Does Dani Ceballos have a future at Arsenal?

Ceballos Arsenal future is in doubt and a parting of way is on the cards

Arsenal beat a number of teams to the loan signing of Dani Ceballos last summer, the Real Madrid midfielder had attracted the attention of some of Europe’s top sides after his performances for Spain Under21.

However, he hasn’t been pulling his weight so far despite starting his Arsenal career brightly with two good performances in his first two games.

Ceballos has recently been linked with a move away from Arsenal because of his lack of playing time.

Mikel Arteta has, however, assured him that he still has a part to play and he just needs to show that he is better than the players currently ahead of him.

I love to watch Ceballos, I enjoy the way he moves with the ball and I think his passing is unbelievably great.

However, I doubt if he has the physicality to ever make a career for himself in the Premier League.

The Premier League is a brutal division and even the most talented players have had their careers nosedive when they come to the EPL.

I believe that Ceballos is not so different from Luis Alberto who Liverpool had poached from Spain too.

The Spaniard struggled to make anything meaningful in England but he is currently one of the best players in Italy with Lazio.

I do not see Ceballos displacing any of our current midfielders from the starting line up, not because they are more talented than he is, but because they are built to adapt better to the demands of English football.


  1. Shortboygooner says:

    I would like to see him play more and possibly in ozil’s position. I feel like arteta is playing it safe atm. We have seen flashed of brilliance from this guy now I challenge him and arteta to bring more out and keep it consistent.

    1. Mohsan says:

      I would rather we give more playing time to our own players and develop them then wasting time, chances n energy on a player that belongs to some other team. Why develop a player for some other team. His heart is in Madrid so he will definitely go back n then may be sold or loaned again to some Spanish club. I regard this loan deal as failure for us, he did not live upto the potential n hype that was created.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Ceballos is dreaming if he thinks he can be a regular starter in Real Madrid next season

        Real Madrid just bought Reinier Jesus who is much younger and taller than him. Odegaard will also return to Bernabeu after successful loan spells

        Ceballos should have worked closely with Arteta and prayed Arsenal make another bid for him before this season ends

  2. gotanidea says:

    We will see him in Bournemouth

    He is too slow to be a winger, but he played well as no 10 and hopefully he can also play as a deep-lying playmaker or a half-winger

  3. Amitosh says:

    Dani is running away from competition from Arsenal, and he thinks Real will give him a starting spot? He was not ready to fight for a place in Real team this year, when they barely had Kroos and Modric, and both out of form at start of the season. Not good temperament

  4. stevo says:

    How could this drag on until the 28th of Jan?
    He’s been here nearly 8 months.
    Why can’t we do business in the first week of the window and just get on with it?
    So has Danni’s season come down to one random football game against Bournemouth?
    If form is the guide then Pepe Lacazette and Mustafi shoulda been fired long ago.
    However those on fat salaries are hard to get rid of. Loan players can be flicked.
    Maybe he will get injured and sit out the season on top dollar 🙂
    Scrap the winter window. Stupid rigmarole. It’s just easy money for agents.
    If clubs need players use the academy. That’s what it’s there for. Same for every one then.

  5. Gily says:

    He came on loan and his loan will soon end. I like our manager and trust his judgement on the team selection. So far, Dani hasn’t impressed him in training, that’s why he hasn’t been playing.

  6. Sue says:

    I can’t see it, no. This loan deal hasn’t exactly work out the way we’d all hoped it would.

  7. Paul Habu says:

    I can remember our meeting with Tottenham first leg when we’re down already immediately he was introduce he changed the atmosphere of the game and we drew that match 2-2 he need a playing time he is a great talent

  8. Knight says:

    The way injuries and suspensions are piling up,it wont be long before a vacuum opens up for him

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Injuries haven’t helped Ceballos, but if he can’t convince Arteta to start him at Arsenal, he has no chance of being selected for Spain’s Euro squad. In any case it will be interesting to see how long Arteta’s patience with Ozil lasts.

  9. Uwot? says:

    A great talent?really? Must have missed that.Runs like a duck & plays like a crab.Dooesnt do anything particularly well.we’re looking for creativity from him.Dont see any.let him go.soon.dodgina a bullet.

  10. James says:

    Honestly I just dont see it,Dani should be careful/patient how he handles his loan, he might end up like ‘the highly rated’ Illara

  11. jon fox says:

    My instincts and thoughts about Ceballos are entirely with Admin MARTIN. I doubt many, if any, Gooners believe he lacks ability, as his first game in our shirt amply showed, but the Prem needs forceful, powerful midfielders with determination and workrate to really be regularly effective. Ozils clear lack of all these factors, despite clear inate ability, rather illustrates my point. I believe Ceballos will not be here next season- he is only a loanee after all – and so we desperately need a central midfielder with these qualities AND real ability, in spades. Ozil will hang around like a bad spell for another year, most probably, since the club can’t force him out and no one else wants him, so we badly need a central creative midfileder who fits those English Prem criteria.

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