Does Emery think that Arsenal’s Mr Marmite is a wimp?

Unai Emery tried another new set up today for Arsenal’s game at Bournemouth, and although it wasn’t pretty and a very tough game, we still came away with three points. One of the big talking points was that the Boss left our Mr Marmite, Mesut Ozil, on the bench. Now after the game Emery said that Ozil was left out because we needed a formation that could handle the Cherries’ ‘physicality and the intensity’.

He told “We thought how we can be better in the match today, which is very demanding with the physicality and the intensity, but every player is important,”

“[Bringing Ozil on] depended on how the match was going, how it is going in the 90 minutes, and I decided for another option. In the beginning of the season we were speaking every day about being organised and competitive – and it’s the same today.

“Also today we tried with three centre backs like we’ve done at some stages this season, and it’s another possibility for us to improve and find our best performance.”

Emery knew we needed lots of defenders, and he obviously thought that Xhaka and Torreira, and even Mhki, were more likely to be useful in this game.

So does that mean that Emery thinks Ozil is a wimp?

Darren N


  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “So does that mean that Emery thinks Ozil is a wimp?”
    What a stupid question, so tactically Emery used a squad and formation, we won…then the next controversy you intend to create is asking if Ozil is a wimp?
    I wonder how the team will be, If Emery saw his players like that.
    Tactically Ozil wasn’t needed, Against Spurs, he’ll be starting so I don’t see the point to your post

    1. ken1945 says:

      Eddie, I see the point of this article completely.
      Darren N(egative) wants as many hits to his articles as he can get. Remember the article just after “favourite memories” that split the fanbase yet again?
      DN obviously has no idea what Emery was thinking, along with everyone else, so he puts up an article just to incite unrest.
      I love Ozil, but if our manager decides to substitute him for a game, who am I to question his motives?
      We won a game that we lost last year, we have equalled the amount of away games won last year and lost just one away game all season.
      All the experts on here who criticised the team selection before and during the game should show faith in the manager and team.
      We are just one point below top four spot (the same amount we missed out on qualifying by two seasons ago) with a group of players who seem to accept Unai’s ideas and decisions with enthusiasm.
      If they are happy, content, giving their all and not losing, then that’s all we need, as fans, isn’t it?

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken though I fully accept the main theme of your comments, I do think that Emery- because he has eyes and can see – DOES realise that OZIL LACKS PHYSICALITY. HE UNDOUBTEDLY DOES LACK IT AND IT WOULD BE DISHONEST NOT TO RECOGNISE THAT. A main problem with choosing Mhki instead of Ozil today is that Mkhi is at least as physically uncommitted as Ozil and even more so. He lacks thrsublime talent and vision that Ozil shows when on song and frankly I am now comparing Mkhi to Walcott in lacking interest in all but huge wages. He was a disgrace today. We got away with an overall below par perf today thanks to an offside goal not given that was OK AND A FREAK OWN GOAL. Their keeper was largely redundant and only about four players can hold their head high today; Torreira, Bellerin, Leno and Holding. I know Emery looks closely at our opponents each game and takes them much into account when setting up his formation , which I applaud ( I can hardly not do so, having spent years slaughtering Wenger for doing the exact opposite and ignoring opponents strengths). The back three was to me a clear risk from the very start and we were woefully short of cover down both flanks. We badly missed Laca with his tight groin injury and Auba when he does not score becomes a luxury, frankly. I still see several players who seem not to want to buy into harder physical work and wonder when Emery can ever motivate OZIL, MKHI and AUBA, to work harder. Certainly he has not succeeded so far with those players. Overall a fortunate win and an uneven perf which will fool many, who foolishly boast of 17 games unbeaten. I do NOT remotely consider, as the Admin tried to sell us in thE last topic, that it was an “excellent perf”. That is nonsense IMO.

        1. snowden says:

          Ozil doesn’t get the protection from ‘the thug footballers’ here that he got in Spain and Germany.

