Does David Luiz deserve a new extension to his Arsenal contract?

Luiz Doesn’t Deserve A New Deal! By Dan Smith

Reports are suggesting that Arsenal will not be taking up the option of extending David Luiz’s contract.
Over the last couple of years, with zero Champions League Football, the club has made it a priority to slash our wage bill. That has only intensified during this pandemic which has led to players being asked to take salary cuts.

While it seems like the Premier League will be resuming in June our financial situation is unclear as long as there are no crowds in stadiums. Until we know how much match day revenue we are losing, we have to reduce our overheads and can’t be handing out contracts for the fun of it.

Gone are the days where Arsene Wenger, out of loyalty, would ensure the likes of Denilson and Bendtner were being paid over the odds.

Luiz is earning over a 100 thousand pounds a week making him a logical cost-cutting measure. He’s an asset which helps you recoup money without really harming the team. Let’s be honest, even if this virus never happened has the Brazilian earned another 12 months on a six-figure sum? Isn’t that the point of taking up the option?

There’s a reason he wasn’t given a 2-year deal when he left Chelsea. Most likely, due to his age, we wanted to see if he could still perform at the highest level. I don’t question his attitude, he has look motivated since the change of manager, like he’s hurt by the idea of being in 9th place. It’s believed he’s popular in the dressing room, but is that enough to justify such a sum of money?

Put it this way he most likely earns the same as Chambers and Holding combined. Or consider this, you pick Chambers and Holding over Luiz and Mustafi, the coach has two centre backs he can still train and develop, over two veterans who won’t get any better. It’s both the cheaper and most practical option.

Has Luiz made our defence better? I would argue he’s made it worse. He can be having a decent game then will make a mistake out of nowhere. He’s not someone you can rely on defending a 1-0 lead in the last 10 minutes of a cup final. It’s not really criticising the player as we knew deep down what we were getting.

Last summer gooners were so happy about Pepe and angry with Koscielny, that they chose to ignore that (by also selling Monreal) we hadn’t improved our back 4 but made it worse. At his best Luiz is better in a back 3 or even as a DM.

Did we really think that a player that Frank Lampard was happy to leave was going to be better than our captain? Or was it yet again our recruitment team prioritising value over quality?

Maybe this is Arteta showing a more ruthless mindset?

In his first press conference he spoke about standards of the badge. Was that all talk, saying what gooners want to hear? Well this would prove that he means it. That the days of overpaying average talent is over.

Sorry David you’re a nice lad, popular in the group, and someone youngsters look up too, but unless you agree to a pay cut, I’m sorry, your performances don’t equate to how much the club pay you.

Remember our boss was taught by Pep Guardiola. Look how he dismissed Joe Hart straight away. I don’t agree with saving money being our priority when we are 9th in the League? I have argued our managerial short list shouldn’t be based on who’s cheap? But for once I will agree, David Luiz has not earned a new deal and his wage should be used to fund a new signing.

What do you think Gooners? Would you take the 1-year option?

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Dan Smith


  1. Ataro Ben Micheal says:

    We still need him

  2. ken1945 says:

    No, I wouldn’t give him an extension, even if he halved his salary.
    There are always those who go on and on about previous bad buys, but here we are discussing Luiz and Soks!!!!
    With lichsteiner already having been shown the door, it’s time to rely on our younger players plus Saliba.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Agree with you Ken, Simple answer ,No, another liability along with Sokratis, Xhaka and Mustafi although the latter showed a big improvement under Arteta and maybe worth retaining him as back up

  3. Grandad says:

    In a word, no.

    1. Mogunna says:


  4. Mogunna says:

    He has enough hair.

    Sorry didn’t read article, just title.

    I want to assume we talking about hair extension for Luiz.

    So, as grandad I will say no but if his wish, he is free to go and extend his hair, may and an endorsement deal with a shampoo, get into acting career…

    What you think?

    1. Sue says:

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 nice one, Mogunna!!
      He’ll be advertising Loreal before we know it!! Because he’s worth it 😜

      Well our FA cup QF will be played on the weekend of June 27-28… SF July 11-12.. Final August 1….👍 COYG

      1. Mogunna says:

        Haha, Sue, I precisly pictured a Loreal add with those hair flying in slow mo….

        How about adding Gendouzi for a double motion?

        You all be safe loves!


        1. Sue says:


          You too!

    2. jon fox says:

      What do I think? I think you should not give up the day job to try becoming a comedian. Anyway, Luiz is already a great actor. His long term impersonation of a clown is brilliantly real.

    3. Robert Acedius says:

      Mo, you’re like me. I never read the articles. Who want’s this in the attic? I mean, as long as it’s just rumors. I WANT FOOTBALL NEWS!!! Facts, man, facts. I want Thomas Partey! I want Dayot Upamecano/ Axel Disasi! I want Orkun Kokcu! Tell me they are all on their way in – then I shall “read all about it”. No more rumors for me. As far as David Luiz is concerned: No, no money on the old guy. Use the cash to buy Adil Aouchiche instead.

