Does Edu see something in Unai Emery that very few Arsenal fans see?

Arsenal keeping Unai Emery in his post is bewildering to the fans.

I have to think that Edu sees something in Unai Emery that almost no other Arsenal fans see but what?

I say Edu because I believe he is the power behind the scenes. Maybe I should say most influence but you get what I mean.

The reason I believe he has that power is because of what has transpired since he took up his role. Steve Bould was demoted and his place taken by U21 coach Freddie Ljungberg. Last week eight staff members were released including head of Youth scouting Steve Morrow.

Then there is the signing of Gabriel Martinelli, word is that Edu was influential in that signing.

And he was not even at the club at that time.

I am sure there is more that we do not know. But regardless, that shows me that the former Arsenal midfielder wields significant influence on the board.

Put it this way, I am convinced that if Edu told Raul Sanllehi that Emery has to go, then he would be gone.

Edu was sat with Sanllehi yesterday at the King Power Stadium so it is not as if they are not seeing first hand what the problems are.

The 41-year-old Arsenal technical director is a former footballer at the highest level. He knows Arsenal, he knows the fans, he understands the culture, so why is Emery still in his job?

I honestly do not know why. Under normal circumstances, he would be gone. Now, I am not saying Emery should be sacked but I am saying that most Arsenal fans want him gone and Edu has to know this.

So, by ignoring the fans wishes I can only assume Edu sees something in Emery that barely anyone else sees.

It is bewildering I must admit.

Or have I got this wrong and Edu does not wield that sort of influence?


  1. I think the only way Emery will be sacked tomorrow is if kronk gives the word. Edu didn’t employ Emery, so maybe he doesn’t have the final say this side of the pond. I would say sanlehi has more clout, he employs edu.

  2. Who knows whether or not Edu wields this power! He well MAY do so but if he does and I say IF, then Edu too is culpable and so I hope he dies not wield such power. My instinct is that he does not have the controlling influnce over Sanllehi , because I am reluctant o believe Edu is stupid, which he would be were he to have that say and wish to keep Emery. It is intelligent to sack Emery tomorrow. We shall see!

  3. I think it is beyond Edu’s power, If not I don’t think Emery will still be Arsenal Manager today, but Who knows what can still happen??

  4. Edu is so.ply not in a position to hire or fire a coach. It’s not his job. That’s down to Raul who is paid to deal with that side of things for the kroenkes (or is that Krankies;)?

    UE will no doubt get more time and another season out of champions League will transpire.

    Same ole same ole.

  5. Arsenal say that Edu will “coordinate the work of our first team coaching group, the academy and player scouting and recruitment in order to oversee the constant building up and efficient strengthening of our squad.”

    That’s a quote from the club itself regarding Edu’s responsibilities. Is he doing his job or failing? Wasn’t he also brought in to ensure Arsenal’s”identity” extended from the academy through to the first team?

    Edu has failed regarding the identity aspect, failed in the efficiency and constant buildup of our squad. As a technical director he should be ensuring Emery is keeping with club identity and strengthening the squad.

    Good job getting Martinelli, but been very poor in other responsibilities, especially the identity part.

    1. Crikey, Edu been in job 5 minutes and you are slagging him off. I hope you are as hard on yourself in life. I think Edu will need at least a bit of time, looks like he hasn’t got that luxury with you.

      1. Just expect people to do the job they are paid for, LIKE MOST OF US IN LIFE. If you aren’t doing your job after 5 months will you still have one?

        He was brought on to ensure the identity of Arsenal extended from academy through the first team; has it?

        Is 5 months long enough to see we are nothing like the Arsenal we grew to love? Where’s the attacking DNA? The slick passing? Where is anything resembling Arsenal?

        Edu has had time, 5 months to see us getting worse than last year. 5 months to see Emery made defense worse not better.

        Did he have hand in releasing 8 staff members? If so he had time to assess them, why not Emery?

        1. Reggie I apologize for having high expectations for the club. Winning more matches than we draw or lose while playing exciting football.

