Does German POTY Ozil highlight Arsenal importance?

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil has been crowned the German Player of the Year for 2016, but is currently being overshadowed by his contract situation.

The 28 year-old picked up the award for best German Player of 2016 this week, his fifth time winning the award of the last six seasons, beating 2014 winner Toni Kroos to the title.

Ozil amazingly picked up over 50% of the votes for the award, which is astounding when you consider the masses of Deutsche stars who could have rivalled him, including Jerome Boateng, Toni Kroos, Phillipe Lahm, Thomas Muller, Marco Reus and many others.

Whilst picking up his award, he talked about how comfortable he is in North-London, whilst also revealing how he has grown over the past year whilst with our beloved club.

He said: “I’ve simply arrived in the Premier League since last season.

“I’ve remained injury-free for the most part and I feel very comfortable in London now as well.”

“As one of the more experienced players in the team, I try to pass on advice to the younger players. Even if I’m not the most vocal player on the pitch, my voice is heard in the team. And I try to help our younger players every day.

“I’ve changed a few things in my life this past year, for example my diet and my training. That helps me to regenerate fast after games and it reduces the chance of getting injured.”

The German has talked up his happiness with our club for some time, and we are certainly aware that he is a key player for us.

Certain rival fans have moved to try and target Ozil for his ‘below-par’ performances this term, because he hasn’t been credited with the assists he was last season, but he has been chipping in with goals, and still remains very-much a key player in our starting XI.

Is Ozil as important to our club as Alexis Sanchez?

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  1. vinjoe says:

    OT Costa is a madman .He couldn’t stay loyal to his nation, and the blockheads expect him to stay loyal to
    Anyway , back to our problems…..

  2. gmv8 says:

    Of course they are both important … it’s just that Alexis is more so, but I would only choose if I had to. He was clearly enjoying playing against Swansea, you only had to see the bit where he was juggling the ball with his knees and feet whilst running at the same time. People are making a big deal of his behaviour but I guess to him, when Wenger pulled him off, it was like your Dad coming along and pulling you out a party….

    1. Incarnate says:

      Alexis “pedal to the metal” Sanchez, he does not like being hauled off lol, I chuckled when he covered himself with the jacket and chose to stop watching the game, I bet even Wenger found it funny, we finally have a player who cares enough to give his all, if we had three more players with such tenacity, we’d be League Champions at least six times in the last 12 years.

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    POTY awards doesn’t highlight Ozil’s importance…..I recall we signed a gem as an out of favour player at R.M

    1. josh37 says:

      yeah… that way they played him every game and Ronaldo going off when they sold him really showed how much they just really didn’t appreciate him!!
      He was a top-3 player at RM what are you on about?

  4. Taiwo says:

    The obvious is queried but i choose to take a distance from anyone who choose to underestimate the importance of Mesut to the Arsenal team and project but i agree it is very easy to criticize him when he fails to live up to expectations.

  5. marty53 says:

    To answer your question, Yes, Ozil is as important to Arsenal as Sanchez is.

  6. HairyCustard says:

    Ozil is hugely important, although Sanchez is arguably more so. Sanchez’s passion for the game is superior to Ozil’s which means he is more consistent. However, even when he is ‘off-form’ for a game, Ozil still creates a few goalscoring chances that our strikers need to do better to convert. Ozil has been under-appreciated of recent – he is still a top-class player.

  7. Incarnate says:

    Ozil is that “cherry on top ” kinda player, don’t expect Ozil to drag a team by the scruff of it’s neck, he will not fetch you water but will turn your water to wine. Cazorla makes damn good sure Ozil always gets water at the right place, time and quantity, Coquelin makes sure the water and jar are securely in place, Giroud is the waiter who gets the wine to the guests at the perfect temperature but can be frustrating because of his lack of speed, but he definitely knows his job, Alexis does not care, he will fetch the water if he has to, he will turn water to wine if has to, he will serve the guests if has to, he just wants see everyone drinking and dancing, he gets cut by a broken wine glass, he gets it bandaged on the go and just wants the party to go on, then daddy comes and says “hey Lexi boy, it’s bedtime for ya, time to go, you been working non stop”, he’s hauled into the car, the driver hands him a bottle of water “no, I don’t want water, daddy should have let me see out the party, he retorts ” “ok, I’ll play you some music from the party, we got you exactly the same playlist as the Dj” Alexis covers his ears and pulls a coat over his head.

  8. Big G says:

    if we have to lose either then Ozil should be the one to go, he may well be a fantastic provider but defensively he sucks. He wants 300k a week to sign a new contract and he’ll still go missing in the big games.

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