Does Emery appointment show that the Kroenke’s have great ambition for Arsenal?

It is very well-documented that the numerous Kroenke ‘sporting franchises’ in America have hardly been steeped in success under their management, so Arsenal has basically been the jewel in their crown up until we dropped out of the Champions League places a couple of years ago, so does the decision to displace Wenger and replace him with one of Europe’s top young coaches show that they really do want to maintain Arsenal’s position as one of the top clubs in Europe.

Certainly Unai Emery has been convinced of their credentials, as he said yesterday. “I am thrilled to be joining one of the great clubs in the game.” the Spaniard said. “Arsenal is known and loved throughout the world for its style of play, its commitment to young players, the fantastic stadium, the way the club is run. I’m very excited to be given the responsibility to start this important new chapter in Arsenal’s history. I have met Stan and Josh Kroenke and it’s clear they have great ambitions for the club and are committed to bringing future success. I’m excited about what we can do together and I look forward to giving everyone who loves Arsenal some special moments and memories.”

Emery has also promised to continue to give the Arsenal fans great exciting football as well as the doing their best to win trophies, which is one of the main reasons why Arsenal are watched avidly all over the world. He promised that his team would play “With personality. This personality for all the minutes of a match: protagonists. I like the possession with the ball, I like good pressing against the other team. I prefer to win 5-4 than win 1-0.”

Stan Kroenke also sounded confident that Emery will get Arsenal back to the top, when he said: “We’re delighted to welcome Unai to Arsenal. He’s a proven winner. We’re confident that he is the right person for the job and that he will work to deliver the triumphs our fans, staff and everyone who cares about Arsenal want.

“Several things stood out during his interview and the entire process; his football knowledge, energy, determination and love of the game. His familiarity with our club and our players, the Premier League and the game in Europe were all very impressive. He shares our vision to move forward, to build on the platform created by Arsène Wenger and help this club enjoy greater success.”

Well us fans will just have to wait and see, but at least we can look forward to next season with a little more excitement than we have seen in the previous few years. Hopefully Emery will prove to just as successful in England as he was in Spain and France….



  1. Xxnofx says:

    It doesn’t mean anything
    The way Ivan was talking yesterday it seems we are still going to be penny pinching ,could just see the way his blood pressure went up when asked about the money available to Emery to spend . If we don’t spend we don’t compete it’s as simple as that .
    I’m happy with emery quite happy actually ,but I can just see us getting stuck in a ruck if we go about things the same way

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, if there is no big transfer budget for the next season, it means Kroenke’s ambition is not great

      And before @John Ibrahim says that Arsenal fans actually want our club to be like Man City and Chelsea transfer funds wise, I would say most football fans want their club to spend a lot

      More transfers or more goals mean entertainment

      1. kev says:

        JUST IN:As I have been saying the Caglar Soyuncu deal is a done deal.His team,Frankfurt have already signed his replacement and the deal is done.
        We are in talks with Leno and the deal will be done unless Arsenal pull out and target another keeper.
        The board and the coach like Nzonzi very much and a move may be on.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          Please don’t comment on my post kev ,if you want to tell lies go do it somewhere else

          1. kev says:

            It’s not lies you’ll see soon.Soyuncu is done and the Leno and Nzonzi news will soon be reported.

          2. Xxnofx says:

            Like arteta was done – he was never offered the job you said it was done deal
            Like Thomas Lamar was a done deal
            Like countless others
            You only come on here when it’s transfer time .anyone can look at whispers and come on here and pretend they have inside knowledge

          3. kev says:

            Arteta was going to be the Arsenal coach until a last minute turn around .It even looked imminent and everyone knew this.Unai Emery was not always the choice.Is this too difficult to understand?Had he not become available at the last Arteta would’ve been coach.I respect your opinion but the truth will surely come out.

          4. Xxnofx says:

            Emery was chosen to 10 days ago so I’m not sure what your talking about ,if I need transfer news I’ll just stick with sky sports like there reporting trightbnow that we are interested in loranzo pillagrini from Roma ,where was you on that one seeing your in the know so much

          5. kev says:

            I don’t want to report about interest as they mean nothing.The real thing is when the deal is done.It’s a shame though if only people were really understanding they’d know that so many things change.I already know of the interest in him by the way.

            If Arteta was not going to be Arsenal why was it then that even in the media he was reported to have been very disappointed?
            Are you telling me this was because he was just interviewed and close or what and if close how close?