          Wenger did it for 20 years, Lampard doing it now without transfers, Rodgers doing it with far less resources or talent. Chris Wilder doing it at Sheffield utd, but we need more time aye?

          I’ll try and lower my expectations down to your level, as I seem impatient and probably unrealist to you.

          1. We have to agree to disagree Reggie. Barca, Real, Bayern, Juve, City expect results for their time and money.

            I expect more from our club if we are a “big club” like we would wish. Bruce got a year and he was gone decades ago.

            Seems like since Kronke came in and Dein left our overall performance and standards have dropped.

            Now with Emery seems it has dropped further yet again. Rather than top 4 that was demanded of Wenger, we hear pleas of patience and time from management.

            If Emery fails again at top 4 he has to go the nextday. How could Emery get a pass when our legendary manager got neither?

            Imagine if Wenger got £200 million worth of transfers; just food for thought.

            I feel Wenger’s time was up, but curious why he didn’t get the financial support Emery has.

          2. lampard.squad is full of talents…chelsea signed the young talents in europe and loan them out…

            paulisic, kante and etc are top talent…

            he should try managing brighton or sheffield

          3. Durand, you got it 100% right when you equated the decline of Arsenal with the departure of David Dein and sale of shareholdings to Stan Kroenke.

      2. Durand, I agree with Reggie here old buddy.

        Since Edu has been involved with player scouting, we have seen pepe and martinelli arrive – one to early to judge and the other what could be the transfe of the decade

        I think admins got this one wrong, especially if you read his job specification – nothing to do with backroom decisions as I read it anyway.

        Here’s the problem though, we are in such a mess, the finger pointing is aimed everywhere, when, surely, it is down to one man only UE?

        1. Ken i have said, im not sure it is all down to one man and one thing but like all football clubs that one man will ultimately take the hit. When he has gone, will that be the answer? None of us know and all of us have different opinions. I dont think things are great at the minute and i don’t see any answer that will sort it immediately. I think that things are wrong with this club but i also see things slowly changing. I got upset with the Gazidis, Wenger years because it was stale. Its not going great at the moment but i see things are being done behind the scenes, i think that we need to be patient, i quite like some of the things being done. I do think important issues haven’t been sorted on the pitch. The team is short of a lot of things but the parts are there to build on, even with the bad results. Im not sure, even if Emery is sacked tomorrow (and im not bothered if he is or isn’t) things are in place for someone to come in and fly straight away. Its a building process from a long way down. Patience is not something arsenal fans are known for. I do think the fans haven’t ever really got over wenger and taken to Emery. Is that a reason to sack him? To bring Wenger back! Bring Moronino in! To make Arteta our coach! To let Freddie loose! None of the choices are 100 % going to work. Its a dilemma.

          1. Reggie, the selection, the tactics, the philosophy is definitely down to one man, the coach.

            He diceds what formation to play, what players to select in that formation and this is what decides the performances on the pitch – that surely is why UE gets paid a reported £6,000,000 a year salary?

            Nothing to do with edu, raul, kronkie or anyone else.

            Edu’s role, as highlighted by Durand, is specified in that it doesn’t mention any of the above and that sas my point.

            As for the fans not taking to UE because of Wenger…in the beginning, UE was given unlimited support, made even stronger with the “unbeaten run” on this site and, more crucially, at The Emirates.
            But it’s the results and internal turmoil that have turned fans opinions against UE – some were still BLAMING AW when things started turning pear shape until it became so blatently obvious that UE was out of his depth.

            Your correct, the parts are there, but Unai can’t seem to assemble them to make the engine work – no matter how many times he tinkers with it.

            When the club appoint a replacement, that person will (in my opinion) show exactly where the kronkies stand regarding our future.

  6. Here is where we find out if we are gonna act like a big club this moment is where we seperate the boys from the men if those in power have no interest in the football side of Arsenal then they would be wise to sack Emery tomorrow.
    If they are passionate about the football side of Arsenal they will sack Emery tomorrow.

    Big clubs will not settle for these results and form bottom line.