        2. iffybright says:

          The reason why Emery prefers Milky to Ozil is this…
          Milky has better footwork, skills and the drive to penetrate compared to Ozil….
          Milky might be lazy just like Ozil…
          But Milky is far more mobile…

          Am a Central attacking midfielder….
          if you ask me to choose between Ozil and milky,
          I will gladly pick Milky because of this reasons….

          if you ask Emery why he prefers Milky, he will give you this same reasons….

          Ozil creativity is overrated….
          many of our players are very creative most especially Milky and Iwobi….

          Ozil fanboys should just get behind the team and leave sentiments aside

          1. jon fox says:

            “Milky” eh? That is sour milk presumably then. He is even more idle than OZIL IMO and without his sublime gifts on the rare occasions Ozil is on song. Your “milky” stunk like sour cream against Bournemouth. Anyway, after Emerys statement about Ozil publicly heard this morning it is clear to me that Idle Ozil and sour milky Mkhi will both be gone by next season. CAN’T SAY I AM SORRY EITHER AS I CANNOT STAND ANY PLAYERS WHO ARE NOT FULLY COMMITTED. Pleasingly and unlike the last manager , this dynamic manager will not tolerate laziness. Hurray!!! To illustrate how deadly laziness is, the main reason Spuds spanked Chelski on Saturday was because Spuds worked flat out for 90 mins and Chelski didn’t fancy puting in the vital hard work. This is football reality and lazy players have no place under Emery. Again HURRAY!!!!!!!!!! Once Emery has chance to properly get his OWN players in ALL current bone idle players will be out that door in no time flat.

          2. iffybright says:

            For your information..
            Milkitaryn still has the highest assist this season for arsenal in all competitions

          3. ozziegunner says:

            Iffybright, I hope you are a better CAM than a pundit?

          4. Trent says:

            Mesut’s creativity is overrated??? say no to drugs iffybrighty

          5. Sue says:

            Jeez how did I miss this comment ‘ozil’s creativity is overrated’ plus many of our.players are creative most especially Mkhi & Iwobi….. omg!!!!!! That is the funniest thing I’ve read on here in ages……. ?????

          6. iffybright says:

            For your information..
            Milkitaryn still has the highest assist this season for arsenal in all competitions

          7. Sue says:

            I think you’ll find Bellerin has the most assists for us this season (4) Mkhi has 1….

          8. Sue says:

            In the league… I think Mkhi has the same as Hector in all comps… 4

          9. iffybright says:

            Yes very overrated…
            David Silva has been doing all this for a very long time consistently, Eriksen who is a better all round central midfielder than your Ozil has been doing this consistently….

            I can name more than 10 midfield players who are far better than Ozil in all midfield parameters only just in English league…..

            Let me tell you this in case you don’t know, Milkitaryn is the highest assist player in Arsenal presently…
            And is a more rounded Midfield player than your God, Ozil…

            Trent you need to check your brain
            I don’t think is functioning normally

          10. Sue says:

            I’m still going to stick with the fact that Mkhi has been absolute pants lately….

          11. Sue says:

            And if Mkhi is a more rounded midfield player than Ozil then why the hell haven’t we been witnessing it?? Awful……… it’s a shame really, as I liked him at Dortmund.. we’ve seen glimpses…..

        3. Rkw says:

          Fully agree Jon accept on bellerin who in my opinion is even more lacking in physicality than ozil given his position … And his attacking skills are massively overrated I can’t remember the last time he actually went past anyone in a one on one situation … I tried to count the times we lost out in 50 50 encounters yday and came up with two thirds of time ..and it was almost all players excluding torreira the one none wenger product … On the bright side Emery has got more out of same players than wenger did and is wiling to change when things are not working but I am still struggling to understand what emery’s style is

          1. jon fox says:

            I have often said and always thought Bellerin is weedy and physical strength is vital in all defenders. To me he is immensely better now going forwards but will NEVER BE a proper defender as he has neither the instinct nor strength needed in any defender. But as for going “round people”, Beckham rarely if ever did so but it never stopped him being a great ball crosser and hugely effective. It is seeing someone in position early and before others do that gives you the chance to cross and you of course need great crossing ability. Bellerin did well on Sunday and is now a good player going forwards. But NO defender, nor ever will be in my view. On your last line I just think that Emery has worked wonders with most on working hard with the obvious exceptions of OZIL, MKHI and AUBA, who are all lazy. I TELL IT AS IT IS AND DO NOT FOOL MYSELF ABOUT OUR PLAYERS AS SO MANY YOUNG FOLK REGULARLY DO ON HERE.