          6. Xxnofx says:

            Emery was picked ages ago long before arteta was interviewed Ivan said know one else was offered the job out of a list of 8 so iyou reporting that arteta was done just shows the lies your spreading on here

          7. kev says:

            @Xxnofx it’s fine if you think I’m spreading lies but I still stand by my word that Arteta was 100% going to be Arsenal coach until Unai showed up.
            Arteta was a favourite of one of the Arsenal board members and we agreed with him and he also agreed with City to leave.Then Emery became available and we took the chance.Its not like from day one Emery was already chosen.The verbal agreement and everything was done.All that was left was pen to paper of which we chose In a.

          8. Me says:

            Look and listen….
            Kev knows this bloke who he plays pool with down his local pub and his friend’s best mates sister knows this woman who buys cat food from the same shop that Ivan buys food for his cat Mr Bigglesworth.
            He removes the tins and passes transfer news secretly to this woman through the gap in the shelving.
            You must be quiet about this – her life may be in danger…
            Not to mention Kev.
            Wasn’t there a gerbil from the 1980’s called Kevin?
            Had a friend called Roland Rat..
            Yeaaahhhh rat fans !

          9. Neil says:

            Best riposte to Kevs twice yearly regurgitation of news from the media..

            And more breaking news from Kev yesterday the sun rose and the moon came up later!

          10. Sandziso says:


          11. kev says:

            Are you expecting Gazidis to say Arteta was going to be the coach but then they changed their minds to Unai Emery?
            I repeat all that was left was pen to paper.

          12. Ozziegunner says:

            The media drew their own conclusions, backed the wrong horse (Arteta) and got it wrong. Arsenal couldn’t announce Emery until such time as PSG didn’t take the option on the thitd year. The media/pundits ended up with egg on their faces and they don’t like it!

          13. Kenny Rolfe says:

            100% right Ozziegunner. Kev, I hope you’re reading this sensible post and stop taking up space on this site with your stupid predictions

        2. GoonerP says:

          “,We are in talks with Leno and the deal will be done unless Arsenal pull out and target another keeper.”

          We are in talks with arteta but we may talk to other managers…

          Very persuasive you really are an insider aren’t you?

          1. kev says:

            Many won’t believe me but Arteta was done until a last minute U-turn.Emery was a last minute U-taurn.He wasn’t always the choice.Many people are trying to force themselves into believing that he was a smoke screen and that the Arsenal board would never make a mistake in appointing an inexperienced coach.

          2. GoonerP says:

            So why do you say it’s a done deal if it ain’t?? You are s fraud so stop by*llsh,*ting please

          3. kev says:

            We pulled out of the deal.There are even deals which are done when clubs are signing players but the club may later pull out of it.
            Arteta was 100% going to be Arsenal coach had Emery not been available at the last minute.This was even reported everywhere and in the media that Arteta was going to be Arsenal coach.We actually agreed everything in principle with him just like how clubs agree deals for players and pull out.People just won’t learn.

          4. stubill says:

            You really are a tool aren’t you.

            Emery announced at the end of April he’d be leaving PSG, Arsenal interviewed him two weeks prior to his appointment, hardly available at the last minute is it!

            Does Mummy or your carer know you’re on the internet?

      2. John Wick says:

        No John will say Emery is a Europa league specialist he’s been saying that every day, numerous times a day since his appointment ?

  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    Why are we working on a budget? Dont the muppets at Arsenal know missing out on CL means LESS MONEY. And the price pool difference between Europa League is HUGE.

    1. Neil says:

      You answered your own question!

  3. kibusiae says:

    yes he will transform this team lov him already…..

  4. Rudy Garcia fan says:

    If our net transfer budget is at least 100 mill. per season this year and the next, then yes.

    If however it’s going to be similar to Everton or even West Ham (which seems likelier), then no.

    50 mill. net spend must be a cruel joke, as even Everton spend more – to fight for places 6th – 8th.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I expect to see two big names arriving, I feel almost sure that two big big players will be joining. And I reckon Mislintat will bring in a handful of cheaper players to youth team players. So I’d expect about six or seven arrivals, but only two of them of any real note.

      1. Enagic says:

        What do you mean big names? big names means quality i hope we get Lorenzi Pellegrini and Dennis Praet both of whom we are linked in today’s paper, two of wilshire, ramsey and elneny need to go out to free up space also Ozil is not going to put up with Unai work ethic he is a laziest player ever get rid of him and bring in Fekir

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Highly rated and expensive, not mega expensive but good money and high wages. I don’t by the fifty mil, that can’t be true. I’m guessing it’s near enough fifty mil to buy a highly rated player at a good age. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t target at least a couple of international players who’ll have some admirers thinking along same lines.


    Too soon to call. I think some of our fans are getting carried away. Let’s see who we buy first.

    1. Me says:

      You are very correct in what you are saying.
      Kev will soon be carried away to the nearest psychiatric hospital and sectioned under the Mental Health Act..