    If Emery is not sacked tomorrow then we are acting like a safe small club accepting its fate because it doesn’t have the power to change it.

    Geez even Watford sacked their manager because of bad results
    Smart up and shape up Arsenal or suffer the fate problem is with us is we act too slow on everything as a club.

  7. The sacking of Emery,who does not impress me in a number of ways, is not going to result in a sudden upturn in our fortunes as any new Manager will be faced with numerous non performing players under lucrative contracts.Until these players are unloaded the new boy will not have the resources to invest in quality replacements a situation which is unlikely to appeal to any Manager used to a fairly open cheque book.In these circumstances I suspect the powers that be will persevere with Emery until the end of the season by which time they will have finalized their plans for a suitable replacement.I’m afraid we will have to write off this season as a lost cause and hope we do not get dragged into the relegation zone.A sad state of affairs indeed and no magic wands around.

    1. Grandad, when Wenger announced he was leaving the club, the board had the time to find a suitable replacement.

      Let’s hope they make a better job of their time and we don’t see the undignified guessing game that surrounded the announcement of Unai Emery.

      Until that happens, I can only see further player unrest and contract renewals gathering dust on rauls desk.

  8. I don’t think emery is going to get fired sadly. In fact I even think he’s going to last the entire 3 years on his contract..
    Tbh I don’t understand the direction we are heading as a club anymore.
    I watched the city game with Liverpool and even though they we behind by a mile they still kept on coming with waves of attacks, something I wish emery can do. It’s not always just losing, it’s the manner in which we lose thats very disappointing…
    Since emery is going to stay, I hope he reverts to the basic and plays more aubameyang on the wings play him as a striker..
    Drop lacazette, recall xhaka back to the team.. And play bellerin and Tierney.

    1. If Emery is sacked, i don’t think we are ready for a immediate improvement. If he stays, i think the same. The only difference is the fans anger will go for a few weeks. Whoever could be brought in, would not please everyone, not until we start winning again and start moving up the table. If Emery stays and turns it around and we start winning again, things will die down, if he doesn’t things will get worse. Not rocket science i know but this team has potential but it is short in important aspects that only personell can change. Can we get them in quick? Since Wenger went there has been a massive overhaul of the squad, massive. Things like that dont always bear fruit straight away. I compare us to utd because we are in a similar situation. The never had a coach until now who introduced youth into their team, they only paid fortunes for players that were brought in to have immediate impact and that didn’t work because it stumped their youth and didn’t do them much good. We have some great youth, they aren’t ready to take us forward yet but i find some of them exciting. Emery is giving them a chance at least, we are suffering not just because of that but there is lots of change going on at Arsenal, it may take time to bear fruit, whoever is the coach.

  9. The players are done with Emery they are no longer performing under him and have struggled to perform under him since he has been here.

    New coach new spirit at the moment they look bored tired and like lost puppies and park or players sent on a wild goose chase.

    1. I think if that was true the club internally would know. We can only guess. Up to Leicesters goal yesterday, that didn’t look the case to me, after it we looked shot.

  10. We look like a relegation side. Somebody has to be held accountable. Higherups need to be doing their job, and it seems like they are satisfied with what the see which is a huge red flag. What’s with everybody at Arsenal wanting to be nice??? If you are not doing your job, you need to go. Wenger should’ve gone sooner, and Emery needs to go NOW.

  11. I don’t know if Edu calls the shots on the Emery decision but if he is not fired, then money can be the only reason. Can’t think of a footballing reason to keep him around.

  12. A lot of ranting, Unai Emery will not be sack, Arsenal is not like Chelsea. We are a club with a culture, it amazed me why fans are behaving like Chelsea’s fans. If you are an Arsenal fan, just support the club or go support any club that is living up to your expectations. QED

  13. The only solution to Arsenal problem is for the Board and the very hostel section of tge fans to appease the spirit of Arsenal Wenger whom was grossly mistreated at the twilight of his stay at arsenal. Not until that is done and probably bring him back to stabilise the team,we aren’t seen nothing!

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