      2. Tissiam says:

        Well said man!good to see there is still few gunners with proper football knowledge and not football manager etc…!

  2. qoni says:

    what a wonderful manager. for the best of the club, he does not hesitate to drop players. i think i did not agreed with the substitutions. he should have substituted mhki and the introduction of ramsey was not popular when everyone knows that with him or without him is the same on the pitch. gooner = for ever

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yup, Ozil almost always started whenever he was healthy in the last season, but Emery dares to bench him more often

  3. Jay says:

    Silly question indeed.

  4. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Emery consider Ozil as a weakling. But I suspect he predicted Ozil to defend half-heartedly in a tough away game like the Bournemouth game

    Little did he know that Mkhitaryan would do similar thing

    His decision to omit a no 10 was correct, but unfortunately Arsenal did not have two skillful wingers to threaten Bournemouth

  5. LENOhappy says:

    What a stupid question,you are talking about a World Cup winner,the best number 10 in the world,a player that scores and assists every match,a player that carry the team anytime he plays,the only player who is never sick,the only midfielder we have that track back and defend,a player that work more than his salary.

  6. Declan says:

    He rotated, end of. It’s a squad game and Ozil will be back for spurs game no doubt. Mustafi is king of the last ditch tackles and blocks for me but Kolasinac is dog doo along with Xhaka.

  7. Goonerboy says:

    Although i don’t rate Ozil, I still think this article is to put it mildy, disappointing, not worthy of discussion, except you wanna go off topic

  8. Babasola says:

    WOW !
    I like the way this Manager thinks
    Some weeks ago I listed matches that Ozil is always a passenger (almost all away matches)

    Now thinking this way – wouldn’t he bench him next week again – cos its the Spuds & it’s gonna be Fire-4-Fire …the type of games Ozil doesn’t like

    Last match (Wolves) I asked why Guendouzi was brought-on at halftime seeing that he didn’t come in on defensive instructions nor central midfield orders

    He came in to coordinate the team’s play, like a 10
    (which he did very well) while Ozil was still there on the pitch (passengering)
    The guy’s had only 3 good games this season

  9. Aubamezzette says:

    To win against spurs, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi all have to be benched.
    We dont need passengers in that game.

  10. waal2waal says:

    Ozil has the capacity to drive this team to where it needs to be – far as class goes we have that in abundance in our germany world cup winner mezut ozil: It’s widely accepted he is a luxury player one that needs encouraging at times but without him we are practically toothless far as our attack from midfield goes – he’s no wimp he will come good; Team Germany are ruing not having him in the side and we will struggle to replace him with like-for-like quality.

    *Sometimes we’ve little option but to “win ugly” and that’s what we shown we can do. it ought to occur to fans that we are a couple of players short of a being a decent side. Its in our winter transfer window that will determine whether we seriously want to consolidate our place among the epl top-4.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Wow it’s so silly if you think Emery will bench Ozil at the Emirates against Spurs..and play who ?? Mhiki? Ramsey? ….Both of them will play EUROPA and Ozil is getting into that lineup for the Spurs game.
    Benching him today was clearly tactical

    1. Robin Vanpayslip - I got 99 problems but a half finished stadium ain't one says:

      What the really long break he just had? He need that topped up with another break after not playing so he can play a week later?

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Ken1945 how more technical can that be for people to see it? Ozil would’ve struggled in the game today, Emery knew, so he benched him because the 3 point is important… Against Spurs it will be a different ball game, the same Emery will call Ozil back into the team, it’s a tactical, how people fail to see that Emery us always tactical is beyond me…

        Vanpayslip, Emery didnt rest Ozil just to top up any rest, he benched Ozil fir tactical reasons, simole as that…Emery will give Ramsey the chance on Thursday, while playing Mhiki n giving Ozil some few minutes to run. I am 100% confident Ozil will start on Sunday, hell he might even be given the captain armband against Spurs

    2. ken1945 says:

      Eddie, it’s too technical for some people.
      Emery knewwhat game Bournemouth would play and selected accordingly…isn’t that what every top manager would/should do?
      spuds playing Inter is a must win game, so they have to play their strongest team on Wednesday…we don’t have too…Emery knows best…that’s why he’s the coach/manager and doing a terrific job at it to date!!!

