Does Henrikh Mkhitaryan still have a future at Arsenal?

Mkhitaryan admits Emery did not want him but would a new manager?

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been shipped out on loan this summer after the attacker failed to impress Unai Emery.

He has, however, found some form and he is enjoying his football again. That said, the Armenian remains one of the few Arsenal players that divides opinion.

Unai Emery seems to have moved on from him and would rather have a new signing than bring back the former Manchester United man.

When asked about his future recently, Mkhitaryan admitted that he was just on loan at AS Roma and a return to Arsenal is still very much a possibility.

He also insisted that he wasn’t a happy man when he was playing for Arsenal and needed the loan to become happy about the game again.

“Roma is fantastic, both the city and club. The impact was great also with the people. I was not happy at Arsenal, and when my agent spoke to me about this opportunity, I quickly said yes.”

“Unfortunately, I am hurt with an injury. I am concentrated on recovering the fastest way possible and in the meantime I am learning Italian. I know my qualities and I can still give a lot. Arsenal and Emery didn’t believe in my anymore and now I’m happy to be at Roma”
Source Gianluca di Marzio

Arsenal is currently struggling for both goals and wins and it is a little obvious to see why as they have been creating very few chances.

Unai Emery is set to be fired if there is no change in results and the Spanish manager may just be outlasted by Mkhitaryan.

Personally, I do not see a return for him but who knows what will happen if a new man is put in place.


  1. jon fox says:

    Two words. Obviously not!

  2. Innit says:

    The Premier League is too fast paced for him. He’s better off in Italy. I do think he’s slightly better than Ozil though

    We should sell him, Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka. They would all improve in another league like Bundesliga or somewhere else

  3. ken1945 says:

    Innit, do you just cut and paste your views on who you want to go?
    It is so monotonous, it is becoming a joke.

    As for being slightly better than Ozil, that sentence sums up your bias completely.

    Jon, with all that is going on at our club, your two words (that I agree with) could come back and bite you in the bum!!!

    OT Jon, did you see the way Ramsey played tonight?
    How we miss him and to think that he was regarded by some on here as a “dross” player.

    1. jon fox says:

      Yes I watched most of the Wales match with pride. Fact remains though that over his ten years here he had an up and down career, injured much of the time, selfish in wanting to score and he plays consistently better for Wales than he did when here. His last spell with us was a good one but how easily SOME forget the many lean periods. Not dross, obviously,but nor was he a great success, over his decade with us. Perspective Ken! As to two words coming back to bite me, I am certain they will not. I see no way that lazy Mkhi will ever return to us permanently, but maybe just while his final sale elsewhere goes through. He is not a factor in our future team and I AM PREPARED TO PUT MONEY ON THAT, SHOULD YOU WISH. I see no way ANY sensible manager, nor even the present one, will ever want him back to stay. He will though, I believe, be our employee(in absentia) longer than Emery(that is from this moment on).

      1. adejumo says:

        Mr jon, how do you watch arsenal? I guess you watch arsenal without analysing, this we faced many shots in goal than anyone in epl.what is the cause? Each time our opponent get the ball you are afraid that,they will harm us. No one in midfield to stop the build up of opposite. But when Ramsey were with us. It wasn’t so. His energy is superb. This man you allow him to leave freely. When wenger kept faith with him you were abusing wenger. You have got your “Christ” in emery.

  4. He was one of our creative players, and considering our current position, I don’t think Arsenal will be worse with him. Personally I feel Emery was a factor in him not playing to his level best for us. Emery must go.

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