    2. RSH says:

      yup. this could be another summer of linked w/ everybody but sign nobody. lets see who we actually sign up

  6. John0711 says:

    All will be revealed it’s a good appointment
    And there’s two ways this can go, not support the manager financially in line with the clubs wealth eg spend 100-150 m with money from sales
    Or spend 50 m if that’s the case we only have one area to blame
    I’m hoping the 50 m rumour is just a way of keeping transfer fees low

    1. Neil says:

      Isn’t it the same spend as last few years despite Gazidis saying we had plenty? So sell and you can have more is the Kroenke Gazidis policy

  7. Chiza says:

    Emery knows Malcolm and seri very well from his time in ligue expect them

    1. gotanidea says:

      I wish Malcom and Seri will come soon, along with a high profile CB and a mobile DM

      1. kev says:

        Both are not what we need.We need a strong core of very reliable players in our team who hardly make mistakes especially in defense and goalkeeping area as well as a DM.

      2. Me says:

        Most footballers are mobile.
        Those who are not tend to be dead.
        Is that the point you are making?
        It is a very valid point….

  8. Break-on-through says:

    The proof is in the pudding, we can speculate on kroenke but if we are to be successful we will need our business model to be the best business model in football. Others have an advantage and it’s very difficult to compete with it. We have to hope that Gazidas is a worthy businessman, that he’s so shrewd in his work that he makes hiring all the right people every bit as advantageous as buying all the top sports players. It took him a while, but he slowly learned how to compartmentalize in football so now we need to hope that he’s got all the right people in. I don’t think he’s finished yet, unless they can all come together very nicely indeed, but usually egos / personalities will clash. He must know people very well though, to be great at business is to be great with playing for and against people. Now we need to see if these guys can help as much as possible in finding the necessary players. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out, we really do need a lift, a kick up the back side because we’ve sat still for far too long.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Arsenal has forgone £100 million for the 2 years absence from the Champions League. As stated above teams currently below Arsenal, such as Everton and West Ham will increase their spending, which risks Arsenal falling further behind.
      Arsenal now have a good coach (Unai) and support managers (Swen and Raul); therefore the spotlight is now on Kroenke and the board to support them with funding.

  9. Chiza says:

    Emery is a good coach who is always ready to improve and make himself better..a far opposite to wenger….during his time in Seville especially his first two seasons he didn’t concede alot..but at psg he didn’t have total control of the players..i guess it affected him…he made some terrible decisions in the champions league for psg..i hope he learns from it though

    1. gotanidea says:

      In PSG he showed his hunger for major trophies and his guts to keep playing with very attacking football

      After many years of watching Arsenal play cautiously and lacklusterly, I hope Emery can make our players more willing to take high risks

  10. Chiza says:

    I have a feeling that emery would be at arsenal for at least 10 years and he would achieve alot….i wanted nagelsmann but God knows best.. I’m only human.. Maybe God has answered our prayers with Emery…let’s watch and see

    1. stubill says:

      If God knows best, why did he inflict Kroenke on us?

  11. Chiza says:

    God knows arsenal fans has suffered alot..God won’t let us down.. Trust me on that..God is with us….. Victoria Concordia Credit!!!!!!!!!!…. When you see a gunner greet him or her VICTORIA!!!…… PROUD TO BE A GUNNER!

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Victoria Concordia CRESCiT.

  12. jon fox says:

    The article is asking are both Kroenkes now really sold on Arsenal regaining top spot. I am hopeful about Josh and see him as a real possible fan , some future day. Right now, I do not think either are actually primarily most interested in football. I doubt that Stan can ever change; if he did he would have done so by now and so his lack of personal financial investment will not change. Though I wouid much like them both gone, the sheer fact that Josh is still in his late thirties gives us hope. IF -and it is a big if – Josh becomes Chairman and lives in Britain ,things MIGHT change for the better. But short term, I see no real change for the better.

    1. John Wick says:

      Agreed Jon, they seem sold on this self sustainable model and respecting Arsene’s values he’s instilled in the club.. in other words live in denial and don’t pay market value for top level footballers! Maybe one day if Josh Kroenke inherits the club from his father, the strings will loosen but as it stands Gazidis, the board, and Senior Kroenke are more interested in profits than success on the field hence the limited funds.

      1. Neil says:

        The leaves don’t fall far from the tree.. Josh is here to ensure no one gets any silly ideas about spending money!

  13. Innit says:

    Certainly not “GREAT” ambition.
    But ambition is not just the manager he hires but how much money the manager will be allowed to spend.

    We are well behind City, United, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea and they will only get stronger. We need to somehow catch up and Unai needs a great deal of funds for both transfer fees and Salary to accomplish that.
    We will find out this summer if Kroeke really has ambition.