      1. Phil says:

        So Ken-OT I know but I must reply to your question to a previous thread asking how I know for certain Arsene Wenger was sacked when Pers Metersacker suggested this was wrong after the Manager apparently told the team personally during training at the end of the season.
        I suppose I can only answer that I obviously cannot admit that Wenger was sacked.However I suggest the same can only be the same with you feeling BFG was correct t with what he said was correct.Personally I would imagine that Wenger was indeed told that he would be replaced for the current season with a new Manager.I feel both the Club and Wenger benefitted with a positive spin being put on the issue.The Club would be guilty of disrespect by Sacking a Manager of 22 years service.Wenger continually told everyone he had NEVER broken a contract in his life so he obviously was not walking away.
        We the supporters are being denied the actual facts but this maybe is not a bad thing as no one single person is held accountable from each side.
        So I trust this gives my perspective.He WAS sacked.But the way it was handled helped to avoid criticism behind attached to either party.As for Metersacker being told at training with the rest of the players,this would be correct surely?No player would have witnessed first hand the meeting that took place when Wenger learned his fate.Gazidis would I’m sure have been the single person to have told Wenger his fate.And let’s not believe Wenger would have been too upset as he walked off with his final years contract of a reported £9m being paid to him.

        1. jon fox says:

          He was clearly told he would not be here this season. THAT IS SACKING though I agree it was handled tactfully due to his long service. All those who are honest with themselves – and many never are honest – know full well he was sacked. Some just don’t have the strenghth of character to be honest wth themselves and love fooling themselves with silly hype. This harms our club by adding unreasonable pressure, which is why I alway jump on those silly, almost always very young, types. Most live outside Britain you cannot help but noticing!

          1. snowden says:

            I have no proof for my take on what happened and I share it with out being absolutely certain of the timing of events. Therefore willing tio admit if the timing is wrong then my take is wrong.

            This was the last year of Arsene’s contract and at the begining of last season and that was how it was going to be.
            Then shortly before the announcement of Arsene’s departure two decisions outside the club were made.

            VAR would not be in use this season which meant we would have yet more of the same from the PGMO and Arsene.

            It became known that Emery was to leave PSG.

            (I had no truck at the bubble gum ranters claiming an explayer would be the new manager. We would have had to be really desparate if that was all we could call on. )

            I think these two decisions flashed up as ights
            Gazadis mind . He got the Okay with the couldn’t careless Kaveman.

            The routine interviews were held i don’t think for one moment Emery wasted his time in an interview not knowing whether or not he was coming.

            In other words I believe that the news that Emery was to leave PSG drove the events that took place.
            The one doubt in my mind is the timing of the PSG announcement I am not sure it fits in with my theory.
            When I heard of Emery’s appointment I was pleased.

            Two successfull Italian managers have since returned to England but I think Emery is our man.

          2. RichSAAlao says:

            @ Jon fox
            how old are you really.
            You don’t show the nature of those old fans, who are used to see 1 – 0 to the Arsenal, and didn’t win the league or cup every season or even every two season.
            Your wealth of experience is so bereaved that you always, always found it difficult to articulate your comments without insulting or abusing someone, and assuming yourself to be some fans leader.
            I guess you are of the ilk of the 70s hooligans.
            Yeah, I am from Nigeria, Africa.

          3. jon fox says:

            FYI, I am 68 , have never been attracted to hooliganism because I am a good person with a brain unlike ALL hooligans worldwide. I certainly do not and never have, nor ever will , claim to repesent older Arsenal fans. I am my own person and so are they ALL. Your comments are silly nonsense and so wide of the mark you ought to be a politician for The Monster Raving Loony Party. Insulting enough for you?

