the league with Chelsea. Good manager I like him but we have gone a different direction to that lot.

  6. Well in general it CL is more tempting than EL, but Tottenham won their last league title in 1961 and their last trophy in 2008. How can a club never winning anything and only been relevant in 1961 be more attractive than Arsenal? Even Stoke City FC is more attractive than Tottenham 🤣🤣

    1. Not winning trophies is not tottenham’s fault. It’s their policy not to win any trophies, evident by the sacking of Jose Mourinho(who by the way has never lost a final) only a week to the carabao cup final.

      1. You mean they don’t have intention to win anything? It’s more about culture and mentality. Sooner rather than later they will win a trophy, but will they achieve winning mentality?

        1. I don’t buy into this winning mentality thing. It’s enshrined in their rule books never to win a trophy

          1. 👍👍
            Winning once isn’t necessarily complicated, but doing it again and again is something different. Having ambitions about being great and never win anything shows a gap between ambitions and reality 😉

  7. Any team with champions league football is going to be more attractive than one without it, that’s never going to change. Conte’s reputation will be a factor for some players. But there’s also whether the player thinks he’ll get enough game time at a club. Football is also about money. City are currently looking to unload Sterling, he’s paid £300,000 a week. Not many clubs can pay him that regardless of who manages them and whether or not they are in the champions league. Whether Sterling is prepared to take a pay cut for regular football remains to be seen.

  8. By the end of the season we will know who made better signings between Conte and Arteta. Each Manager is being backed by there clubs and the squads have been strengthened.

    Sad to say but currently Spurs is ahead of Arsenal in the rebuild phase, one season of us in the CL will change alot of things including the caliber of players we are attracting.

    This will be one of the most interesting EPL seasons of recent times.

  9. Lets not kid ourselves… at the Arsenal, everything takes longer. They seem not to be able to mult-task. At the moment our signings are good, but if one gets injured then au-revoir. We NEED more….yes more top signings. I expect to hear a voice….’our business is done’. That would be criminal. Be winners, not losers. In January ‘Conte’ took Dejan Kulusevski and that fecked us. Edu needs to wake up…..the window is gaping…..THE BEST PLEASE!!!!!

  10. I think Warnock loves Conte and wants his babies!

    Now fight!..

    Conte has won leagues and other stuff
    MA only a fa cup.

    Conte finished above us with his team coming in half way through the season.

    Winner CONTE!

    1. Easy for fans to praise Arteta for winning the FA cup but calling the same players who won him the cup dross, useless, underperforming and deadwood

  11. Anyone who thinks Arsenal are more attractive than Tottenham Hotspur at the moment is not seeing things rightly. Chpions league football, established world class players and coach make them more attractive at the moment. I do believe we need to start getting physical players alongside technical ones starting from this window and moving forward

    1. Pace and power is what we are missing in CM amd that’s what I hope we go for. Win the EL amd get back in the CL will transform us. If we get CL for next season we will show spurs how to attract top top players. Let’s just hope Arteta gets it right this time

  12. Not surprisingly, A lot of the Artetaheads have taken the bait on this one. I think they’d both be difficult to play under, but at this stage Conte has won titles with three seperate clubs while Arteta can only promise being part of a process.

    1. So fare he has been winning with winning clubs, now he has got a real test, making Tottenham great.

      1. Inter Milan was not a winning club when he arrived. In fact, he built the winning team himself. He also won the league in each of his five seasons in Juventus. Chelsea hasn’t won the league din e he left. The guy’s a winner. Never doubt that

        1. Well, they have won the CL three times, last time with Mourinho in 2010. They won the league in 06, 07, 08, 09, and 2010. It’s a team with great traditions.

    2. Not surprisingly, some anti-arteta moaners have fallen so deep, they are willing to praise Spurs’ new Mourinho manager and his negative brand of football, just to feed their own “anti” agenda.

      1. @AndersS
        You can call it “anti Arteta” all you like. It’s actually called being “realistic “. Arteta is trying to find his way, while Conte knows exactly where it is he’s going. He’s tactically savvy, while Arteta hasn’t found which tactics best suit the players he has, or how to utilise said players to get the best out of them. Youngest squad is just an excuse. Look what Ten Hag did with an even younger Ajax squad. All because he knew where he was going and he knew how to get the best out of his young players…Food for thought, chow down…IJS

        1. But would most Arsenal fans really prefer a “Mourinho” type of manager with a negative type of football and a track record of only keepeing his job for around 2 years???
          I seriously doubt it.

          The notion “excuse” is a load of bu…., if you ask me.
          Nobody is excusing anything.
          The youth strategy is the essential ingredient in a plan, which can potentially turn us back into title contenders. Something we haven’t done for at least 12-13 years. Bon Appetit 😉

          1. Stop making things up Anders, that i BS. Conte is still at spurs and he can do some real damage with them. Stop making things up that aren’t in the real world. Then you might actually believe yourself what you are saying. I and you deep down would prefer all Contes cards to Artetas.

            1. Arteta has to improve light years to be better than Conte. Until he does it is all wishful thinking. And ot is a shame our club is in this situation playing catch up with spuds.

            2. Do seriously expect Conte to be there in 3 years time? In between then do you expect they’ll win the league? Also what will they do as Perisic, Kane, Son, Dier, Lloris get older? It’s the entire spine of team. Kulu might do good, if they get Djed awesome but they’ve got holes to fill once Conte leaves and they are doing this all on loans this season.

              Seriously at a basic level you have a manager that is famed for falling out with clubs and then leaving and a chairman that is famed for falling out with managers…. what could possibly go wrong?