  5. jon fox says:

    In just ten words, NO, NO, NO, NO , NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and one for the road too,NO!!!!!!! I loathe circuses and I loathe clowns. The more we can get rid of the better.

  6. Loose Cannon says:

    Why was he here in the first place? If they could not find someone, just prop up the janitor or groundsman.They would do a better job. He wants to go to Benfica I understand, so go, please go, right now. One character less to bother about. And was he on 100 grand a month? Shameful decision from those in charge. No wonder Stan is reluctant to invest. The person in charge for recruitment/contracts should be shown the door first.
    Well Luiz, please go and do us a favor.Best of luck friend. You did your job in helping us go below than our new normal of the “top 6 trophy”

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    1 year extension is ok

    we need experience squad players

    hes not too bad as a DM and strong in the air

    he could be useful for the last 15mins

    Come in and calm the nerves and to provide his experience

    1. Robert Acedius says:

      He’s strong in the HAIR, anyway. So is young Matteo. Lookalikes, like Thompson and Thomson.

      1. Mogunna says:

        U in bro! We got a new hair club with Sue, we doin a deal with Loreal!

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Is it too much to ask that we have defenders that can defend? Case closed!

  9. Shakir says:

    I think UE got him until Saliba finishes his loan spell.I really expected more from him but he is very bad at defending,specially positioning.Under MA its not that much of a difference.The change under MA as i believe is his strengths are used which is playing in a back 3(xhaka dropping) and giving him the ball more often as he is very comfortable with the ball.

    Thats where my problem lies,no other CB in tge squad is good as him with the ball even saliba.He is also experienced and portrays leadership qualities.But he lacks the main skill,defending.

    I dont think he deserves an extension but Carragher’s points still stand.Who will be the ball playing CB in the system under MA???

    And i think guendouzis hair is better😂

  10. taustin5 says:

    One of the main causes of 7-1, the moment Thiago Silva was out if David Luiz was any good the score would have been sane. One of the worst defenders ever and very overated. He can only play if the other central defender is mutch better defensively. And if he has to step into the other guys shoes he is lost; happened when in Brazil in PS Zermain in Chelsea or in Arsenal.

  11. Jacko says:

    Not the best defender but the sad fact is he was our best defender last year by a country mile and also one of only two leaders in the squad! Keep him one last year and spend the money for his would be replacement on a good CM.

    1. Mogunna says:

      Jacko, what a great input for our club you ar, your last name has to be wacko bro’. We love you anyway tho.

      Uncle Luiz was good for us, but he is gone now, doing a new line of hair extension for Loreal.

      1. Clemento says:

        You may disagree with Jacko but he has the logic in his post. I am comparing David Luiz with the rest of our central defenders and come to the same conclusion. David Luis has been improving ever since Arteta took charge of Arsenal. Does it make sense moving on David Luiz and keeping Sokratis or Musatfi???? He deseves one year extension. How many goals did we concede since January with David Luiz in defence? We need to strengthen the midfield. If we could get Partey and Coutihno on loan, our problems would be solved.

  12. Angus says:

    Contrary to the nonsense articles in the media we neither paid as much for him as is being made out or only signed him a one year contract. We sensibly had a 1 year extension option that due to the pandemic we refused to exercise.

    Arteta rates him and I believe both parties ideally would like to extend another year. He has abilities that Arteta values. Now it’s a simple equation. What agreement can we come to on reduced wages in the wake of recent events and owing to our insane number CB’s can we in fact get enough of the others off the books to justify extending his contract.

    Sokratis shouldn’t be a problem as he stated already he is rich enough and will pursue 1st team football even at reduced wages before the crisis. Holding seems pretty possible especially with some kind of flexibility in the deal as he must want 1st team football by now. The hardest one we’d of expected to go is Mustafi, he always showed a desire to fight for a place rather than a take a step down so it’s hard to see him wanting a reduced wage to move in the current climate although not impossible.

    In the scenario where one of Mustafi/Holding can’t be moved on that would leave us with Luiz/Saliba/Mari/Mustafi for instance. With Chambers providing options at DM/RB on top of his CB status. So that would curtail our chances of signing another CB this year and putting it off until next year instead. On that matter I believe we were linked with Saliba’s St Etienne defensive partner in a similar deal to Saliba’s which would of course would make a lot of sense. Next year both Mustafi/Luiz will be out of contract if Luiz does sign so we will have space then.

    So yeah the long answer to the question posed is it depends. Which is an answer everyone hates but usually the correct one. We offload Holding/Mustafi/Sokratis it’s a no-brainer to sign Luiz on reduced wages and still have space for another new CB. It’s a tricky equation if only 2 are offloaded. If all 3 can’t be moved then it’s a no-brainer to let him go.

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