          4. RichSAAlao says:

            Now it is clear, you are a handful of self. TOO late to have the right agility.

          5. jon fox says:

            Sorry but can you repeat this comment in understandable English. I have no idea what your comments are supposed to mean. Perhaps I don’t understand because PROPER English is my mother tongue.

        2. ken1945 says:

          So Phil, there are no actual FACTS to support your argument then? Just your gut feeling which I fully understand from previous AW comments by yourself.

          Jon is also assuming that AW “was clearly told”, again with no FACTS to support that statement.
          What has strength of character got to do with it Jon?
          Unless you haven’t got the strength to accept Pers factual statement instead of your personal theoretical hype.

          I am certainly honest with myself and if Per Mertesaker had said to the media that AW had told the players at a training session he had been sacked, I would have accepted this as proof.
          So would both of you and without question or varification, in fact you would be printing it in capital letters.

          Why would Per say anything untruthful? He clearly told the media that this happened, yet you can’t accept it!!!
          Until you can offer proof of him being sacked and not resigning (ie club captains statement) you might as well say that pigs can fly.

          1. jon fox says:


  12. Robin Vanpayslip - I got 99 problems but a half finished stadium ain't one says:

    While some of the performances have been frustrating, can’t argue that we are improving in terms of the table. I’m personally inclined to believe that Emery is right in terms of the issues he is seeing in the squad and how he is utilising the players at his disposal.

  13. Pauladonis says:

    Looking at it from another perspective, with the amount of injuries we’ve had this season already, won’t it be foolhardy for Emery as a new coach to play your best playmaker in a very physical away game and risk him getting injured when the hottest derby in London is only a week away. when, To most fans 17games unbeaten would mean nothing if we lose to Spurs…

    1. Trudeau says:

      Since when did Bournemouth become a “very physical” team? Stoke of the South they are not. I agree we most here that Ozil will play against Spurs and I think he’ll play very well. But it’s hardly ideal when your supposed best player needs to be pampered after a two week break.

  14. ThirdManJW says:

    If Ozil was a WC player he wouldn’t be dropped…period! Irrespective of type of opponent, tactics, formations, home or away, it wouldn’t matter if Ozil was an important player, but he isn’t! Could you imagine the likes of: Hazard, Messi, Ronaldo, De Gea, De Bruyne, etc, being left on the bench, constantly subbed, or not even making the match day squads, because of tactical reasons? Not a chance! Because they are game changers.

    Emery has quickly realised that Ozil isn’t a key player. I think the way he has dealt with Ozil has been fantastic. I just wish he could take that final step, and start benching Ozil for the big games, because he has done nothing in them this season, which isn’t a surprise.

    1. Sue says:

      Hazard wasn’t a game changer at the weekend ?

  15. Sue says:

    OT just watched MOTD2 how on earth did Fellaini not see red for that challenge??? Terrible refereeing once again

  16. adi says:

    Ozil would have struggled against Bournemouth today, almost the same way Miki did. Bournemouth played defense, they were organised, Arsenal needed pace upfront for that high tempo football. Normally Miki is capable of such play, but his form this season has been somewhat poor

  17. Innit says:

    We have a long unbeaten streak BECAUSE of Emery’s tactics. His tactical awareness has kept us unbeaten with a very average squad (with a few exceptions). His substitutions, starting line-ups, formations etc. Also getting Torreira and Guendouzi has helped our defensive frailties

    To me it shows Emery isn’t afraid to drop highly paid players or use different tactics. Wenger was annoyingly consistent with his tactics. Emery will drop players if needed use three at the back If needed, etc.

    Ozil can’t deal with physically demanding matches. He also doesn’t like to defend. Mkhitaryan doesn’t either actually. So it was right to drop Ozil.
    No player is bigger than the team no matter what he earns or what his name is.

    Ozil frustrates me. I was hoping that he would have a world class season like 2015 especially with the additions of Torreira, Aubameyang and Lacazette.
    He is an excellent squad player most of the time but He isn’t worth £300,000 per week. He is world class on a few days but not consistently enough to warrant that salary which could be used for other players.
    I feel similarly to Mkhitaryan but he doesn’t make as much as Ozil

    Because Ozil hasn’t proven himself enough this season, I’m leaning towards wanting him sold next summer simply because his salary could be better used. We haven’t got Chelsea, Liverpool, City or United type money!

