Does Costa Rica snub show Campbell has gone backwards at Arsenal?

The young Costa Rican international Joel Campbell is yet to see much action since he finally joined the Arsenal playing squad, having signed for the Gunners back in 2011 but having to spend the last three years out on loan in France, Spain and Greece.

So although the striker declared that he was desperate to come to north London and fight for his place, it has been a frustrating time for the 22-year old so far and I’m sure that Campbell was looking forward to this international break, with Costa Rica set for two friendly games in Oman and South Korea.

However, the first of those two games has come and gone and the Arsenal youngster did not spend a single minute on the pitch apart from the warm up as he was an unused substitute. Campbell was one of just three Costa Rica players not to get a game and with no limit on subs for a friendly games, he would certainly have expected to play. And his form for them at the World Cup finals in Brazil would make you think he was an automatic starter.

So is this a concern for Arsenal? It suggests to me one of two things; either he did not look good enough in training or the manager did not like his attitude. Either one of these things would not be good news for Arsenal, and if Campbell does not play in Costa Rica’s next game on Monday, I think that Arsene Wenger needs to have a long chat with his player when he returns to club duty next week.

So has the young striker gone backwards since coming to Arsenal?

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  1. muffdiver says:

    why bring him back? he never plays him.
    might aswell have loaned him out again or as a make weight for another player- cant understand wengers logic with joel. feel bad for the kid he was improving vastly every season

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      He should be sold, he’s not on cazorla/Alexis level and he’s not better than Ox/Gnabry behind them….

      Really wish people would drop the idea that we have some sort of world class talent just hanging out on the bench. He’s decent, but that’s it. Not good enough for us, move him on.

    2. LutenantDan says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      I feel bad for him also due to the fact that he shows much more tenacity, drive and composure than other players i.e Sanogo (albeit in a different position), Ozil etc.

      This was demonstrated in his world cup outing with Costa Rica this year and in some of the bit part performances that he has had with us at Arsenal.

      I think the likes of Campbell and Gnabry for that fact have a lot to offer Arsenal as they are both strong, skilful and direct players who don’t hide in the game even if it’s going against us.

      However, the manager seems to have this propensity to play a more indirect and florid style of football that we have seen over the last few years, and picks his lightweight, fleet of foot players to accommodate that facty, who constantly look for the killer pass before getting shoved off the ball, out muscled or giving the ball away.

      Along with the likes of Welbeck, Chamberlain, Wilshire, Ramsey, Gibbs and Chambers…..Campbell and Gnabry would make Arsenal into and awesome young team more than capable of stepping up against seasoned, older pro’s for many years to come.

      I hope it’s not an attitude problem that Wenger has with Campbell and more of a case of it being a misguided trust, that could be more easily overcome !

  2. fred cowardly says:

    2012-2013: scored 4 goals in approx 25 games
    2013-2014: scored 8 goals for Olympiakos in approximately same number of games

    Okay, I guess it’s double but he isn’t showing signs of being a Welbeck let alone a Costa.

  3. Greg says:

    Wenger hasnt given joel campbell the chance this kid, was suppose to get! Im so sorry and my heart goes out to him after showing so much awesome performances in the world cup and to come back at arsenal where your talent is wasted! Only gods knows what goes on in the thoughts of arsene wenger!

  4. Ks-Gunner says:

    Fans logic- He is a talented guy and Wenger has to give him the chance to prove himself.
    Akb’s logic- Wenger is not using him, therefore he is not good enough.

    1. Sumo says:

      How about rewatching the Southampton game?

      How about him acting greedy and asking for a move to Benfica on DLD?

      He us just 21. He will get his chances. Stop acting like you are on a higher moral ground since you hate Wenger.

  5. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

    Here come all the people that know what’s going on at the training ground, and can say from experience that the kid should be playing more

  6. SaveArsenal says:

    OK everybody needs to forget about the world cup.
    No one would have bought Rooney or CR7 based on their performances at the WC.

    Campbell hasn’t looked right in the games he played for us because we don’t play the direct fast paced football Costa Rica play.
    Wenger’s play is much slower and demands a lot of acclimatisation to perfect the passing side of the game and to be honest curb naturally attacking players.

    Campbell simply hasn’t improved that much, 8 goals in the Greek league? Hardly setting the pitch on fire is it?
    put almost any PL striker in the Greek league and I would expect a lot more goals than that!

  7. imran_gunr says:

    Dont you remember when Pires came in he was benched for number of times.Wenger asked Pires to see the physical aspect of EPL. I guarantee that this kid will be successful if he has patience otherwise I fear he will be another Bentley or Bendtner. I hope he will be waiting for his right time. Wenger knows how to utilize the players who have great attitude.

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      “Wenger knows how to utilize the players”
      Are you shittin me and everyone else?

      Where do you want me to start with him playing players out of position and breaking them?
      Ramsey (years wasted)
      There is a long list of players that Wenger broke.

  8. imran_gunr says:

    No way. Players have to be versatile and adaptable rather than sticking to only one position. In today’s football you have to be versatile.
    Your ID says “SaveArsenal” but your comments look Anti-Arsenal…..

  9. imran_gunr says:

    Players have to be versatile and adaptable. Look Ronaldo how he copes with wings, CAM & CF…. look how Lahm plays , RB,CB & CDM. Look Calum Chambers how he adapted the life at arsenal CB,RB & CDM.

    I think you don’t like Arsenal or you just know how to pull the legs of Arsenal Fans.
    Why you have forgotten the Legend of ARsenal and EPL “Thierry Henry”. What was he when he came to Arsenal , A winger, and then how Arsene changed him to Center Forward.
    To be at a club for 18 years it’s not a joke. he got the offers from Real Madrid, PSG, France, England,etc. but he still stick with Arsenal. you have to be thankful to him.

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