  14. Gooner says:

    RE: our transfer budget…

    i believe we never tell the truth on how much we have to spend (for good reason)

    i wouldn’t want to go into a shop and say to the shop owner ‘hey i have £50.00 to spend how much is that *insert generic item here*…

    could be/ probably wrong… but it makes sense to me anyway haha

    1. Declan says:


    2. jon fox says:

      No need at all to say “haha” or “could be/probably wrong” because you make a correct and serious point. I agree totally with your point and if you go into a car showroom for a posh car , surely you are wise to tell the salesman you have not quite enough for the car, rather than say you have plenty to spare.

  15. John Legend says:


    They are still veeeeery cheap. They wanted a coach that will agree to spend within that limited budget.

    I am happy it is Emery though, I believe he will do well.

  16. AB says:

    Doesn’t say anything. Now we have a manager who will enjoy the support of the entire family. He will need help with some quality players; hoping for some good additions.

  17. David Rusa says:

    Which business advertises how much money it has to spend? It is very childish to talk about Arsenal budget without inside knowledge. Is it really true that Arsenal has not been spending money? Let us look at last season alone. How much did Lacazette cost? What of Aubameyang? It is not true that Arsenal doesn’t spend money. The only truth is that Arsenal can’t spend as much as Man U, Man City or Chelsea but it doesn’t have to. What any serious Gooner should be concerned with is which positions do we need reinforcements? Once we reinforce our weak positions we shall be raring to go.

    1. Sean says:

      Agreed but 40m for Ox & 10 for Gabriel kind of paid Lacazzettes transfer & his most part of wages. Aubameyang was right place right time right situation as the chance to sign him wouldnt come again & they had to do something big other than miki exchange for no money with Alexis, which was a disaster for Arsenal to let that happen with his contract in the 1st place! They had to do something. We are a business, Kronkes will never go into their own pockets! Any owner can do that & i agree they may have started to loosen the pursestrings as promised 5years ago. Again ur spot on if we are bein tight we need to fix the major problems that our squad needs.

  18. Sean says:

    Stan isnt a great owner to be fair, doesnt really care for the sporting side of things, just the business side which has gave the man deeper holes in his pocket. All about the money for Stan. He just got a system in place where nobody will step out of line as Ivan is his puppet & the boss all round if we are honest.

    Josh is different as he may want trophies etc… with Arsenal but i guess hes maybe like his dad in a way where money comes 1st.

    1. Wenger 9m per year, Emery 5m – 4m saved.

    2. New sleeve sponser, 10m per year. 10m earned.

    3. All backroom staff gone, defo cuts there too in wages no doubt

    4 . TV revenue was 114m or something. Profit

    5. Players wages in Per, Santi & possible Jack.

    Money made already plus all our cash reserves. They are laughing at all of us if they dont spend big money this summer this summer on a squad overhaul as everybody knows that is whats required to at least get back to touching distance of the Top4 never mind the Premiership Title!

    1. jon fox says:

      About Chelsea, in recent times their spending has dropped sharply. Abramovitch no longer believes in even trying to keep up with City or Uniteds spending. I see our spending as on their level NOW, though not previously. THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE BOUGHT GIROUD, HAD THEY INTENDED TO BUY A BETTER , YOUNGER AND MORE EXPENSIVE STRIKER. Truth is they are now second class spenders, like us. I see them getting weaker this season and below us.

      1. Mobella says:

        Chelsea spent close to 250m last season minus sale. Morata = 70m, Rudiga 40m, Bakayoko 45. Zappacosta 20 , Drinkwater 35/40, Barkley 15, Giroud 18 and Brazilian guy from Roma 27m. So sir. they not second rated spender like us.

      2. stubill says:

        Not to forget Abramovichs’ current visa problems.

  19. Ackshay says:

    Kroenke has to make Arsenal Compete better next season at the very least securing a top 4 spot.
    WHY? because our kit manufactur deal with puma ends next year so in order to get a top shelf money we need a good season to have good bargaining power. Stan is here for money since man u and chelsea get 75m and 60m each and we get 30m right now we need good result.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Exactly right, plus Arsenal can’t keep forgoing £50 million a year by not achieving a Champions League place.

  20. RSH says:

    Now Sky is linking us with Lorenzo Pellegrini, another midfielder. Honestly, we are linked with so many CM’s. Makes me think Ramsey is not signing another contract and will be sold this summer. Don’t see why else we are consistently linked with CM’s. Either that or Emery wants to use Ramsey as a CAM.

    1. Enagic says:

      Ramsey is very inconstent same as wenger we need to get rdi of overpaid and overhyped i will be glad if we overall the entire central midfield

      1. RSH says:

        or wilshere could be leaving and this guy replaces him. wilshere is more useless and should go

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