    Again, I’d want to keep him if he was paid less than he is. He makes a great squad player

    Anyway, again I believe we have a long unbeaten streak BECAUSE of Emery’s tactics.

  18. iffybright says:

    The reason why Emery prefers Milky to Ozil is this…
    Milky has better footwork, skills and the drive to penetrate compared to Ozil….
    Milky might be lazy just like Ozil…
    But Milky is far more mobile…

    Am a Central attacking midfielder….
    if you ask me to choose between Ozil and milky,
    I will gladly pick Milky because of this reasons….

    if you ask Emery why he prefers Milky, he will give you this same reasons….

    Ozil creativity is overrated….
    many of our players are very creative most especially Milky and Iwobi….

    Ozil fanboys should just get behind the team and leave sentiments aside

    1. Sue says:

      Mkhi was awful yesterday & although he scored against Wolves, I thought he was awful then up until that point…. He really needs to sort himself out

      1. ken1945 says:

        iffybright, the Ozil fanboys, as you call them, are giving their views regarding Unai and Ozil, just like you.
        What has that got to do with getting behind the team?
        I haven’t seen anyone on here not supporting the team, just discussing tactics and players.
        So,after one game selecting myk and Iwobi before Ozil, you have concluded that he thinks Ozil is overrated?
        Let’s see if you eat humble pie come Sunday!

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Ken, iffybright seems to think he has to repeat himself to get his point across, regarding Ozil; maybe he should talk to Christiano Ronaldo about what he thought when Real Madrid sold Ozil to Arsenal? Also it has been interesting to note Germany’s performances without Ozil.

        2. jon fox says:

          Ken I really am curious to know if you think Ozil is a top class PRODUCTIVE player, as in regularly making a real difference. Also do you think he is fully committed to Arsrenal and to working hard. It seems from the way you regularly defend him that I must assume you would answer yes to all of theSe. Please come clean on Ozil and say EXACTLY what YOU really think of him in detail. All you do is answer others who criticise him but do not post your own real thoughts. I personally fail to see how any intelligent fan can possibly think he is earning his money or putting in ENOUGH effort.

  19. Patrick_G says:

    No coincidence we unbeaten since Torreira has been starting games.

    He is amazing in midfield, he puts alot of work and intensity in the middle of the park.

    Brilliant signing.

    I will now swop Ramsey & Elneny for a winger in January. Nketiah replaces Welbeck’s place on the bench.

    Just a side note – we still apparently the under dogs for the NLD this weekend coming up. Spurs is over hyped once again.

    1. Sue says:

      Says on Twitter we’re going to get smashed next week! And Alli has hailed Pochettino for being a tactical genius… pity he hasn’t got any trophies to go with that ?

  20. Lenohappy says:

    ‘Ozil is Arsenal’s best number 10, but there is no number 10 when you play in this shape. The question is whether Emery is willing to play him elsewhere in his midfield,’ the former defender told BBC Sport .
    ‘I would not be happy if I were Ozil. It’s a big statement for your manager to say that an experienced player like him is not up to playing in a match like this one.’ Matthew upson

  21. Big G says:

    Ozil is a wimp which is why he goes missing in the big games, he is also our best passer / playmaker which makes him invalueable to the club and team but not neccessarily a starter in every game. If Unai thinks Ozil should not play because of his physical stature or lack of will to fight for the team against any other opposition then Unai is right to leave Ozil out.

  22. Zatd says:

    Mikitaryn is the worst arsenal attacker
    Aubameyang is a bigger Walcott can’t dribble, pass n fyi not really fast

  23. ruelando says:

    In midst of the creative geniuses a team needs runners and workers, Arsenal are short on runners and workers to some extent, Welbeck fit both descriptions, but unfortunately is sidelined for a while and even with Welbeck we were still short. It is obvious our team is short of about 3-4 players to truly challenge for the title, 2 wide players, a proper 10 who has the ability to take on, create and score and a decent left fullback

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