              The fact arsenal fans ignore this of our hated rival is indictive of how lost they have become.

  13. Well, we definitely don’t want that to happen,do we? But no excuses for Conte if he doesn’t succeed.

    1. No, they have had a great decade probably their best in 50 years, even though they haven’t won a single trophy. They played in the CL final, but Ajax deserved to be playing the final. They outplayed Tottenham in most of the semifinal.

  14. Who wouldn’t want a clean white toilet(spurs stadium) to sh*t in🙃.
    The only reason players chose em is bcos of conte nothing else.

  15. One thing to say is that a club can only build from where they are. Arteta is in a better position than Pochettino was when he took over at Spurs but his squad is currently nowhere near the level Conte has. Klopp said it takes at least three seasons to build a team and it might be better to give Arteta a little more time.

  16. OT:I was wondering if we had bought the wrong Porto midfielder?? PSG on the recommendation of their sporting director(Luis Campos)have just spent 40M on Vieira’s former teammate Vitinha(22 years old ( holding midfielder).

  17. Conte? No. He’s a good manager but won’t be there long and will certainly fall out with someone there sooner than later.

      1. Exactly, he has the 2 most glaring Mourinho trademarks:

        1) Only keeps a job for short period of time
        2)A very defensive style of football

        I am surprised, to see how much support some are giving him.

        1. That Defensive style has won mourniho 4 European competitions. We haven’t won single one in 27years or more.
          Won conte the leagues. We haven’t won the league in 18 years.
          Finally, won arteta the only trophy that kept him his job.
          Yeah it’s that defensive style that did all that.
          More revealing fact, attackers got better in mourniho style of playing too.
          Kane, Abraham, and Ronaldo had their best season under him. That’s in 3 major leagues in Europe. But never mind, he’s defensive.

          1. I am not taking anything away from the results achieved by Mourinho and Conte. They have done very well.
            I just don’t think Arsenal will want that type of football.
            Nor do I think a couple of seasons will do us any good long term.
            Can Conte turn Spurs into champions in a couple seasons? Doubt it.

  18. We win trophies here at Arsenal. We are above Spurs in every way.

    Conte’s spurs wont even get to the Semi Finals of the Champions league.

    I dont even remember the last time Spurs won a trophy.

    The only target For Spurs every season is to finish above Arsenal. They havent won the Carling Cup, FA Cup, Premier league for a long time.


    Man United



    Man City

    The above is the order in terms of the most successful teams in England.

    We are Arsenal. we will get back to that Level

  19. Yes he is an attraction, but any player should know be now he only stays a max of three seasons, and that’s being optimistic. If owners do one thing he doesnt like he will just leave the club. So lets see if he even gets through this season…

    1. They said we have signed Jesus since Monday, no announcement, we waited 4 days for Viera to be announced. Spurs agreed deal for Richarlison and within 24hrs, official announcement was made on the website. I don’t understand why Arsenal Like delaying everything. It takes one week to sign and announce at my club.

    2. What is the problem in leaving the team you manage if the club owners are making your work too difficult??
      Pep, Our current manager mentor said in one of his interviews that he told city board he’s going to work out on them if they lie to him.
      He left Bayern after 3 years as well.
      We are here we are today because Wenger over stayed his time. We can’t and shouldn’t entertain such thing again. Especially when there’s nothing to show for it.
      Mourniho left inter after winning them the Ucl.

  20. I don’t understand the purpose of comparing Arteta with Conte. It is like comparing a junior teacher with a more experienced one. Obviously Conte has won more trophies because he has been a coach for a very long time. Don’t forget Arteta won a trophy in his first six months as a coach. Only a detractor can fail to appreciate this achievement. I can see Arteta winning many more trophies in the near future.

    1. But you guys criticize the players who achieve this for him and call them dross.

      So you guys can credit Arteta for winning the FA CUP but can’t credit the players who won the trophy?

      Our current players are still nothing until they achieve what those dross players (as you guys call them) achieve and that’s winning the FA CUP and getting the Top 4.
      Cos the dross players, won 2 FA CUPs, miss Top 4 by 1 point while Our current still only manage to miss Top by 2 points without a trophy to show for it.

      So before this current world-class players to some can earn my respect, they need to achieve more than the dross players.

  21. Conte? He will fall out with the people who hired him soon enough. Players probably realise that.

    And players signing a 5-year contract should be looking beyond the next season. Psurs don’t regularly get CL football and with Newcastle trying to buy success… they’re on the way back down, unless Chelsea’s new owners trash the place (which they might). And even then, there’s MU, Arsenal, WHU, Everton and Leicester with money behind them.

    bottom line: no guarantees for anyone any more. Especially if you have someone as flighty as Conte as (current) manager.

  22. It really doesn’t take much of a genius to say Spuds are a bigger draw than us, they have finished above us for 5 years now, in the CL and have a World class manager that has actually achieved something. They have a better squad than us and are more accomplished against the bigger teams. It ain’t rocket science.

    1. I think the way they have ganged up on HH is typical bullying and the lead bully couldn’t stay out. He was the only one who was actually having an opinion the rest were just like pirahnas.

      1. @Reggie
        They’re all suffering from “cognitive dissonance” They’ll be hit with a reality check soon enough…

        1. Can you be specific with what they are suffering dissonance from? Seems to just be your imagination of what will happen next season which obviously isn’t dissonance of any sort. Hasn’t happened yet.

          What were your predictions for last year for instance? Suspect your the one suffering dissonance.

  23. Conte as a Manager has proven credential in different leagues .. that is an advantage … his temper will ruin the relationship with club that is my hope

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